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Multiple Magaical Worlds and Magical Races

Sorry for vagueness, first time posting.
I am fairly certain I read this in hardback sometime in between 2003-2007, give or take a few years.
The book I'm thinking off had multiple worlds, each world had their own original race/ vice versa. so the Dragons came from one world, Demons/monsters came from another, etc., etc. a few of the supporting characters where wizards that could sleep for decades/centuries to prolong their lifespan, and one of the characters wielded a spear that drained life-force. Also I think that the main character was mostly human, but had some magical being in his ancestral bloodline.
I think I remember the cover having lots of green, and having a picture of a hawk as well as a picture of the main character. I could be wrong about that, and maybe some of the other details.

(no subject)

This ones about a teen guy that's in love/obsessed with his best friend. She doesn't like him back & instead starts falling for the new guy at school. The new guy at school is really an undercover cop that's investigating a new drug at her school, he starts falling for her too. The girls best friend starts changing his look & buys expensive things to try to impress her. At the end the best friend kidnaps the girl & the undercover cop saves her. The guy best friend turned out to be the one making the drugs & he even killed 2 teenage boys.

Name of book and author

I must have read this young adult fiction book mid to late 1990's but I cannot be sure it was published then as well.

The book was about a girl who went to London to either live or spend the summer with her father who was sent to work there. I think her mother tells her she will spend summer in London. I remember in the book she had culture shock and had to get use to saying "flat" rather than apartment or "lift" for elevator. I'm not sure why this is what I remember most about the book. I also remember her visiting her father at his work in a high powered office job I assume because I remember her talking about the huge building and tall windows she could see most of London from. I think at one point maybe she has a friend visit from the states but I can't be sure. Her father was mostly always at work but he took her sightseeing. That is really all I can remember and I honestly hope its enough because I have been trying to think of this book for at least the last 10 years, Lol. Thank you!

Boy kept in all white room, CONSTANTLY Puking, not allowed to leave!

I NEED HELP, Please! I can't remember the name or the author of the book! The book is probably a science fiction/fiction book for teens. It's definitely a newer book, I don't think it was old. Possibly from 2000's-2014

All I can remember is a lot of describing words and only a few settings. A teenage boy, pretty sure was brunette, was kept in an all white room, the only thing in it was a hospital bed and a table next to it, I think. He was constantly puking from the things they were giving him, I can't remember what exactly. He was also, I believe chained to the bed, and was sometimes not allowed onto the bed.

He was also always in a hospital gown, and never allowed to leave the room. People would watch him through one wall, that was a giant two way mirror, or glass window, he couldn't see them, they could monitor him and I think they could speak to him with an overhead speaker. Sometimes a woman would enter the room and talk to him. I believe at some point they would let him out to walk outside but that wasn't until later in the book.

I remember it being described as beautiful, and amazing to breathe fresh air. Also, the constant puking, it would get to the point where it would burn his throat really bad. Every now and then he would be allowed to use the bathroom that was also connected to the room, I think they gave him clothes to put on. Besides this I can't remember much else. I think at some point he escapes. Can you please help me find the name, and author of this book?! It's urgent! Thank you!

Looking for a book about when a cop helps prostitute get out

I read this book a couple months ago and really liked it, I just can't remember what it was called. This girl is sucked into the world of prostitution. when one day she gets picked up by an undercover cop, but instead of arresting her he helps her. a couple weeks go bye and they fall in love. he gets her all set up to escape her pimp when the cop gets deployed to Afghanistan. she ends up escaping to this little town where she finds out she is pregnant.

science fiction, 60's young man drawn to spaceship calling aliens back, he's half but goes with them

might be Ace paperback. Wasn't that good, but I want to know name. Signal goes out and boy goes to where aliens on earth are being recalled. He's half and they do not believe he can survive in space but they take him. Woman nice to him. Another alien man very jealous and doesn't like him. He becomes part of crew. Seems like there were three parts to book. One story he makes friend on another planet and boy stows away but dies because only the alien race survives in space. Had some romance which I didn't like because I was too young m

What am I remembering?

Looking for SciFi short story - giant sentient telepathic invisible cats

I read a short story about a year ago that was in pdf format, and I seem to remember the story was presented as a short story whose copyrighthad expired. It was probably written in the late 1950's or 1960's. The main character was a precocious teen girl, visiting from another planet where she had been going to school - visiting her father and stepmother I think, or an older sister. Outside, she senses the giant cat...that everyone else on the planet either doesn't believe in or thinks is extinct. She ends up leaving/escaping and taking the cat with her to prove they are sentient.

Book about a man who stops a dog from being attacked by kids?

