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I was reading Julie Garwood's book Fast Track. In it was a reference made to another book. I have looked at all of her books on her website and cannot find it. The lady's name is Collins and her and 2 others met when they were kids and really sick. They grow up and none of them want to get married. Can someone please help. It drives me crazy when I cannot remember the name of the books.

Fantasy Book

I'm trying to remember the name of this fantasy young adult book I read ~12-14 years ago or so. It was in some sort of society with an empire and a tribe neighboring it, and it started with the protagonist (as a child) encountering the princess of that tribe as she was being killed in the river, and he took a necklace of hers. Then, years later, he goes to that tribe (after having had visions for a while), and gets to know them there better.

He was also some type of dream interpreter for the empress at the same time. There was also some plot by the chancellor or some adviser to take over the whole empire. Last, I remember that the ending involved him sacrificing himself so that the tribe could get away.

Does anyone happen to know/remember the name of the book? It's a bit annoying not being able to remember it! Thanks for any help!

Book about a kidnapped girl

Hi everyone !

I can't seem to recall the name of this book and it's driving me crazy ! Sorry in advance for the few details ( I can't remember the book well ) and the poor english ( not my mother's tongue ;p ). I read the book around 2015.

So this book starts with a girl and her sister that are at home with their parents. People come into the house and kidnap the two sisters separately. From what I remembered it was a team like security people or something but we only learn that at he end of the book.

The story is told from the point of view of one sister and I can't really remember but we find out that the father organized the kidnapping to protect his daughters from ??? . I just remember a safe house blowing up in the end ;p.

The girl fells in love with the man who is the head of the team that kidnapped her.

I also remember that the father is kind of overprotective and the family is kind of rich maybe ?
I know it's really not much but I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks everyone and have a nice day !

Book i read as a child

I read this book in the late 90's or early 2000's.
It was a fantasy
The main character was female
There was a supporting team mate who was a male wizard
There is a specific scene from the book that I often recall, but I can not remember anything else about it. It goes as follows.

The male wizard is off ahead of the group. The female protagonist is talking to something (familiar, some kind of small imp thing, not sure), and it is concerned about some kind of otherworldly being that is hunting them. It points out that it can look like anything it wants, but does not leave foot prints. In an attempt to drive a wedge between the main female and the male wizard, the little thing says that he could be one of these beings.
The female calls him and asks him to stand in a specific spot, and then tells him to move. She examines the spot and sees no foot prints. She calls him out for being the otherworldly being, and he is confused. She explains the foot print thing and he understands and then stands in the spot again and then shows her that he now has foot prints. More confusion, and he explains that all wizards can actually fly, but when they are around non wizards they are forbidden from flying, but he loves it so much that he still flies, but just a hairsbreadth above the ground, so he can pretend he is still walking.

That is the whole thing I remember, and I draw a blank on everything else from the book.

Can anyone help me?

Djinn book

I am looking for a book in which a man wakes up in a hospital ward (?) and he has trouble remembering what has happened the previous night. Ha has parched mouth. He was drinking heavily with (a) Djinn (I'm not sure if she's a djinn or a woman called Djinn) in a man's hat. Later he finds her lying on the ground with bullet in her back. The man's name begins with "S". I've read this book in French and I have no idea if it was an original or translation.

Anyone recognises this book?

First book in fantasy series - probably dark grim with humour

In this book, people live under the rule of some wizard-type men and women, who at some time in the past killed the gods. They are mining the body parts of the old gods for resources... Each of these rulers have their own city and plenty of disturbing habits (that probably developed over time).
One of the cities gets swept away by a torrent of rain, its ruler had a series of terrible torture chambers. One has a woman ruler, who collects unborn fetuses for some nefarious purpose.

One of the main characters is a young guy who was brought up by a secret group being told his father was a hero and he has to use his sword to kill their ruler (it's a sword only he can use I think). Later in the story, it turns out the kid has been lied to and his arrogance gets a big beating... (His father was the bodyguard of the ruler for example.) He also has to combat zombies in a mine after being taken as a slave and hurt terribly.
One other main character is a crippled librarian (?). The ruler killed everybody with the potential of having powers, but kept this guy after cutting off his legs... He is understandably bitter. He gets a strange dog at the end of the book that looks harmless but is creepy and probably very dangerous.
There are a few other main characters I remember too little about to be sure I'm not conflating a bunch of stories. An older barbarian sellsword and a skillful young woman who grew up with the would-be-savior guy?

