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Element control, woman protag

One of those books where some people can control elements, the protag had rock and she was working one her powers and mostly that meant going straight through the stone from what I remember, and she stopped a volcano or something? The only other powered individual I remember was a man who controlled water and who was more experience. I remember the descriptions as lovely, especially the melting through stone even though it was portrayed as terrifying. Thank you for reading!

Children's book about something out of nothing

I used to love this children's book, read it in the late 80s or early 90s.
About a brother and sister who have to visit their aunt (Martha?) during summer vacation. Maybe in Massachusetts or Maine? Both are super bummed and try to pack up all their toys but only end up being able to take one special thing, a truck and a doll, respectively. They get to their aunt's house and she is big and jolly and has rough red hands and makes them clam chowder. They get bored quickly, but she shows them how they can make something out of nothing - things they find around the house and on the beach. They build a house for the doll and a garage for the truck, and by the end of the summer they have resourcefully left boredom behind and built a whole little town. Any guesses? I thought it was called Something Out Of Nothing, or Something From Nothing, but I'm having no such luck with the internet. Thanks!

SF novel with twenty levels of subway conductor; guy freezes ocean with mind

Hi there, I'm a new poster on this forum, and I'm hoping that someone can help me! I read a book a few years ago which was based in a futuristic world, which was also very bureaucratic. The thing that sticks in my mind is that there were twenty-something types/levels of subway conductor. The main character has some kind of guilty secret or memory that he's trying to forget/ignore/atone for (I think it turns out that he killed a woman). The other thing I remember is that, near the end of the book, he succeeds in freezing the sea/ocean solid (using his mind), while he is on a plane.

Sorry that this is garbled; I can't remember enough to describe it very well. Hope someone can put me out of my misery! :)

Looking for a children's audiobook

Hi everyone, I was hoping you could help me find an audiobook I enjoyed listening to as a child (about 20 years ago). It was read by (I think) Penelope Keith, and I think it may have been a collection of short stories. I remember there was something about trying to grow bright blue marigolds, someone whose nose was described as 'hopelessly snub' and something about someone contemplating 'how many beans make five'.

I realise there isn't much to go on, but my own searches of books read by Penelope Keith keep turning up murder mysteries and not much else.

Children's book

Hello everyone. So, I'm trying to find the name of a book that my elementary school teacher read to me many moons ago. I can't remember the title or the author, but I do remember the plot. It was about a little boy who had started kindergarten and on the first day he came home and told his parents about this mischievous little boy in his classroom that did all kinds of bad things. Every day he would come home with a new story about the boy. Then one day on parent teacher conference, the father was talking to the teacher and mentioned the little boy. The teacher responded that she didn't have a student by that name. So basically, his son was the mischievous little boy.

It would be grand if you can find the title of this book for me. I need it for a school assignment. Thanks.

short story about a man whose body was replaced

My memory is from a TV movie. I think I heard that it was based on a book or short story by Isaac Asimov. What I do remember is following. It was a low budget, court room movie, not sure if it was full length feature film, I recall it as being 45 minutes or so. I saw it probably in the late 1970s, early 1980s, on Swedish television.
The story was about a man that was a race car driver; a not so successful one because he crashed repeatedly and had severe injuries. Each time parts of his body was replaced by robotic parts. Eventually, his whole body and half his brain was replaced. The only biological part of him was one of his brain halves. Then, the company that leased these parts to him demanded all the parts back, because he hadn't paid the bills. Since this would kill him, it lead to a court case, trying to decide on what would be the legally and morally right action. The movie essentially followed the court proceedings.
Of course I would be grateful for any tips! Oh, and obviously this is a science fiction story!

Looking for a young adult science fiction book, and a young adult summer camp fiction with monsters

For the science fiction book, I can recall that the setting is placed on a colony ship with no adults present. There are only children aboard, and eventually they are either picked up or discovered by aliens. The children were all born at the same time, in two sets. One scene involves a dreary birthday, where none of the children are excited in the least (this takes place on the ship). Another scene, after they've segregated into various trades amongst the aliens, has a girl who points out an inefficiency or loophole after getting transferred from one ownership from one alien to another, thus aggravating the alien. And there may have been a theme involving a virtual space where laws of the universe are exempt from being enforced, and one child (maybe the protagonist) can sense this and becomes conflicted with this power, as one scene may have had the child (male I think) outperforms his peers at an industrial job of some sorts and becomes ostracized. I read this about 3 to 5 years ago.