I only remember the beginning of this book... There's a man walking toward a town square when he sees a noticeably malnourished dog. There's two/three boys that are attacking it with sticks & stones and the man tells them to leave it alone. They run off and the dog approaches him, but he ignores it.

I read it in around 2004, but I don't think that's when it was published. It was a pretty short novel; possibly around 200 pages, or less.

Help!!! Read in 5th grade chapter book!

Okay! So all I remember is there's a young boy who lives with his mom in apartments and he finds an abandoned fenced little area and whenever he goes in it to play, he pretends he is in Africa. And he faces hardships while he is there and doesn't know how to take care of himself like the children there. That's all I really remember and some of it may be off. PLEASE HELP!!!

Lesbian vampire who eats emotions?

Hi! I was eating dinner with my boyfriend tonight and suddenly remembered a short story that I read ages ago. Despite a fairly unique summary, I can't find it in google, so I was hoping you could help me. Thanks in advance!

So...I think I read this in the late 90s, but I'm not sure. I went through a substantial goth phase, so it seems a safe assumption. This was a book of short stories that were either by women or about women, and I may be mixing two stories up in my memory. What I remember: there's a girl named after a Poe story (probably Lenore? Maybe not, I think I remember a line about no one remembering it as a Poe name?) who is very tall and works in a book or record store and meets a woman who she goes on a date with. I think they're on the UNC Greensboro campus. One of them brings a bag of mussels to the date and instructs the other on how to cook them. There's a sex scene and it turns out the vampire can eat fetuses...I don't think the woman knew she was pregnant? Or maybe she did and was really worried about it, because there was a part where the woman can no longer feel any emotions about the father and it turns out the vampire can eat those too. Then the woman tells the vampire about her shitty childhood -- she had been molested by her father and is really messed up by it still. The woman and the vampire start dating and eventually the woman goes and finds her father, who is in bad health, ends up seducing and having sex with him, then the vampire takes care of the fetus and all her memories about her messed up childhood.

You would totally think that that would be enough to find this book on google, right? I found a book called Night Bites Victoria Brownworth, but I don't think that's it. I'm not positive, and I can't find an e-book version to check. I appreciate any help finding this, I've been searching for hours and had no luck!

YA novel about a nuclear holocaust & girl w/ 6 toes

I read this book when I was about 11 years old, which was 13 years ago. In the 6th grade, in Canada. I don't remember much of the plot, except:

- There had been a nuclear holocaust
- Some people lived in an isolated society
- There was a wasteland where they sent the people they considered defective
- The narrator was a teen(?) or young boy. His name started with a "D", I think maybe David or Daniel
- He had a friend who had 6 toes on one of her feet
- The society considered her defective because of it, and they cast her out to the wasteland
- The friend was forcibly sterilized

I stopped paying attention to anything else after that... I only wanted to know how they sterilized this girl. I read the rest of the book in hopes I would find an answer, but I don't remember finding one.

I know this is kind of vague and could possibly fit many books. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.


EDIT: Resolved! Per the comments below, it's The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. Thanks everyone.

Book with red mountains???????

i read this book back in middle school where in the beginning chapters the main character, a boy, is prejudiced against because of his lighter features of hair and eyes. in the beginning he is near the red mountains he is forbidden to enter and sees a girl with red hair and a little blonde in her hair. later his dad goes to the mountains and when he comes back he brings the king of horses back with him for the boy. during the winter solstice the boys mother reveals she is pregnant and not to much later she is shot through the heart with an arrow by the mountain people who then take the horse back. after a confrontation with the town where his father tries to save him but the boys head is like lit up or something, the boy runs away to the mountains. when he returns he finds out his mother and father were both from the mountains and that is why he's different. please help as i can remember the entire plotline, but can't remember the author or title. if you recognize it at all please let me know ASAP so i can read it again.

boy meets girl at a carnival...

or a fair...or a circus. Unfortunately, I can't remember many details.

I read this paperback more than 10 years ago, and it was old then. It was about a boy who met a girl who worked at a fair-type place, with tents and games and such. He had a friend, but I can't remember if the friend was originally her friend or his. She was a bit of trouble, but he fell in love with her. The only part I really remember clearly is that one day the tent that she worked in caught on fire, and when he realized she was inside, he tried to rush in to save her, but the friend held him back, yelling that the girl was sick and dying anyway and wouldn't want to be saved.

Coverless, old, fantasy/horror book?

I saw a post today on Tumblr talking about a coverless book that this girl read a really long time ago and a lot of people now want to read it, including myself, but she doesn't remember the name of it! If anyone could help, lots of people would appreciate it, thanks! Here's the post on tumblr.

