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Looking for short story from a science-fiction anthology

Hi everyone,

For a while now I've been trying to find a short story I read many years ago. It was in a science-fiction anthology that included another story entitled "Freeze Frame" (not to be confused with any magazine or publishing company of the same name). I'm afraid I forget what the anthology was - some sort of "Best science fiction of the year" book, I think. I also forget the author, but I think she was a woman.

The main idea is that there is technology that lets knowledge be downloaded directly into a person's brain. It's the birthday of a child who has just reached the age at which this download becomes possible. His family leads him from his birthday party to the download center, where the operation is performed. It ends with a sad line about his mother knowing that when she looks in his eyes her youngest child will seem old and wise.

Can anyone tell me the name of the story, and/or the anthology?

Book by a journalist working in the Middle East

This is driving me crazy - I read a book by a journalist for Reuters who worked mostly in the Middle East. He wrote about his experiences, and the title was something like "The Painted Chest," but that's not it. I believe the journalist's first name was Adam. I would like to rec the book to someone, but I can't remember the title!

Thank you!

Ghost love story

I read this book about 3-5 years ago and I cannot not remeber the title of it to save my life.
A teenage girl meets a boy and he has a white streak in his hair and they never touch (because he is a ghost and he tries to avoid it because she cannot not feel her and he doesn't want her to know he is a ghost). She falls in love with him. For one day the ghost can become touchable so he plans a date for the at the library and they get a little touchy (kissing). She finds out he is a ghost flips out has a mental break down then moves to her aunts.

This is a very small portion I know of, any help finding this book would be lovely. This is a young adult book I had found it at my old school library.
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Children's illustrated book about a quest to find a king...

When I was a kid I remember a book about a village of animals who need a king, or something. The main character is sent out to find a king. And he's told that a king has to be wise, brave, and one other thing, I think...

And he goes through several trials, meeting potential kings, but they don't have the right qualities. He ends up returning empty handed, but in recounting the story, he shows that he has all the qualities sought, and ends up being made the king...

It's not a novel, it's for younger kids, like Kindergarten aged.

It would have been out by the late 80s, early 90s at the latest.

Fantasy series

I read this series about 15 years ago. It's a fantasy series set in a different world, though it felt a bit like early industrial-age London. The books started with a young male protagonist, orphaned, worked odd jobs including as a letter-writer for illiterate people. At some point, he meets some traveling show types and works with them. Then he meets the young female protagonist who has lost her memory, but does a show as a fortune teller. At the end of the first book, they perform for the king, and she remembers that she is the king's daughter, and that she was thrown down a well by the king's adviser as a child. Everyone thought she was dead. In the subsequent books, a war starts, and the young male protagonist becomes the leader of a roving band of guerilla fighters - it's actually quite bloody and violent, which he realizes and turns away from. I can't remember how the series ends. At one point, they fight in the streets, quite like the French students in Les Mis.

It was a great series and well written, and I'd like to find it again. There isn't a lot of real magic that I remember. Please help!

FOUND! ZENDA SERIES BY: Cassandra Westwood, John Amodeo, Ken Petti

So the first book focuses on this
ok, so cheesy as it sounds, this girl lives on this planet where people have special powers. As a young adult/teenager, she currently has this power thing over flowers. So if she's mad, the flowers turn red and stuff. She wears flower crowns so this is a frequent problem. Anyways, she goes to this school and they're going to have this coming of age ceremony or something, with these crystal balls. However, she's too curious and sneaks into the school to find her ball thingy but it breaks and the shards vanish into smoke. Now she's a bit of an outcast in school because while everyone is learning life lessons with their ball thingies she's exempt because she doesn't have hers. So she has to learn these life lessons with life because when she does, she can recover a piece of a shard with the lesson inscribed into it. And that's more or less what the series is about.

In one of the books she and her family? go to visit her aunt and uncle on a different planet. (Her's was this flowery place this planet is like a rocky/mineral kind) Apparently her aunt and elder cousin have platinum blonde hair (random fact I remember). So the main character(MC) hits off with her cousin, who dresses her up (and puts on make up?). She also replaces her cousin's flower crown with this rock/mineral one and the older cousin hugs her and says that she wishes her sister was like her. However, her younger cousin hears it and runs away. So they go to this party and at first the MC is this wallflower but after realizing that there are no flowers she feels like she can let loose without worrying about setting off fire flowers.

