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A long lost book

I am looking for a book I thought was titled Topaz. Based on a google search, I'm wrong about the title, which brings me here.
I read this book when I was an adolescent, so probably a young adult book. It's about a girl and her small family who move to a house in the country maybe in the 60's. I remember it had an outhouse, I think. The parents weren't very responsible and I think they maybe partied a bit. There was also a beautiful, captivating young woman who lives with them for a time. I think the family had a van. Looking back, it seems there was some pretty heavy poverty going on.
Maybe the beautiful woman was named Topaz. Help!

Summer vacation chic lit

Unfortunately, I have not read this book, so I don't know the plot except what I can recall from the blurb.

It is a book about 3 or 4 girls going on a trip during summer. I think it was hinted that one of the girls will not return from the trip. I can't say whether it is a YA book, but it is definitly a chic lit.
The cover was blue/green/turquoise with big umbrellas on it: kid of like the girls were in a swimming pool of in a sea (some kind of body of water) in swimming floating circles - under big umbrellas hiding them from the sun. The cover is one thing that I remember distinclty.

The book came oyut around 5-8 years ago. I think.

Sorry for such a vague description.
Can anyone identify this book, please?

Help me find a book.

Hello.I can't remember a book title. All i can remember about it was that the main character was really into this girl. As we go on in the story we find out that the antagonist loves to figure out people's greatest fears/crutches and use them to manipulate other people. The main character goes to a part in which the antagonist reads out loud of a girls journal. Later on the protagonist and antagonist break into their school to deface a kids locker and the antagonist shows the protagonist that he slept with his crush. Anyway the main character has friends who drink and smoke. It takes place in high school. The only major detail I can remember is that he punched a bus window because a kid was making fun of another kid with a disability. I'm sorry if the post is kinda vague but I would love it if someone could help me out her. Thank you!

Character experiencing a specific afterlife

I'm dearly hoping someone can help me remember this title (unless I've imagined it and/or dreamed it up). It sounds like "The Lovely Bones" (but it isn't) combined with "Groundhog Day".

In this book, a character is experiencing a heaven or afterlife wherein she gets to experience the same perfect day with her son over and over again. I don't remember if she is aware that she is experiencing the same day on repeat or not. That's the only detail I can recall, unfortunately.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

FOUND! Looking for a book - sorry for the vague and jumbled description!

First of all, hello everyone! I'm so glad to see this community exists! I wish I could be of more assistance in finding books, but I've been going back through posts for hours and unfortunately, not a single book description is ringing any bells for me. Which is also why I'm posting now, of course. I have a book plot in my head that I swear I've read, but I cannot for the life of me find a book that matches the description!

So, as the title warns, this post is going to be vague and perhaps even nonsensical at times. The plot I'm remembering hardly even makes sense to me, so for all I know it may be the combination of two or three different books--or it could all be a dream I had as a kid, who knows! However, let's just assume there really is a book with this plot out in the world somewhere and go from there.

I read this when I was very young, perhaps 8 or 9, so it was around 2004-2005. It was a ghost story, quite scary if I remember correctly, and was probably more along the lines of a young adult novel than a children's book. The ghost was a young girl who had died in a house fire, and although the house had been remodeled and resold after the fire, the girl's spirit still lingered and was fairly malevolent about the whole thing. The main characters were three (?) kids who lived in the house, or possibly two of the kids lived in the house and one was the babysitter for the younger kid, I'm not sure... basically, there was a teenage boy (anywhere from 15 to 18yo), a teenage girl (she may have been the same age, or slightly younger), and a young boy. Whether or not they were all siblings is a little hazy.

I don't remember too many details about the actual plot, which is why I have to be vague, but I remember quite a few details about the characters themselves. For example, the older boy had a "lawn-mowing business," and I remember he rode his lawn mower around on the streets to and from people's houses. I believe at one point he may have even gotten in trouble for it (something about needing to have a license to drive on the road, even on a lawn mower). This is the oddest detail I remember because it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the "horror" aspect of the novel.

Another detail also involves the older boy: after the girl and the younger boy started seeing this ghost in the house, he didn't believe them, but he tried to use their fear of this "ghost" against them by dressing up in a dress and wig, pretending to be the ghost, and attempting to scare them (IIRC, the book's events take place near Halloween, so the idea wasn't really as crazy as it sounds). This promptly backfired when he saw the *actual* ghost during his attempt. There may or may not have been a humorous scene of him running away from the house wearing the dress and wig, scared out of his mind.

The only detail I really remember about the girl is that she seemed to be the one who was most targeted by the ghost, like the ghost was jealous of her or something. I think there was one scene where she woke up from a nightmare involving the ghost to find scratches all over her body, although that's a pretty popular horror trope, so I'm not entirely sure if it's from this book or from something else.