For the summer camp book, the male protagonist is sent to a summer camp where he discovers they're all monsters. Similar to Percy Jackson, but no mention of gods or deities, just Western and European monsters. I don't think any of the fellow campers knew either, but a scene occurred where the protagonist was chatting with a new friend when a bat flutters by and casually greets them in passing, causing the camper to accept this bizarre situation. There may have also been a scene where the protagonist converses with a mailman of some sort, or at least an older man living in relative seclusion on the camp property. For whatever reason, the protagonist was wanting to send a letter, possibly to his parents, so the hermit presses his thumb onto some dust, then onto the letter, forming that wavy symbol that goes above the stamp, providing legitimacy of the letter, surprising the protagonist. Same time reference as above. Thanks in advance.

Looking for older childrens halloween book. Will describe in as much detail as possible


I have been searching for a month now for an old childrens book I used to have. A long time ago. It was a childrens book, and some of it's most memorable features are that it was a larger book, likely hardcover. It had multiple portions throughout the book which were glow-in-the-dark, and these portions which were glow in the dark, say, a ghost picture, were rough to the touch. I remember the texture of those parts. The books stories were original, not part of any series that I am aware of. The front cover featured something like a large, spooky mansion, and the main characters if I remember right, were a boy and a girl, alone in this big spooky house. There was small paragraphs on each page, with large, colorful illustrations being the staple of this book, not forgetting almost every picture, there were parts of it which were glow-in-the-dark and rough to the touch, likely due to what was used to make it glow.

I wish I could remember anything about the author, or the plot of the book, but I cannot.

I know there are many glow in the dark childrens books, but this one evades me. I am at a loss, and hoping someone might have an idea what this book was!

Thank you for any help.

Adult novel - American missionaries to an Asian country

I'm a librarian, trying to locate this book for a customer who remembers it. She read it in the 2006-2009 time frame, and doesn't think it is any older than the 1990s.

She thought the title was "Blue Lake", but that doesn't seem to be correct. She remembers that the cover featured a beautiful woman of Asian heritage looking out of a train window. It would lean towards the literary fiction end of genre.

It was about a young man who was an American missionary to an Asian country (she doesn't remember which country). He starts out trying to convert the people he meets to Christianity, but as time goes by and he observes their customs (she mentioned burning paper money for the dead) he decides he was wrong to try to push his own views on them and renounces his missionary-hood. There was a subtle romance subplot.

Any help would be appreciated!

Can only remember one scene of a book

I can only remember this one scene in a book and I have been trying so hard to recall the title. The novel is a young adult book definitely published in the last 20 years, likely in the last 10.
The scene I remember is a flashback to a girl's childhood. A girl (the main character) and a boy are playing together in the boy's room. The boy's father is abusive and gets angry and starts yelling for the boy. The girl tells the boy to lock the door. When the father continues to try to get into the room, yelling, the boy and girl go over to the window to try and get out that way. There is a screen over the window, and the girl tells the boy to get a pair of scissors and to cut through the window. Once the screen is gone, they both climb out and run across the front yard.
I believe that the boy becomes a romantic interest later in the story. She also looks back at this moment and remembers her bravery, which inspires her. I think she and the boy lived near each other, although for the majority of the story they are not very close.
If anyone knows the book off of this vague description, I will be completely amazed and very grateful!! Thanks!

help with title author

Please help. Can't remember title/author for book. Description: Young woman just graduated college, her friend wants her to go on vacation before she starts. While on vacation she has a fling with someone she never met and then leaves him in bed and gues home. Once home starts new job with band and/or record company. Once at new job as she's waiting to meet her boss he turns out to be the man on vacation. He lives with band members/friends. They end up falling in love with each other. She has more of a "guys" name which is why he hired her in the first place since he had been having trouble with other female assistants. I think it took place in country type setting. She drove a ways from home daily for job.

Old 70s Gem

There's this REALLY cool-looking old book from the 1970s that I read in elementary and was at my old school.It was about a red-headed bespectacled boy(NOT Arnold) who gets kidnapped and along the way at some point, he ends up on a rusty old steam train in the jungle.I mostly remember the funky illustrations(I can say that ause I'm a budding animator/cartoonist)and how Schoolhouse Rock-esque they were. Any help with location or the title?