I have to admit I found this great community after searching google with "mining body parts of gods" and similarly strange things :). I hope someone recognises it! The book is probably a few years old (3-7 years?)

Thanks for the help!

Thanks to writing the summary and the help I received from carbonel, it seems my memory got jogged. I remembered that the women ruler was called White Lady. With the help of Google, I found the book!!! Sadly, it is not the first, but the first two parts I remembered, the third one is not out yet.
It's The Grim Company by Luke Scull.

grandma was the monster all along!

after posting here and receiving an amazingly fast response (I was looking for W. C. Morrow's Short Story: His Unconquerable Enemy), I have another short tale I would like to find. I had originally thought it was something I had read in one of the three 'scary stories to tell in the dark' by Alvin Schwartz, but after looking through the books I am sad to report that it is not there...
The story I am looking for is about a village (I think) where a monster is attacking and eating the livestock, and has moved on up to people. you see a small house or hut with a family in it. grandma in the corner rocking chair, mom and dad, and at least two brothers of adult age. the two brothers decide to take a stand and try to kill the monster. I think that when they ambush the beast, it fights back and kills one of the brothers. the other is able to cut off the hand of the monster, and grab his brother to bring back to the house. the story ends with grandma sitting by the fire ignored by everyone in the commotion of the two brothers come home, cradling her bleeding stump in her lap.
I always loved this story, and would really like to find it again, maybe even find out what collection of stories it appeared in. Any ideas?

Looking for scifi book read on kindle

Read the book on the app for kindle and cant find the name for it any where. I remember it being about a man who i believes name was mark (could be wrong) who finds an alien shard ai thing on a beach that warns him in so many decades an alien species is going to destroy humanity. The ai helps the man create texhnology that acts as a way to if i remember correctly, hyper drive between planets but really is a machine to shift them out of time or something like that.
This happens to the colony and a fleet of ships. While the aliens destroy earth. It brings them back and they have to get to earth and retrieve the ai and fight off an alien force . Then they build a portal or aomethinv and something comes through that is an alien suppose to help them. Not aure exactly.
I believe there was a second book but i cant find out the name of the first or the author.

YA novel from the 80s (I think)

I'm looking for a book I read as a child in the 90s, but that I think was published in the 80s. It had a castle and a unicorn on the cover. I don't remember much of the synopsis but I know it was about siblings who had to go stay with their aunt and cousins (whom they did not like) for a summer and who found a portal into another world thru a shrub in the yard. The other world had unicorns and knights and the kids had to go on a quest.

Messed up kids book - or perhaps I remember it that way?

I NEED to know if this book exists - and what it's called!

A bit of a long shot as I remember next to nothing about this book. I know I was read it in the late 90s, perhaps even 1999, in my class in school. It details the story of two neighbourhood kids (brother and sister?) in a Burton-esque like universe, who collect up all the neighbourhood pets and, in a bid to make money, cut them up and stitch them all together again (mixing up parts of the pets) and try to sell them as new pets back to their owners? As I said, the details are vague, although it has stuck firmly in my head (I wonder why...)

Any help you could give me would be ridiculously appreciated, this book has been haunting me for almost 20 years!

Can't remember the name of this horror/ thriller book.

Today I finished reading a story called Teacher's Pet by Richie Tankersley Cusick. The last time I read this book it was around 2008/2009, and for whatever reason I seem to have meshed the ending from another book into this ending. Since I got the two confused, I am assuming that the book I'm looking for is either a fear street or a point horror novel. It wasn't a long novel either. All that I'm vaguely certain of is that at the end of the novel, the main character (a teenage girl) is being chased in the woods and ends up jumping into the river/ almost drowning to escape her assailant (a teenage/ twenties guy) and when she gets out of the river, he finds her and she ends up killing or disarming him with an axe. Upon finding out that Teacher's Pet was the wrong book, I began to wrack my brains for an answer- I think, though it may be wrong, that it's got something to do with a severed hand ghost-story in the beginning, and I'm pretty sure that the guy trying to kill her was the love interest. Does anyone have a clue? I am completely stuck.

Dystopian Computer Boy Book.