"when i was a kid (about 10),I found this coverless book on the ground behind a bookcase and i started reading it just because it was there. to this day its one of my favorite romance stories and one of my favorite books, but I still have no idea what it was called.

Basically, it was this story about this older high school NDN girl who had moved to this small town in the middle of nowhere Appalachia. She liked to go on walks and stuff, so she was just kind of wandering through the woods, when all of a sudden she fell through the forest floor into this underground cave. And got knocked out. And while she was coming to, she felt all this stuff moving all over her, and even though she knew she had fallen in a hole, she woke up on the ground about 10 feet up from where she’d fell.

And so, spooked but curious, she kept revisiting the cave and whatever. and she meets this guy who lives in there and hes basically made of dirt and leaves and rocks. He’s not like a hot guy, he;s literally almost faceless and 100% not human looking.

He tells her that like hundreds of years ago, his (white) people came and decided to settle on NDN land. But the NDNs in the area didn’t like it much, so they started fighting.His family was getting ready to leave the town and leave the NDNs alone, but the tribe cursed them to “return back to the soil” and everyone he knew was sucked into the cave and slowly began to turn into rock/mud/greenery.

And through the book she just keeps visiting him more and more and learning about his culture and slowly she falls in love with him/ his personality. And there was all this wonderful descriptive imagery about how holding his hand was cold and rough and how he smelled like earth and rock in winter and how his voice was like whistling through trees and boulders rubbing against each other all at once and whatever. and how he didn’t even have eyes and how the longer he stayed in the cave the less human he became and how the cave was STILL FILLED WITH THE WHOLE VILLAGE but pretty much everyone but him had completely faded into dust/rock/dirt/green and no longer remembered that they had ever been human. It was so SO SO COOL

But ~anyway~ at the same time as the MC was hanging around with rock bro, this real human guy was like trying to date her and everyone kept pressuring her to date him because he was popular and she wasn’t having it at all really.

But near the end of the school year, the dude asks her to prom and her best friend is like you HAVE to GO! so she goes shopping with them and gets a dress and gets stuff for it, but on the night of prom, while she’s getting ready, she like looks at herself in the mirror and is like NO.


and he is like “omg me too but like, I am immortal AND FADING INTO ROCK FAST and also you should date human boys and stuff so stay away from me/this cave because ur fucking up ur life.”

and he tells her not to ever come back.

AND SHE CRIES AND TRIES TO BUT SHE MISSES HIM SO MUCH (because he’s so fucking cool man)

but anyway, I think at the end, she like, jumps into the cave and dies.

but its one of those endings where it describes her leaping in and then when she gets down there, hands MADE OF ROCK AND MOSS cover her and consume her until things fade to black and when she comes to, a hand is reaching down into the cave (a human hand) and pulls her up


Short story about Jewish vampire

I remember that this was posted on one of the literary SF/fantasy fiction websites, but can't find it.

Not comic, but very serious, set in medieval or early-modern central Europe. There's a whole bit about him getting a rabbinical opinion that it is OK for him to bite people with their permission (he's a "doesn't have to kill people to feed" type of vampire). It's hinted that he was the original source of the golem legend. At the end he lapses into a sort of catatonic, dormant state, so the Jews after much discussion wrap him up in a blanket and leave him on a shelf at the back of the geniza, where he's forgotten. Then there's an epilogue where centuries later, during the Third Reich, the Nazis burn the synagogue, and he rises and stalks out of the burning building, with implications that he's going to drain some National Socialists.

80's-90's Teen Romance: School Camping Trip, Girl Gets Lost After Leaving Trail, Finds Love

This book wasn't part of a series, and I don't believe it became hugely popular. I originally bought the book at a used bookstore in the early 2000's, but I believe it was written in the 80's or 90's.

It's written from the point of view of a middle school/high school girl. She gets lost/leaves the hiking trail on a school camping trip. She has a bit of an attitude from being an outcast/unpopular and really hates the popular boy on the trip. The popular boy goes back to save her and they both get lost in the process.

They spend several days/weeks in the wild. At first they irritate each other and then they begin to fall in love. He breaks his leg and she is forced to learn how to survive and take care of them before they are eventually rescued. A good portion of the book covers her learning how to build a shelter, fish, cook, etc... He spends time in hospital and they eventually meetup after he is released.

I remember really liking this book when I was an kid, just hoping someone might be able to help me out. I think the word "Falling" is somewhere in the title, but I'm not certain.


What was that book about 3 girls and their experience with one boy?