Finally, the most relevant detail I remember involves the little boy. During his stay in the house he became very preoccupied by fire, and there were many times when the teenage girl caught him playing with matches or doing something equally dangerous. I believe the climax of the book was that the ghost somehow manipulated/persuaded him to set the house on fire. Everyone got out alive, and when they looked back at the burning house, they saw the outline of the ghost girl standing in the window of what used to be her bedroom (which I think was the younger boy's bedroom at the time--that would explain why he was so susceptible to her influence, etc.)

Again, I know it doesn't make much sense. I really wish I could remember more. However, I've seen some great results on this site, so I'm sure if anyone can make sense of this, it's you guys! Thanks in advance :)

BOOK(s) FOUND!! It's the Beast mini-series of the Sweet Valley Twins series by Francine Pascal. Thanks thepastperfect!!

Can you help me find this book?

Originally posted by disnerd396 at Can you help me find this book?
A while back, I read this book but now that i want to reread it, i cannot remember: the author, the title, where i read it. But i remember what it was about. I might have read as a kindle ebook, a deviant art story (i think it is devA but i dunno), or possibly on wattpad. The book was a modern day Hades and Persephone story. It starts out with Persephone as a high school\college student. She doesnt know about Hades or their relationship. One day at school, these 2 people appear and she seems to be the only one able to see them. She later finds out that its actually Hades and their daughter. But this Persephone (who goes by Perse) isnt the actual goddess. When she was a young girl in ancient Greece, she met Hades and fell in love with him. He made her immortal then or something. She was named after the goddess. Well anywho, this whole someone kidnapping Perse and stealing her memories thing i think had happened before and it turns out each time it was Perse's supposed friend and the actual goddess Persephone who was jealous and out to kill Perse because it was "supposed to be her and Hades, not some worthless mortal" or whatever and in the end, for her "protection" she agrees to lose her memories again until they catch the escaped Persephone and Perse and Hades dont wanna leave each other and their daughter doesnt want this to happen. So turns out, Perse faked losing her memories but her two friends (mortals from her school in the beginning who'd been on this journey with her) actually lost the memories of all that had happened. So in what i think was the second book, when Perse and her friends go travel in like europe, Perse's daughter (who looks the same age as her and Hades) follows them in the shadows but accidentally meets her guy friend who also falls for her and she kinda likes him too. Well one day he brings her to meet Perse and her girl friend and Perse kinda freaks out like "what are you doing here" and like drags her to the bathroom and confronts her and tells her daughter that she still has her memory and i cant remember what happens after. Its a really good story and i cant remember what it is and im almost to the point of crying cuz i cant find it so if you know what it is, please tell me. Also sorry for typos, this kindle sucks when it comes to typing.

Teen Mystery(?) Book

Hi, I have been meaning to find a book I read a couple of years back, that I borrowed from the library.

I remember the storyline pretty clearly: The main character moves in with her mother, to her stepdad, and stepsister's house. The first chapter is about the main character at a supermarket, and she has troubles with this sales clerk that really likes cheese. The main character does not get along with her stepsister, so she observes the actions of the people in her apartment, or around the apartment. She notices this boy that never leaves the apartment across from her, and she later finds out that the boy is kidnapped, and she tries to find a way to save him, with her stepsister.

The cover of the book is an apartment, I think the color of yellow or white, and they show the actions of different people in their rooms through their windows. I remember one of the people being a couple kissing, and a boy looking really nervous?

I read the book at the library, but havent been able to read the ending, so it has been driving me ceazy to find how everything turned out. Also, I do not know how old the book is, since I read it at a library. If anyone can help me find the book, that would be great!

Help - Fantasy, female protagonist, magic and so on

I read a book series maybe 10+ years ago. I think here was three book.

I remember it being about a girl who was born on the 31th of December at 00:00 on the twelfth stroke and it was a full moon that night. Because of that she had some sort of powers.
I am not sure but she had a boyfriend or he was a male friend. I don't know if it was when she turned 18 but suddenly a blonde man started to "chase" her.

That is all I can remember.

If you know anything, I would love to know and thanks for all help I can get.

YA Fantasy about a girl tasked with gathering allies to save her deceased father's kingdom

This is what I remember: this is a YA book or possibly a series of books about a kingdom in some cold, icy place. The King and his daughter, I believe, are redheaded. The girl's mother is dead, I think. Some enemy comes upon them and the King goes off with his army to fight them. They get defeated and I believe the King dies, so they have no leader. All they have is this young girl (a teenager). Somehow, she decides she has to build an army to fight their enemy and goes off by herself (or maybe with a boy) to recruit other creatures and things that they have not had much contact with for a long time, or were perhaps enemies. Like, I seriously remember her recruiting a group of vampires and some talking giant snow leopards, which she then rides back to her kingdom in the knick of time. I think the vampires even turned into bats. Obviously, they ended up defeating the enemy. Really, I read this so long ago I may be imagining parts. I think the cover may have had the girl or her red hair or something red on it. So helpful, I know. Does anyone know what this book is???