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a book (aren't we all) that to my memory follows the story of a teenage boy who has a computer for a face. It's a future where our technology becomes us, at least the technology we most use i.e., one girl has a mobile phone for a hand.

I believe the cover was blue, with a boy in a hoodie on the front with a smiley face emoticon type thing where his face should be.

I also vaguely remember someone the boy was close to becoming ill, maybe the president? I read this book in early/mid 2000s.

Hopefully this is enough information to grab the name from somebody's mind?

I've been searching for this book a while and found it not too long ago - sadly I've already lost it again! I know it's out there.

Thanks for all your help!

historical book about people with powers¿?

(this is my first time poating here, sorry!)

im looking for the title of a book i read earlier this year. i dont remember too much, other than the fact that the main character was a girl with some type of powers, and was hiding with others in a brothel. towards the end of the book, i remember her becoming dangerous and eventually killing a friend on accident, which resulted in her becoming the villain.

i do remember a few little things; it took place in the time people said things like "brothel", rode horses as transportation, had complicated monarchies, she has a younger brother, her allies used crystals to determine her power, and im pretty sure the brothel got destroyed nearing the ending of the story..

sorry the details are so scrambled, i only remember bits and pieces of things. :(

Need name of an old book PLS

-----I remember reading this book that looked japanese but was written in english 7 years ago about a girl and her brother that lost their dad in an accident or he was murdered, then they were left with their mom. Then their mom dies too or she dissapears. Somehow, they find a magical blue necklace that teleports them to a different realm or they use the basement as a teleporter. They enter a realm were they find monsters and huge plants and stuff. Then her brother is attacked and she uses the necklace to protect him. Then they are attacked by this humanoid creature that had a similar necklace that she had, except his was purple, not blue. She discovers that she was from a bloodline with magical powers granted throught the necklace.----- Its around the size of a Diary of a wimpy kid book but has a few more pages. I found it in my school library when I was around 9 or so. I think it has like three sequels or so, maybe more because of the time that has passed.

Ω Hope you guys can find it. Ω

YA book about fae and elves?

Found it! The book was YA (I think) and dealt with fae and elves. Elves mated for forever, and if they lost their mate, it was almost impossible to move on. A female human (or half fae) falls in love with one of Queen Mab's guards. She bargains for him and gets him out. He protects her by sending old friends (who shapeshift) to protect her. There were monsters that could take over minds and bodies. She had some kind of magic, maybe fire. They were in a castle for a large part of it. She is forced to work in the kitchen as she trains to use her powers. She protects the castle and its people when no one else can. That's all I remember. Please help! Answer: Heir of Fire by Sarah Maas.

any help please! looking for a YA book

I have been trying to come up with a YA book I read within the last few years sometime. I believe it was 2013-2014

There is a girl (she is a teenager) I believe lives with her mom. She doesn't have a very good home life.
At one point the girl is punished and is forced to drink vinegar/lemon juice and she can't talk for days. (this is the one thing that I really remember that stuck out)
there is a guy/group of guys who become friends with her that are possibly neighbors of hers.
They get her a cell phone she has to hide when at home and keep the volume off to make sure she doesn't get caught with it.

That is about what I can remember and it have been driving me nuts I would really like to find this book. I would love to read it again and see if there was more to follow that one.

Looking for a book!

Like everyone else on here I am looking for a book which I read some time ago (probably 7 years ago, 2009) which has stuck in my head ever since. My auntie who has since passed away lent me this book and I read it and laughed the entire way through! she lent it to someone who never returned it and she then looked in every bookshop she went into for the next few years with no success! After searching myself for some time I would like to ask your help for finding it as I have had no luck! so here goes! Thanks in advance everyone!

Fiction book:

Set initially in the uk (first chapter or two) a husband moves away (think its new Zealand/ Australia (Auckland maybe??)) under the pretence of having a new job. At the same time the neighbour goes on holiday to the same place. The wife doesn't join up these dots, until she moves herself and her (2/3) kids out to be with her husband where she finds them living together in their new house. (some reason the idea of leopard print for the other woman comes to mind here (either luggage or knickers!))

At this point she decides to set up home nearby and aim to make a better life for her and her children, where they will at least sometimes see their dad.