I believe at one point the MC and her school visit a planet full of water.
She also resists temptation to find out about her future boyfriend/husband and gets a shard that way.

Don't remember much of the other books but it ends with the MC finally learning all of her life lessons and finishes collecting all of the shards. She gets her ceremony thing, and apparently earns this special power, that everyone gets to experience when they go through their ceremonies. Apparently she's an anomaly for having both the flower power and the new one which is about seeing auras. She goes to see her parents tells them and then goes to see this old woman in a hospital ( a friend she made in some book) and then realizes that she doesn't have an aura, while everyone else does. She mentions this to a healer and saves her friend's life, since apparently no one even thought of checking her aura because people with aura problems are very rare, and normally linked to like this one planet?

I read this book series a couple years in my library but they've since vanished from both record and the shelves. It's probably been published sometime between 1990s and 2009. I think it's maybe children's fiction. Probably not young adult fiction. They weren't very long books, soft cover, mostly one color covers. If anyone can find it the book titles or character's name I'd be very very grateful.

Sci-fi fantasy book

Hope you can help, read a book about this guy remember he had greenish hair, that his people had been in a war with another people, his dad found him at the end of the war( dad was from the other race) made him wash with special soap that made his hair change color. The boy sets out to find more of his kind, his people have some kind of link to the sea. I know the name of the people was the name of the planet and I'm almost positive that the title was the people of ( name of the planet).Also I remember the cover had the guy, in the woods.He finds girl half a whatever he is, and half the other race and they set out together.they find an old Town? And a big stone that sends them somewhere. If anyone remembers it would be a great help I think it was made between 80-89.

Book About School Newspaper Column?

I read this book a few years ago maybe, and it was about a girl who had to write a column for her school newspaper, but there was another column, which a boy wrote, and she was trying to figure out who was writing it while trying to find romance. They each had names as well and I think the boy's column was called The Scoop or something? Anyway, the main character, the girl, had found love with another boy, and they found out one another was writing the columns and fought. I can barely remember the ending after that, so I'd love to read it again, but I can't remember the title or the author. Help me out?

book about girl explaining the events that led to her coma

I read this book in 2013, I got it from my highschool library. I'm pretty sure the book is from the UK. I don't rememberthe girl's name but I think she was about middle school aged and she had an older brother and they lived with their father. The beginning of the book is talking about one of her neighbors from across the street? There was a teenage boy that lived there and he started to go insane after he was teased about his private parts by a very pretty girl(I don't remember any names) That girl lives with her many sisters(four or five I think) and their neglectful father. The teenager boy stopped leaving his house and stopped eating and talking and his parents tried to get him medication. I think I remember something about the main character(the girl with the brother) getting bullied for money by some of the sisters that were her age and people feared them. Also at some point I think her brother played strip poker with one of the sisters(possibly the one who made fun of the insane boy). I think the main character had a friend that was a boy and a gipsy (he may or may not have had a pink sweatshirt) I think he stole things to get by. There was something about stealing blankets or a mattress in his plot line, I think the main character was going to help. Everything is a little fuzzy but somehow the main character ended up at the insane boys house. He kidnapped her and put her in the closet where she discovered one of the sisters that had been missing for a while. The other girl ended up dying in the closet with the main character. When they found the main character she was ended up in a coma I'm assuming because of starvation and dehydration(she was in there for a long time) Then she briefly recalls somethings she hears while in the coma like her dad talking to her etc. I'm pretty sure she wakes up in the end. I hope that all made sense. I think the author was male and the cover is of a girls legs with a red skirt and black dressish shoes and black and white striped knee length socks or stockings.

YA Novel Loner Girl Tragic family story returns to childhood home

I read this in the 90s from the library. If I type in The Loner or Loner I get tons of entries but that is the name that has stuck with me.