Teen Fantasy Novel/Series

Okay, so I have exhausted Google and am now appealing to LiveJournal.

I literally remember nothing but what I'm about to describe about this book or series. I should make clear that it was a book my English teacher started reading to us when I was in sixth grade and then my she stopped reading it so I only heard maybe three or four chapters of it, if that.

I can only remember two charachters but I know they were important in at least the first book if this is a series.

The boy lives with either his grandparents or aunt and uncle who own some kind of business and the only clothes this boy have are the business' tee shirts that he wears inside out because it embaresses him to wear them. I think very strongly that he is an orphan. He has some kind of magic powers that I remember nothing of. The relative who are his guardians are abusive and I think they live in a trailer.

There is also a girl who I think had long silvery blonde hair and she lives with her abusive mother who eats everthing and makes the girl do everything around the house. She too has some kind of powers, though I remember nothing of them. I think she runs away from home to a bus stop where something really big happens to her.

I vaguely remember the cover. It was dark blue and at the top was a circle that was a kind of swirly white and in that circle was a boy holding some kind of white animal.

I recently remembered this book after having not thought of it for ages and now I'm obsessed. I don't know when it was released but I was in sixth grade in 2006. I don't remember it being a big deal but for all I know it could have been an older series and therefore perhaps had it's hayday before my recollection.

I'd be so grateful if anyone could help me! Kaye.

Wordless, horror picture book set on a ship

Hi there--I've been spending too much time trying to find a book I used to read a bunch when I was a kid. I dunno if it was specifically a children's book due to, well... the horror aspect, but it it's something that kind of annoys me because I can't for the life of me find out what the name of this book is.

It's a large book (probably about A3 in size, maybe more or maybe less), and each page showed the exact same framing of a cross-section of a ship and its many decks (perhaps a cruise liner). You can see inside, witnessing the dozens upon dozens of different characters who seem to have their own story as each page is turned. And as each page is turned, the scene becomes more horrific. I think it was like... goopy, green monster things kind of appearing in different areas of the ship, and they become more abundant with every turn of the page until there's essentially no one left. I think the ship gets really damaged, too (maybe sinking?). Each character reacts to the monsters in different ways; some run away, some try to fight back, and some just straight up get eaten or something... my memory on it is pretty limited. What I really loved about the book was its attention to detail. Like I said, each character had their own story. You can see what they're doing leading up to the bitter end.

I'm unsure of when this book was published. If I had to guess, maybe the mid-to-late 90's or, at the latest, very early 00's.

Now, I'm pretty sure this book may be a part of a series. I have a faint recollection of another one of these books taking place in a castle or a lighthouse of sorts, but my knowledge of that book ends there.

The drawings are in colour and I believe they were hand-drawn. I could be wrong. Point is, they were so detailed that I'm sure someone else would remember the name. I don't know if it's a local book or an internationally-known one, but I know it must be obscure because I get absolutely no results or even tangible leads when I go looking elsewhere online.

If someone knows this book (or its series), I would love to know what it's called. Thank you!

Book I read years ago

I don't remember much about the book, but I do remember that there were at least 3 main protagonists, a woman, an older man that was good with a sword, and a younger boy that had the ability to look through other people's and animal's eyes and maybe also control them. They had to stop an evil god or entity from escaping a volcano where he was chained up. I also remember that the end of the book was that the boy controlled one of the main antagonists so that he could be killed, and he lost his sight when the man died. The boy ended up using a raven to sit on his shoulder so he could see.

Fantasy setting, boy meets a witch reviled by the community

- But she isn't bad, just has a sort of stigma. She tells him about magic I believe, and at one point they both are looking at constellations. She tells him that she views constellations by looking at the space between the stars, rather than connecting dots.

- Fast forward to another portion of the book, MC is undergoing some sort of trial. He's presented with a small ethereal light being (pixie/sprite maybe) and is given a few hours to design a structure in which to keep it safe. After being stumped for a bit, he finally figures it out, by letting it fly into some rays of sunlight coming in from the window, where it practically vanishes.

- MC visits the house of a dryad/treant/treefolk type individual, and hangs out with them for a bit.

- And another last tidbit, at some point there is a magical sword that I think is divided into two halves, one side that heals and one that destroys. The sword is part of a pantheon of magical weapons of similar caliber.

I rented this from the library back around 2001-2004 as a book on tape, unfortunately I can't remember what the cover looked like, or the author. It may have been an older book, possibly part of a series. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows this one!

