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Book about kids trip to visit grandmother on another planet...

Hi all! I'm trying to locate a book that I might have read in 2nd grade, around 1980 or so. It was a picture book (black and white line drawings) with a good amount of text.

It was about a kid (perhaps two?) that went to visit a relative (their grandmother, I think) who lived on a planet around another star (alpha centauri? My memories are faint), and the only way to visit was to have your brain sent into a lifelike robot, because it was too far away.

While visiting, they discover that their grandmother was also in a lifelike robot and her body was being held prisoner. This is really all I can remember. This main thing from the book that I recall was the black and while line drawings, mostly.

I know I'm not giving the community much to go on here. I remember that there may have been another book by the same author in the same style, but I can't remember anything about that one for the life of me.

I'm so glad this community exists, and I hope somebody remembers something. Thanks for all your help in advance!


What was that book that was about this girl who meets a boy thats not really human and he's super dangerous and plays the ocarina and the whole town is trying to fight him and she's fallen in love with him but then hes like nah and floats off the cliff into the ocean and she becomes whatever he was? I read it like 7 years ago and that's all I can remember :/

Book I Read Years Ago

Hey everyone! So I read this book a few years ago and I have no idea what the name of it is or who the author is.

The basic plot goes that the start of the book is based around this uptight kind of community. The main character is female and a problem going on within this community is that all these rebellious teenagers are running away from home in the middle of the night and getting into a boat to some party/rebellious teen only island. The adults in this community are obviously not fond of this idea. The main character ends up on this boat (of her own accord) and ends up on the island where all the teens are microchipped and tracked.

I didn't get very far into the book, but I remember that she said she was looking for her brother and apparently was onto the coordinators of this island in that they kill the teenagers off once they start getting too old.

I've seen many book covers in my time, from memory, this one was very dark and misty-like with hints of purple colour on the front.

If anyone could help me find this book, I'd really appreciate it!! Thank you! Love this community by the way! Totally awesome! Have a great day :)

Book where in the ending the girl tells the boy shes pregnant by wearing a football shirt

Okay so I read this book maybe last year at some point and over the last few days I remembered the ending whilst I was reading another book but I cant for the life of me figure out what book it is.
so its a romance book, set in the US I think and I'm pretty sure its on some kind of farm/ranch.
at the end of the book the girl gets one of her boyfriends friends to make her a football shirt which says 'momma' or something of that description on the back. This is the way she reveals to him and his family that she is pregnant and obviously they are all overjoyed!
I really hope you can help me find this book cause I really want to read it again!!!! :D

Alien-ish? Slave? Red Jewel implant?

So the book im trying to remember goes something like this: A girl (i think she was like doing an assignment for someone) goes to this lady's house to meet her. The lady is not from earth but a different planet, but this wasnt seen as an odd thing in the book. The lady has male slaves and she recently got a new one. He is locked in a cell in her basement and has some weird sand on him that prevents him from drinking and eating. The girl that came to see the lady is not a huge fan of the lady doing these things and she feels bad for the guy. When she gets what she needs from the crazy lady she sneaks to his cell and releases him by washing the sand off him. (It almost got sexual there) then she and the guy part away but he gets caught by other people and is used to fight or die. At some point him and her meat again at the 'ladys' spa appointment and she acts like the lady and he her slave. (Im not sure if these two parts are in order, might be the spa before the fight) then later in the story the girl is taken as a mans slave and is put up for auction. She has a jewel type thing implanted in her stomach and the guy she saved finds out shes been caught and he disguises himself and buys her. But the implant makes her crave sexual attention from whoever her master is, and because he bought her, he's her master. He never forces her to do anything but at some point the implant becomes too much and she gives in to her urges with him. He takes her to a special slave and bondage club to have the implant removed. At the very end he gets her back home to earth i think and shes in the hospital and she already had a husband (or fiance, nit he was a asshole and dodnt deserve her). Her husbsnd says he doesnt want her anymore, i forget why, and i think the guy that saved her punches him or something. Do you know the name of this book?

Trash dad?

A friend's sister has very vividly described a story that she remembers from a kids' story collection (15 or so years ago). In it, there is a lazy dad who somehow gets turned into a (pile? bag?) of trash. She says there is a scene where the kids are up in the attic, watching out the window, as the trash-version of their dad eats a pigeon.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?

