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Help with unknown fantasy book

Im trying to find a book i read 15-20 years ago, I believe it is a YA fantasy. It is about a young woman who flees from her sorcerer father with a man from a distant land. This man comes to ask for her hand, he gives her a gift, a shawl with flowers/ivy emboirdered. The vines seem to move and grow meaning it has been made with magic. The father has no intent of letting her marry, so they escape. While they are on the run the father is able to turn the young man into a stag/deer. The woman then has to survive in the wilderness while trying to find the mans homeland. She is able to saddle the stag and ride him. They eventualy find his home and she is able to remove the curse.
I could have sworn it was called Deerheart, but am totally striking out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Forgotten title/author!!

K, so i read this book like 7 years ago. It's about a brother and a sister who live in the'modern'time who time travel through puddles and end up in medieval times where they help save the country from enemies; includes dragons. Don't think it is the first book, as they are not fazed where they time travel and have an old guy there waiting for them. It's cover has a boy in a boat helping a girl into it next to a water gate that is open and you can see a bit of a castle. Aimed at 8-10 year olds.

Medieval Mystery, Young Adult/Children's Fiction

Hey! I read this book sometime between 2005-2009 at a suburb library but wasn't able to take it home because I didn't live in the area.

I'm a little rusty on the story so please bare with me, and I never finished the book. It was based during a medieval king & queens period. I remember that there were a few children, some noble and some servants. The main character was female. One scene I recall is when some guy came to the palace for a night when he hadn't been invited and he wasn't wanted there. There were words between him and another guy. Something about it being too dangerous for him to stay there. Anyway, so he stays and during the night he is murdered. Fast forward, these kids enter something like a morgue or perhaps it was a holy room, like a small church. But the characters sneak in there to take a look at the guy. I kinda got the vibe of there being some sort of paranormal mystery influence in the book, but I'm not sure.

This is all I remember. Does it ring a bell to any of you? I'm open to suggestions of what you think it might be! Thank you!! :D

YA Science Fiction about kids with power to teleport

I read this book in 2010, read a bunch of other books at the same time and I read the series all in one binge session, so details might be a bit muddled but basically the main plot is:

There is a girl who has the ability to teleport, think she teleported into her wardrobe in the first bit of the book? And she has a thing going on about wardrobes telling you about people? (Could be mistaken on that).
Anyway, these people find out and take her away, think she was at a boarding school.

She wants to leave and go home, but the people show her a newspaper that shows a story about a car crash that killed her parents.

Anyway, she's kept at this compound place by the scientists or government people, and then eventually somewhere down the line they use her to find people? Like, search and rescue of lost kids. Though, that might be in one of the later books of the series.

There are a few more kids with powers at the place with her, but can't remember much about them, only that they have vaguely similar abilities.

If you know the book please tell me!! It's been bugging me for some time now!

Unidentified Book

I read a book around 10 or so years ago and recently it popped back into my mind. Now I can't stop thinking about how I don't remember finishing it and must find it again to do so. I've tried searching via Google and Amazon to no avail. I have very little information on the book, but hopefully someone will remember.

It was about a girl who lived with a strict female relative. She visited an elderly man frequently with a boy (a friend?). He told them stories and they enjoyed hearing them. He calls the boy by the name of a friend he once had because the boy remind him of the friend. The boy adored it until he found out that friend had been blown up by a mine (in a war?).

Another part that stuck out was that the girl was trying to make a pink cake (I think to match a dress she had?) and accidentally made it blue. Someone reassured her that it was 'blue moon cake'. She brings cake over to the mans house and they share it. I think later the man ended up dying or getting very sick.

That is all I remember, but it will drive me bonkers if I never figure out what book it was! It's most likely a childrens book pulished before 2006.

Fairies; Evil Fairy Queens; True Name Grants Power

Hello! I read a book a couple of years back. I had just started high school around that time. I cannot, for the life of me, find it again.

The few key things I remember about it are:

  • Fairies; A very prominent part of the book, at least one of the protagonists is a female fairy I believe.

  • Modern world; This seems to be set in our times, except that fairies exist and keep themselves hidden from humans. One of the protagonists is a human, I believe. I can't remember if she's male or female.

  • Magic System: Glamour; Though I may be misremembering, I think that fairies can use glamour. I also do believe not every fairy can use it, maybe it is gender-restricted to females or perhaps a certain type of fairies. I do believe the gender restriction one is the valid one.

  • Magic System: True Names; A fairy must obey one who knows his/her true name. They have no choice about it. That is one of the main instigators of conflict in the series which brings me to...

  • Evil Fairy Queen; Or otherwise an evil female ruler of fairies. This is one of my clearest memories of the book. I think our female fairy protagonist is captured by the evil queen. The queen is calm, controlled and charming, I believe. One of the main plot points is that the Queen controls her subjects by binding them through their true names and she has somehow learnt or gained the power to learn a fairy's true name through his/her blood. I'm not sure if she casts a spell on the blood or she drinks it but a drop is all she needs.

Thank you in advance. I will really appreciate it if I can find that book again as the lore and worldbuilding was magnificent.

~~ Ryn

Romance between two people who barely know each other.

I read this book when I was younger, I think it was old when I read it, but I am not sure, and I have been looking for it for years because I want to reread it, as I don´t think I got much out of it when I was younger.

It is in a series (although this was not the first one, I believe) about a woman who lived in a modern world (at the time, at least) who meets a man that lives out at sea on an island. He is coming to the main land to take care of some buisness, but they fall in love and he wants her to come back with him. So she does, barely knowing each other, but the island he lives on is very primitive compared to the life she knew, and it is about her living in this state and being with a man she barely knows. By primitive, to clarify, I mean that the men are hunters, the women clean and gather, take care of children. They are "unclean" on their periods (TMI, I know, but a specific detail that I remember) and must stay in a certain hut (or whatever).

I believe the other books in the series are about her mother and whatnot. Maybe one about her daughter? Not sure, but I specifically remember hearing that there was one about her mothers life/love story.

