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Graphic novel? (I have pictures)

So the graphic novel had some sort of dog man? Who lost a limb and all his friends were animals, but that was a very small part of the story. The book primarily focused on this man in the picture, I believe. I have a feeling he was a jogger or went on walks a lot or something?? My memory is quite hazy, but I didn't read this book that long ago lol

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no title

no title

A Book with colors of "GOLDEN to YELLOW" on the outer edges to the back, but....

What is this book?
The book had gold or yellow color from back to front but had a picture in the front center like a picture frame with only 1" inch of space to the edge of the book.
The picture consists 2 children, if I remember right: an older brother and younger sister.
They were both mounting/riding a BEAST triple their size, it had a body of a lion with big, feathered, angelic wings and a human head.
The background was dark like space with faint stars and about 2-3 planets. They were soaring through space. I swear I can remember a rainbow somewhere in the picture :/

The ending was abrupt and kind of a cliffhanger. The siblings met a extraterrestrial being that shapshifted and guided them to other planets. That's all I could remember lol.
The book is VERY most likely made in the 1940-1950's at the earliest I'd say.

FOUND IT! The Replacement Child, by Christine Barber

OK, I cannot remember either the title or the author, but it was the first in what looked to be a series of crime mysteries set in the American Southwest. Two main characters: a single woman journalist and a married homicide detective. Sexual chemistry between them liek whoa, in spite of his marriage.

She's not a hot-shot journalist - I'm thinking she's more a head of the night desk of the paper, but she's ambitious.

He's Latino, but I think the book makes a big deal about him calling himself Hispanic, and that he's of pure Spanish blood with no Native admixture. His family has been there (Santa Fe?) for many generations. His momma speaks an unusual dialect of Spanish - I remember her calling him "mi hito," instead of "mi hijo." Think his momma is a little bit gaga and he's a good son to her. His marriage is in trouble and he has at least one half-grown daughter. The sexual chemistry between him and the Anglo journalist hints an affair in the next book or so.

That's all I have, which is quite a lot. Funny I remember the Spanish bits but can't remember the title nor the author. No idea what the McGuffin is, but it's the characters who interested me. Any help with the title or author's name will be much appreciated.

Purple glass and purple world, children's book, stained glass

I am seeking a lovely book from about 25 years ago - around 1990 - 1994 roughly. Children's book.
It involves a child looking through a very small piece of purple stained glass in a front door. I think it is raining at some point. Through the glass they see everything in purple. They see a purple creature and can only see it through that piece of purple glass.
I would love to know what this book is. I remember enjoying it so much and I keep thinking back to it.
Thank you if anyone knows it!

What is this book

A girl and a guy go into a hotel room on the run from something I think. The main scene I remember is the guy washing dried blood off of the girl while she's freaking out about the blood. Then the guy asks gently if there is any blood left on him that he didn't get and the girl stayed strong and wiped the blood off. I remember feeling that they didn't do anything wrong like murder I think they fell into a pool of blood or something accidentally.

Werewolf/Lycan Hunter Wattpad book

I read a book a few years ago on Wattpad about a female werewolf hunter. I know for certain that she was a hunter along with her brother and father, and that her mate is an alpha. Her mother died when she was young. I remember at the beginning of the book she was crouched in a tree shoot wolves with arrows. She gets captured by the pack she attacked and finds out that she's the Alpha's mate. She really rude to everyone at first, but starts to makes friend with select people in the pack. I specially remember her sitting on a porch drinking lemonade with some of the pack members. During the full moon this pack chains themselves up so they don't get out of control, and this is when she makes a break for it and tries to escape. She is human but at the end of the book she gets turned into a werewolf/lycan. In this book the characters got turned by bite. I specially remember her throwing a vase at her mates face during her trying to escape. I also remember her killing her father out of self defense and becoming a red eye werewolf at the end. She saw the color of her eye when some old friend of her mother gave her a mirror to look into. The red eyed werewolves are seen as bad in this novel. I distinctly remember the red eyed werewolf part, a lot of emphasis was put on them in the story. Hopefully this sounds familiar to someone because this was a really good book that I'd love to read again. By the way, this is not a spoiler because I'm not even talking about this book.