I remember one part of the book although not word for word when the husband and wife have a talk about what has happened; Husband to wife " I was just kind of hoping the move would become permerant and that way it would be better for everyone but you followed me out here"

WHile making a better life for herself the woman moves on by dating a very handsome younger man. Her young daughter (Around 15/6 I think) starts dating an older man. They end up finding out that they are being two timed by the same man at a beach BBQ near their home.

This is about all I can remember clearly from this book and I hope its enough for it to jog someone's memory! the thing which has stuck with me most is that it was laugh out loud funny from start to finish and I haven't read such a funny book before or since it. Crying with laughter at some points!

(no subject)

OK, if you can't help me find the author's name or title, I'll ask the library "What was that book I stupidly returned, and can't remember the author's name?"

I picked it up because the cover intrigued me, read a couple of paragraphs, and then the jacket, which said it was the second or third book in a triptych. The author is an older British guy whose name is "first initial, period, middle name, last name." I want to say H. Mark Somebody, but I googled that with "British science fiction author," to no avail. The blurbs on the jacket praise his writing in oxymorons like "dirty-elegant," and according to the photo of the author, he's an older writer (and quite attractive!)

I started the book and realized that I wanted to begin at the beginning. It opened with an elderly British woman calling her cat in the rear garden, the cat not coming, and her going out to find the cat was sniffing an organ lying in the dirt. Organ, as in body part, not musical instrument. I think it was still alive, and clearly not terrestrial.

The blurb talks about a female main character who's a detective who has adventures in mind-bending communion with other species? I think there is merging between species. The picture on the cover is of a woman's face with one (green?) eye and the other eye resembles an owl's.

I know, I know, it sounds hokey, but I am mightily intrigued and I can't rest until I start the first book. He's quite prolific, but I cannot remember ONE title he's written. I believe he teaches as well as writes.

Edited to add Found the book!

Trying to find a pre-2000 young adult book?

The cover is what I remember most clearly, it was shot from underneath, like Jaws, and there was a teen swimming, and plants at the bottom.

I don't remember a huge amount about the book, but I remember there was a teen (can't remember if it was a boy or a girl tho)
And a creepy lake where you couldn't see far down into it.
And a monster of some kind that had all the local teens scared.
I think by the end of the book the monster was revealed to be just a giant turtle or something?

I would love to read it again if I can find it?

Ghost Mystery Romance Book

I'm looking for a book where a guy falls in love with a girl, and then eventually finds out she is a ghost. She had originally killed herself because she thought her baby had been killed by her abusive husband, but it hadn't. She committed suicide by standing on a block of ice with a rope around her neck. I think there was a forest or something on the cover.

I desperately need to find this book

These are all the details I can remember about this first book:

A girl, who is an active actress, is going on a field trip to New York shortly after her mother has passed away. Her mother was a recluse, an avid baker, and a collector of dog figurines, though in reality she was terrified of dogs. Her daughter, the protagonist, attempts to reach out to her mother's old friend, but the letter she wrote gets returned with "Return to sender" written on it. The daughter manages to meet with her mother's old friend, but only later learns that both her mother and her friend committed arson that resulted in the death of both of the friend's parents and her dog (which is why the main character's mother avoided them later in her life). The friend got away with a slap on the wrist, but the mother did time in jail for the crime. The old friend then tries to kill the girl at a park at night, but is apprehended. Also, I believe a silver bracelet was of importance in the story. Plus, the girl's father was noticeably older than her mother, just as an extra detail.

Thank you!!

I can't remember the name of that book...

The details of the book are quite hazy as I read it a long time ago - but I'll try to describe it as well as possible.

From what I remember there was a young girl and she used to see things in her house that she had drawn as a child. I believe she had a cat as a pet as well. One day she went out into the woods and there was some type of magical lake and she went into it, and appeared in an alternate dimension. I think I remember it being some kind of nightmare dimension, and she made a friend there but everyone there was demons. There was some demon there that had "spoon-fingers" or something like that, and would (I think) scoop/suck out your soul. She struggled to get home, etc. etc. I don't remember anything besides that so I'm sorry if there aren't enough details here.

Series of short YA sci-fi anthologies - possibly British

I remember a long series of small anthologies of sci-fi/fantasy stories for young adults from about the late 1990s, probably no more recent than 2002. 'Small' in the sense of both 'short' (maybe 100 pages each at the most) and 'of short dimensions' (maybe 6" by 4" and not even half an inch thick). Each one had a number and a coloured stripe that extended over to the spine. There may actually have been a couple dozen of these, but this is all I remember of them! I was living in Canada at the time of reading them, but I have a vague sense that they were published in the UK.