I read it in middle school, so like ten years ago. It was a book about a girl who had a crush on a boy, and she did everything for that boy, one day he took her on a little row boat to sleep with her, and she almost did, but she changed her mind, and he dumped her. Then there was a second girl who liked to play the guitar, and she did sleep with him, but he dumped her too, or he cheated or something. The first girl kept saying the situation reminded her of the book Forever by Judy blame. And the book kept referencing that book too. (which ultimately caused me to read that book too). The third girl, I can't remember what happened with her and the guy, but basically they broke up too. And the first and second girl told the third girl to go to the library and check out the book Forever by Judy blame. And when she did, and read all the way to the back of the blank pages, it was a bunch of girls signatures and stories, bashing the same guy. I really wish I could remember the book. I read a lot of coming of age type books in middle high, and barely remember them. Now I have a cousin who I think could benefit from reading them and all I can remember is, Angus thongs and full frontal snogging, what my mother doesn't know, where the red fern grows, the child in the attack, a child called it, black boy, anything by Judy blame, this book that I can't remember, and a bunch of other books I can't remember. If you know the name of this book can you please let me know, as well as some good 'tween books I should read for my future kids and recommend for my cousin.

Young lass from Scotland with a hare lip who wants to be a ballet dancer.

Greetings, fellow book-philes.

Many years ago (so about 1977) I read a book that I thought was a Noel Streatfeild, but I can't find anything like it on the website or otherwise. And a long description follows. Nothing icky - but to save your pages...Collapse )
Any of you remember this one?

book probably from 60's with dinosaurs

Does anyone remember the name of this book. I read it as a child in the 70's it had a young man living in the jungle all alone(sort of like Tarzan) he was discovered by some English explorers but he lived with dinosaurs. They never became extinct in this valley in Africa(?) and he had a magic ring with a red stone that allowed him to control/communicate with them and some kind of cape with powers as well. There were lots of T. Rex battles and Pterydactyl(sp) as flying 'horses' while wearing the ring. I'd love to know the name of this book it appeared to be a series of adventures. Thanks
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Paranormal disappearances (possibly related to x--files)

Hey guys, about 8-9 years ago I read a book and recently started thinking about, thing is I don't recall too much of the plot, as I was 8-9 years old at the time. What I do remember is that there were people disappearing paranormally and the protagonist gets dragged into investigating this. I *think* it had something to do with an old-ish house, and I also *think* there was ice outside, as in water frozen, and at least one of the disappearances happened on the lake. I also *think* the protagonist was female. I also seem to remember something about x-files when thinking about it, but i'm decently certain it didn't have anything to do with the fbi or Scully and Mulder (sidenote, I've never actually seen the x-files and therefore do not have a lot of knowledge on the subject). I think the cover was green, but i don't recall the motive of the cover, and I read it in Norway, but I don't think the book was norwegian.
I know this isn't too much to go on, but if anyone knows the book it would be greatly appreaciated!

looking for old late 1980s/1990s young adult, teen horror/mystery book

I'm looking for a book that was out around the time of all the Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine books. It was something kind of like "the wish" or "the mirror"

The plot was basically this lonely teen girl who was new and moved to town. She was really plain. She figured out how to use magic or make a magic wish and used it to become beautiful. But she did it by taking the beauty away from a beautiful girl at school, because then that girl was not beautiful anymore. She did the same with popularity, just waking up with the gift. She became beautiful and popular but lost her sense of self. It was a very intriguing book and it is driving me crazy that I cannot find the title. It was a book I really liked as a young person. Anyone know of it or remember?

Scifi Book about 3 Sisters

I read a scifi trilogy a couple of years ago about 3 sisters (princesses?) that each seperatly have to go on a quest to find an object of power. Think one was a sword?! 3 sperate books, each one focusing on 1 sister each. I know it was a pretty old series. THINK it was also a female author. The one thing I remember for a CERTAINTY is that THE BOOK had something to do with THE CITADEL, as it kept mentioning it. Whether they were trying to save the Citadel or they live there...I forget. This has been KILLING me! Im dying to re-read the trilogy as it was amazing! Thank you for any tips!

Looking for name of national publication "newsletter" regularly handed out in schools mid-to-late 19

Hi, I'm trying to find the name of a national publication that was regularly handed out to students primarily during middle school (and I think high school but I am not sure of this) during the mid-to-late 1970's. I think it was distributed weekly during English class.

This was a kind of newsletter, usually 8½" x 11", several pages, at least 4, sometimes, 6 or more. Printed on thin newsprint kind of paper, in full color ( As I recall, It was printed on the same kind of thin paper that the book fair catalogs/orders were printed on). It featured recent news stories, stories of interest, poetry, for example. Art and photographs were often included.