Fantasy YA book

Hey guys, I started a series maybe two years ago and only the first two books of the series were out. Now, I can't remember the name of the series. The story was about a princess in a kingdom. She had a douchebag, drunk, rich admirer from the kingdom and there were rebels in a forest nearby. The princess was traveling somewhere and either got kidnapped or saved by the leader of the rebellion and she started having a crush for him. She either escaped or he let her go. Then there was some kind of a ceremony in a temple and the rebellion leader got I believe really hurt, but didn't die (or maybe died, I am not completely sure). I am sorry for the almost zero amount of info, but if anyone has any idea which book it might be, would love the help. Thanks a lot!!!

Detective with Wizard Partner

Found! It's Randall Garrett's Lord Darcy stories.

I read a book (and I think there was at least one other book with the same characters - not sure if it was a true "series" or not), that had a detective who had a magical partner. In the plot I remember, they were investigating the death of a young man. One of the spells the wizard cast was a spell that showed the last image that the deceased had seen. The image was a beautiful woman. They had a hard time figuring out who she was, and finally they discovered that the man had been in love with his sister (but she did not return his feelings) and while others thought she was plain, her brother had seen her as this raving beauty so that's what the spell showed. They figured out it was her because her brother had a closet full of clothes that were exact duplicates of everything in her wardrobe, and he had his girlfriends wear them. When his sister had killed him, he ripped a button off of her shirt, but she took the copy from his closet and put the one with the missing button in his closet instead.

trying to identify a wonderful horror story

In Cincinnati Ohio, in about 1995, my mother read me a story that I have always remembered. However, she forgot and insists that she would never have read such a story to me!
Along the lines of Poe, the story was fairly slow and deliberate, with lots of setup leading to a fantastic and highly improbable bloody end. I will summarize...

This is the story to the best of my knowledge, though some facts may turn out to be wrong. Bare with me.

An englishman is traveling abroad. He visits a sultan in the desert. He is made quite comfortable, and the sultan proves to be a wonderful host. The sultan has a servant who has been faithful and risen to great prestige in the house. Something happens, and he loses favor in the eyes of his master. Showing his true nature, the sultan has his arms cut off. More happens, and the man loses both his legs at the sultans command. All of this occurs while the englishman is staying at the palace/house. The servant has been kept alive at the pleasure of the sultan, and the love that used to fill the servants heart has changed to hate. One evening, the englishman cannot sleep. The house is set up with a courtyard in the center, and the sultan sleeps at the center surrounded by a fence, or maybe guards. The house is several stories tall, with open balconies surrounding the center courtyard at each level. The englishman sees the armless legless servant at the edge of the balcony opposite him. The servant stares down at the sultan with hot hate. He then wiggles over to a long colorful banner that is hanging from the top of the house down past the balconies. He grasps the fabric with his teeth and spins around several times, wrapping his body with the fabric. He then slowly begins to use his teeth to CLIMB up the fabric, very slowly and carefully. The englishman, who was not exactly pleased with the way the sultan had treated his favorite servant, decides to simply watch as the man escapes. The servant painstakingly climbs three or four stories, amazing the englishman. At last, he is on the top level, carefully balanced on the railing, fabric in teeth, looking down at the sultan. Just as the englishman begins to worry and thinks to alert the guards, the servant flings himself out from the balcony. He falls down and lands on the sultan, asleep in his bed, and rips his throat out with his teeth as he lay dying.

Englishman? Maybe not, but a gentleman, at least. Sultan? Palace? Again, maybe not. But something along those lines. But there it is, the story I dream of, and cannot find... can anyone help me? And be honest, doesn't this sound amazing!?

ISO three titles

1. Jo is married to a duper rich, older man who dumped his original wife for Jo. She spends her time collecting french antiq7es, is on the board of the metropoltin art musuem. They have a wind dedicated to the furniture they have donated. Then older husband takes up with a younger french "couontess", changes his will leaving almost everything to his new fancy....and proptly dies in the poolhouse.
Jo is destitute. She lives in a crappy apartment and sells cheap furniture to hotel chains. The only thing of value she has is a necklace modeled on the one from the Marie Antoinette necklace scandel.

Long story short, she lures the griving girlfriend out onto a balcony, where gf is flung to her death. All is not list; Jo hired a woman to pretend to be the countess and wrote a will, leaving everything to Jo.

I read this around 2000. There is a second book that follows this story.