3 books.

The first book is about four or five siblings, one named Herbert. Their mother dies and they bury her in the garden. They also bury a sister. Eventually, it's too much and Herbert writes to his father, hoping he'll save them. In the end, the children are taken away to orphanages. I remember this is a very disturbing book (one of the daughters "communicates" with Mother; the sister who dies does so because of her siblings; the father who saves the day temporarily is not a nice man). It's probably from the 70s.

Edit: This is Our Mother's House by Julian Gloag.

The second book is about mentally challenged children. The cover of my mom's book had a broken doll's head on the cover. There's an autistic kid, and little girl who draws breasts as though they were ice cream flavors, a little boy with blue or gray eyes who retreats into his own world after having been brought forth. There's a teacher mentioned who lets her children do what they want--be angry or splash in water and doesn't try to control them. One of the clearest pictures in my head is of the blue/gray-eyed boy swinging. This book is also probably from the 70s.

Edit: This is A Circle of Children by Mary MacCracken.

The last book is about a little girl. I think her name was Mary Jane. She had an abusive mother and was separated or divorced from the little girl's father. At one point, the little girl is dressed and clean in white, then goes outside and plays in the dirt. The father comes to pick her up and she's filthy. I think this is when the mother breaks the little girl's arm. At the end of the story, the police (I think) are trying to get the girl away from her mom but the mother kills the little girl. There's something with the mother being in court, too, I think, and the police officer had noted the little girl couldn't have broken her arm falling out of her crib onto the soft carpet. This book is at least from the 90s, though it could be older.

Edit: This is Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night by Joanna Lee. Thanks, kitap!

I've actually asked about the first and third before, but I don't remember how to look at my past entries.

I did some more searching and found the first two on my own!

Young Adult Science Fiction

I read a book a few years back that is...rather unique. If anyone else has ever read it then it will be pretty immediately recognizable. Anyway, the book isn't too long, only a couple hundred pages at most, and was probably pushed toward a late elementary-early middle school age range. The main character is a girl who has lived her whole life in a small series of rooms with her younger brother and their nanny. The girl is going through what I can only imagine is puberty and has grown a set of antlers and the siblings are waiting for their parents to come collect them from the nursery. Some of the key points in the book:
- Before the siblings leave the nursery a new brother arrives that is little more than a blood-hungry parasite.
- The nursery area is only a small segment of an enormous house, hundreds of stories tall and city sized, that is abandoned save for shadowy monsters that roam the dark recesses of the crumbling structure. The city-dwellings dot the ruined landscape intermittently.
- The siblings are children of a mother who is a member of a dying species and has been luring her own children to the basement of the giant structure to devour them.
I can't for the life of me remember what it is called and I can't get google to help one bit, so anything anyone can do to shed light on my query would be much appreciated.

(no subject)

There was a horror anthology book I owned when I was a kid, but I don't think it was particularly aimed at kids. I owned it in the late 80's or very early 90's, but I have no idea if it was a new book then. The only story I clearly remember being in it was Saki's The Open Window. The cover was a night time scene, I think it was black trees against a purpleish sky and there was a scary looking girl in black at the bottom of the cover, kind of hidden in the trees. I'm dying to find this book again or at least see a picture of the cover.
(I looked at some previous posts here to see if it was already asked about and I don't think it is Thirteen Tales of Horror although the description of the cover is similar).

I hope I tagged it right; this is my first post here--

Book Series

I read a book long ago that was good and part of a series I believe. It was about a guy who was going to commit suicide and as death came through the door to get him it made a noise spooking the guy who then shot and killed Death. He then was required to become Death. Cannot remember the title or author. Any help?

Book for a friend

My friend read a book in the early 90s which had a train on the cover, possibly surrounded by purple. This would have been for a book report in fifth grade.

He doesn't remember much other that the story was about a boy who took a ride on a train at some point. The train was not the main focal point of the story. He also remembers it won some awards.

Any ideas? Thanks!!!