I have looked for this book, FOREVER. So PLEASE if you have ANY idea, let me know!

book about a dying man who awakens a crazy god on a mountain. HELP.

Okay, I remember quite a bit about it but no matter how much i search I can't find it. I'm telling everything I can remember about it so spoilers for the end of the book ahead!

SO, the book is about this man who is dying and pretty bitter about it. He has a random incurable brain disease/tumor thing. He likes to explore I think or maybe is a professional explorer or scholar or something. Anywho, he gets money for a trip to a giant wall mountain thing that no one has ever made it to the top of or if they have, have never made it back down. People think its where the world ends. I don't remember why/how he got the money from the trip but I do remember him getting a beneficiary. He takes a group of bodyguards and a woman he has a love/hate relationship with. He describes them as lovers who never loved. I don't know why I remember that line. Moving on. They go on this journey and a lot of bodyguards die. Some die on the journey to the mountain some die on the way up it. Some die when they make it to the top and find that there's a tribe up there that throws people off of it when they make it to the top. They do this to keep people from discovering and waking up the ancient god that lives on top of the mountain somewhere. At some point (or maybe the entire time) the man gets visions from the ancient god who leads the man to him. He awakens the god and the god rewards him but getting rid of his cancer.(He was frantically looking for the god right before this happened because of the visions).The god was locked up by the other gods for being wild, evil, and crazy and they thought he'd want revenge but instead he just kinda goes onto the other side of the wall. The woman the main character kinda loves is sleeping with one of the bodyguards and gets pregnant on the journey. Her lover dies and the ancient god takes her with him to the land beyond the wall to start a new kingdom with her as his first follower. We also find out that the main character had been sick because of her. She'd gotten the deadly cancer curse disease when on her own adventure and the only way to get rid of it was to pass it on. She didn't want to/mean to send it to him but didn't have a choice. She was on the expedition out of guilt. The man keeps getting visions from the god after the god flees to start a new life and he figures out that he still gets them because the god wants him to spread his story so that people know of the god. The man, not wanting to be a puppet cuts off his own tongue and climbs down the mountain. I don't know if he made it because it ends with him saying he's going home.

game charactors come to life

i was in primary school when i found this gem in the library(demolished). i remember another kid was asking me for the location where i pickup the book, when he saw me holding on to it. it was also the first book that got me soo engrossed in reading it that i read the whole book 2-3 times within my loan period. it was around 1999 to 2003. it had a very eye catching front cover and probably around 1cm thick or so. it sort of have a "where's waldo" kind of drawing art style. the story revolves around this boy. he was playing this party-based adventure quest game in his room and his party got summoned through his desktop screen. the game characters were kind of viking looking warriors(there also a female). his desktop screen became a portal from the game world to his bedroom. along the way, the game characters become complacent with completing their quest and the boy eventually succeeded to convince them to get back on track. i remember a drawing in the book ending where the game character ( miniature size) were just conversing to the boy through the computer screen.
been trying to find this book for the last 10 years. Please help if my description rings a bell.

What was this book?

It was in middle school when I read it so like 2012 it was sorta Tim burton style .i remember it was about a girl I think she just moved with her mom somehere like a forest and she had this cat or found it and she explored a lot and found weird things like broken remains of a house? Somehow she finds her self in like a ghost world she meets this one ghost whom she finds out has been watching her at her home and meets two other ghosts one has to do with bees . Anyways there's this antagonist I think he was like the boogeyman and he could permanently erase you from time . She finds this book that says how's everyone is going to die and that's all I remember please help it's been eating me to remember what book this is

Vampire girl who joins other vampires in a hotel/farm

Please help!

I read this book back in secondary school so around 4 years ago.
I have no idea who the author is or the title.

I remember the main character being a girl, she's a vampire she never fits in anywhere until she finds a place or is taken to a place it's like a vampire Hotel or home? But it's also like a farm they grow their own food have to do chores help out around the house & things.

I think I remember there being a spell being done, they're all sat in circle outside.

The home is run by an older vampire. Think there was a car crash in the book too not 100%

Young adult fiction

I don't remember a lot, but hopefully I can give enough detail. The book series I am trying to remember is about a handful of teenagers who live 2 lives at the same time. One of the unanswered questions in the book was, "if I die in one life, what happens to my other life?" Another was who lived the kids second life while they were busy with one or the other. The book I read followed the kids as they jumped back and forth between their normal U.S. lives and their adventure lives taking place in the Sahara where some African shaman guy kept giving them horrendous nightmares everytime they refused his remedies (like one girl with freckles had a dream about the sun burning holes in her face after she refused some remedy he suggested for her freckles, which he claimed were from the sun). Back in the U.S., the boy narrarating the book (narrarator changed each book) tried asking an Asian girl out on a date. She originally told him that her father didn't think American boys were serious enough, but he convinced her he was serious. Then he got pulled back to the desert. However, later on the way to pick her up he saw someone being attacked and tried to help,but ended up in the hospital. He got yanked back to the desert as soon as he made the decision to help, and did not find out he (or his relationship to the girl) survived until his mind came back again. Apparently, the kids just get ripped back and forth between the two lives with no say in the matter, and no knowledge of when they will be in either body. Also, they don't appear to all switch bodies at the same time or in any particular order. The next book in the series was going to be about them in Egypt. That's about all I've got.

Mystery/Thriller BOOK

Its really been a while since i read this Mystery/Thriller book i think its from 80s. Well This novel is based in Rome Where our protagonist lives in an apartment, Where he hears this ghostly sound like swinging a sword in air however he continues to live in the apartment. However his hearings never leave him. i remember that his building next to his apartment was being demolished or constructed (hope this little detail helps). later it is revealed his hearing are somehow connected to his previous life wherein i think he must have tortured this man and ended by beheading him. after his death it is revealed This tortured man has followed and haunted him(MC) life after life many times over and is currently haunting our MC even now. In the end of the book he(MC) enters in this cave of sorts where after there are large number of paintings hanged all around him and i think the people in those paintings all will be pointing towards him afterwards he beheaded by the same man whom he tortured in one of his previous life.
I do remember in the cover art a is man standing in black robe where his face is completely in dark since he has a hood and also holding a scythe or a sword.