2. Sort of Danielle Steele-ish. Perfect family living in Canada. Gorgeoys house. Night of the big party, husband doesn't show up. Gets fired. Clueless and naieve wife sells house, moves to SanFrancisco. Husbands family is rich rich rich. She has no idea why he ran away but lo and behold, he'd run away from his family before. She starts making jewelry to support her family. ( His family is uber-rich). Eventually he shows up afer a big construction scandel.

3. Struggling widow and daughter will a huge lottery prize. Nuts come [ut [f the woodwork for a piece of it. They take a cruise to Alaska and fall into the company of slick father-son con artists. No hufe scandels, just the change a lot of money brings it.

Any leads on these titles, please email ne at katiewenthur@hotmail.com.

Cross-section drawings for kids(?)

This was a very cool book I remember from early childhood.  I don't know whether it was mine or my parents', so not sure if it was actually a kids' book.  It featured black & white drawings of cross-sections of various common things; I specifically remember an apple and a ship with many levels/decks.  The drawings took up most of each spread, but there was text too.  There was a general theme of "using your inner eye," I think meaning your brain, to look inside these common objects and consider more than just their surfaces, hence the cross-sections.

I read this in the late 1970s or early 1980s in the U.S.  I remember it was a hardcover book, picture book size and landscape orientation.  It probably had a dust jacket originally, but it had been lost by the time I got it, and the book itself was white.

I'd love to find this and would appreciate any tips.  I looked at the David Macaulay books on Goodreads, but didn't see any that this would match; they all seem to be about specific types of buildings, etc. and this had both an apple and a ship so I think it was more general. 

(no subject)

I'm looking for a specific short story which may have been in an anthology of stories by the author. It's by a feminist author although I'm guessing that the decades are the 70s or 80s. There some sort of conflict among a group of feminists, I think some sort of philosophical or intellectual difference, and one - I think - creates a tree that blooms in the parking lot. I don't remember the details well. I was thinking Joanna Russ as the author but I don't see any story like this by her.

Science Fiction Young Adult Book

I read this book back in middle or high school (mid 2000s). The only things I can remember about it is that there was a teenage boy on Earth who was one of several clones. Another clone was on either Mars and/or the moon. And I remember distinctly from the beginning of the book something about unicorns being an actual animal due to genetic engineering finally allowing it.

Poetic prose - a seashell on the cover - slim novella

I read this book in 2007/8.

I suppose one might class it as a literary fiction novella.

I thought the title was something like 'Gathering Shells on the Shore' but that's proven entirely wrong.

I remember very little about the plot. The book is experimental in its prose - closer to prose poetry in some ways, I think. It's the story of a young woman's life. Near the start she takes a trip by ship (I think) where she meets a man who promises not to take away her 'aloneness'.

Later there might be a bit where she steals a baby. I'm not clear on the details.

The copy I had was a slim paperback. IIRC, the cover was yellow, with a picture of a shell and the title written in a ribbon-like font.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

(no subject)

Seeking (I think) a shared world anthology. I would have read it in the 1980s or 1990s. One story I remember involved a fabric mill on an island or an outpost on the shore. Every so often the tide would bring an influx of algae(?) that was a minor annoyance to everyone else, but was also the secret ingredient to a dye that only that one mill knew how to produce.

A second story in the same book involved a stranger hiring a boatsman to journey across a stinking lagoon or lake. The stranger brings aboard a number of barrels containing a mystery liquid, and gradually empties them into the lake as they journey across it. They discuss a commercial protocol that determines what the purpose the empty barrels can be resold for, since you can't put wine in a barrel that once held something toxic, but you can still put nails or stones in it. The mystery liquid turns out to be beneficial - it restore the lake/lagoon to purity.

Remember very little

It is an mm romance novel, read it some time ago, but can only remember the basic plot line

Brief synopsis of what i recall
an Ex-cop/detective? having quit the force due injury is told by an ex-colleague about this gig to be the bodyguard of a famous singer who turns out to be have attended the same high school, the singer liked him when he was in high school, admired him from afar, and so requested for him to be his bodyguard (find this out half way through)

that's basically all i remember, sorry if its a bit lean on details
thanks in advance