I recall there were Scholastic Book Fairs of course, but this was a regular publication that was free and given to us in class - we did not have to buy it. I'm not sure if it was a Scholastic publication or not.

I'm trying to locate a poem that I read in one that has stayed with me all these many years later. Perhaps knowing the publication information will help me find the poem/author (I recall the poem being on an inner back page, about a dying swan performing its swan song to its mate; I think there might have been a black and white illustration (and perhaps some red in it?) accompanying the poem. I keep thinking the article/poem was about poet Pablo Neruda, but i haven't been able to make a connection.

I'm grateful for any information!

(P.S. I'm brand new to this so I may have posted this twice, I'm sorry if I did!).

Necklace that turned warm or cold when with good or evil

This was the early 2000 but I do belive the book was older.

It was about a girl and a boy who both had a necklace that turned hot or cold when they're where near either a good person or bad one. I rember there was this one lady who sorta held those two and other children captured so they could work for her but the two kids put her three house on fire I think. They then escaped and meet and old man when the necklaces gets ?hot? and the boy realizes that the old man is evil. This sadly all i can remember since I was five at the time and my memory is not good. I'm from Norway and I don't know if that have anything to say but it's bether to be safe then sorry. Thank you so much for reading and helping.

Children's book about a boy with asthma whose friend drowned

I've been looking for a book I read as a child in the '90s (the book might have been older, though since I think it was set in the past) and can't remember the title of it. It was a children's book, but sort of an odd one, in English but with some words in German. I remember it having watercolor illustrations. The plot was about a boy who was mostly in bed/in his room due to severe asthma, who was lonely because he couldn't play with the other kids. His only friend had been missing and the man (a sheriff, maybe?) came to tell his parents that the boy had been found drowned. He was hiding on the stairs and started having an asthma attack when he overheard. Later on in the story there was a bird on his windowsill (maybe a bluebird or robin?) that was injured and I remember him opening the window and taking it in. I think he cared for the bird until it was well. I remember the story being sort of like him coping with grief and loneliness, but can't remember any other details. I've asked several people, friends, and librarians over the years, as well as googling what I remember, and no one can identify this book, so any ideas would be very appreciated!
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The community is now moderated

Sadly, we had a spam attack earlier today (many thanks to psychokitten76 for alerting me), so the community has gone back onto moderation. This means that new posts will not go up immediately, but will have to wait until someone ensures it's legitimate. Sorry about that. Thanks for your understanding.

In other news, I just found out that this community is NINE YEARS OLD. Wow! That's a lot of books we've found. :) Thank you, everyone who's helped people find their lost books!

Horror book about serial killer and a moonstone.

Ok, there's a book that I read about 20 years ago. There's a serial killer who always leaves a moonstone at the scene of the crime. I think I remember a male teacher who possibly had visions and there was a fire at the school he worked at (could be an all girls school). It's driving me mad. I think the cover was maybe a dark blue with a milky white stone that resembled the moon but I'm not completely sure. I thought it might have been a Dean R Koontz book but I cant find it anywhere. I'm sorry this isn't much to go on but I would love if anyone could jog my memory. Thanks.

Werewolf book (yes, I know, there's a billion of them!)

There's a female and three males (I think). In the start of the book they're putting together a bookcase for her. The male werewolves have anger issues and it turns out they were made werewolves, while she was a born one. All made werewolves mentally degenerate. I can't really remember much more than that. I know it was written in the 2000s.

I've been trying to re-find this book for a year now. It's just stuck in my head and I need to re-read it. Hopefully someone knows its name and author.

FOUND: Collection of non-traditional fairy tales

Hi there! I'm looking for a book that was a collection of fairy tales, but they weren't the traditional ones. I read it at least seven years ago, maybe more. The book also included ink illustrations.

I remember one of the stories was called Petronella, and was about a girl who was born to a family of boys, and went to rescue a prince from an evil guy, only it turned out the prince was actually really lazy, and the evil guy was nice. There's something in it about a comb?

There was also another story in it about a princess who couldn't stop crying because she didn't know what she wanted. She runs out of handkerchiefs to dry her tears, and then finds out that what she wants is a clean handkerchief, and she is able to stop crying.

I remember one more story in it, about a bathtub that kept filling with spiders? I think it may have been because the princess killed a spider.

There may have been one about a mouse/some other animal and a paper airplane?

Thank you so much!

EDIT: The book is The Kingfisher Treasury of Princess Stories.

Young teenage girl gets a crush and falls in love with her neighbor who is an older guy?