In particular, there's a story I keep thinking back to. In a young woman's community, children are allowed to go to a central repository of mechanical wings, and borrow them and use them to fly. There's a weight limit, though, of I think 100 pounds. This young woman, who loves to fly with the wings, is already about 15 or 16 and getting fairly tall but has been eating very little in an attempt to stay under the weight limit. Today she has succeeded for what she suspects to be the last time, and the story is about her going to take her final flight before essentially having to stay on the ground for the rest of her life.

Identified! Thanks so much to tavella. This one's "If I Had the Wings of an Angel" by Joe Haldeman, and I misremembered where I read it: in 2041: Twelve Short Stories About the Future by Top Science Fiction Writers, edited by Jane Yolen. Still taking suggestions for the possibly-British series, though.

There's only one other story from any of these anthologies that I recall. It's about a small group of teenagers living (by means of full-time sealed haz-mat suits) on a contaminated world. The physical isolation gets to be too much for them, so they decide to risk going without. They discover that the danger has long since passed but no one realized this. There are also scenes of them playing soccer or some near-equivalent without the suits.

Any leads or other thoughts? Thank you!

Help me out

I've got a few books, all of which I read in my youth (about 2004-2008), that I simply haven't been able to find. Trust me, I've searched.

The first is a required reading that I had back in middle school. The book was set in Hawaii and the main character was a Hawaiian boy. I don't remember much about the plot, just bits and pieces of it. It starts off when he's young and his father gives him a golf ball and tells him to squeeze it and punch himself with it? He does this and a few years later he's muscular? There's also a part where he goes diving with some white folks and they tell his uncle (?) to get them a piece of coral, as he's grabbing it he gets bitten by an eel.

The second book I have even less to go on. The only part I remember is that there is a secondary male character (his name starts with a D I think?) and he escapes from this sort of "human observation" thing that he and his village tribe have been placed in. There's no wall, just a barrier of strange statues that prevent people from going out by buzzing/shocking? I think he escapes by setting them on fire? This might be a VERY small part of the novel as I believe that the main character is female and she falls into this observation area only to escape and then bump into this kind male character later in the book.

The third is a mystery novel. The main character is a teen girl who goes to her summer cottage (I think it's a cottage, it's near a lake?) and she discovers that someone she was friends/related to died under suspicious circumstances. She starts investigating but someone keeps trying to scare her off. I think at one point she's running through the woods and someone shoots at her? I think at the end it's discovered it's a male relative who did the murder?

forgotten book series


the book im looking for is about a boy on a farm that finds out that he has some talent for wizardry. because of that talent, he has to leave behind his best friend and the girl that he liked, who later end up getting married, to attend a school for wizards and warriors(i think). while at that school, he meets a new girl and likes her.

behind the scenes, there are some who believe him to be a mage, and at the end of the last book that i read within that series, the boy attends an event of some kind with that girl's family where he is showing off his ability to control his magic. later on, he is attacked by something/someone. he survives but while he was unconscious, he was taken to a priest(i think). that priest only needed to use a small portion of the boys mana to heal him but on the orders of a goddess, the priest used up all of the boys mana.

at this point the authors separation of mage and wizard comes into play. it was made clear early on in the story that a mage differs from a wizard in that their mana pools/sources, once depleted, will start to refill whereas a wizard who uses up all of their mana will no longer be a wizard.

that is what happened at the end. he, and everyone around him, believes him to be only a wizard and now a normal person.

if you find/know this book please respond.

many thanks

Fantasy Book about Boy who can control water and there are dwarves

Read this book a long time ago. I think it opened with a boy making animal shapes in the water. At some point a group of dwarves? comes to take him and train him up. I believe there was a fight with a dragon at the end of the book. For some reason I thought the book was called The Enchanter or something like that, but it's not coming up with anything.

Book Search

Hi! I am hoping you can help me find two books.

The first was a teen romance novel that was out in the 90s-00s. It took place in Seattle, WA. The main character is a girl who finds an anicent Egyptian amulet in the Pike Place Market, which awakens a sleeping mummy in a nearby museum exhibit. The mummy's name was Amenharris and he created the amulet for his first love who betrayed him. I remember the amulet was made from his heart blood and supposedly granted a wish. She takes Amenharris (now going by Harris) in as an "exchange student" and their loves starts to blossom.