P.S. it's not Harley's Achilles By Sandrine Gasq-Dion

1970s young adult novel with adoption and Vietnam draft themes

I probably read this around 1973 in Detroit. The story featured a family living in one of the New England states. There were the parents and 3 young adult children, 2 boys and a girl. The girl and one of the boys(boy1) are adopted and are not biological siblings. The remaining boy(boy 2) is not adopted. Boy2 has been drafted and is in Vietnam. Boy1 got a high draft number and has not been drafted. Girl has sought and found her birth mother and offers to help boy1 do the same. As they engage in this search, they fall in love. When they announce this to their adoptive parents, the parents are horrified since they look upon them as brother and sister. And right at the moment of this crisis, news is received that boy2 has been killed in Vietnam. No idea of the author. I think the word tree may have been in the title, but I'm not sure of that.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I remember almost nothing

Okay so, the basic plot of the story I can remember is an agency is adopting children. Specifically one twin from each set they encounter and training them to be like secret agents????? One manages to escape and meet her twin.

The only scene I remember was the protagonist (young female) was running through the forest in a training setting. Im sorry. I wish I remembered more. I read it in about 2005 maybe 2006.

Sci Fi book, protagonist finds himself in a huge "prison", with aliens of various types

It might be inside a vast cavern or the interior of a structure, each of the prisoners is in a small cave set into the side of this giant cavern, and everyone has to defend their small cave against anyone who might want to take it and whatever possessions the inhabitant has. The protagonist (human), works out a strategy to secure and invade these individual caves, begins to consolidate power and allies, and constructs a plan to break out/take over the prison.

If I remember correctly, the entire thing takes place inside this "prison" construct until our hero manages to foment an insurrection and take over from the captors.

Ringing any bells with anyone?

YA or middle grade book about genetically engineered kids

Hi everyone, I hope someone will recognise a book I remember reading 15ish years ago. It was a YA or middle grade book written in first person. The protagonist was a teenage boy, and he knew some people whose scientist parents had genetically engineered them. There was a girl who had frog genes, and in one scene she jumped really high into a tree, and the other was a boy who I think was called Colin who had fish genes. I remember Colin was meant to have gills so he could breathe underwater, but instead he got antifreeze blood, which they found out after he was caught in an avalanche and didn't die despite being buried in snow for hours. I also think there was another book that came before it, but I don't recall if it was a series or a duology or a book set in the same world but with different characters. I also think the word human might have been in the title.

Found the book!It is the Missing Link trilogy by Kate Thompson

Story about vampire woman coming home

I'm looking for a specific story, which may be part of an anthology or not - I'm not sure.
Unfortunately I don't recall the writer or title and would like to know either the story title or the book's (preferably both of course).

The story is about a female vampire who comes home, buying the appartment she used to live in.
When she was still alive she lived in it with her husband.
Currently it's reportedly haunted and people who buy it don't stay long.

This is because, when she got turned into a vampire in the past and went home, she attacked her husband in a craving for blood and he died, becoming a ghost.
She finds this out over time, due to things happening in the appartment that she can't explain (like curtains closing when she is was trying to commit suicide).

Now that she bought the appartment and starts fixing it up with the help of some off duty policemen who do renovating buildings at the side.
When they talk about their work, and especially criminals who got away with things, the vampire targets those to feed upon.
She tries to stay off the radar of other vampires, especially the one who is the boss in the city she lives in.
Luckily for her she has the gift to become invisible if not moving.

At a certain point one of the policemen is kidnapped by the vampire boss and she goes out to confront him, bringing her ghost husband along.
The fight ends to her advantage, as the vampire boss didn't manage to achieve control over her ghostly husband.
This is due to evil not having power over love, as one of the other vampires states.
As the heir of the vampire boss is rather happy with being free from the former he agrees on a truce with her.

The vampire woman, her ghost husband and the kidnapped police officer head back to the appartment and after some talking there the story ends.

Young Adult, Fiction, published 1960s, young girl finds lost wooden statue at bottom of a pond

Sorry, I can't remember title, author, or anything else but the plot: A young girl is sent to spend the summer (or something similar) at a big decaying home, possibly New England. There is a ship captain somewhere in the back story.

The central part I recall is that the young woman, looking in a clear pond on the property, sees a scary face looking back at her. That face turns out to be a wooden statue - I think part of the newel post of the big mansion - that had been missing for some time. Around the statue's neck is a strand of wooden beads that looks charred, as if it had been in a fire.

It turns out that the beads had been in a fire on a ship. The statue is the figurehead from the ship, and the beads are coverings for a strand of gemstones - a treasure hidden away for a purpose I can't recall.