Teen novel about girl who travels with hippie parents

I am trying to find the title and author of a book I read in middle school (between 2001 and 2004, although I am not sure when the book was published). The main character was a middle-school aged girl whose parents made their living by traveling around the country in an RV or something like that, selling arts and crafts that they made. They would periodically stop for a month or two for the girl to go to school. She seemed very invested in her identity as a traveler/outsider. The book starts when they decide to stay in a town in (I think) California for six months, a long time for them, and the girl is not pleased at all. In the course of going to a normal school for a longer amount of time, she becomes friends with both an awkward, nerdy girl who she first talks to because she likes a story she wrote in English class (the nerdy friend might be named Cass?), and a queen-bee type popular girl who is overall sweet and good-natured. She invokes the ire of the popular girl's friends because they are jealous. They tease her for her family's unconventional lifestyle and call her a gypsy. The main popular friend who hates her might be named Meg. Meg also has a crush on a boy who seems interested in the main character, which makes things worse. I think she and Meg also have a rivalry for being the best math student. There is a scene (in retrospect pretty innocently erotic tbh) where main character and popular girl go skinny dipping on popular girl's birthday in her family's pool at night with floating candles in the water. From what I remember, it ends kind of abruptly with her parents cutting short their stay in the town just as she begins to feel at home there for some practical reason.

YA fantasy - unicorns, shadowy creatures and a young woman who's engaged

Hi! Would love help finding this book - have been googling for a while now, no joy!

I read it in the late 1990s, perhaps early 2000s.

The main character is a young woman who is engaged, and comes home to prepare for her wedding. I think she could be orphaned - home might be her aunt?

She starts seeing little shadowy creatures lurking about. She's suprised - she hasn't seen then since she was a teenager, and it challenges her ideas about reality and brings back painful memories.

I remember her going for a walk to clear her head (across paddocks/moors) and she ends up at a beach. She remembers riding a unicorn here when she was younger, but she "has since lost the qualification(?) to tame/ride him"

I remember another scene where she is driving at night, and the shadowy creatures, which have been massing and following her, (but otherwise leaving her alone) suddenly start attacking.

This book may be part of a series.

I was an avid reader so i dont know that this will help, but other authors I was into at the time include Isabelle Carmody, Kate Forsyth and Tamora Pierce.

I've been searching for this book on and off for years - would love to finally crack the mystery!

Found! Children's Book With Owl Protagonist

Edit: It was a series of books about an owl named Squib by Larry Shles. The one I remember is called Hoots and Toots and Harry Brutes. Thank you to everyone for their help.

I'm trying to remember a series of children's books that had a boy owl as a protagonist. I remember the books were hardback and the drawings in the books were black and white. I'm not sure when it was published, but sometime in the 60's, 70's or 80's. The church I went to as a kid used to have them in the library. I think the plots were usually of the moral nature, and I think the protagonist may have worn glasses. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

YA fiction series teaching you how to deal with emergency situations

Hi everyone :) I remember reading this series around 1999-2000. It was about two brothers (I think), who encountered a variety of emergency situations (the one I remember most clearly was an electrical cable had fallen on a car with someone inside), and they would teach you what you should do in that situation. I'm pretty sure that the series was American. It may have been published by Scholastic. I absolutely loved this series, but now I can't remember what it was called! Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've been searching for ages :)

YA fantasty novel set in multiple universes

The book starts with a student of magic at a university excavating with his professor. He finds a book which is actually a woman that was turned into the book by a previous lover/evil and powerful magician. In his world, industries use magic so cities are polluted by the darkness, which are areas without magic, because it is a limited resource that gets used up. There is another protagonist who is a young girl in another universe that is heavily ruled by a strange church, and only the priests, who can only be men, are allowed to use magic. Any other magic users must hide their abilities or be punished. She can use magic. She is from a rich family (who made their money from dyes, I believe) but falls in love with an artist and runs away with him. She gets caught using magic either giving herself an abortion or trying to undo a spell that made her infertile, I forgot. All the gods in her world have blue skin. She is taken away to be arrested and sexually harassed by a priest on the way there, and she ends up killing him using magic because she doesn't know her power. When she gets to the "prison" it turns out to be a place where people can use magic in place ruled by one of the blue skinned gods who is actually the evil wizard from before. Meanwhile, the student of magic travels far south (he and his friends might be on the run from the law) and find an impressive castle, where everyone uses magic but they have plenty because it turns out that creativity fuels magic. I think one of his companions turns out to be an outlaw, and the castle falls to the ground (it was held up by magic), and with the help of the book, he enters another universe.