FOUND: Trying to Track Down Christmas Short Story

I think the story might be in a short story collection. The book it was read from was really old, so the book might be out of print. The story I remember is about this old man who, for whatever reason, ends up taking care of this young (and rather rude) girl and her baby brother around Christmas time. The girl constantly answers questions for the baby brother. The girl and old man argue a lot. The baby brother ends up stealing the baby Jesus from the nativity at the church they attend Christmas eve. The old man surprises the children Christmas Day with a firetruck and a baby doll at the end of the story--and I remember specifically that it says the girl loves her firetruck and the boy loves his baby doll.

The baby brother's name may or may not be Walter.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Book read sometime around 2006-2010

Set in another world: There are strong racial divides, with people of darker skin treated as second class citizens (for some reason, I remember them being more an analog of Romani people than "black", but that may have been something I read into it that wasn't really there). A girl takes care of her sister's baby girl because the sister is too irresponsible to take care of the child. The three of them live in a rundown apartment. Because her sister is paler, and the baby's father is from the "better" class, any time the main character takes the baby to the park, people assume she is the baby's nanny, and I think she has been accused of stealing her own niece on at least one occasion. Somehow things come to a head where the baby is going to be taken away because her mother is unfit, but really the officials just want to put the baby with a proper white family since the baby looks white (I think the baby's paternal family may have somehow been involved?) The main character runs away with the baby. I don't really remember much of the rest of the book, but I want to say she eventually ended up in sort of a gypsy encampment? Or at least more people with darker features, away from the oppressive racism and with a completely different culture.

Young adult fiction - supernatural

Hello, I've been looking for the name of this book for ages and I can't remember a great amount of detail, but was hoping you could help me.

The book is set in a sort of post apocalyptic era where creatures attack the people at night I think there are different types of "dark creatures" like flying ones and gelatenous ones. The main character lives with his mother and possibly sister (unsure about this)
each night the people gather to fight off flying creatures, which infect and transform the people if they get scratched by them. The wounds can be cauterised to prevent the infection taking hold. The main characters best friend is scratched and does not get treated and becomes one of the creatures or tries to kill the main character.

The main character meets a girl and the plot takes the main character and the girl away from the town on their own.

Other miscelaneous details I think I remember
-Rubber is extremely valuable
-I think the book cover had the main character with a sword draped across his back in front of a graphic of one of the creatures

I dont remember much more than that, I read the book about 10 years ago, but it may have been published much earlier than that. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Nonfiction Computer Repair??

I read this nonfiction book a few years back but remember very little details, unfortunately.
The writer was male and travelled to some broken down town, perhaps in the Midwest. He visits some guy's shop where I believe he fixes computers. This other guy rides his bike everyday to work and overall is intriguing in his passion for computers and technology while living in this old fashioned town.
At some point, the author also discusses video game violence and the trench coat mafia etc.
I think he was studying this other guy because he was a bit of an outsider and an interesting person. There was an overall theme of technology.
Sorry for the lack of details, but it's been killing me.

FOUND: A lot of info but it'll be easier to remember!! Sorry for so much info. Please help?

Hey all! I am trying to find this book that I read in highschool (2014-2016). It follows three different stories but they all tie into one another.

Some basic background info first:
- there are basically three states, two are kingdoms and then one poor one. The first one is a rich kingdom where everything is good. Let's call this Happy kingdom. Like everyone loves the king, women are treated cool and whatnot.

The second state is poor. The land there is very barren so the only things that grow are grapes which means they have the best wine in all of the three states, but they can't grow any real vegetables. There is poverty everywhere are villages.

The third one is another kingdom but they're all barbaric. The land is also very icy and whatnot. Their "richness" is declining though. The women are also kinda treated poorly.

In each of the kingdoms there is a main character that the reader follows. The first one is a princess from Happy kingdom. She if fiery and bright and loves fooling around. She's a teen. She has an older sister who is in line for the throne and they both love eachother very much. But the older sister is ill and she's dying though she doesn't tell the younger sister that. The princess is also engaged to some douche who just drinks all day. Let's name the princess Bright because I forgot all their names.

The second character is a boy from Poor. He has a sister, two brothers and they all live with their father who is known for his wine. He's the youngest. His name will be Revel.

The third is a prince from Barbaric. His father abuses him emotionally all the time so he cuts himself off from everyone and is seen as the Ice Prince (or something like that) but he's known for his coldness. He has a sister who he's in love with. Like LOVE. He really likes the girl. He also has a mother but she doesn't like do anything fun with her kids so they're basically a broken family. The prince and his sister like eachother though (more in the case of the prince ;) though IT'S NOT AN INCEST STORY OR ANYTHING!!) Let's call him Ice.

Ok now onto the plot.

The story starts off in a setting where there are two witches who are sisters. One is a seer and the other is something, a magic wielder like fire or something. They seer sees in the stars that a very powerful witch will be born who will be the first in a hundred years and that's special because magic is dying i think. So they storm into this little farmhouse, kill the baby's parents (gruesomely i might add) and take the baby. In the end the wielder kills the seer because the seer knows too much even though they're sisters. Wielder then takes the baby to raise on her own.

Then the story goes to Bright. Bright's fiancee, Douche, wants more wine and he heard that there was someone who made the best wine in Poor so they go to visit him who so happens to be Revel's father. The king of Happy decides to send a guard with them just in case. They travel by boat. The gaurd (let's call him Mike) is kinda mad cause he wanted to be a great person and in the royal guard guarding the king not his daughter. It's his dream because his father guarded the king but he's dead now. Mike's a teen too by the way.