Two books or maybe short stories-- 1990-2002

Book 1: Group of kids/teenagers follow the "cool" kid through a portal to another world or dimension where they get in trouble. Possibly in trouble for being humans in this other world. They get brought to court and are all measured on their life total of good deeds or bad deeds and if they had more good then bad then they were released. One of the kids is looking like he will be measured as too many bad deeds and sacrifices his life or another kid sacrifices his life and they manage to escape

Book 2: Two boys life with parents, older boy rolls car out of garage to go and drive the strip. While on the strip he hits another car which has three teenage boys driving it. The car follows the boy and the boy ends up having to run while the car chases the boy. It ends up that the boys are the son of a ghost? ship that only comes to shore occasionally and the ship captain comes to collect his sons and the original boy survives.

Help!! :) :)

Looking for YA book about Asian teen, snow, murders

I read this book about a year ago (2015-16) and I believe it was a relatively new release. The title was "Snow" or something about snow... Short version, it's about an Asian teen in a somewhat rural high school where there is only one other Asian student. Dealing with loneliness and racism, he inadvertently gets involved in a series of murders which makes him the prime suspect. Ending is still haunting me and I want to be able to recommend it to others so I can get their opinion of it!

A book about a little girl on her first "all alone" shopping trip, from when I was a child.....

She went to the local department store to get a list of things her mother gave her. She went from floor to floor and managed to leave one item behind on each floor as she bought a new item. It was a very charming book with very cute drawings, and I can't remember the book title.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

(no subject)

I dont remember much about this book, but it use to be my favorite and i can picture the cover, it was a deep red and the edges of the pages were jagged
I want to say it was about this girl who somehow traveled to another world and everyone there was trying to kill her.
I think she had to complete tasks for her to be able to go back to her world
One thing that i distinctly remember is that half way through the book she somehow ended up in really dirty water and luckily grabbed the scuba gear off the boat (??).
Thats all i can remember sadly. The book at also at least 10 years old.

Juvenile fiction - I think there were aliens...

This is going to be very, very vague. I read this book in the late 80s or very early 90s (maybe 1987-1991), but I don't know when it was published. The only thing I remember is that the cover had a girl with straight dark hair and a shocked look on her face, maybe peeking around a dumpster looking at something? I think her name was Erin, and she may have had a brother named David (I'm more sure about Erin than David). The plot may have involved aliens in a swamp... what I'm remembering as a swamp may also have been a construction site... near the siblings' home. Like I said, vague. But thanks in advance?

Need help finding 3 Supernatural type children's books

Okay so there are three books from my childhood that I just can't remember what they are

The first one was a children's book and I read it maybe 15-20 years ago? Seemed new at the time. But anyway it was about this young girl and her grandmother told her not to go to the desert or something because there were witches there. Well this girl didn't listen and goes to the desert (definitely SouthWest vibes like Arizona or New Mexico or something) and basically gets kidnapped by a witch. Everyone thinks I am crazy when I try to ask if they read this but it was my favorite book to read. And again it was like a children's book so no more than 30 pages in it? I don't know if that helps

The second and third book I am looking for was a series. The first one was about a girl who is hiking in the woods with her dog and comes across this ghost who wants her help. The cover of this book had a blonde (I think? This could be wrong) girl and a lab-type dog turned around in the woods like they were startled. The cover had that 80's/90's feel to it? Like Babysitter's Club type of drawing.
The sequel dealt with the same girl and her little brother finding a ghost in the house next door. I think there was something to do with a teacher/worker at school and she had to decide if it was a good person or bad person? But I remember the plot twist of this book being that the ghost was not telling the truth about what happened and the ghost was actually a bad thing. I am not too sure about the cover for this one? I think it had a floating green head on it with a dark house in the background but I could be imagining that. Both of these books were more starter chapter books and seemed long for an elementary school kid. But definitely had chapters in it

Hello Need assistance with a title

I do not know much about this book but I will list everything I do know.