Book written anytime between 50s through 80s, believe it starts with the letter V

Hello I am looking for a book that was my father's (he has passed) I found it in his old room in 2007 and lost it on a road trip. It is about a man living on what I believe was an army base town (might be another military branch).
In the book there are lots of people in the town getting sick. I actually think they lived NEAR a military base. The main character, or multiple main characters, eventually discover that what is causing the sickness in the town is coming from the water, and through the soil that their crops are grown in. The sickness is not like a zombie virus or anything, More along the lines of Erin Brokovitch-ish sickness.
The sickness is because of some kind of government testing and the government is tryng to cover it up. I believe it had multiple people's view points about what was going on. Like the first few chapters had different characters telling their story and eventually rolled back around to the first character.
I believe the title was only one word starting with a V or a Z (I think it was a V) The title might have been "The ___ " but from what I remember it was just a one word title.
I know this is pretty vague but it was a long time ago that I started reading it (2007 or so) and I have been relentlessly searching for it since.
Main theme was government cover up, army town/base, people and families getting sick from the water and their crop soil. It is not a current book, but was written past the 1940s and before the 1990s. Thanks in advance guys!!!
Oh and it is not a dystopian theme and I never got to finish it so I don't know the ending.

Need Help

I have been looking for this book for a while now and just cannot find it. It is a romance. I remember very little about it but here is what I remember. I hope it helps one of you so you can give me the title. The bother of the heroine calls on a friend to keep an eye on his sister. The friend has had a secret crush on her for years. I think he is formal military. He tries to stay in the background until her apartment is broken into than he knows he has to protect her. They of course start having feelings for each other. They both loss contact with the brother and goes to find him. In the end it something to do with their dad but I cannot remember anymore than that.

Modern-ish play with Greek/Roman myth references and drug use?

Hey, guys! Help with a thing that's driving me kind of completely mad?

I was assigned a short play to read back in high school - everyone in the class was given a little play-book for it, I remember it being quite short, poetic but with, iirc, pretty short lines. I ended up falling in love with it, but of course now I can't find it ANYWHERE and I can't remember the title or playwrite or most of the defining characteristics, so I can't even look it up online to re-read it or replace it.

It was fairly modern, I remember that much. Not with regards to when it was written (though, kind of that too? I was assigned it back in 2004-2005, and I think it was written sometime during the 90s or 2000s), but with regards to the setting. It took place in some city, there was... some sort of focus on a few of the characters using drugs, I think maybe it referenced Icarus at some point, with regards to getting high and the crash that happened after, or something like that?

That wasn't the only Greek/Roman mythology reference, either; I'm almost 100% certain there was a character that was implied that he might actually be Hermes/Mercury - I think the character's name might even have been M, or something? - and that he was somehow involved in the main character (one of the main characters?)'s drug use.

I don't remember anything else about it, to be honest. I think I recall it being kind of dreamlike, but that might just be because my memories of it are so vague... I can't remember how it ended, or what the "main plot" was, if it had one. Help?

Australian YA book from the 1990s

I'm trying to find a book that I read in my last year of primary school in the late 1990s, although it was likely written earlier than that. I think it was set in Australia, and was probably written by an Australian author.

The story was told from the perspective of a young girl who developed a crush on a boy with long hair. I think the boy may have lost his sister at some point during the story. The girl and boy would ride to a park (on a hill?), lie in the grass and talk. At some point they tied their ponytails together and tried to send telepathic messages to each other through this hair-bridge. The girl thought that kissing the boy would be like 'eating peaches and cream' (or ice-cream? Searching online for both of those terms did NOT turn up children's books!), and I think the story might end with a kiss.

My vague memory of the cover was that it was fairly pastel-coloured, and I think it was a picture of the protagonist. Unfortunately I can't remember any other details. I'm hoping someone out there might remember something about it!

Story involves boy that lives in sewer and a girl that runs away.

I know I read this in the mid 2000's, like between 2005-2009 and had a boy that lived in the sewer and one day he found either a ring or a coin in the muck. And then,on the surface, there was a girl and this woman,who may have been her mother, put her in a pretty dress, stuck her in a cart, and pulled her to town. The woman then rubs this cold cream on the girl's face that makes it look like she's blushing and then I think a guy in the crowd jeers at her so the girl tries to rub it off,realizing the woman intended on selling her off somehow so she makes a break for it. I didn't get to finish the book but I'm almost positive Ratboy or some variation of those two words are in the title.

Teen Revolutionary + Distracting Prostitute?

In 2006-2008 (dates are approximate), I read a nice book. I don't remember much, but there was some teen revolutionary and a priest, whom I think was referred to a lot as Father, who helped him start this revolution.
In the second book, again I don't remember very much. But, the war continued, and the Father planned to overthrow the teen he'd placed in command. To do this, he hired a prostitute to distract him. The prostitute fell in love with him, he figured out she was a prostitute and had her jailed, and then the priest raped her in the dungeon.