In my mind, I've thought this might have been either Zilpha Keatley Snyder's The Headless Cupid or Phyllis Whitney's The Quicksilver Pool.

I'd love to find this book. Thanks.

Science fiction paper back with female protagonist

I work at a library and have been hunting down a book for a patron without many details... Here is what he remembers about it :

It was a science fiction paperback which he read in 2012, and upon buying it at secondhand store it already seemed pretty old even then. The story has a female protagonist and involves a space colony with scientists who have left for another planet which produces drugs they sell back to the colony.

Read a book in 2000s - Greek gods are playing golf with planets and with the Earth life - See more a

I think the title is something to do with Big/tall tales or maybe Big/tall book. The cover is bluish - if that helps. In English. I think there are several interconnected stories in it. The main thing I remember is that there are Greek gods sitting (in the universe, among the stars?) and playing golf (with planets?). They're also making somewhat careless decisions regarding Earth wars and earthquakes (with Athena maybe being a voice of reason at times). One of the main characters is a man who I think is the son of one of the gods It is definitely not Percy Jackson - I checked just in case. Hope you can help - See more at: http://www.whatsthatbook.com//index.php?section=question&zid=570d4aa2a16d2#sthash.iTIBHSp3.dpuf

Children Turned Into Marionettes

I remember seeing and thumbing through a book in a bookstore ( I want to say late 90's ) that had at least three scary stories ( may have had more but not too many more ) for kids in it. It was NOT part of the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series or the Short and Shivery Stories. The stories were at least several pages long ( as opposed to one page or short blurbs ). I think the book was one of those that had a bigger width than height if you know what I mean, not the traditional "book" shape. One of the stories ( the 2nd one if there were
only 3 as I remember it was in or towards the middle ) concerned a man who made ( I believe marionette ) puppets every year for some annual festivities. I believe he made them for a parade float. A boy and possibly a friend are chosen to help the man make the puppets. Only it turns out he turns those chosen to help him into marionettes. Anyone know what book this was?

Brother and Sister in WIldnerness - only remember genaral plot and two illustrations inside

I remember reading about early to mid 80's ( so it would've had to been published around then or before the mid 80's ). There were to siblings, a boy and his sister. I believe they were in the wilderness ( one illustration inside showed a river or lake with I believe mountains on the side or in the background ) either running from some villains. I believe they were also looking for something ( treasure or whatever ) that the villains were also after. At one point the boy was captured by I believe a group of people ( who may not have been the villains in question ) and there is an illustration of the boy hog-tied ( I believe he was also barefooted but I could be wrong ). The sister either rescues him or talks the captors into releasing him, can't remember. That is about all I remember. Anyone remember this story or the picture in question. I remember finding this story interesting at the time but can't remember it all. Don't know if I was even able to finish it. I had been reading it in a "reading room" area of my school ( it was not part of the library but part of a teacher's private collection ).

Young Teen Series from early 2000s

Hey everyone! :)

Obviously I am trying to find a certain book series. I read it in like the seventh or eighth grade, so around 2000-2002.

I know it was a teen series. I cannot remember how many books are in the series.

So the only things I remember about the plot are this. There was a guy and a girl (I cannot remember the characters' names) but they were dating and then they broke up because the guy decided to do a boat tour and she didn't want to go with him. So he went a the boat tour with a different ex girlfriend of his. On the tour, they got into a boating accident and everyone back home thought they had died. The (ex) girlfriend started dating a new guy. One night her and the new guy start messing around, and he finds that she taped a condom on her leg since she was wearing a skirt. As they are getting frisky, the(ex) boyfriend she thought was dead walked into town.

This is the part I remember because this was the last of the series my friend owned and then she moved away and I can't even remember the name of the series. This has driven me crazy for years, so if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!!!!

Hey guys please help!!!