1) science fiction

2) Summary: father & son live under ground possibly in the NYC subway system. Both characters hide their faces and the reader is lead to believe its because there are ugly but it turns out they are beautiful.

3) The son meets a woman and only those two can see the beings that are also living underground.

4) the book came out in the early 201X's and the author was on Dennis Millers radio show

There it is, thank you to anyone that can help me on this one

Terry Morris

Book I read a few years ago

I think I read this one about 3-4 years ago, and my memories are rather hazy on it. I think it was about a girl who was new to a town, and the town had an orphanage or something else of the sort where a lot of children lived. The girl visited the place in the beginning for a tour, but the orphanage turned out to be sinister and evil, and I think ended up controlling the town residents in some way (so that the adults in the town didn't notice there was anything wrong). I think the girl infiltrated the orphanage to take it down, and she succeeded but at the end the evil woman running the orphanage, who was likely not human, implied that she was just going to go somewhere else and start up another orphanage.

Help me please

I read this incredible book a little while back. I remember that it has a completely white cover with a girl on it who is all white (not race, color like snow) with one blue eye and one orange eye. She lives in a dystopian society with her little brother and close friend where there is a place that you can go and basically sell your body for a certain amount of time and in return are given money and food.
So the story goes; this teenage girl is trying to keep her and her brother alive and it's getting harder and harder and so she finally gives in. She goes to the company and she takes the deal. They get her cleaned up, give her new clothes and implant a microchip in the back of her neck (i think), but before she starts her new life, she says that she has to say goodbye to her little brother and her best friend. So a driver takes her to the place where the two are staying, waiting for her and when she gets there, wearing her new clothes, they immediately realize that she has taken the deal and protest madly but she tells them to stop and that they need to calm down. That everything will be ok and that it's only temporary and it's so they can get money and food to keep living.
She says goodbye and the driver brings her back to the company where she gets told what will happen in detail before she goes under. Basically, an older member of the population, mainly female clientele, will enter her body and her personality will be suppressed by a program in the microchip.
Now while the other person is in their body, there are certain restrictions. Whatever abilities the original person had, the person who is in their body will have the same abilities because of muscle memory (I think there was also something about how if the person who has taken over your body does an activity like skiing, then the next person who uses that body, not the original person, will also be able to go skiing because of muscle memory but I may be completely wrong and this may not have been in the book). Also, while the person who is using the body is able to party and have fun and drink, they are not allowed to have sexual intercourse and they are not allowed to cause physical harm to the body and they need to make sure no harm comes to the body.
So after hearing this (I believe that's when it happens), they put the main character under as the other person takes over her body. Then suddenly she wakes up in a fancy car, wearing a nice party dress sitting in the driveway of a mansion-type home and she has absolutely no idea where she is or how she got there. (Again, this is the main character who had her body taken over)
Somehow the microchip glitched and now not only is the main character in her body but so is the woman who has taken it over as well. Over the course of the book, the character and the woman who took over her body switch on who is in control and the woman tells her (the main character) about how she had a granddaughter who gave up her body to do what the main character has done and how her granddaughter died. (I think it's her granddaughter, it may be her niece or her friend's daughter or her daughter, I'm not sure, but for argument's sake, let's just call her the granddaughter) And when I say that the woman "told" the girl, I mean that the girl can hear the woman's voice in her head and she is able to talk to the woman that way and that is how they communicate.
The woman also tells her how she wants to bring down this entire body-swapping system and the company pushing and selling it. She tells the girl where to find a pendant that she had made that will block the signal(s) to and from the microchip so if they were to go to a place where they didn't want to be followed, all they had to do was put on the pendant and the company wouldn't be able to find them.
They did end up using the pendant to first visit the girl's brother and friend and then one of the woman's friend's, I'm pretty sure it was the guy who made the pendant.
Soon, though, the organization found out about what the woman and the girl were doing and the woman knew this would happen eventually and the woman told her it would happen and then when it finally did, the main character said she had never felt so alone.