Hello, I have been wanting to know which book this is. Basically a young teenage girl who develops a crush on her neighbor?

I remember reading this book a very long time ago - It was aimed for adolescent / teenage girls and I was around the same age when I came across it in my school library. I remember some details:

The main character is a teenage girl (called Imogen?). She lives with her family and one or two brothers. One day, she gets a new neighbor - a young man in his mid-twenties or thirties (or so) with his toddler son. He is a bachelor and a single father. I remember that the book pointed out he wore a gold necklace on his "bronze neck" (or some such).

She starts to fall in love with him inspite of the age-difference. She starts to visit regularly. And I think there is a time when she is over (offers to babysit, can't remember the exact reason), and he is getting ready to go on a blind date.

There is also a time in the book where she has to go to the mall and it's raining hard. Her brother drives her and tries to drop her as close as he can to the mall but she decides to walk it down.

I think eventually the story ends with the girl realizing that despite the attraction she feels for him, she figures out that she is not able to relate to his experiences because he is older, and she decides to go back to being a teenager (or some such)

I have been looking for this book for almost 15 years now. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Don't remember much about the book other than enjoying it

So, here's hoping you guys can help me find a book I read when I was really little.

So it was a fantasy genre kind of book, where there was magic involved.

Initially the MC, a girl, has a lot of problems learning magic, because she can't get it right and tends to blow things up or something and she's ridiculed a lot for it.

Soon enough a random person comes to town and realizes what her problem is. It's not that she's efficient in magic, but rather the opposite. She has too much magical potential.

I don't really remember the plot past that bit. However, there was a scene that really stood out in my head as a kid, when she's arguing with her teacher. The teacher specifically says "about a pinch"
and she says "no, it's exactly a pinch" and the teacher comments on how it can't be exactly a pinch. Anyways I think the results of that magic, create a rather large storm cloud in a building rather than the smaller expected cloud, which draws in the random person.

I know it's not a lot to go on, but if anyone has any leads, that'd be great!

hi im trying to remember the name of the book

My name is Josh and i'm trying to remember a book about a kid who is spending family vacation at a log cabin and he is allways day dreaming about his friend at soccer practice and he finds a vase and finds odd scrolls in it and ends up going to a parallel world and becomes a knight.

and its a trilogy set so there are three diffrent parts of the book

YA novel about a girl who lives with her mother who has had a breakdown

I believe this book was published in the 90s (I read it in the mid to late 90s anyway). It is a young adult book about a teen girl. The girls mother had a breakdown (possibly because the father died) and sits in front of a broken television ripping up newspapers. The house is a mess and full of boxes and trash but the mother will not let the girl throw anything out or fix it up. The girl sees a sideboard in a store that she wants to make her own room as nice as possible, but she can't afford it. The old man who runs the store allows her to help him out by cleaning and fixing up the store in exchange for the sideboard. I believe at some point in the book the girl also meets and falls for the store owners grandson. The girls mother gets worse and goes away for a while to a hospital, while she is gone the girl fixes up the house -unpacks all of their nice things from the boxes, cleans and paints. She is excited to surprise her mother when she comes home but her mother freaks out and loses it again. Someone from the hospital is there with her and calms her down a bit and possibly the mother goes away with him and leaves the house to the girl- I don't remember.

That is all I can remember and I'm not sure if there are some major plot points I am forgetting. TY

Book about blind child and her sister

This is going to be a very long shot, I never actually finished the book (it belonged to my sister, and I think it was a bit advanced for me), so I can't give you much in terms of plot.
Here's what I do have:
It was set in Biblical times, and concerns a young girl and her even younger sister, who it turns out is blind, a fact that needs to be concealed from the elders. They end up leaving their home on a trip. I think it was set in the Middle East in the desert- the family were possibly semi-nomadic?

The book was dark blue, and had stars on the cover (including the Star of Bethlehem if my memory is right)- it also had the word "star" in the title.

It would have been written at least 25 years ago.