My boyfriend has been looking for a book he read as a child and we can not find it anywhere. The front of the book looks like a blue ghost coming out of a chest with him looking face forward. Two kids get a wrong package late at night, turns out to be a chest, boy opens the chest to find a skeleton in a groom's suit, Releasing a curse onto their house. Turns the house into a castle/tower filled with ghosts and ghouls. That's unfortunately all I know about it. Thanks in advance! This is really important

Young Adult Book about a girl going missing and three friends have to find her

Around 2010 or 2011I read a book that I am trying to find again
Here is what I know:

This girl goes missing and her three best friends have to find her, but none of them knew she was even friends with the other two. They each thought that they were her only friend

They are following clues she left

When I bought the book it had just been released and it was set to be the first book in a series

The cover had a brick wall on it and I think some vines and also maybe the profile of the girls face? The brick wall is the only thing I am pretty certain of on the cover

Here are the things I think I remember:

I wanna say someones name was Amanda but I could have pulled that detail out of thin air

I think there was a scene where all three of them went into a club of some sort? And there was a message written in the bathroom????? I may have made that up tho who knows

And also I am pretty sure one of the girls lived in a sort of run down or super messy house of some kind and was really really embarrassed about it and the girl made her feel comfortable about it? Its hazy so I do not know if that was right

Anyway please please help me remember the name or the author, thank you!

Trying To Remember a Book I read as a kid. Help Please!

I remember little bits and pieces.
So, I think a little girl lived in a hotel or apartment and she came home and had to climb like all the steps because she didn't want to go in with a boy and when she gets there, her sister is exercising or something and then she takes her shoes off and points them to her bedroom door because it is a came that her and her father play (like hide and seek) then he comes home and finds her and announces that they are going on vacation and she thinks it is somewhere fancy and brags to her doorman, i think, and she brags about this big fancy yellow rug with a rose in the middle of it. She gets there and it is nothing like that, instead it's a teenage boys room filled with model airplanes. She's disappointed and her sister goes to the local pool to flirt with a lifeguard and she befriends a nearby girl. I think she picked scabs off of her knee and something about a yo yo. Eventually she makes more friends and has a sleep over. To which they play a game where they make a chart about what they really think about each other. Feelings get hurt and the model airplanes are thrown and broken. I can't really remember a lot of the rest. I think maybe earlier her baby brother falls and looses a tooth or something? Please help, it's driving me nuts to remember this much and not know the name.

Book with funny scene about kid realizing his parents may not have gotten together and he might not

Back in the early 80s my mom read a funny book with a scene where the main character's kid realizes that if his parents hadn't met he wouldn't he wouldn't have been born because half of him would be different. He starts to freak out and then wonders, if his mom had married someone else, whether the new version of him would know that the other half of him was now part of someone else.

This would have been in the early 80s, so the book would have had be written by that time. I THINK it was a full length book story rather than a collection of short stories (a la Bombeck or other columnist).

Does it sound familiar? My mom cracked up while trying to read it to me and I would kind of like to get it for her for Mother's Day

Middle Grade, Horses

I'm looking for a book that I read in the mid-1990s in California. It was middle grade, I think, and part of a series about girls and their horses. I think. I seem to remember the word Thoroughbred being in a subtitle, or something, but I've looked over most of the Thoroughbred series covers, and none of them are ringing any bells. I am fuzzy on the details leading up to it, but I believe the protagonist and her horse get stuck in a flash flood. I remember a girl with long dark (curly?) hair on the cover, riding her horse through some turbulent water, looking worried. My brain keeps wanting to place the actress who played Diana in the Anne of Green Gables movies on the cover, so I could be getting things more mixed up than I realize. Oh, and she was possibly wearing a rain poncho. I believe the cover image was surrounded by a purple border. I know this is terribly vague, but I hope one of you fine folks will be able to help me out :)

Adult horror story containing dolls

I am looking for a book I read when I was in 5th grade. I don't know when it was published, but I read it 22 years ago, so it's older. It was not appropriate for children, but my parents never checked what I was reading. The details are foggy, and the story was pretty awful, but it's driving me crazy trying to remember the title. I remember it being about a town where all the residents are being turned into dolls, living dolls that run around and murder people. I know there is a movie named "Dolls" with that same premise, but this was a book and was much more disturbing than that movie. I recall a lot of sex, of the preverted type. Maybe I just thought that because I was too young to be reading it, but I think it would still bother me today. That's about all I can remember. I think at the end the entire town is taken over by this evil force. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

Kids/YA book about exploring successive (smaller) levels of a pyramid....possibly on mars

I am looking for the name of a story or book about a team of people exploring a pyramid (possibly on Mars). Apparently they start at the bottom and proceed up and as each level gets smaller, they have to shed more items....to the point that they start cutting of body parts(?) and eventually just some guy's head makes it to the top?

It's a gift for a friend who remembers reading this story as a kid, so probably from a kids/young adult book.