I would continue but honestly, I don't really remember what happened past that point and this is at least halfway through the book. If anyone is able to identify this book from reading this, please, please, PLEASE let me know, I am desperately wanting to know and have been for around a year and a half.

BTW if you have seen a post similar to this one before, it's because I did post the incomplete version with another account.

Book about shifters/werewolf and princess

Male mc is a wolfhound shifter. It is illegal to be a shifter. He lives in a library when in wolfhound form but has a shack for when he is human. Since wolfhounds are the kings dog, he wears a golden collar to identify him as a royal hound so he can go anywhere he likes. He only has one form until he gets older, then will get 2 more shapes.

Female mc is a princess and her family has been cursed to think they are dogs/wolves. She hates the shifters because they caused the curse on her family. Once they figure out who the shifter is, she tries to follow him and shoot him with her bow while the priest/new tutor tries to get him to come back to the castle so that he can give them some blood.

The queen runs around the sewers leading a wolf pack and is the wolf queen. The princess and the priest need to find a shifter so that they can use his blood to break the curse. There are 3 known shifters; male mc, female and male that is stuck in partial beast form. Blood has to be given freely.

Old tutor used a special sphere to take blood from the wolf shifter prisoner that’s what caused the curse and how he got stuck in partial form. Everyone believed that the tutor died. He has a replacement tutor but the princess finds out that he is the original tutor but has done magic to make him appear younger. The old tutor can control the wolf queen and sends her to find the sphere and bring it back to him.

The princess cannot rule because she is female. The people don't know about the family curse because a ruling cabinet has been making decisions for the king and she implements it and is seen by the people.

I don't think that the male mc and princess fall in love with each other at the end of the book. She is having a hard tome accepting that he didn't cause the curse and just can't let it go.

Time period is in medieval times. They have kings, queens, armies, bows and swords. This is a recently published book, sometime within the 2000's but I think it is closer to 2010-2016.

book I read a while back

read a while ago, can't really remember, but it was about a man who kidnapped a neighbor's kid and then his own son found that kidnapped kid in a well (or something like that) and he befriended him, brought him food etc. and i don't remember what happened next but the book ended in the man killing his own son (thinking it was that kid who he kidnapped)
man kidnapped the kid, because kids parents were rich and the man wanted to get ransom

Elemental type book

Okay so i vaguely remember a book series from when i was younger, so i know its between 2000 and 2008, its about a boy who has control over plants and he ends up meeting a girl who has control over rocks and gems, but thats all i can really remember, does that

Book I read A While Back But Can't Remember

I remember I read a book in a while ago. The book starts out with a boy living in a village or something, and he is told to leave by his grandfather I think. He is knocked out somehow (don't remember) and he wakes up unclothed in a room with a girl called Rowen. She is dark haired and later turns out to be his sister. Later in the book, he trains with Rowen and then they fight the magician in the castle.
Also, the magician gets money by putting Rowan into the bedchamber with a group of thieves that the boy eventually gets mad at and kills a few of them. Later, after killing the magician, he finds out Rowen was his sister, and then they separate. At the end of the book, he hears about a girl who is looking for him, and this girl is Rowen.
I Really want to read this again and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me the title or author of this book.

Thriller about sleeping insane asylum patients?

I just suddenly remembered this book I started reading a year or so ago, but never got round to finishing. It takes place in England, the main character is a guy, a doctor/psychiatrist I think. He's written a book or two I think but not sure. He travels by train to this massive house in the middle of nowhere, in Devon or Cornwall. It's always really foggy and at one point in the book he goes out in this fog.
In the house there are a few patients from insane asylums, and there's a room where the doctors/nurses strap them down and make them sleep and inject them with drugs. There's about 4 patients in the room and their brain activity all spikes at the same time. There is a lot of other supernatural stuff hinted in the book like thuds and footsteps but I can't really remember much more than that. I'm quite sure the author is male.
Please help find this book as 1) not being able to remember is driving my crazy, and 2) I'd really like to finish it! Thanks!!

Vague Memories

Two series that I have vague memories of from a long while ago... Does anyone recall either of them?