That's all I remember :/

YA fantasy otherworld portal

Hello all :)
So I read a novel last year or former I can't remember the name and find it!

It was the first book of the series and the second wasn't published yet. It starts at a cafe this female character and her female friend are sitting, then they see a woman which is fae I think. Main female character follows it to hunt. Main female protagonist works for community. They hunt bad faes. They wear necklace to protect them so these otherworldly creatures can't make them anything against their will. I think she has curly red hair(?). And there is a new guy who came these community to find these creatures' prince. He has a special knife. If there is anybody who is offspring a fae and a human, this special knife can help it to find that person. When this knife cuts that person, his blood starts bubbling. Something like boiling. And this new guy had to kill them. Because he had to prevent fae prince or princess breeds from them. This new guy and female main character become lover. And there is one scene where our female character had a wound and run to community building and faint at the steps. And there is other scene where there is a portal and they tried to prevent these faes go through it to the world but they failed. Female heroine has a housemate who is from otherworld. He is little and he has wings. He was a comic character. He was buying stuff from Amazon with her credit cards. She found him with broken wing and repair it, this is how they met. At the end of the book she cut herself with the knife and her blood bubbled. And her boyfriend doesn't know.

Do you know something like this!?

What is the name of the book?

There is this lowborn kid with silver/white hair who has enhanced physical body and magical abilities. In that world people born with silver hair are meant to become kings, replacing the current one; they also inherit magical items of previous kings. The main character is lowborn because the gods randomly choose people to give the gift upon and they have a hard time to survive because people around them are jealous and scared of them. The guy makes it to the kingdom castle where he is trained by the current king.
It is at least a 3 book series

FOUND- Book similar to Hatchet?

Hi, I need help searching for a book that I think is similar to hatchet. Ok so I read this book in the time between 1st and 6th grade in class

-Boy crashes plane into water near an island ends up being stranded on it. (I think the boy was being sent to a new country or something and he had to try landing the plane himself at the end due to pilots death...or something...)

-Some where along the line there is an old African American man who becomes the boys friend and teaches him how to fish and such.

-Later on a huge storm hits (I think a hurricane or monsoon or something) and the old man (or something ) gets struck by lightning.

-Soon after the old man dies and the boy is rescued. For some reason the boy is naked at the end and his rescuers don't believe his story at all.

Sorry but that's all I can remember I can probably answer questions though.


Short Story about the 'Euthanasia Coaster'?

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My boyfriend showed me the Wikipedia article about the Euthanasia Coaster, a concept for a roller coaster designed to kill its riders. I was like "Yeah, I read a short story about something like that," but the one I remember doesn't sound like the plot of 'Vladimir Chong Chooses To Die,' the story mentioned on the Wikipedia page for the coaster. In the one I remember, I'm pretty sure the rollercoaster was on an island that people with terminal diseases would book luxury vacations on before riding the coaster. I think it was a brother and sister or similar who were doing it together because they had both inherited some genetic defect that would eventually kill them. The protagonist of the story is the brother, I think, and he keeps noticing how everyone working on the island has strangely bright eyes. At the end of the story he rides the rollercoaster but survives, and learns that everyone working on the island also survived. The strange tint to their eyes is apparently a result of taking the ride. It's really going to bother me if I can't remember who wrote this story or what it was called, lol. The only authors I can remember reading short story compilations from recently are Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman, and I didn't get any results by Googling their names along with keywords like "rollercoaster" "eye color" "suicide" etc. I also tried just googling the key words about the plot on their own without an author name, but didn't turn up anything either. Anyone have any suggestions?

Cant remember title/author

Ok, this is a romance novel I read in the 90's, but not sure when it was published. It was a western. It was about a woman (I think her name was Ann or Annie) and she was a widow. She gets involved with a man who is married to a horrible selfish woman named Penelope and wants out, but dont really remember the story arc. I remember the main female character is excited to buy a place where she can have pigs and she ends up pregnant by the main guy character. I believe she ends up as a cook for a brothel too? Please help, lol.

Children's Fantasy Novel - Very Ethereal?

I recall reading this book when I was in 5th grade, around 10 years old, and I got it from my school's library. I really don't remember all of the details or most of the details. It's all a bit fuzzy when I try to remember it. My mind may have fabricated a lot of the following information. I'm just not sure.