So Mike, Bright and her fiancee set of for Poor. There they go to Revel's father and they find out that Revel's sister is getting married (or she just got married or something). The father gives them each a cup of wine to taste. And it's true that his wine is the best because our princess starts to feel a little woozy after it and she doesn't even like to drink but it was just too good. Oh yeah she hates her fiancee. She's getting forced to marry him. Back to the story, so she drinks it all. Douche fiancee decides to buy a dozen crates of the stuff. But at half the price. Revel's father kindly argues that he will be ruined with that price but Douche makes the price go even lower. Enter Revel and his two brothers. Revel and his second brother start arguing with Douche who just says take my price or leave it basically. So basically, since Poor is so poor, Happy has agreed to buy wine in like an import export thing and pay a certain price. And douche is taking advantage of the fact that without Happy, Poor will die. So Bright tries to tell Douche to just leave it and pay the right price but he tells her to bug off basically. Also he's like mad drunk. So then he pulls out a knife that no one knew he had because the argument got to such a point. Then Mike (the bodyguard remember?) steps in and starts dragging them away and at the last second Douche turn around and throughs the knife. It kills Revel's oldest brother. Bright kinda goes in shock and Mike has to carry her away or something. Back home the king basically can't do anything because Barbaric just decided to announce war or something because they want to steal their resources as everything is happy in Happy.

Onto REvel. So after his brother dies, he swears he will get revenge. Oh yeah Bright also has red hair (or blonde) and blue eyes so she sticks out like a sore thumb. He goes all the way to the forest (it's kind of like a boundary between Poor and Happy. No one can cross it without dying. Also Poor is the middle state between Barbaric and Happy) and is about to walk in when his friend stops him. His friend confronts him and tells Revel that he should think twice about charging in, like what does he think he'll do? Charge into the palace and stab the king in the neck in the middle of his court? So his friend tells him be strategic. They go to the head of state who's living like a millionaire while his people are dying. He tells him about what happened (but the head already knew because the entire state was like in an uproar) and he suggested they go to Barbaric to launch a war and take Happy's resources. So that's what they do. But that's later. Revel's story doesn't have that much time in the book but he's instrumental in what happens.

Onto Ice and his sister. Ok so Ice's only soft spot is his sister. So whenever she wants something, she gets it. Like don't get me wrong, she's so sweet and so polite but he'll do anything for her. Like is she was sad and sighed about having to eat broccoli instead of pizza he would change the menu for her. Ok so a lot of beginning stuff is boring but basically Revel and his head of state comes to Barbaric and Barbaric decides to launch war on Happy.

Switching to Bright. When Bright comes home, her sister is really ill. Bright is really sad and wants to help her sister get better and then she remembers she once heard a rumour that there lived a witch somewhere in Poor who could cure anyone of any illness. So she's dead set on going but her father doesn't want her to go because basically every person in Poor hates her and she sticks out a lot. She was really stubborn and in the end gave up. But she really snuck out the back door and along the way ran into her best friend. Who just so happens to be a guy, who's also in love with her so he goes with her. Let's call him fun because he is. So they go to Poor and she's dressed up like a beggar and they tell the story that they're cousins. Fun wants to be a story teller and he tells the awesomest stories, like everyone loves him and while he's doing that Bright goes around trying to find the witch. The day after they leave, Mike decides to check up on Bright and finds her missing so he goes searching for her in Poor too.

The entire time that Bright, Fun and Mike are roaming around Poor, there are military preparations going on. Revel and his friend were tasked with going around to every village and gather up able men. And while these preparations are going on, Revel kinda starts to regret his decision because he suspects that Barbaric king is up to no good.

In the meantime, Bright and Fun find the witch. She says that she once had magic powers but she gave them up for love. She can't do miracles anymore as now she's a regular doctor of sorts. Or what existed as doctors in their world and that she can't help Bright. She's an awesome lady though. So Bright is devastated and on their way back home, (they travelled quite far) they run into Mike. He's furious but then is undertanding. Somewhere along the way Bright and Mike fall for eachother. I kinda forget how because the way I'm making it seem they're barely together, but I promise they fall in love. So they all start heading home, and along the way Mike says he has to go onward to do something so he leaves a day before them or something that makes it now with Fun and Bright later.

After Bright receives the news that the witch can't help her, the King in Barbaric receives word that the Happy princess (Bright) is in Poor. So he sends Ice to kidnap her as a bargaining chip. Ice goes to capture Bright and they attack Fun so he's unconscious and they kidnap Bright. When Bright comes too, she's in a cabin. And she's in there for a week or two. Okay Ice. Ice's sister starts to gradually find out that she has magic (she's the kidnapped baby surprise!! So he's not actually in love with his sister). She tells him and he tries to help her figure it out in secret. I can't remember why it has to be a secret but it does. His father's mistress (yeah he has one) is the wielder and she finds out that Ice's sister can do magic and it came out so she confronts them and Ice's sister grows furious about something (can't remember what) and burns wielder with her magic and she dies (she was a real witch though I don't feel bad). When Ice's father finds out he's delighted that his "baby girl" can do magic. When Ice asks his father how he's going to get past Happy kingdom's magical force barrier, he says he has a secret weapon which the reader figures out is his sister like much later but I'm stating it now.

Back to Bright. Like a few days later, Mike breaks her out of the storage she was in. It turns out that it was the shed of Revel's sister's husband. Bright even encounters her on her way out and she curses at her or something. While they're going back, Mike tells her how Fun caught up to him and told him how the Ice prince took her away. Mike had sent Fun on ahead to tell her father that she was safe. Bright is all guilty because she gets kidnapped and there is no cure for her sister. Mike tells her not to worry. Coincidentally the day that Mike saves her is the day when Ice was supposed to take her back to Barbaric. He had just left her in the shed with guards as a stopover or something. But when he figures out that Bright was rescued he goes off after her. He unfortunately caught up with Mike and Bright and he had three dudes with him. Mike faces off Ice first (guard remember? trained to fight) and knocks him out and then kills the three extra guys. When he turns his back, Ice regains consciousness and stabs him. So Mike dies (And this is when us readers are so happy that Bright and Mike are so in love with each other and then he dies) and Bright starts crying hysterically and then somehow her and Ice get into a conversation about love and she starts saying that she was in love with Mike and stuff. I don't know how or why it's foggy but then Ice lets her go. When Bright returns home, she spends her night with her sister and her sister dies. She's even more sad and spends the night in her room. She tells her dad in the morning. She spends a few days sulking around the castle.