1. An Australian series, possibly YA, from the 80s or early '90s about a group of teens camping in the outback when Australia is invaded--- this may be an alt-history WW2 tale where the Japanese invade, but I'm not sure on that.

2. A British spy series done in the early 80s--- maybe four novels in the series. I remember it as fairly cerebral. The hero was older--- possibly called Col. Ryder or Rider. The first one was about the hero dealing with South African death squads in London.

Do either of those ring a bell? Thanks!

Young Adult Romance/Fantasy

Okay so don't know the precise year that I read this book but I'm going to guess 2014-2016. It's about a girl who goes to college and meets these two boys that are fighting and they both turn out to be a supernatural being of some sort. One of them is considered good and the other is bad. The good one starts hanging out with the girl and they end up falling in love, and he takes her to meet is "family", which consists of 2 boys and two girls. The two girls are sisters and each mated to the other two boys. One of the sisters outright hates the main girl and the other one loves her. The things that really stood out to me about this book is that they sleep on beds made out of gemstones. The evil guys doesn't turn out to be evil at all just mistreated and wrongfully excused.

Three books I can't remember the title(s) of

These three books are novels that I read at least 10 years ago, they were most likely published in the 1990's, but possibly the late 1980's, or very early 2000's.

A girl tries to help a boy who is being haunted by a ghost. One scene that stands out clearly in my mind is when the kids (I believe there’s the main girl, the boy being haunted, and another girl, I think an older sister of one of the previously mentioned characters) see the ghost outside a window, where she scratches the word “penance” into the glass. The group figures out that the boy being haunted needs to perform an act of penance to break the “curse” that he’s under. I think it's a standalone book.

Three kids (a girl and two boys) are exploring an abandoned old house when they find a body. They flee the house in terror. Later the trio report the finding to the police, but the body has disappeared. Later the two boys are hiking in the woods and find the body again. I seem to remember that the cover of the book showed the three kids standing in a doorway, with one of them holding a flashlight, and in the foreground of the cover one could see a man’s hand dangling over the edge of a bed. Or maybe that was just the very clear image I got from it. This may very well be part of a series of books.

The third book is really a shot in the dark, but it was about a girl who spends a few days visiting her friend (a boy) and his younger sisters. While the girl is visiting, a local monument—a huge stone statue—goes missing, with nothing left but a hole in the ground and a pile of dirt. Then, the monument is mysteriously returned! The big mystery is how on earth does one move such a huge monument without being seen? I think the girl and her friend eventually figure out that the monument wasn’t moved, but was simply hidden under a pile of dirt. I believe this particular book may be part of a series and this storyline could be from the middle of the series.

(mods, I apologize if I've used too many tags, I really wasn't sure what to use)

1970s fiction - male babysitter all written in first person

Trying to recall the name of a paperback I read in the late 70s/early 80s about a male teenager who babysits a younger kid on his street and over time has a negative influence. The little boy is quite nerdy and over time the male teenager, who I think was into drugs and a bit of a dropout, exerts a bad influence on him and you see the little boy change from good to bad.

It's an interesting book as the whole thing is written in first person so you only 'hear' the narrators voice - the male babysitter - talking to the boy but never the boy. He called the boy 'Kid...' rather than his name. It was very memorable.

If I recall correctly it had a red and black cover on it.

Book from childhood (1980s-1990s)

Every so often I think of a book or possibly a short story I read when I was a kid. Only details I can remember are these: main character is a girl, pretty sure she has either abusive parents or the people in charge of taking care of her are crappy people, and there is some kind of lake or pond where a creature/spirit (?) lives. I remember reading parts about this creature or spirit dragging people into the pond/lake, almost as if it protects those who are abused/mistreated. I think the girl's caretaker(s) get dragged down as well. I seem to recall something about maybe vines or something that come out of the water to grab the people? Ugh. Details are foggy - this was a LONG time ago when I read it! I've already checked out books by Mary Downing Hahn, I don't think it's any of those. All help is appreciated!