(Possible) Crime Fiction about British(?) Journalist Kidnapped and brainwashed

Can't remember any characters names, and I believe this book was the second in a series. It was about a British journalist and his pregnant wife/girlfriend who were abducted by a cult and brainwashed to kill the president. In this book they were in a federal prison and were trying to get the trigger word uncovered. He befriends one of the guards and always works out with him.

Fantasy Series

I read this book around 2009-2010(?). It was at the public library in the young adult section, I think.

I remember the books being a fantasy series in which there are three main protagonists: a human, a fairy, and a goblin. The book stars with the story of the human, a male blacksmith(?) who can talk to inanimate objects. But this kind of power is seen as some sort of madness. And he's tries to hide from this festival where people with power like him are recognized and taken from their families. He get's taken from his wife who travels to try to get him back. The second protagonists is a fairy who is tasked to help this fairy princess(?) into a safezone because the fairies are going to war. And the final protagonists is goblin who fixes this box and uses this box to rise up in Goblin hierarchy. There's a lot more I remember so if this information isn't good enough, please tell me.

Modern book set in England

Okay, so I made an account just to find out what this book is. I hope you guys can help!

It's about a young woman who lives in a big American city (I think Chicago?) and she makes a living by designing sweaters and repurposing old, vintage sweaters. The story begins with her in a coffee shop and she sees her fiancé talking to another woman. Later she walks in on him cheating on her. She then receives a message from one of her last family members (her parents are both dead) asking her to come to England.
She goes to England to live with this family member (I think an aunt?) in this massive estate. While she's there she sees some ghost children out on the moors and some other slightly spooky stuff happens. As she's there she falls in love with the caretaker (I think?) of the estate and finds out that she actually met him when she was a child at her parents' funeral. There's some big mystery she ends up needing to figure out and her sweater business gets super successful and all is well in the end.

I hope that's enough to work with!

Book I loved but can't remember the name

It was about a girl who was walking in the snow. She hears crying in the woods and fall into an icy river. Her crush saves her from freezing to death. She takes a bath and the mirror shatters. Her room is knee deep in stuffed animals. She cuts all her hair off the next day and becomes super popular. She has someone who she thinks is her guardian but is actual bad. Please help me!

Short Story Search: Girl that died from fever is now a ghost

Hi, I read a short story anthology in either the 80's or 90's, but can only remember oneof the stories in it. There was a sick girl who was tired of just laying around in bed. I think that she wanted to go outside, but her mother would not let her. Another character, maybe a ghost, tells the girl that she died from the fever. I think that the girl's mother was alive & decied that if her daughter didn't know what happened, then at least she would stay in the house as a ghost. I am unsure if this was a children's anthology, a horror anthology, or what other stories were in this book. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Old Science fiction book - dinosaurs and green blinding lights

I am looking for a book i read ca. 20 years ago. It was a science fiction book, and I do not remember author, title or character names. But the main plot was like this: A green light covers the sky, and all humans looking it, gets blind. The main character has been eye operated, and does not. At the same time the earth are visited by dinosaurs/monsters starting an eating frenzy on the poor blind ones... Do not remember any more of the plot.... Anybody who know this book?

Lost fiction book title Aussie man works in car factory and has breakdown

I remeber reading a book 35 years ago about a guy who worked in a Holden plant in Australia and bought a new monaro off the line when they came out. He worked on it in his shed and spent so much time there he grew apart from his wife and ended up sleeping in a cot in his shed.

Hoping someone can lead me to the title as my googleing is not working.


Need to find book, no author or character names.

Okay so I'll try my best to set the scene.

It was about two kids, a boy and his younger sister I think. Their dad sent them to live with their aunt (I think) in some small town. (Idk what year it took place but I think it was an older setting) The boy had a friend who lived up the street and his friend had a lot of siblings and often made the youngest one join them. They would go to this graveyard that they werent allowed to go to and his friends mom wouldnt let them hang out anymore. Their mom was dead and the aunt knew something about it, it was some kind of mystery. I remember the aunt lived in a house and the house was surrounded by a moat. I think the title had something to do with "letters" like mail. The dad would send them mail. The kid would go into town some times with the friend and they hung out in the woods where the cool kids were. I think the boy found a secret room in the house or something. He was scared of thunder or something. I think they were only supposed to stay for the summer but the dad left them. I think there were ghosts but im not sure

Please help me, this is driving me crazy.