Contemporary Fiction/Literature (late 90s/2000)

A book similar in tone (and year of publication) to Billy Letts' 'Where The Heart Is'. It's the story of a young Native American woman who has no family and struggles to survive living in a disused motel through the winter months. The old man who owns the motel is something of a father figure. The young woman is hated by the locals and struggles to make Native American artwork (sewing/beading?) to raise money for heat and food. The rich old woman who owns a nearby house also hates her, but the young Native American woman ends up helping to care for her. It's also similar in tone to a novel called 'Empire Falls'. I think the paperback cover was blue or purple. Thanks!

Short Story about Single Mom with Special Needs Child

This is probably too out there, but I've been thinking about this story a lot lately and have not been able to find anything.

What I know for sure is I read this in a textbook. The book was full of short stories with discussion questions at the end. What I don't remember is when I read it. It was either junior high (1987-1989) or high school (1990-1992). Both my schools were in the Los Angeles, CA area.

The story follows a poor single woman who has a child between age 8-12 (can't remember) who has special needs. I don't remember the nature of his issues other than that he couldn't really talk and occasionally could get violent. Because she was poor, she had a hard time finding someone willing to care for him while she worked, and in the end her only choice was to put him in a state institution. The final scene was absolutely heartbreaking; her son realized she was leaving him there and made loud, distressing sounds that followed her out to the street.

I remember it was written with a lot of sympathy for the situation; in my family we were going through something similar and the story really hit home for me. I would love to read it again. Thank you!

Trying to Help A Friend Find A Book

She doesn't remember much about this book. There is a character named Mike who is a recovering drug addict who returns back to his hometown and hooks back up with his old girldfriend, Laura. Somewhere in there the reader learns thats Mike killed someone. I don't know, he plot is kinda all over the place. I remember seeing the cover and believe the title was one word and light colors (such as white and light blue) made up the cover art.

If you have any idea what this could be that would be great!

Oh, and one of the key words she told me was "tornado slide" if that helps. 

Girl and her Dragon

I read and fell in love with this book a few years ago but now can't find it.

The plot is this girl comes home to find out her mother is missing. Her dad and police breaks it to her. I believe she just moved into the city where the story takes place. She's kind of a loner but made one friend who's a guy around the same age. The girl gains a mysterious dragon friend(female) who is either made out of jewels or cries jewels who needs the little girl's help. The girl can only see her.Crows have been coming around the two and she is suddenly brought into the world of the dragon where they meet a shaman cooking up a weird stew. The girl finds out her guy friend an see the dragon too. These two tried to look up shaman information only for the computer to shut down and a crow watch them through the sliding door. The shaman's minions begin to create havoc for the two kids especially at the science fair at their school.Duplicates of people come about and everything turns upside down. Later on the girl finds her mother deep inside the shaman's cave, learning that the mother had the same experience with the shaman and dragon herself.

Please help with the finding of this book.

Fantasy, multiple main characters, close proximity to "special" characters make normal people attack

Hi, there is a book that I either partly read or read the first book in a saga and I keep thinking about it and I really need to finish the storyline.

I think I read this book probably 5 or so years ago and it was a couple of years old at the time. Okay, the plot is suddenly this random group of teenagers who don't know each other cause normal people to go crazy and attack them and try and kill them but the people don't remember when they aren't close to them any more. There are a couple of different characters who are followed separately until they meet up. One dies before they even get chance to do anything (in their house). Another is killed next to a road in a car or something I think. I seem to remember something happening when he/she died like a beam of light which one of the other characters saw. I do apologise for my scattered memories of the book. One character rode a motorcycle and had a girlfriend who attacked him so he locked her in the basement of an abandoned amusement park where they go to hang out which is where they all eventually arrive at. One character was at school when he/she was attacked and there was pretty much a riot but he/she climbed a fence and escaped. They rang their friend later to ask why they did that but they didn't remember and wondered why they had disappeared.

Please help me, I need space for other things in my head. Also please don't spoil the end if you can help it.

Ben Bova Book

I remember reading this, got it at the library in the late 1960s, when ESP research and speculation was very popular.

It is set in the future, when the government has forbidden the use of ESPer powersThere is a young man who has the ESP power to move objects (telekinesis?); it was passed down in his family, but kept secret because of the government ban.

He is down and out, and finds out on the street about a secret government program that researches telekinesis.

He needs the money and is assured it is safe, the gov. just want to find out more about it, or use it. He goes for it and finds out they want to help individuals who have the power because they usually also have a gene for insanity tied in with the telekinesis gene. They help him untie the genetic knot, and he goes out sane and powerful.