Off to Revel. Now the army is set to walk through the deadly forest and Revel is feeling really uneasy. The army is made up of both Barbarians and Poor folk. They start to march and it's like days after Bright's sister dies. When they make it to the other side, they reach a river which is like a boundary between the city and the forest. They tell Happy that they have 24 hours to surrender and of course they don't. Since Happy hasn't been to war in so long, they're warriors are a little rusty and so many of them die but they die honourably. When Revel notices in the midst of battle, is that many more Poor folk are dying then the Barbarians and it's not that the barbarians aren't fighting its just they're kind of hanging back. By now Revel is one hundred percent sure he did something wrong. When they reach the castle, the Barbaric king sends in his 'daughter' to break the force field that was set up by another witch a long time ago. She hasn't even mastered the most basic stuff so doing this almost kills her but she succeeds. When they storm the castle, they kill the king.

When Bright wakes up, she finds herself in a chaotic situation. When the force field breaks later that day, her father ushers her into a secret cabin os something and tells her to remain hidden there. Or something like that and it's such a touching moment that I started crying because then she finds him dead. So basically the love of her life dies, then her sister and then her dad. She escapes the castle.

When they kill the king, Barbaric King takes over and now announces all three states his. Which they were supposed to split the resources between Poor and Barbaric. He announces his speech a day later or something and there's this giant crowd. In it Bright is there hidden again. She wanted to take back her throne but seeing Barbaric King there all nasty while her father stood proudly her resolve thickens. She makes eye contact with Ice and he starts towards her but she turns around and gets lost in the crowd and when she loses Ice she bumps into Revel. Before she can run away, Revel says he won't hurt her. He says that he's gonna help her get back her throne, her kingdom. She agrees and they walk away. Before they disappear she turns around and the last lines of the book are something like "She will get back her throne. She will be queen". So yeah. This was really long but I figured the more the detail the greater the chance someone will know something right?

So some character development is that Bright went from an immature youth to an adult, like being in love and then those deaths made her more mature. Revel went from also being immature and hotheaded to less immature and hotheaded. Ice basically stayed the same although at one point his 'sister' figured out that he was in love with her and not the sibling way and she distanced herself from him. So their relationship got affected. Though she still cares for him in a brotherly way like she healed his wounds from war.

Also above all else there were like these watcher things. They saw everything and had magic. They lived forever and could turn into birds. And they flew down to Bright, Ice and Revel's world. Though they could become mortal but the price is exchange their powers like that witch had done. In fact one of a watcher's sister was the witch. But she's old and has a granddaughter now and he's still like 16 or something. So thank you in advance and sorry for the long story!!

Mystery or detective series, set in a beach town, theme (possibly alphabet but not Sue Grafton)...?

Hello all,

This has been driving me nuts for some time and I cannot remember the name of this book series I read about 20-25 years ago.

Here's what I remember (which, admittedly, isn't much): the books were either police/detective/mystery (or all of the above) and they were set in a beach town. They might have been aimed at teens/young adults (I believe I was between 15-20 when I read them). They were put out as a series and I have a vague memory of the protagonist being female. It sounds like Sue Grafton's A is for Alibi, etc. but I'm pretty sure that wasn't it.

The books I remember were aimed at a younger audience and were not as serious/adult as Grafton's. I want to say they were set in Oceanside, California but every search I ran along those lines came up empty.

Any ideas? I would like to find these and share them with my 9 year old. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!



This is a long shot because I remember so little of the book, but here it goes.

I read this Mystery/Suspense novel maybe 10 years ago. The villain was actually two people, a set of twins. They were born to a single mother some time in the early-mid 1900s. As she was young, she was "sent away" to have her baby. Except she had twins, not a single baby. For some reason, she decided to force the twins to become one single person, punishing them any time they exhibited any different behavior. She didn't want anyone to know she had two sons.

Later, the main character, Hillary (I'm pretty sure that's her name), is somehow involved. She ends up getting captured by one of the twins and locked in a cellar/basement that's infested with cockroaches. She's saved by the hero and they discover this being locked in the cellar full of cockroaches was the punishment inflicted on the twins whenever they, as one of them says it "we were punished because we weren't one", meaning they were punished for showing individuality.

I also remember the hero saying something along the lines of "My sweet, sweet Hillary" when she's having a particularly difficult time, maybe during a panic attack or flashback.

And that's all I remember.

Time Travel children's/teen book. Set in England in the far future.

Hi, I'm new to all this so please forgive me if I am not going about this correctly.
I read a book from my school library around 1977. At this point I should mention that this was in England. The book in question was about time travel to the future. From what I recall it concerned three children (maybe four), including a brother and sister. They were holidaying on the south-coast of England when they saw a mysterious man walking through the dunes. They deduced that he came from a strange looking glass dome. They went in and after finding a control panel hit a lever and through the dome's glass walls they could see the landscape around them changing (much like The Time Machine), after a while they realised that they were travelling backwards through time and I recall that when they managed to slow down the machine they ended up being pelted by Iron Age tribesmen. Rather than managing to return to their present, the machine went on auto-pilot and they found themselves in the distant future. Here my memory starts to fail me after 40 years! I recall that the authorities arrest them, that they are quarantined, that they are helped by someone (the original time traveller?), that they are taken to London where they see a tree museum and St. Pauls under a glass dome. Cars fly, of course, but on roads that stretch across the Atlantic. The story then becomes one of survival and betrayal. I cannot recall whether they make it back to their own time - but I would like to find out! I have searched for this book for many years but have never met anyone with whom my synopsis rings a distant bell. Hopefully someone out there in internet land will manage to give me a huge and long sigh of relief!
Thank you for reading.