The story revolved around a young girl who grew up and lived in the woods. I don't recall her having any parents. I think the girl was magic. Probably definitely magic. Thinking about her magical abilities, she may have had some sort of healing abilities. I vaguely remember that. Or she had some sort of control over nature/plants maybe. She seemed to be one with nature in my memories. The setting was such a typical fantasy woodlands setting and it was kind of mystical and, you know, just seemed like a place you'd expect to be filled with fairies and wood nymphs and magical woodland creatures and magical plants. I'm not sure if those creatures actually had a place in the book. I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

She had to go on a journey/quest in the book. Perhaps for some sort of prophecy/fortelling but I'm REALLY not sure about that. Like I said, I don't remember the details. I forgot what the journey was for and what sort of evil antagonistic force she faced. I think there were friends accompanying her on this journey but I can't recall if they were animals or humans or both. Or if they even really went on the journey with her. I know they were in the story and had a place and I feel strongly that they accompanied her on her journey. I also believe she met people on her journey, and perhaps met an old woodland man/woman who helped her. Maybe. That's not a solid detail. I also think that she or a companion got injured along the way. Maybe burned, perhaps. There was also some description of her clothing and I vaguely (very vaguely) remember that she wore some kind of tunic dress and flimsy cloth shoes. The kind of outfit you'd expect from a woodland girl.

One thing I do remember is that the cover had an illustration of the girl on it and she had long blonde wavy/curly hair and possibly had a flower crown (but I could be fabricating the flower crown because wouldn't a flower crown just be so typical for this kind of character to wear?). She had a general mystical, ethereal look and there may have been vines and flowers on the cover. The vines are very likely to have been on the cover. I think.

Teen girl searches for her friend

Teenage girl searches for her friend (possibly named Jen not sure) throughout the book but never finds her. The girl finds her own parents or "Jen's" parents murdered by "Jen". At the end of the book the girl wakes up presumably from a coma and overhears her parents saying something along the lines of "this is how she's handling "Jen's" death" or "Jen died 3 years ago". The teen girl was hallucinating the whole time and Jen was never really alive. I would be so grateful for any suggestions because I remember this book was fantastic but don't remember enough to find it! YA book, psychological thriller mixed with mystery.

Middle Grade (Ish?) Book - Mostly Remember Coverart

Okay, so I remember reading this book in 2008-2009 and it was recently published (within last 2 / 3 years) then. It was middle-grade / upper children's, the kind you'd find shelved next to Percy Jackson series and so on. The book I read was in English, but for some reason I think it was originally published in another language. (This may or may not be true.) I have a vague recollection that a girl got stranded (?) with her little brother (?) in a jungle / island / rainforest. I think there were some evil scientists and magical realism type stuff with the animals / plants.

What I remember really clearly is the cover art. Jungle / rainforst styled background. A young boy and a tween girl, both dressed in "modern" clothes, in the middleground. And a jaguar and a tween / teen boy, covered in "tribal" red tattoos / paint and holding a spear, in the foreground. It was digitally painted artwork, realistic as opposed to cartoony, and favored a dark color palette.

Thank y'all for your help, in advance!

FOUND: The Lost Isle of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar.

Boys who go into the military at age 18

I am looking for what is most likely a dystopian book in a series. I am a librarian and a customer presented a book with the following points. I am drawing a complete blank even after searching a bunch of databases. Hope you can help!

-The main characters are two brothers
-At age 18 boys are sent from their walled city to join the military
-The military is revealed to be a "big bad" later in the series
-Outside the wall, there are patrols that kill people who try to leave
-A friend of one of the brothers is named Meghan

Thanks All!

Looking for a book I read as a teenager

It was about a girl who lives in Indiana in the late 1700's (guessing) or early 1800's. She has some sort of psychic abilities and her aunt is teaching her to become some sort of wise woman. I remember a scene in one of the books where the father is teaching her and her brothers to make a shelter in the woods. The family has a Scandinavian last name I believe. I think there were a couple books in the series but not 100% sure.

fantasy book with a man who retransforms into a woman

Hi there...I'm looking for a book a read in the early '90s about a magical girl who goes on a quest & meets this man along the way.
They have sex & he changes into a woman after that & will only change back to a man if they have sex again.
They have to complete the quest while they try & figure out how to deal with the gender changes.
It wasn't a very long book & I don't think it belonged to a series, but it was pretty well written & quite enjoyable.
Thanks Elizabeth

FOUND: Girl with a hatbox full of penpal letters?

I remember reading a book in middle school/late elementary school. The protagonist was a girl who I believe had family problems (but don't take my word on it because I'm not 100% sure), and whenever she had something on her mind, she would write a letter about it to a penpal she was paired with a few years before. Except, she had never sent a letter to the penpal. She kept every letter she wrote in a hatbox in her closet. I'm pretty sure the penpal's name was Julia, and at the end of the book she might have sent all the letters.
The book was definitely either children's or YA, and somewhat modern I think (written in the 2000's or 2010's). Please help!
Edit: it was 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass. Thanks for the help!