The second book was an adult/sci-fi romance that was out in the 2000s. It took place in the future and all the characters were humanoid aliens. The main female alien came from a race where the females went into Heat, and she loathed it. She was searching for a way to stop it because she thought it made her, and the other females, into the slaves of the males. But not all females hated it, an in fact used it to control the men. Anyway, the main female ends up somehow on a starship run by an alien male form (possibly) another race, and she ends up going into heat. I vaguley remember that at some point her and a female crewmember from the males' ship get trapped in an alien fortress.

If you know of either of these books I would be grateful!

Help! Read this book as a middle schooler, can't tender what it's called!

Looking for a book about another planet, that's like earth, but there's are all kinds of weird hybrid animals and junk, and there isn't any real technology. And the main character is a boy, who meets some other people, including a humanoid cat. I remember the humanoid cat said to the main character that his actual name had no translation in the boys language.
They're all heading to this one city or whatever. And there are five or six gods, and myths about a planet called earth that they came from. And the main character meets the god that everyone hates, who created all the hybrids. That guy takes his friends prisoner or something, and there's a character who is a humanoid reptile who expirements on animals to better himself. Maybe that's the god i don't remember.
The boy finds out he isn't a bad guy. But the God is killed, and the boy finds out that earth is real and that's where all the gods actually came from. And he takes a bunch of books about earth from the gods home, and hides them. He says a line like "i hate what he did but i could never hate him". Im pretty sure the gods bake started with a "k".

Book i read long ago in the early 2000s HELP

i don't recall any names or the title or author so i know this is a long shot. The book is about a girl who goes through a sort of bonding ritual with a bird and they are kind of like soulmates ( friend wise). the ritual starts with the girl lying on the ground holding wooden pegs in the ground above her head, and then the bird draws life essence from the girl's stomach, i don't recall anything else.

I know that when birds bond with people, the person can see through the eyes of the bird if the bird lets the person. she later runs into a guy who i think saves her life or the other way around and he is bonded to a bird that many people wouldn't normally bond to, they travel together and fall in love and stuff.

i think at one point they end up on a boat and her bird dies, i think its killed by the antagonist of the book,and she's devastated and the boy comforts her. she thinks that he wouldn't want her anymore since she doesn't have her bird. i don't know what kind of birds they have, and that's all i recall from the book sorry if this is vague but i really want to find this book.

Looking for a book about paraplegic / quadraplegic children...

My last query went so well (found the book within a couple of days) that I feel I've got to try again.

I recall reading a book back in 3rd or 4rth grade (early 80's) about a group of children who are in some type of long-term care hospital. Many of them are paralyzed or have other long term disabilities.

One of the children learns how to dream or teleport themselves to some other place (I don't recall how) and they are able to teach the others. Soon, they realize that it is healing them somehow and that they can start to feel their limbs and wiggle their toes, etc.

I really don't recall much else, unfortunately... not a lot to go on. I'd love to hear if anyone recalls anything...

Trying To Find A Book

There are three books in the series and take place in current day in I think Oregon. Three women, maybe sisters, go to a masquerade party and meet three men. They pair off and end up spending the evening together. After that one night they go their separate ways. I believe the men were military and long time friends. I owned the second book in the series so I don't know how they found each other again. One sister gets engaged to the guy she was with at the party. In the second book the girl is an artist and she begins to paint a mural on the guy's (Trevor) photo studio wall. They lived on Dancer Island?, there was a story about dancers that shipwrecked there and fell in love with local men. They live in a mansion with an older woman that I think was their mom or aunt. Trevor is attracted to the one painting his wall but he thinks he was at the party with the other sister and now she's pregnant with his child but she's missing. His father comes for a visit and it's reveal he was CIA. These books were published in early-mid 2000's.

Sci-Fi from 60' - 80's: one character is an Objective Observer

On earth, humans have evolved into persons with highly specific talents. If one is born with the detective talent, one can earn a living only as a detective, etc. This character was born an Objective Observer - for example - if she sees a house from the front, she would report seeing a rectangle with a triangle on top (roof) and various numbers of other squares or rectangles at various places on the large rectangle. I'm thinking it was written by a relatively well-known, or at least popular, author at that time.