Sci-Fi book (title unknown)

If anyone can help me with the title of this book I'd be really appreciative.
I think it was xenocide or xeno something.
the book is sci-fi, set in space, starts on a space station with mostly/all humans on board, when they get attacked by aliens, which have 4 arms, some/most people get away, but the protagonist (obviously) is left on board with a few others as hostages. somehow he manages to escape and get on an escape pod/shuttle but there are two of the aliens also on board, but he is in the main cabin/control room, and they are in the airlock so he is safe for now, after a while he realises they aren't a threat and lets them in, but they don't share a language, so they can't communicate effectively. over the course of the journey, they actually start to make friends. for some reason they end up going to the aliens home planet (i think) where the two aliens meet with the rest of their species, and i think there is some sort of relationship mending between humans and the aliens in the end, or a big fight can't quite remember.

I really need to find the title of this book!

I read this book when I was about 6. It's not a young kids books, but it's still for kids. The cover was green and textured and looked like scaled. It was a long time ago, so I don't really remember much about it. The book started off with the main character and her family locked in cages above a fire or water or something. Then it goes back to explain how they got there. The two main characters I believe were a brother and sister. One of them was named Max. The title involved their last name, but I can't remember what it was. I also believe it was a wealthy family, but I could be wrong. The plot involved their grandfather's journal, which was all about monsters. At one point they are put in a carriage or something by the villains. There were pictures in the book, but only every few pages. If you recognize this book even a little, any more details or possible title suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

sacrificial girl

Oo This book well i read it like 20 years back, yeah its that long although its long ago i do remember this scene with such clarity, hope i can find this book with soo little plot let me emphasize.

here i remember 3 characters a man(MC) who is noble and another man who to put it bluntly ugly but is placed high in status(who i think brought this CUSTOM which i'll speak about in a sec) and lastly this pretty lady secretly in relationship with the noble man. In this kingdom there is this custom of sacrificing only girls(Who i think have betrayed in some way) by shoving them off the cliffs edge in water while being chained up so the sacrifice wont be able to swim up. after some time there is this scene where this girl judged to be sacrificed while this noble man is still unaware casually walks to stand in down the cliff proper to witness this custom(i think this custom takes place monthly dunno) and shocked to see the girl he loved until the very end he meets this girls daring and fearsome eyes then the girl falls down to her death.

Unfortunately this is the only scene i remember and i think this plays out in the middle of the book and the story continues as the MC tries to find out her crimes. however i'm not sure what plays out afterward. i'm dying to find this book

Thank you in advance

I really want to find this book....

I read this book around 2010. The book was relatively new at the time. I assume that it would be under teen or YA novels. I remember that the protagonist was a teen boy. He and his two best friends loved to star gaze. His best friends were a guy and a girl. He had a huge crush on the girl. But when he felt that he was ready to tell her this he found his two best friends kissing. They kissed while they were at a star gazing event thing. Now the protagonist's sister either really wanted to be like her brother or she wanted attention. Because near the end of the book she took her brother's skate board to the top of the hill on which the two friends were kissing. Now she road down the hill but she got really hurt. She ended up going to the hospital. Another thing is the protagonist did tell his friend how he felt about her. He also asked her why she liked their other friend. She said that she kissed him because of the mood of the place it was all due to the timing nothing else really. I don't know if this will help but I feel that the cover of the book was one solid color and it had a small line type thing. I also feel that the title had the word smile on it. I really hope someone can find this book. Thank You

(Steampunk) Comic Book about a Lady and an old Mansion

Sometime between the years 2010-2013 I found a rather thin but large Comic Book in a German book store chain (Hugendubel at the Munich Marienplatz): It was about a tall, beautiful (of course) somewhat noble Lady who either had acquired or just visited an old mysterious mansion in a forest or swamp or something similar remote.

If I remember correctly, the setting was kind of steampunky, the Lady wore a lot of green (the cover itself is pretty greenish in my recollection) and a large hat, there was one or more little sentient mechanical robot-helpers (I think) – and that's about all I remember. I didn't read the whole book, and I don't really remember anything about the story.

The comic book may have been intended to be the first volume of a series, though I never found out if there were more volumes than the one I saw. In fact I never saw that comic either in that book store or any other ever again. I have no idea if it was published in France, Belgium, England, or the States, though I'm rather sure it wasn't German.

I'm curious if that gets me anywhere. I've been trying to find that comic again for years.

Looking for a book

Hello, all!

I'm looking for a book I read back between 2006-2008 that I read in a school library. I honestly don't remember much, but I do remember that the story followed a teenager/young adult girl who was in an accident (?) and had to be in a wheelchair. She was in a place where there were others who were around her age who were also in wheelchairs so she could learn to adjust to being in one. She went to physical therapy and everything because she didn't necessarily lose use of her legs, it was just difficult for her but she was constantly wanting to give up. The rest of the details are kind of fuzzy, but I do remember that she was determined to walk again so she could dance at a friend/sister's wedding (?) and in the end, she was able to and she danced with one of the people who she met in the home she was at. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


The book has been found, thank you so much! It's Don't Let Me Die! by Diane Hoh, written under the pen name Lindsay Caldwell

Children's or YA Book

I'm positive I posted this twice before, albeit many years ago, but I can't find the original post(s) so I'm recreating what I remember.

I read the book at my paternal Grandparents' house. Unfortunately I came from an extended family with many cousins who did not care about or for books. I have never known the title of this book because the cover was torn off and the title pages colored on. I read it sometime in the 1970s or possibly the early 1980s. I was probably between 8 and 10 years of age, and the book may have been intended for older kids. I also read The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes around the same time and I may be conflating the two stories to some extent. I'll start with the parts I believe were from the story and then touch on the possibly shared elements.

  • The narrator is an observer, not the main character.

  • A popular girl (Read: bully) steps on the MC's dress as the MC is preparing to mount a moving merry-go-round (The playground type, not a carousel) and grievously injures the MC.

  • The narrator visits the MC at her home, and one of the aspects of the MC's room is a roof which opens to the sky so she can see the stars.

  • The MC is possibly adopted, fostered, or living with non-parental relatives.