I've been wondering about this for years.

EDITED 1-22-16 to add: Thanks, Allen E. Nourse seems to be the author of The Mercy Men. This was so long ago that I forgot half the plot and the author and title too. But the reviews I found are jogging my memory and I am pretty positive this is it. Thanks to carbonel and pythia.

Ghost story about a girl moving from London and working in a country manor

I read this book about 5 times when I was a teenager, I just cant think of the name of it! The story was about a girl who moves from London (I think!) with her mum, to the country. She gets a job cleaning in the local manor house/castle. She somehow starts to see strange things and discovers that there's a ghost of a guy living in the tower of the house/castle who was in love with the girl that lived in the house that her and her mum now live in. She can see the tower on the house from her bedroom window and there's a river outside her window, that I think the girl ghost drowned in!? She talks about smelling lavender whenever the girl ghost is in her room and I think she mentions hearing the movement of her skirts. Would love to find this book and read it again, I loved it as a teenager!

Young adult, time-travel, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi

Hi, for some reason I've been thinking about this book recently and I can't remember how it ended, so I want to find it again!

Family of four: parents and two daughters, one year apart. The dad is some kind of genius, and has realised a plague/ sickness/ something is about to be released, and has built a time machine that can only travel into the future, for the family to escape. Younger sister refuses to participate because she has a date with her boyfriend. The rest of the family enters the time machine, and travels one year into the future. They exit to discover their neighbourhood has become some kind of post-apocalyptic warzone. Younger sister is still alive and agrees to join them. They continue to travel through the future, and the number of years they travel forward increases exponentially each time. The second time is 14 years in the future, I think. At some stage, the mum dies. She turns out to be some legendary being that guides them towards the end of time itself. I remember at one of the stops, the younger (but now older) sister gets married, and there is a war between science and magic.
I read this book around 15 years ago, but not sure how new it was then.


YA: Sci-fi dystopia, genetic bank/eugenics

In this sci-fi dystopia, people were being forced to register their genes and people who had bad genes were being taken out of the population, either sterilized or killed. I remember very little about it except I know that the female protagonist lost her lover at the end, and because they were fighting to bring down the system, she couldn't get his DNA to conceive a child with. She was talking about the irony to a young girl and the girl asks, "Why not get the DNA of his father and the DNA of your mother?"

I don't know if this is from the same book or not but there was also a line about how they had super soldiers, who were all sterilized while they were in service. Until they were released from service, they would be unable to have children -- "Holding their unborn children hostage" as a way of controlling the troops.

If anyone knows what this book is, please leave a comment! I've tried searching it myself, but sadly I remember too little to find it. :(

ISO Mid-late 90s romance novel, time travel to 1950's, native american, motorcycle

I have been looking for this romance book for the better part of 17 years. I read it in 1998 or 99. It was the first romance novel I ever read, (you never forget your first...or so I thought!) I had briefly borrowed it from a friend and we can't remember the author or title! I think the cover had a blonde woman and a Native America guy on the cover riding a motor cycle. I can't remember HOW she time traveled but it was to the 1950's where he lived. He may have been named Jesse. Please help! :o)

Time travelling English girl

This may be a bit of a long shot but I will give it a go..

When I was 11 or 12 I read a book about a young girl who goes to live or stay at an old British manor house. Somehow she manages to travel back to the early 1900's (I think). I think that she may have done this because of some old wallpaper.
I think she meets a boy called Leon in the past and integrates with the family, I also have the feeling that she stops remembering the future.
Again somehow she gets transported back to the future and can't get back to the past.
I probably read it around 1993.
I would really super appreciate any help on this one as it has been bugging me for years!!


The name of a thriller

Can anyone tell me the name of the thriller (book) that has the main character getting notes telling him to pick who lives and who dies? I think it was by Harlan Coban and I believe written before "The Woods".

I just joined when a friend asked for the name of a great thriller and this story came to mind. I apologize is my format in posting may be incorrect.

Children/Middle School grade book series


This is keeping me up tonight!

I am trying to remember the name of a book series that I read when I was in 5-6th grade - probably written in the 1980s. It's about 3 children, a brother and sister fraternal twins, who have blond hair and their older brother (I think his name is Jed? Jeb?) with dark hair, and they solve mysteries together. I'm pretty sure that the author was a woman. I'm afraid that I'm probably mixing up plots from The Boxcar Children, which I read at the same time, but I think one of the books takes place on an island and involves sand dunes and an abandoned house, and another one involved clues that led to a wishing well. There were at least 3-4 books in the series.