Okay so I read this series of books back in 2007. There was 3 of them and it's about a novice training to be a priestess. Her mother is a well respected high priestess. Something happens and she leaves her mother and everything behind finds out that her biological mother died during childbirth and her father is a powerful being with black eyes. So this girl finds out where she comes from and meets these beings or gods and realizes as she uses magic her eyes turn black. In then end she ends up using a lot of power to stop evil priest from doing something bad and I think she ends up killing some of them. But because she used so much magic her eyes now stay black.
In the course of the story when she going to a kingdom she is revered and repeated and is riding a dragon.

Book about kids trip to visit grandmother on another planet...

Hi all! I'm trying to locate a book that I might have read in 2nd grade, around 1980 or so. It was a picture book (black and white line drawings) with a good amount of text.

It was about a kid (perhaps two?) that went to visit a relative (their grandmother, I think) who lived on a planet around another star (alpha centauri? My memories are faint), and the only way to visit was to have your brain sent into a lifelike robot, because it was too far away.

While visiting, they discover that their grandmother was also in a lifelike robot and her body was being held prisoner. This is really all I can remember. This main thing from the book that I recall was the black and while line drawings, mostly.

I know I'm not giving the community much to go on here. I remember that there may have been another book by the same author in the same style, but I can't remember anything about that one for the life of me.

I'm so glad this community exists, and I hope somebody remembers something. Thanks for all your help in advance!


What was that book that was about this girl who meets a boy thats not really human and he's super dangerous and plays the ocarina and the whole town is trying to fight him and she's fallen in love with him but then hes like nah and floats off the cliff into the ocean and she becomes whatever he was? I read it like 7 years ago and that's all I can remember :/

Book I Read Years Ago

Hey everyone! So I read this book a few years ago and I have no idea what the name of it is or who the author is.

The basic plot goes that the start of the book is based around this uptight kind of community. The main character is female and a problem going on within this community is that all these rebellious teenagers are running away from home in the middle of the night and getting into a boat to some party/rebellious teen only island. The adults in this community are obviously not fond of this idea. The main character ends up on this boat (of her own accord) and ends up on the island where all the teens are microchipped and tracked.

I didn't get very far into the book, but I remember that she said she was looking for her brother and apparently was onto the coordinators of this island in that they kill the teenagers off once they start getting too old.

I've seen many book covers in my time, from memory, this one was very dark and misty-like with hints of purple colour on the front.

If anyone could help me find this book, I'd really appreciate it!! Thank you! Love this community by the way! Totally awesome! Have a great day :)

Book where in the ending the girl tells the boy shes pregnant by wearing a football shirt

Okay so I read this book maybe last year at some point and over the last few days I remembered the ending whilst I was reading another book but I cant for the life of me figure out what book it is.
so its a romance book, set in the US I think and I'm pretty sure its on some kind of farm/ranch.
at the end of the book the girl gets one of her boyfriends friends to make her a football shirt which says 'momma' or something of that description on the back. This is the way she reveals to him and his family that she is pregnant and obviously they are all overjoyed!
I really hope you can help me find this book cause I really want to read it again!!!! :D

Alien-ish? Slave? Red Jewel implant?

So the book im trying to remember goes something like this: A girl (i think she was like doing an assignment for someone) goes to this lady's house to meet her. The lady is not from earth but a different planet, but this wasnt seen as an odd thing in the book. The lady has male slaves and she recently got a new one. He is locked in a cell in her basement and has some weird sand on him that prevents him from drinking and eating. The girl that came to see the lady is not a huge fan of the lady doing these things and she feels bad for the guy. When she gets what she needs from the crazy lady she sneaks to his cell and releases him by washing the sand off him. (It almost got sexual there) then she and the guy part away but he gets caught by other people and is used to fight or die. At some point him and her meat again at the 'ladys' spa appointment and she acts like the lady and he her slave. (Im not sure if these two parts are in order, might be the spa before the fight) then later in the story the girl is taken as a mans slave and is put up for auction. She has a jewel type thing implanted in her stomach and the guy she saved finds out shes been caught and he disguises himself and buys her. But the implant makes her crave sexual attention from whoever her master is, and because he bought her, he's her master. He never forces her to do anything but at some point the implant becomes too much and she gives in to her urges with him. He takes her to a special slave and bondage club to have the implant removed. At the very end he gets her back home to earth i think and shes in the hospital and she already had a husband (or fiance, nit he was a asshole and dodnt deserve her). Her husbsnd says he doesnt want her anymore, i forget why, and i think the guy that saved her punches him or something. Do you know the name of this book?