  • The MC is trying to please and/or hoping for a visit from a woman named Virginia. While I didn't make the connection at the time, I believe Virgina may be the MC's biological mother. I don't remember if Virginia ever visits.

And for the possibly conflated details:

  • The MC may be taunted by the popular girl because she wears the same dress every day, or because the dress is very old-fashioned.

  • The narrator may be hesitant about showing friendship with the MC because the narrator is borderline unpopular and doesn't want to be teased for befriending the MC.

Thank you in advance if you can solve this one!

young adult fiction maybe part of a trilogy

This is a book or set of books I read 15plus years ago.

Main character was Mike or Michael or Mikey. He worked at a 711 type place. Smart guy, either did an internship or got a real Job after school finished at JPL.

He has a group of friends. He went to a party at their house. Penny and Alice were sisters. He was really close with Alice and at the party there was a gunshot and she was found dead.

He suspected foul play.

I cant remember many other characters. I know that they have some graduation party where he announces the killer i think. Its on a boat.

I think he also either plays school basketball or takes photos or both. Or a blonde girl he has the hots for takes the photos

At the party i remember they played marco polo.

I am sure it was a female author and maybe there was a rose on the cover of the book?

Driving me insane!

Magic/Love Story [FOUND]

It was a book about a girl that could see through disguises of magical beings, or see their real faces. For instance, she could see shapeshifters' real faces underneath who they shifted to look like. Because of this, she is brought to a facility that hold magical beings.

One day she goes to see the head of the facility and she can see that it is someone pretending to be the head of the facility. It turns out to be a shapeshifting boy who we learn that, later in the book, is the son of a water fairy and human man.

In the facility, the beings are kept in holding areas where it will shock them and set off an alarm if they go past the barrier of where they're being held. At some point in the book, the boy goes outside of the barrier to set off alarms and shock himself because the girl is being hurt by one of the beings in the book.

It was a lovely book that I believe I read in the 2010's. I'm hoping it was part of a series, as I can't remember a clear and satisfying ending.

Searching for a short story collection!

(Not sure if I'm using the correct poat format, so please correct me if I'm wrong!) I'm looking for a collection of short stories that I read at some point between 2008 and 2010 I suppose? So it was probably published around then, but maybe earlier. The story I remember most was about a lepidopterist, a butterfly scientist basically. It's not the Nabokov story, that's pretty much the only result I got when I searched this. Another one was about a man who was building a boat in his basement and set it off one night with a bunch of other old people and their own boats on a vast underground river system. Another was about a hermit who kidnapped a baby or something, another about a little girl who collected bones, and one about two sisters who lived in a shack on the beach and smoked and dried fish. To be honest I've no idea of these were even all the same book, they might've been an amalgamation in my head of several short story collections from when I was younger. For what it's worth, I'm from Ireland, the book might have been British published? If anyone has any inkling at all of what the book (or perhapd books if I am indeed misremembering!), is, I'd be delighted to hear! Thanks in advance :)

(no subject)

Hi, I'm stuck looking for a book. I can't remember the title or the author's name at all. It was about Halloween; content included ideas for parties, folklore and superstitions, and I think a small amount of modern witchy stuff like innocuous candle rituals. I think it was narrated by a teenage witch and her cat (it wasn't a Sabrina tie-in). I remember it had suggestions for a white chocolate cake which oozed red jam sauce, and costume suggestions included tying toy houses and cows to yourself to be a tornado, which as a twelve-year-old I thought was the most awesome thing ever. The cover was pink and may have had blue and/or silver sparkles. The thing I remember most clearly is that it was intentionally printed with a big circular hole through the whole book, and the hole on each page had a joke written around it, but naturally that's not really Google-able.

Trying to find a YA series

I read this in the recent few years, and it's about a girl whose parents are missing (or something along those lines). The other details i can remember are a bakery? that they own or something like that, she has a little brother, she learned martial arts, and the story involves the Mafia in some way. She also has piercibg blue eyes that "scare" people off i think? Thanks lol

Sci-fi book about a boy in a camp

I will try my best with being as detailed as possible.

The book is about a kid that has to go to some camp for the summer. He doesnt realize its actually a "magic" camp so to speak. The camp itself is normal, however the boy runs into a tree and is transported to another world. When he arrives to this other world he is naked as his clothing cannot come with him.

The alien race I believe resemble some sort of amphibious creature. This race is going through a major war or some sort of democracy change. Also the boy I believe has some sort of role that he plays that makes this "war" or "change in government" or "corruption" basically come to an end.

This is where it gets foggy for me. If my memory serves me correctly. The boy can come and leave as he wishes. Back in the "normal camp" he has to endure being bullied and a camp across the river which is all girls dares one of them to "date" the boy then he finds out it was all a setup. He then runs back to the "other world".

I thought it was Nerd Camp 2.0 but the name and such doesnt really fit the bill. Now I haven't picked that book up in God knows how long. So it might be that one. Anyways some insights or other questions are welcome. Thanks!

Fantasy Book About Princess

I previously posted about another book, and it was found pretty quickly, so I'll post for another one.

This one is a fantasy book, titled Princess (something)
There's at least 2 books in the series. (As of 2011-2012)

I think the author was female, not sure.
It was about a girl who finds out she's princess of some kingdom, and her mother is living in exile.
She's an only child, her mother is single, but her father still alive.
She never knew her father (he's running the kingdom, and isn't allowed to visit her or something.)
Someone has silver hair (dyed silver), is compared to a foxes or something.
Cover is completely pink
Second book is completely purple.
Both titles are Princess (something)
1st book is the protagonist discovering she's a princess, and going to the kingdom for the 1st time.
2nd book I think has to do with beating the villain, or a war.
In the second book, there's a couple who plans to run away (I think.)
Takes place in present day time. There were cell phones and such, so book not too old.
The king is captured, and his death is faked.
The king had 1-2 kids, one was a girl who questioned his death. (They never got to actually see his body.)
I think there was cat somewhere in there. :)

I hope that's enough info! I don't remember a lot of it, but they were very good books that I read several years ago. If I hear the title of one of them, I'm sure I'll remember. :)

Found: YA novel with a ferris wheel

Hi I'm looking for a book with a young female main character. I don't remember much about the plot but there was someone who was suicidal, maybe her, maybe her older brother. I also remember a ferris wheel at night and maybe trying to get someone down from the ferris wheel?