A young girl when she turns 18 moves out of her uncle and aunt's house who have been fostering her against their wishes. She returns to her childhood home where a tragedy has taken place, her mother is in gaol for killing her father but as the novel progresses you work out that it was in protection of her daughter the mother did it.
She tries to live a self sustaining life - she begins to breed rabbits and uses them for food and tans their skins.
A young travelling salesman strikes up a friendship with her and a possible romance but then he breaks her heart and she resolves to be forever alone.

As you see the story has really stuck with me, I remember crying often over this book. I wish I knew who the author was. I would love to reread it, please help me!

Post-apocalyptic book sought

This may be the vaguest description ever. I read this book in the early 1990s, it was set in a post-apocalyptic world, and it had two groups of protagonists. One group was people from some sort of cryogenic government base who had woken up, and the other had a group of tribespeople who'd colonised the area and who hunted with afghan hounds.

That is all I got. I would love to reread it, and fill in my own blanks. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.

Children's ghost story collection, read in mid-80s

Reposting this (with permission)from the Facebook of someone who's searched high and low for some ghost stories he read as a child:

"There's another anthology I had from the library which made an impression on me... Except I can't remember what it was anymore - the only notion I have is that it had a greenish cover.

It was a Dutch collection of ghost stories for children, but the stories may have been translated. It was probably about 1985 (give or take a couple of years). Does anyone recognise these? (There may be bleed-over from other sources) :

a) children keep seeing ghostly boy go up to the attic. They find out that that was where his play room was, and when they install toys there, the ghost is at ease.

b) Something about a little scullery girl with frosbite/borderline frostbite in her toes.

c) Boy gets tangled under water in weeds when swimming

d) Children clean graves, and one sees ghost of boy - follows it and finds a small grave, completely overgrown.

e) Children camp at Hadrian's wall. At night they hear fighting outside - Romans against natives. One young soldier gets wounded, they drag him inside their tent, bandage him. Next morning he's gone, but an ancient arrow point is all that's left..."

older series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire in a world w/ witches and other creatures

looking for an older human/vampire relationship novel from a series that's based in a dream world of some sort with witches and sorcery. I read it ten years ago and it looked like a fairly old book then (1970-1990?) The most helpful information I can start y'all with is that its about a young adult woman falling in love with a vampire guy and is brought into a world with multiple realms and terrible witches that guard each territory. she always had mystical dogs or lions (or gargoyles?) of some sort that would guard and stay with her on her journey. Its the first of three to five books in a dark, random, but very enticing storyline. The antagonist is a witch of a lake that is out to kill this girl that has traveled to their world, but the young vampire guy comes to her aid? I hope this helps :/

A book about a boy escaping an fundamentalist society.(solved)

The book was about a boy. He lived in this community and for some reason(I can't remember) he leaves the community. He ends up finding that he was living in this sort of "Utopian" society, but the ideals of the society actually discouraged personal freedom. Once they find out he left, people from the society come after him and spread their ideals along the way.

He ends up meeting this girl and she tells him they have to get to this city. The boy and girl then goes off to this city while trying to avoid the people from the society. At the end of the book, I think the girl has died. I'm pretty sure the people have killed her. The boy has also reached the city or is pretty close but he ends up in front of his old society. The rest of the towns also seem to have converted to the Utopian style ideology of the society. Basically it just feels hopeless at the end of the story.

I think it's part of a series based on how it ends in such a doom and gloom manner, but I'm not really sure. I also think there is something to do with a waterfall in the book or maybe a scene with a waterfall, but I'm not sure. It was four or five years ago, but it's started bugging me today.

Fantasy book?? Really bad memory!

So from what I remember the book was fantasy and it was also roman/catholic-ish?? It was about this kingdom where the King died and the Prince and Princess were supposed to rule the kingdom together because that's what their father wanted or something. But then there's also this one guy who's supposed to be the Prince's friend or something? And the Prince betrays his sister and makes her stay in a church or someplace with the nuns and all. But then her and her friend see nuns walking around at midnight and hear screams I think and there's this one scene where they go down into a kitchen cellar in the dark?? Basically the Princess is trying to get out and there's this one boy who I think his name starts with an "L" who was wandering and found the place and decides to help the Princess and I think they fall in love at the end? And also I remember the book cover was white with a dagger in the middle pointing downwards.. Sorry of this is all over the place but I NEED to find this book again! And they're also trying to investigate this supernatural/paranormal thing happening to the nuns and stuff.