Nonfiction for Kids - Paranormal Investigation, Ghost Hunting

I read this book sometime in the mid-90s at approximately 10 years old, checked it out from a public library in Northern California. It was a nonfiction book about hauntings and ghost hunting for kids. I think I remember that the title had something to do with ghost hunting, but the content was more a collection of stories about real life hauntings. Some urban legend kind of stuff--I think there were a few woman-in-white type stories, and some more recent firsthand accounts from people who had experiences with recently deceased relatives, etc. I specifically remember a story about a man whose wife died, and he would see her sitting on the edge of his bed in the middle of the night, asking for a drink of water. I believe it was in hardcover, and I (possibly) remember bright colors on the cover...orange...again, maybe. It was a long time ago. I have searched the Internet far and wide for ghost hunting books for kids from the 90s, and come up with nada, so it's possible I am wrong about the title. I know this is horribly vague, but I appreciate any help I can get. Trying to track down a copy for my son :)

YA about a teen girl on a commune

I read this in the late 90s/early 00s. A teen girl lives with her family on a hippie commune in the US in the 70s. Her parents are not very responsible and everyone believes in "free love" and lets teenagers do whatever they want. She has a flirtation a much older guy, kind of a drifter who is described as wearing jean cutoffs so short that the pockets hang out the bottom. I remember a scene about a drugged-out orgy and another where the anti-hippie local community defaces the commune's barn or something. IIRC the girl leaves at the end to stay with relatives in a more traditional community, goes to school, and tries to build a conventional life.

Kids' SciFi with a furred alien FOUND: Alien Child by Pamela Sargent


I remember reading this book around the same time "Sleepers, Wake" and "The Girl with the Silver Eyes" was around, but it's not either of those. Read it sometime in the early 90's, USA.

The main part I remember:
- There was a brown-furred alien that took care of a girl on board the ship. At the end, it's revealed that this creature, although it loves the girl, will not remember her in the future because its memory is like a series of rooms: once it's done with a certain era, the door closes, and it cannot remember that compartment of its life.

I think this was the plot:
- A girl wakes up from cryosleep on a spaceship, is taken care of by this alien. Things happen, the girl finally meets up with another human boy, and maybe an adult? Who tells her that her caretaker alien would not remember her in a bit.

Thanks, folks!

conuly identified this book as Alien Child by Pamela Sargent. THANK YOU!

Sci-fi/Fantasy Story about Woman Confronting Homosexual Brother's Lover

About 15 years ago I came across a book of short stories all written in by the same author and I believe all set in a previously established universe (the particular book I read, as I remember it, looks like a trade paperback). As I recall the universe in which these stories take place is a sci-fi universe, but the stories themselves are less of sci-fi-centric and more a human story against a sci fi backdrop.

The one story I remember revolves around a conversation between a woman and a man who is in a relationship with her brother. Homosexuality, in this society, seems to be frowned upon, so I believe she is trying to conduct something of a one-on-one intervention to help her brother by confronting this older man who she thinks has seduced her brother. By the end of the story she has slept with the man and become pregnant.

Sound familiar to anyone? When I read it I think I was too young to really get it, and want to revisit it sometime.

FOUND: The Sacred Stones by William Sarabande - Prehistoric fiction similar to Jean M. Auel

This was one of those thick books about prehistory / cavemen that I believe was part of a series. I read it when I was a teenager in the 90s, but I'm pretty sure it's older than that. It had one of those covers that I associate with prehistoric fiction, though I can't remember the exact layout (ex., two cave people standing on a cliff overlooking a river; a caveperson walking across a plain with mammoths in the distance; that sort of thing).

  • I think the title was something like "Children of Earth" or "Children of the Stone," but none of my searches have turned up anything like this.

  • I think this book was the first of a series.

  • There is a tribe that hunts lions, and a very arrogant hunter who is the best of his tribe. He really wants to marry one of the women of the tribe, and in the beginning of the book, she is very flattered by his attention and thinks she wants to marry him.

  • There is a young boy training under an old man to be a shaman. The young boy finds this extremely boring until much later in the book when the old shaman is killed and the young boy must take up his mantle. I think he had some sort of control over animals.

  • There is an old lion that hangs around the tribe that has all sorts of scars and spearheads sticking out of it. One of the hunters is very frustrated that he can never seem to kill it, but someone eventually does.

  • Across the world, there is an old woman who is like the mystic leader of her people. She has two sons, one of whom is named Maliwal and is a really bad egg. The other one had a name like Masai. I think they practiced sacrifice, and they revered mammoths and had several ceremonies in the book. She believes that incest will make her young and fertile again. I can't remember if she ever becomes pregnant.

  • The "bad" tribe eventually meets up with the good tribe, and Masai (the good brother) falls in love with the girl. The arrogant hunter doesn't like this, and things become increasingly tense.

  • The girl ends up running off with Masai, and I think Masai is somehow killed. I can't remember if they ever have sex or not, but I know there is some graphic touching involved. Masai's mother is also insanely jealous of the girl's youth and fertility.

It is driving me crazy that I can't remember this book because I used to read it all the time. Please help!