Trash dad?

A friend's sister has very vividly described a story that she remembers from a kids' story collection (15 or so years ago). In it, there is a lazy dad who somehow gets turned into a (pile? bag?) of trash. She says there is a scene where the kids are up in the attic, watching out the window, as the trash-version of their dad eats a pigeon.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?

Fantasy YA book

Hey guys, I started a series maybe two years ago and only the first two books of the series were out. Now, I can't remember the name of the series. The story was about a princess in a kingdom. She had a douchebag, drunk, rich admirer from the kingdom and there were rebels in a forest nearby. The princess was traveling somewhere and either got kidnapped or saved by the leader of the rebellion and she started having a crush for him. She either escaped or he let her go. Then there was some kind of a ceremony in a temple and the rebellion leader got I believe really hurt, but didn't die (or maybe died, I am not completely sure). I am sorry for the almost zero amount of info, but if anyone has any idea which book it might be, would love the help. Thanks a lot!!!

Detective with Wizard Partner

Found! It's Randall Garrett's Lord Darcy stories.

I read a book (and I think there was at least one other book with the same characters - not sure if it was a true "series" or not), that had a detective who had a magical partner. In the plot I remember, they were investigating the death of a young man. One of the spells the wizard cast was a spell that showed the last image that the deceased had seen. The image was a beautiful woman. They had a hard time figuring out who she was, and finally they discovered that the man had been in love with his sister (but she did not return his feelings) and while others thought she was plain, her brother had seen her as this raving beauty so that's what the spell showed. They figured out it was her because her brother had a closet full of clothes that were exact duplicates of everything in her wardrobe, and he had his girlfriends wear them. When his sister had killed him, he ripped a button off of her shirt, but she took the copy from his closet and put the one with the missing button in his closet instead.

trying to identify a wonderful horror story

In Cincinnati Ohio, in about 1995, my mother read me a story that I have always remembered. However, she forgot and insists that she would never have read such a story to me!
Along the lines of Poe, the story was fairly slow and deliberate, with lots of setup leading to a fantastic and highly improbable bloody end. I will summarize...

This is the story to the best of my knowledge, though some facts may turn out to be wrong. Bare with me.

An englishman is traveling abroad. He visits a sultan in the desert. He is made quite comfortable, and the sultan proves to be a wonderful host. The sultan has a servant who has been faithful and risen to great prestige in the house. Something happens, and he loses favor in the eyes of his master. Showing his true nature, the sultan has his arms cut off. More happens, and the man loses both his legs at the sultans command. All of this occurs while the englishman is staying at the palace/house. The servant has been kept alive at the pleasure of the sultan, and the love that used to fill the servants heart has changed to hate. One evening, the englishman cannot sleep. The house is set up with a courtyard in the center, and the sultan sleeps at the center surrounded by a fence, or maybe guards. The house is several stories tall, with open balconies surrounding the center courtyard at each level. The englishman sees the armless legless servant at the edge of the balcony opposite him. The servant stares down at the sultan with hot hate. He then wiggles over to a long colorful banner that is hanging from the top of the house down past the balconies. He grasps the fabric with his teeth and spins around several times, wrapping his body with the fabric. He then slowly begins to use his teeth to CLIMB up the fabric, very slowly and carefully. The englishman, who was not exactly pleased with the way the sultan had treated his favorite servant, decides to simply watch as the man escapes. The servant painstakingly climbs three or four stories, amazing the englishman. At last, he is on the top level, carefully balanced on the railing, fabric in teeth, looking down at the sultan. Just as the englishman begins to worry and thinks to alert the guards, the servant flings himself out from the balcony. He falls down and lands on the sultan, asleep in his bed, and rips his throat out with his teeth as he lay dying.

Englishman? Maybe not, but a gentleman, at least. Sultan? Palace? Again, maybe not. But something along those lines. But there it is, the story I dream of, and cannot find... can anyone help me? And be honest, doesn't this sound amazing!?