Book about girl from LA who opens a bakery.

Book about a woman who grew up living in LA as the daughter of a maid or cook (can't remember) who worked full time for a wealthy californian family, as a child she and the daughter of her mothers employer were best friends, years later she comes back to visit the family and finds her late mother's cook book in the house of her mother's employer (where she grew up) and decides to open a bakery or cake shop (can't remember) in shady part of town, she might have fallen out with childhood best friend but I can't remember.
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Science Fiction, 1980s or earlier

Like many posts in this community, this is a book I recall reading as a kid. Title and author have both been lost to the ravages of time - but then, if they hadn't I wouldn't be posting here.

The genre was definitely science fiction. As I recall, the first chapter or two follows a scientist who has been studying a genetically modified/built from scratch species of (cave) bears that have been released into the wild solely for the purpose of being hunted to extinction. The kills of the last breeding pair are described in the book, with the scientist taking notes that they defend their young against the hunters.

I don't recall where it goes on from there, and what glimpses of memories I have may be 'polluted' by other science fiction works. I think it wasn't actually taking place on Earth but on a terraformed moon, and I do remember that it ended on a cliffhanger to be continued in the next book - one I never found.

I did not read the original English but a Danish translation, so the cover may be different, but the cover I remember had the head of a panther; I was once again reminded of this book today when I saw the cover for Mike Bond's "House of Jaguar" which was very similar.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Please?

Young adult book about a girl in high school

I read this book a while a go, it may be one of the books I own, but I
cannot read them all just to find this.
I remember only one scene from that book, it went something like this:
Girl, in high school sits in her class, obviously bored, and her friend
(male, possible love interest) gets into her classroom. He's got his hoody
on and he lowers his head on the desk and so does she. They talk. She says
something like 'you didn't have to come' and he's like 'i wanted to', and i
think she noted how she is calmed or relieved when he's there.
I know it's not much, but it really frustrates me.
Thank you.

Fantasy series about a young man finding out he's the champion or ruler of an alternate world

The books were written in the late 80's early 90's i believe. The first book starts off with a young man coming home and finding his parents gone with a note and two silver rings. he uses the rings to open a door way to an alternate world and has to rescue his mother. his father was killed there.

Angel of Death lives temporarily as a teenage football player with white hair

Looking for a young adults book written in the 90s. The book is about the Angel of Death falling in love with a teen girl so he comes to life as a teenage boy with white hair. He becomes a football player at the school and wins an important game by kicking a field goal. He gets the girl to fall in love with him but he has to go back so he erases her memory and leaves a rose with her that never dies as a gift.

Thanks for your help.

what no subject?!

I've got two requests, and one is kind of strange:
1) I remember there being a book series that they made a live action tv show about. The author hated it so much that she didn't think it should be associated with her series at all. I believe the main character in the book was a person of colour, they turned him white, they changed characterization for many of the characters. I thought the series was called the Tales of Earthsea, but upon googling it, only the anime comes up. Either way, I'm sure the title is similar.

2) I'm not really looking for anything in particular, but does anyone know of any books about a massage therapist?

Lost Harlequins Book Forgotten title and author.

Hi, please help me look for a book i read a two years ago. It was a harlequin book. I don't remember the author or the title. In it the heroine is from Texas (I think one of the fortunes) but she come to California and adopts her best friend's alias as a secretary of the hero while her best friend is out of the country.
the Hero is a multi billionaire and is the CEO of the company he and his brothers and cousins own.
near the end of the book the heroine's brother comes to get her and take her home.

Book about a drowned/missing village

I remember very few of the details of the book. I read it when I was a child, so it'll be quite old by now. I remember, vaguely, that the cover of the book had at least one girl dancing on May Day - and that whatever had happened to the village (or town), there were echoes of laughter and similar.