I read the book like 5 to 8 years ago for a school book report and I think the cover may have been blue with a ferris wheel on it? But I may just be imagining that.

Thank you!! xx

Funny War/Weapons Historical Book?!!

So I'm going crazy trying to find this book. I am hoping someone can help solve this. Here is everything I know about it:

1. I read it in high school 1997-2001, and it looked like and old book, so pre-97.

2. It's about the history of weapons AND/OR war? I think?

3. It was written to be non-fiction, obviously, but funny. I was laughing my head off through the whole book.

4. I could have sworn the title was something like, sticks and stones, but I can't find it anywhere. So it may not even have those words in the title. But the words keep popping up in my head for some reason. I don't know.

Anyways, that's ALL I know. Sorry. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And good luck on this mighty quest!

Found: Young/teen girl wears same outfit with sunglasses

Hi, I read this book between 5 and 8 years ago. It's about a young girl (maybe 13 y.o?) who has a rich family and lives in a fancy apartment. She wears the same outfit of a black dress and black sunglasses every day and sits in a coffee shop and just people watches. I don't really know what the plot is about but I think it's a coming of age novel? I think at one point she climbs out on her roof or out a window or something because of a huge tree in her apartment... I remember the cover I had was a drawn picture of a girl wearing circular black sunglasses.

Thanks for your help!! xx

Adult fantasy novel- shapeshifters, possibly fae

I'm looking for a book i read in the last year or so that i think was set in a middle ages type place.

Things i know happened:
- the female main character gets bitten by some kind of shapeshifter. if they cant control the other side they go crazy and want to kill everyone.
- the characters rode horses and had swords
-the male mc had two friends with him, a man and a woman(name maybe starts with k) who were together. they were possibly all fae and hunting the creature who bit the female mc.
-the male friend has to teach the female mc to keep contol. the female mc loves the male mc, but is also sometimes attracted to the male friend.
-the male friend thinks the female mc can control herself,so he provokes her but the other side gains control and wants to kill everyone.
- the male friend locks her in a cage or dungeon and is going to kill her when the male mc returns and gets her to change back.
-later the male mc get seriously injured. whatever these people are gives them a connection where they can heal each other through sex, so the male friend and the female mc have sex in a variety of ways to heal the male mc. she doesnt want to have sex with him at first b/c she feels like shes betraying the male mc, but apparently thats a normal thing for their people so shes not betraying him.

Things i think happened:
- i think the girl turned part feline. people who get bitten usually cant control their other side
-the male mc's was a lord and his male friend/right hand man's name started with an m or b, possibly a shapeshifter.
-the male mc gets her to change back by hurting her maybe?
-they might have had to fight some bird creatures at one point, but that may be a differert book.

I thinks thats everything i remember. thanks for any help finding this book!

Looking for title or author.

I once read a sci fi novel where the protagonist was a boy with one different colored eye, maybe gold colored. The time was in the not too distant future. Actions, relationships and all other aspects of life were controlled by a central computer. As the boy grew he heard stories from his grandfather about how the central computer was built. When he became an adult he joined a group of free thinking rebels that planned to destroy the computer, but were foiled when they bombed the fake computer that was set up as a display/decoy. He was captured and offered a chance to become of the "programmers" but eventually found and destroyed the real computer, which was right where his grandfather had said it would be. The story ends with the now young man heading home in a helicopter as rain begins to fall during daylight hours, a sign that the central computer had relinquished control back to nature.

this book I had on my ipad

Hi there!
Okay so, this was a few years ago, around 2010-2013.
I was on my iPad, and I was looking for free books to read. I don't know if this was free or what but somehow I ended up with it in my library.
I don't remember much about it.
I remember that I really liked it.
All I can remember about the story is something about a train. Or maybe a bus. The main character, a girl, was riding on it when she saw the other main character, a boy. For some reason, she followed him and I think they ended up talking.
My memory blurs there, but I can remember that one day she followed him into a bar and he got into a fight there.
This is where things got strange. I'm 90% sure he called this power "shifting"
The boy could slow down time, I think. Basically, he could slow down time or move super fast. He was using that "power" to his advantage in the fight and somehow the person he was fighting caught on to this.
The boy then got scared and started running away with the main character.
That's all I can remember.
I really hope I explained that well, and if anyone knows this ebook or whatever it is, please tell me!
Thank you
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Book about Girl looking out Window at Boy's Collared Shirt

I once read a coming-of-age book in the 7th grade I believe (age 12). It was a young-adult book I think and I dont really remember the subject of the book too much but I remember the main character being a girl that was coming-of-age and she was slowly realizing feelings she had for some guy that was her friend, it was the first time she ever had feelings for anyone so the experience was brand new to her and she was trying to understand the feelings she was having. I remember one scene where she was in her house and the guy happened to walk past her house on the sidewalk or something and she vividly detailed how a couple of the buttons on his shirt were undone and it made her feel a way she never felt before. (To a keen reader, they will realize she was having feelings of attraction to the guy as he walked by). It was a good book that I connected with years ago, thats all I remember. Do those details ring a bell to anyone?

Looking for book

So I read a book when I was younger, about 2002ish, I feel like the book was written in the 90's, I'm not sure about that though. I was in 7th grade, and it was in my middle school in Kentucky, USA.

It was about virtual reality/video games. I believe there were 2 main characters, I feel they were rich teenagers, maybe brother and sister, and they were game developers. They made some game that people would play, and when they died in the game, the person in real life would be put into a coma, or something like that. And they ended up being on the run from the law because of the game.

That's about as much as I can remember, it's been driving me crazy and I can't seem to find it on google, please help! Thx!