(no subject)

This has been bothering me for a while. I read a book a few years ago and would love to re-read it, however i cannot remember the name or the author of the book and can only recall a few details.

The book is about a girl who lives next to a large family who have a lot of sons (possibly adopted). I think she either has absentee parents or bad ones, the sons are very protective and she falls in love with one of them. It also has quite a bit of fantasy elements that i just can't remember but i know that it involves a man who shifts into a dragon. She also somehow ends up in a coma for a portion of the book and one of the sons may or may not be named gabe.

Hope someone can help as like i said this has been bugging me. Thanks.

Overweight girl leaves body and works in a camp.

Fantasy. This girl travels far to become engaged to some prince, and gives him an origami... something, but he doesn't understand its significance and crumples it up. and he's insulting 'cause she's large, so yeah.... She finds that she can leave her body and go do stuff, and at some point she gets stuck in the prince's (war?) camp as they travel, pretends to be a boy and does hard labor for many months. When she finally returns to her body, she's magically lost all her excess weight- because of that hard labor- and somehow the maids taking care of her didn't notice.
I don't think it was part of a series, and I think it had a dragonfly on the cover. Please help me find it, thank you.

Sort of a Generations Fantasy Book?

So it is actually a series of books, but I cannot remember a single one of them for the life of me. The first book is about this one guy, absolutely no combat experience if I recall, but he ends up being protected by this old wizard/guardian guy cause he either has something special or he has some sort of power? Dear lord it has been a while. Uh...second book is involving his kids who get taken somewhere by this old guy, because they need to stop what I vaguely recall being dark spirits of some sort? The series continues to follow this family line, but more specifically...the old magic guardian is always there in the books working out of this magic castle.

Teenagers become the vessels of gods and goddesses

Cannot for the life of me remember what this book was called!
I think it had some kind of hummingbird on the cover?
It was set in modern day.
A bunch of teenagers from all over the US are chosen to be vessels for various ancient gods and goddesses, some Greek ones, and I remember there was one character who was chosen by a Polynesian god.
There's several teens the book focuses on, but I think there was one main boy and one main girl and one of them was from kind of a rough background.
They're all from different places but have to travel to New York.
I think by the end they realize that these gods are using them as vessels to fight each other for control of the world or power or something. There's definitely going to be some kind of battle, but I think it happens in the sequel.
I think time was frozen or it was the end of the world or they were in some alternate dimension because there weren't any other people around, the world was empty.
Definitely had a sequel.
Any help figuring out what book this is would be greatly appreciated!!

Clever boy solves problems: wishing bag, jumping to the top of the castle, "something new"

EDIT: Whoops, I feel silly. I was finally able to find it through google. It's The Big Jump & Other Stories by Benjamin Elkin!

Hey everyone! I just remembered this book today and have googled what I can remember, to no avail. Annoyingly, I actually have a very good memory of the plot-- just no recollection of character names or title. Bah!

I read this book during the 90's in the USA. It is illustrated, but has more text than a typical picture book. It's one of those books that transitions kids from picture books to text-heavy books. As I remember them, the illustrations are done in an ink brush style with blue shading, although I could be wrong about this.

The book is split into three different stories about a clever boy who saves the kingdom from a recurring villain. One story was about the king (I think) being able to leap from the ground to the top of his castle in a single bound. If the boy can also jump to the top of the castle, he will get a reward. The boy solves the problem by taking the stairs to the top of the castle, but hopping from stair to stair (so technically, he did jump all the way up).

The next story was about a wishing bag that the boy has. He can say "I wish (x item) was in the bag" and then he can pull whatever he wished for out of it. The antagonist steals the bag from him. The boy solves this by wishing he was in the bag. Then he crawls out of the bag, grabs it, and runs home with it.

The third story is about the antagonist challenging the boy (or the king?) to show him something completely new and never seen before by anyone. He sets some deadline for this and an ultimatum. The king despairs over it. When the antagonist shows up, the boy gives him an egg that is just about to hatch. When the baby chick emerges in the antagonist's hand, he is forced to admit that the bird is brand new.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about here? I'm worried that this might be a little obscure. :( I'd like to read it again. Thanks for any assistance!