That's all I remember... it isn't much, so this is probably a long shot. If anyone has any ideas, though, I'd love to hear them.


short story

Sometime in the last five years I read an anthology of the year's best horror. I don't remember the year it was published, the year I read it, or who edited the anthology. The short story I'm trying to find was about a married couple moving to a remote cabin, maybe in the mountains. I think the man was writing a book or something? They kept hearing screams and when they asked locals about it no one would/could tell them anything. I think the twist ending was that the screams they were hearing were actually the wife in the future. I remember the climax of the story was the husband finding that someone had used her blood to make an outline of her body and her eyeballs were in a tree or something??? That's all I can remember and I have no idea what to Google to try to find out the title of the story. If anyone knows what this is, please tell me!

Possibly YA book about witchcraft

I read this book in the early nineties although it may have been written earlier.

The protagonist is a teen boy (possibly named Tony?) whose father remarries and they relocate to a tropical location and move in with the new stepmother. Creepy things happen and there is room in the house that is always locked but the boy sneaks in and finds a pentagram on the floor. I think their house is at the foot of a mountain. The stepmother is beautiful but turns out to be an evil witch. The boy finds an altar on the mountain and I'm pretty sure the climax involves a big fire.

Any help would be appreciated!

please help

I'm trying to find a fantasy book I read in school in the early 2000's. It was about a young man who upon awakening after hitting his head on the ice during a fight outside of a party finds himself in I believe an alternate plane. He ends up helping the inhabitants of this realm defeat an evil force. I can't remember the other characters but I know they were not humanoid. It was an awesome book and I would love to read it again. I believe this was an 80's book but I'm not sure.
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YA Fantasy Novel- Fire-Manipulating Woman


I'm looking for a fantasy novel from the 80s or 90s. I read it in middle school in the late 90s, so I assume that it was a YA book.

I don't remember much about the book, but I believe that it was about a young witch or sorceress who was discovering her fire manipulation/pyrokinetic abilities.

I also think that the fantasy world had a winter setting.

The young woman in the book went into exile. I also believe that she had to go into nature to develop her powers somehow.

The author emphasized the fact that she was cold, alone, and afraid. I even believe that she had to remove her clothing for some kind of training ritual, and that struck me as a bit odd because they were living in arctic temperatures.

The book also had a feminist/coming of age theme to it if I remember correctly.

I'm sorry if this is a bit vague, but I enjoyed the book and I'd like to read it again!


Teen historical romance - female with an "aura" pursued by a male, she eventually betrays him

Read it around 3-6 years ago in US.

In the book, a male romantically pursues the main character, a female. The female has an "aura" that can reveal her current feelings; her "aura" would be red when she felt embarrassed or felt any romantic feelings, for example. However, she would try to keep it secret from the male by maintaining a white/clear/silver "aura".

Throughout the book she falls in love with the male but at the end she betrays him by tricking him into staying when he had to leave for something important, and he gets arrested. I can remember them on a horse trying to escape but ultimately the male gets caught. He realizes that she has betrayed him, but she professes his love for him. Unfortunately they do not end up together as he is taken away.

similar to Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale....

I recently read a dystopian novel about a woman who was being punished and shunned (the society had colored her skin red) for having had an abortion. Her backstory was that she had had an affair with a married minister who held a cabinet post in the government. People that had committed a crime, in this dystopia, had their skin stained to match their type of crime and then released back into society. (There were reds, blues, yellows, etc.)

I would appreciate any help with title or author....

Looking for a book I read in the 90's

I am looking for a book I read in the 90s. It was a paperback book with a woods scene on the cover. It was something about adults who didn't age because they were using something they harnessed from children to inject themselves with to stop aging. I believe there were kids disappearing and in the end it was because the certain adults were killing them to use them to harness whatever it was to stop them (the adults) from aging.

Series about a young woman rescued by a traveling magician...

I started reading this series a few years back but my library didn't have the last books so I never finished. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the books/series.
The first book starts off with a young girl living in a very backwater town - I believe she's an orphan - and a traveling magician comes through and rescues her. Aside from that, the only other part of the book I remember is when she has her first period after finally becoming healthy enough to have one and she thinks she is cursed because in the town where she grew up, the women always called it "the curse". She won't let the guy out of her sight because she thinks she's dying, but finally he sends an older lady to explain what is happening to her.
That is really all I can remember. Any help finding the series would be appreciated. Thanks!