Fantasy with underground/cave scene

Fantasy/dystopian?, possibly trilogy/series. Female main character travels with a group of friends/warriors/bodyguards? Two of them are brother and sister warriors devoted to protecting female main character; they are of a special religion/faith. I believe at the beginning of the second book, they make it to 'safety' in an underground cave where hundreds/thousands of people are living. They revere main character as savior/maybe queen?/new leader? Cave system turns out to be not all that great because of overly controlling priests and they must escape. This part is fuzzy, but some of her friends pretend to turn against her to aide in escape. There is a scene in a kitchen where some sort of smoke bomb or fire is set. The is not the whole plot of the book, only a part.

YA Fantasy Book (FOUND!)

It's The Woman Who Loved Reindeer by Meredith Ann Pierce. Now to hunt down a copy!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! I've tried searching for various plot points and digging through Goodreads, but no luck so far.

- Context: I read this book in the early 2000's, borrowed from my high school library (US).
- Setting: Alternative middle age-ish fantasy world. Dirt roads, villages, mountains, herds of wild beasts. There are magical creatures like trolls, dwarves.
- Main character (MC): Young female healer. She lives alone, helping local villagers with various illnesses/injuries. However, they are a bit afraid of her because they think she is a witch(?) or has some occult power. I'm not sure if she does possess magic or not.
- Love interest: Young man who can transform into a stag, or some sort of four legged antlered animal. I'll stick with stag for now.
- General plot: MC is given a male infant, the baby of a villager who was magically seduced and impregnated by a man who transforms into a stag. The man warns the villager that he will be back to claim the child. She begs the MC to foster the baby. Later, MC successfully drives away the father when he comes, but I'm not sure how. A few years pass and the baby grows very rapidly, becoming a young man (the love interest) who can transform into a stag like his father. He doesn't understand human emotions like grief or love, although he has some affection for the MC who raised him. Eventually, he wants to learn more about his people and leaves, making MC sad. In the meantime, some sort of cataclysm is starting--the earth shakes, volcanoes erupt, wild beasts flee, etc. There is some sort of explanation that fire lords/dwarf kings(??) are fighting under the earth/mountains(?) and that's causing all the natural disasters. The villagers know that they need to flee or perish. The love interest returns to help, and he transforms into a stag to guide everyone. All sorts of things happen on this journey, which I only vaguely recall, but in the end they do get to a safe land, the love interest realizes that the MC has taught him how to love, and much happiness ensues.

Phew! Sorry for the long description.

Looking for a book I read a few years ago.

book series about a girl who falls in love with a army man as they try to take down a bad guy. she ends up pregnant, he had to go overseas for the army and reports had listed he had been killed. At this she decided she needs to move and start a new life to get away from memories, she unexpectedly moved to his hometown, and starts working in a cafe where his father is the owner and where she later discovers he is alive. When he comes home and he learns she is pregnate and tries to earn his way into her and his babies life.

YA Fantasy Anthology read sometime between 2006 and 2010

There were 3 or 4 stories in the anthology, I think. In one story, the main character's mother had escaped this pack of wolf-creatures (I think?) where she had been kept captive. The daughter was captured by that same pack. I seem to recall there was a crumbling castle setting where the creatures lived, but it was a modern setting. In some sort of ritualistic thing, she had swirls painted on her skin. In another story, a girl who is really good at figure skating finds herself in an icy world. She finds out that she had been sent to grow up (on Earth) in order to save their kingdom. The kingdom is ruled by queens that are produced by parthenogenesis (so her younger sister is surprised that the main character has different colored eyes and hair--she wears contacts and dyes her hair.) The main character uses her ice skating abilities to complete some quest to allow the younger sister to take the throne. I don't remember what happens in the other story or stories.

Science-Fiction/Fantasy book read at latest in 1993 about bipedal lion royal guards

I read this book between 1990 and 1993 and I can't remember the name or author. It featured elite royal guards on some fictional planet and they were lions who walked upright. I remember it being more a knightly order as the combat was mostly hand to hand, but I remember it having a space feel so maybe there were spaceships coming and going. Most of the story I think happened in and around the royal palace.

The main character, I believe, lead the order but there was some sort of scheming happening. I do not believe the royal family were the same race. I believe they were human but I'm not certain on that point. I remember the cover having a picture of the lion guard with perhaps a sword, or just some ornamental dress. I've been looking for this book for years.

YA Postapocalyptic book Female main character

Honestly not sure on timeline that I read this book but I think it was about a year or more ago.
It starts off with the main character describing how her father told her to take her sister and go to their cabin because of this big ordeal that affects the way of life, she knows how to hunt and survive off the land. One day her sister is taken by what I believe are called snatchers? They also kill the family dog because the older sister always left it with her little sister for protection and when trying to chase down kidnappers on a hidden motorcycle she meets a boy trying to save his brother. I believe they're being taken to a place where they are forced to kill one other for the wealthier's entertainment. Can't really remember much past that