Looking for book from mid-80's

This book was about a young girl who was taken to her aunt's. Her aunt was tbe head of a womens warrior tribe who bred and rode horses. They drank mares milk. When the girl was older she was escorted to the city, to wed

I know there were a couple of graphic passages about being blessed by the horse goddess, in the guise of a stallion

Any thoughts?

Lost scifi book - about prince/merchant whose teacher is a giant ant

I have been searching for this book forever. It was a young adult scifi/fantasy book about a prince or merchant's son whose teacher is a giant ant. The prince is part of a class of invading aliens (although he is human) and is outraged that the inhabitants of the culture surrendered their planet so easily, but it is actually a part of their philosophy that all conquerors are eventually subsumed into the native commercial culture. The two protagonists eventually build a friendship.
I can't really remember much else about the book except for a strangely disturbing scene where the teacher is tortured with ammonia by the prince's father/brother/uncle. Their is also a lot of economic talk.

Read around 2003-2009 but I don't think it was brand new. It might have been from the late 90's.

Teleporting aliens, plain woman becomes beautiful FOUND: The Witling, by Vernor Vinge

I read this science fiction book probably ten years ago, but I think it was originally from the 1970s or so. I'm remembering a reproduction of the older cover, with a brown border around it and the title in the new brown border. The book I read was a paperback, and it wasn't new either, but I don't think it was as old as the original story.

The actual story is about a group of humans who land on an alien planet and interact with the aliens there. The aliens are humanoid, but short and square (more muscular than fat, due to high gravity), and somewhere between plain and ugly by human standards. The aliens teleport from city to city rather than using roads or airplanes. They teleport using lakes for landing (to absorb the force of teleportation), and the humans are quite baffled by this planet with no roads but lots of lakes. They don't figure out the transport until about halfway through the book.

The humans become involved with local politics, including supporing an underdog prince. There's some sort of plot or conspiracy or something, or perhaps he just leads a more human-friendly faction. At any rate, the prince is a sympathetic character; you're supposed to root for him.

One of the humans is an African-American woman who is plain at best, as well as being on the short side and rather stocky. (This is mentioned over and over and OVER, and is one of the reasons why I think the book was probably written in the 1970s, since that was when it became fashionable to go on and on about race and gender in science fiction.) Her race and looks are relevant, because most of what I remember about the book is that even though the woman was undesirable by human standards, the prince fell in love with her at first sight. In fact, he thought she was a dryad at first, because (by his standards) she was tall and thin and beautiful, and her skin was the color of tree bark. (The more-attractive-by-human-standards humans were so different from the prince that he just thought they looked like deformed freaks.) I believe that the woman eventually decided to stay on the planet and marry the prince rather than leaving. There was some moderately sexist motivation for this in that she wanted to stay because she finally felt pretty, although I do think she cared for the prince as well.

It wasn't all that good of a book, but as you can tell, I haven't forgotten it. I'd like to know what book it is that I haven't forgotten, though, and not knowing the author or title  is kind of a persistent itch at the back of my head. If you can help me scratch it, I'd be ever so grateful.

FOUND: It's The Witling by Vernor Vinge, and it's even more sexist than I remember, apparently. But now the itch in my head has been scratched. Thanks, guys! :D

M/M Romance Seen on Goodreads - Now I Can't Find it... Grr

I only ever read the blurb and preview for this book (late 2013 / early 2014 or thereabouts) and now I can't find it. Very frustrating!

It is a SciFi / Space Fantasy setting. Youngish (beautiful, slender, not nearly as helpless as he looks) Prince is summoned to speak to his father who is king/emperor of the planet (maybe several planets). The meeting was in a dining room and I think dad was having breakfast. He is told that his older siblings (all very warlike and robust – brothers and I think a sister) are gradually being allowed to assume the running of the empire. His dad “suggests” that as he has never got on very well with them it might be better for him to get married and retire to quiet obscurity. It is known that he is gay and this is not an issue for the father. The King also suggests that a (nearby?) planet (populated by big robust primitive / barbarian types) might suit his son. As they are due to have a (seasonal / annual?) mate matching event it would be good if he could go now! Pack & Run.

Basically, “get out of here kid before your oldest brother gets to you – and go find yourself a nice “bear” and disappear”.

Reading between the line I’m guessing that:
1. He is going to meet the perfect partner
2. Said perfect partner will be a big robust manly type (rich / important etc etc)
3. Things are not going to go well to start with…
4. At some point the “not nearly as helpless as he looks” part is going to come in useful.
5. HEA (Well it is a romance).

I don't remember there being anything obviously magically going on - but for all I know all those big barbarians could be werewolves or dragon shifters etc etc.

I think the cover was black / dark blue with a space theme – not sure though.

Any help will be much appreciated.