Imaginary Boyfriend YA Book

I read a book when I was in middle school about a girl who has a boyfriend with a strange name. She goes to a boarding school but skips school most of the time and is generally a delinquent. Her mother makes her go to a psychiatrist, who hypnotizes her. It turns out that her boyfriend is imaginary, and was created as a defense mechanism when she was kidnapped by her babysitter as a little girl. The babysitter kidnapped her instead of taking her to soccer practice and held her in a gas station while the babysitter's boyfriend tried to figure out how to ask for a ransom or something. Somehow the girl escaped, and she used part of the name of the gas station to name the "boy" who was an imaginary figure that rescued her and showed her how to get away. As she grew up, he disappeared from her memory and then reappeared as her boyfriend. I think the boyfriend's name was something weird like "Webbe" or something that looked like a part of a name. Ring any bells?

YA book with runaway/foster child, radio/tv station?

I'm trying to find a young adult book I read in the early 90s, but I only remember bits and pieces. I think the main character is a runaway and/or a foster child. There's something about either a radio or TV station (which may be in the title of the book, which I believe is fairly long).

It's driving me crazy trying to find it - any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

*Note: I edited the OP after a commenter helped me realize I had mixed in details of a different book.*

Help me find my first board book

I'm trying to find the first book I learned to read as a child. Unfortunately I don't have much of any information about it... but... I had the book around 1985-89.

It was a board book that did not have a normal binding it was like a spiral bind held to together by metal ball chain. The board book itself was cut in the shape of a house i think - the front cover was of course a house and I really don't remember what it was about other than the house...

Fantasy book with sisters, alternate dimensions...? (Maybe found!)

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a fantasy book. I read it maybe 5 or 10 years ago, and for some reason I think it was probably published a few years before that. It was an adult fantasy, but if I remember correctly the book was kind of slim, not very long. It was about a woman who goes back to her childhood home (I think) with her own child. She looks into a mirror and the mirror breaks (maybe) and somehow she's sucked through it into another world. The new place is kind of medieval. She finds her sister there, and I think she meets a hunky prince, and maybe she discovers she has some kind of magic... Or maybe her sister does. And I think her sister becomes some kind of sorceress or queen or... something.

I think one of the first scenes in the book takes place in the other world, with either a wagon or a horseback rider finding one of the women in the snow. I think there was a lot of snow in the book.

I think the book might have been the first in a series, but I'm not sure.

Wow, I know this is really vague, but that's pretty much all I remember. Thanks in advance!

Book about alternate lives with boy and girl

A few years back I read a book about a boy and girl who were living parallel versions of each others life. They came from the same parents, but the two dimensions had a few differences: one of them had an aunt and had lost their mother a few years ago, and obviously, one of the kids was male and one female. The reason one of them had an aunt and one didn't was because the aunt's mother was not sure whether to get an abortion or not, and made a different decision in each dimension. I think the two kids met somehow through a tree in their yard, it was either that or a lake... In the end the two kids switch dimensions somehow, I think. If anyone knows what book this was I'd love to read it again! Thanks.

A boy is stranded on an island with invisible people, becomes invisible himself...

I read this novel in Canada about 4-5 years ago. It's about a boy who is stranded on an uninhabited island after he's left behind by a cruise ship. He soon learns that it's not uninhabited after all; the people are there, but invisible to him. One of them reveals itself as a voice that guides him. Over time and after surviving some tests/rights of passage, he learns to see the people and himself becomes invisible. The deeper meaning of the story is that at the beginning, he *feels* invisible to everyone around him. As he becomes more self-assured and enlightened, he becomes less focused on self, and therefore invisible. It's written with a sort of dream-like quality. I can remember neither the author's name nor the title of the book and I would like to recommend it to a friend. Does this ring any bells? Thanks in advance for your help!!

Non-fiction family books?

I'm looking for two books today, both of them non-fiction books about family life.