Woman buys locket and begins being followed by man's ghost

Hi all,

Maybe you can help me. I'm trying to locate a book for my best friend for Mother's day. She told me it's about a woman who buys a locket from an antique shop or second hand store. She also said that the woman began too be followed around by a ghost. She says the woman starts investigating. She said that the male ghost could take a physical form and that the woman falls in love with the ghost. It may be a time travel romance but i'm having no luck. She read it as a teenager so it would have been published before 2000. I know it's not much information which is why I'm seeking help. Thank you. :)

Cannot seem to find this anywhere

What I remember about the book is that a girl is running or just moving places and she runs into this abandoned house I think? And there's some kids there and they tell her that they're going to throw her into a lake and if it accepts her then she can stay with them, but if it doesn't then she dies. And I think what also happens is that they find these old videotapes about some Nazis and the boys in the group wear the uniforms they found and they start practicing some messed up shit and the girls that are living there just have to clean a bunch and its unfair to them or something

Looking for ebook about girl who loves her older brother's best friend???

Okay so the book had the concept of falling in love with your brothers best friend. I basically remember the whole story, just not the name of the book. When the book starts the girl's in High School and hasn't seen or been seen by her brothers best friend since they were little. He's older and ends up being one of her teachers, thats when he see's her for the first time in a couple of years and she still is in love with him so she tries to get him to notice her by being really smart in class, then at a dance at her school that he's chaperoning she gets attacked by another guy and then he saves her and takes her to the nurses office where she ends up kissing him and he tells her they cant be together that shes too young for him(something like that), she's heartbroken and leaves town for college. Flash forward a couple years later and she's coming back to town for her brother's wedding where she forced to interact with the guy since he's her brothers best man and she's the maid of honor. she keeps thinking he's making fun of her for having had that crush on him when she was in high school, then she finds out he's been trying to hint at the feelings he currently has for her and there's a happy ending. Can someone please give me the name of the book, I really want to read it again!:)

Children's Book

As a child, our family checked out a lot of books from the library. One that we would like to recover is a children's book with pictures and only a sentence or so on each page. The book is about a chase, we think it is a bear (previously I thought crocodile/alligator) chasing a child too all sorts of different scenes. At the end, the punchline is that the catches up to the child and says 'Tag! You're it!.' We probably found this in the early 90's. I would like to give it to my mother for her 60th birthday as we speak about it during family gatherings every year.

Teen Dystopian Novel

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A friend lent me a book about a year or two ago that I'm having trouble remembering the name of. It centered around a world were everything was dark, and only certain cities were able to survive and had light. A girl was found in the dark and brought into the community and had no memory of her life outside of the city she had been brought into. There were creatures called wraiths? I believe that lived outside in the dark and they kept coming back trying to bring the girl back outside of the city. Also all of the wraiths were connected and controlled by little bug like things? All of my memories of the book are a little hazy but if someone could help me remember the title I would be really grateful. Thank you!

Viking Age Romance Novel?


I'm looking for a novel I read during the late 90's/early 2000's. The details are a bit sketchy since it's been so long but from what I can recall it was set during the viking age and the main character was a teenage girl. Her mother had recently remarried, or something of the sort, before dying. The main character runs away shortly after her mother's death and seems to be hunted by her stepfather. She ends up meeting a blind musician and marries him. This is all that I can remember, sorry for the weird random details. Any help in finding this book would be much appreciated, it's been driving me crazy for years!

Looking for a children's fiction book (?)

I read the book in elementary school from my library. It was about this young girl from Italy or Spain or somewhere similar. She was a twin and knew her father could only marry her or her sister, not both. At some point she runs off dressed as a boy and works at like a writing factory place. She falls in love with a Jewish man (his name might be Ned idk for sure)who thinks she's a boy and at some points sends an anonymous note somewhere to say she's converting, but her father brushes it off because it wasn't signed. Have no idea about the title or anything and it's driving me nuts.

Robot candidate for public office

I'm trying to remember the name of a Science Fiction book (or maybe short story). This was probably Golden Age or a bit earlier, and the main plot involved a robot that was running for public office. Among other details I remember that the robot went bowling (or maybe it was playing baseball/softball) as a way to connect with the public.

Any ideas? Google has come up empty in all my searches.