The first book was written by a Catholic man who was the father of a large family -- ten to twelve kids. I remember one part where he was talking about his wife and he said when they married she was beautiful, a "girl-sized woman"; and now that they had all of these kids she was a "Mother-sized woman, and still beautiful". Also . . . hmm, I may be conflating two titles here, or maybe the book was written by the Mom, because another thing I remember that I thought was related from the Mom's point-of-view is that when their -- maybe fourth? -- child is born, they have a name picked out, like Bob, and both parents take one look and say "That's not Bob!" and have to find another name for the baby boy. Bob is one of their later children.

The other book is definitely written by a Mom, she has three sons and no daughters, and I think it was a collection of newspaper columns about her zany family life; in fact, there may have been more than one book by this woman.

I think one of the women is Teresa or Theresa.

I read both of these books in either the late 70s or maybe the early 80s. They were sort of in the vein of Erma Bombeck but definitely not by her.


ETA: Thanks to kshandra For the first author, Teresa Bloomingdale! And I managed to remember that the other author's first name was Prudence and thought that the last name started with Mc or Mac; with that, I found the second author, Prudence Mackintosh!

Thanks to everybody who tried to help!

1980s YA about a girl who watches soaps and has a mean best friend

This was published in the 1980s. The cover had a girl lying on a bed and watching TV, I think.

The main character (can't remember her name) goes to a private Catholic girls' school at the beginning, but transfers to the public high school with the encouragement of her best friend, who is Miss Everything there. The main character is shy and spends all her free time watching tv, mostly soaps. At one point she has a radio with an earbud up her sleeve and is listening to the audio in class. The best friend is named something like Audra and is pretty much pure evil. Eventually there are two boys involved. Evil friend sets up a double date. MC's older, more socially adept sister does a makeover on MC first. There's also a night when evil friend has a cold, so the boys and MC spend the evening at her house and she wears some kind of perfect slinky loungewear. Some mean pranks get pulled on MC by evil friend and sidekick guy, but eventually the MC and the hero find out and they end up together. Definitely not a SVH, and as far as I recall not part of another series.

teenage girl lives in town where everyone is part of a cult and finds a boy on the side of the road

I read this book about 4 or 5 years ago in America. I dont know if I found it for free on my Kindle or if I had the physical nook at some point. Either way, I recall nothing about the name or cover or the author. The plot basically goes like this: there is a teenage girl whose real parents have taken in a bunch of foster children. She has a boyfriend but he doesn't want to have sex with her which shes embarrassed about because all her friends have had sex and she thinks something is wrong with her. One night, she is with her parents or something and they find this boy who has no recollection of where he came from or anything and they take him in and this girl starts falling for him and they become super close. Turns out the whole town is part of a cult, and this girl whos named after one of the cult gods is supposed to be essential in this one ritual where its important that shes a virgin which is why her boyfriend couldnt have sex with her and she lies and says she had sex with the other boy. Something happens and her and the boy manage to break free and escape and hide out in this church. The boy tells her that he was raised in this extremely religious group, kind of like super Christians, and he escaped from them too because they were violent and scary, just like the girls towns cult. Then they go to the girls aunts house, the family finds her, everyone dies and the couple leave and go somewhere else. Or something along those lines.

An American pilot visits his British RAF comrades' family. Great short story.

Short story set during World War II, an American pilot is friends with a British royal air force pilot; the American pilot gets leave and goes to visit the RAF pilot's family. Whilst visiting his friend's family in London the family seems oddly detached and despondent toward their guest, he takes their treatment of him personally believing it to be out of disapproval of his being an American. The story ends with the twist that the American pilot's friend had died in a plane crash just after the American took leave to london, the deceased pilot's family heard the news just prior to the American arriving for stay with them. Their perceived maltreatment was not due to the narrator being an American but rather due to the fresh news that their son, brother, friend had just died and they, rather than tell the narrator he could not stay, or ruin his leave by telling him of the death of his friend, chose to keep it to themselves and try and make the visit as pleasant as possible for their guest.

Not sure when this story was written, my best estimation of a date range would be 1950-1980 however I cannot be certain. I read this short story in a collection of short stories and poetry that was in my university library.

Any information about this story would be greatly appreciated..

Book where a girl meets a duke on a ship

I apologize at first because I may have some of these details confused, but most of them seem correct. Here's what I remember:

There was a young woman/girl who lived on an island (I think) with here father, I believe it was somewhere in America prior to the 1800s. She has a Native American male friend, who she has known since childhood. She went on a ship one day to visit family in a foreign country (I think England) where she meets a man who is kind enough to row her around and help her get on board and such. She thinks he is just a member of the crew, as does everyone else, but he likes to go off and look at the sights from high up on the ship, one time inviting the main character with him. This gets him flogged in front of the rest of the crew. At some point in time she finds out that he is actually a well-known duke and at some point he says that he wishes to marry her. She doesn't respond and sails back home. She tells her friend about this and finds out that he also wants to marry her. At some point she returns to England, where the duke's parents attempt to persuade her to marry their son.

That is about all I can remember besides some very specific details which probably aren't too useful:
-At some point there are two Native Americans arguing about a bow versus an arrow, where one says that a gun is better for effectiveness while the other says that a bow and arrow doesn't scare animals away like a gun does
-I think the father may have been dying
-They hang foods in the rafters to dry, and I think they grow pumpkins
-At some point the girl gets sick and is given some brandy as a remedy
-The duke takes the girl to ride horses

Thanks for any help!!

crab-like alien researcher marries the girl?

A friend looking for a short story.

Guys, there's a classic SF short story whose name & author I can't recall, and it's driving me crazy. I'm betting that one of you will know it right off the bat. It probably appeared in one of the best-of anthologies, but it may be quite old. Help? Here's the description:

A crab-like alien researcher, wearing a human disguise, begins living in an apartment in a major earth city. The sympathetic girl down the hall seeks out the apparently lonely man and begins to invite him to social events. As a researcher, he is pleased but eventually he discovers she is falling in love with him. In an attempt to scare her off, he unbuttons his human suit and shows his true form. She is fascinated instead, and soon he does not bother to put on his suit in her presence. The story ends with him abandoning his research and marrying the girl. I believe the story is told as a series of diary entries.

Supernatural YA novel about high school suicide pacts (Found!)

I read this young adult novel in the 1990s and believe it was relatively new at the time. Unfortunately I don't remember anything about the author, title, or cover. A male student gathers a group of (12 or 13) fellow high school students who feel misunderstood or alone in some way - a beautiful red haired girl, a jock, a quiet kid, etc - and starts this charismatic suicide pact. He convinces them that they are special and embody some element, like fire for the red haired girl, and that if they all commit suicide at the same time they'll become something greater than what they are.

The ringleader has brought this group together because he's convinced that upon their deaths he can capture their power; he has no intention of killing himself. His ritual doesn't work and he's convinced it's because he let the other students control their own deaths and so they didn't happen at the exact same times. He cultivates another group of sad kids, including the red haired girl's less popular mousy haired sister. He gives the sister the element of quicksilver - "never changing, ever changing". The girl finds this really charming until she eventually becomes suspicious of him and his intentions.

After a much more hasty initiation/brainwashing than the first group, the ringleader brings his new group of disciples to the high school auditorium at night where they sit on the stage and he starts to pour out poison for them. (There was definitely a portion where he fretted alone, desperate to make this power transfer work, about the exact amount of poison to give each person to make them die at the same time.) The mousy haired sister leads a revolt and the new group refuses to drink the poison. Simultaneously the ghosts of the first group have joined together - their steps slow, the red haired girl's hair now dusty and dull - and attack the ringleader. I believe the book ends a few days later with the sister sadly/sympathetically waving to the red haired girl's ghost as she fades away into the sunlight.

Thanks to Pythia (and to Crystal Whalen who found it for her)! It's "The Uprising" by Abigail McDaniels.

Woman dressed in white who where ice skating

I read this book a couple of years ago, I think it was about a girl trying to find out who killed somebody. There also was a girl, a painter, who was really nice until the end when she tried to kill the main character. I don't remember much but I also think a frozen lake and a woman in white who where ice skating fits into the picture somehow.

Sorry for possible spelling mistakes, English isn't my mother tongue.