Young adult novel

So years ago I read a young adult novel and all I can remember is the beginning. A girl was driving to school in the rain and came across a boy skateboarding to school. So she gave him a ride to school and they ended up becoming friends and I wanna say his name was Caleb? But I know he had scars or cigarette burns all over his body. And he was paranormal in some way, something to do with sleep or dreams or something. And I can't remember anymore details but I hope someone can fill in the blanks for me!!!

CANNOT remember for the life of me

There's a book that I read a few years ago that I just can't seem to remember the name of. I remember the most random details, though.
It starts out with a boy and his female friend who are both really smart and either he's on his computer and his brother comes home or something or they're at school talking. They go out one night to the football field at their school and stare at the stars talking about stuff. They get a message on his computer in code. They work hard on decoding it and once they do they realize it's a message from themselves in the future. LATER: they're at a scientific research facility where scientists have been working on a cure for the common cold. They spliced a gene successfully and mother nature flipped out and created a virus to rid the earth of just humans, targeted specifically toward their DNA. The two main characters watch as the virus (a white fog at this point) is contained in a big glass box and a chimpanzee is placed inside. It dances around and does what chimps typically do, unharmed, but humans are disintegrated upon contact with it. As the virus progresses, it takes more form, like big white.. jellyfish i think? floating through the fog, chasing humans. It can't take effect in water, so after the virus escapes and chases the main characters and the people they've met around, they jump into a swimming pool and are safe for a while, sitting at the bottom in their protective suits. They start to run out of air so (i think) they fill something up with water and throw it at the "creatures" (as they think of them at the time, still not realizing it's a virus) as they run away. Members of their "team" are taken by the fog until the two main characters are again the only ones left, in a town that's being attacked by the fog creatures. The boy main character gets in a firetruck in a last attempt to save the world, and I think maybe he'd just watched his brother die? and shoots water at the fog until he can get through to his friend. They crack the concept of sending messages through time and go down to live in a submarine, safe from the fog, until they run out of supplies. They assume they may have to repopulate the earth after the virus runs out of food and they can resurface, if that ever happens. They change the code they received from their future selves and send it again, hoping they can change something this time. It ends with him getting the code again.
I remember something about her skipping class and sitting in the courtyard at schoo- I think.. I definitely remember that he mentioned and explained the mobius strip to her, and made a model to help with the explanation. That's the book I learned about the mobius strip in. It has kind of a weird title, and it may have a sequel possibly.
Help, please, I love this book and I want to read it again but I can't remember enough info to look it up!! I found it in the young adult section at the austin public library (texas), downtown branch. It had a red cover (this print of it at least) with some sort of black thing on it, or maybe that's reversed..

wFantasy Travel Adventure with Red,Furry, Monster

I'm looking for a fantasy graphic novel about a magical red creature with long ears and a tail who is friends with a talking bush. They are traveling throughout this magical world trying to find a home. They have been doing for ten years or so. On the front the duo is being chased, and on the back the red monster is hugging the bush. I saw it on Amazon once but now I can't find it. I thought it would be in the search history for Amazon but it wasn't. I remember there being a chapter called Land of Claw, or Land of Tooth

vampire book idk

So I read this vampire book YEARS ago and I remember it was really good. There was this girl and I think she had powers over lightning (she was a vampire) and she has to go to this vampire school and they learn how to shape shift and she's trying to call her wolf but it keeps running away and this other girl accidentally gets stuck with the head of a bat and they have to go through tunnels to go to the boy vampire school to get it fixed. That's all I remember. I think there was like royal vampires kinda like vampires of a higher class that owned a nightclub.

Group of Women Peeping on Man

I don't remember the character's names. I do remember at the start that a group of women started watching a man from across the apartment/house and they made it a weekly gathering I think? They got really carried away since the man was really handsome and they were caught, well one of them was caught since everyone except the beautiful blonde was seen. The blonde was the one most reluctant with the peeping I think.

Basically the blonde and the guy they were peeping with got together. I think there was an issue with the lead woman being uncomfortable in her own skin. She was really beautiful and attractive but she was very awkward with men and she didn't quite seem to live up to the mens' expectations of her. The man had a similar problem where he wasn't considered gentleman enough by the women he dated.

The main guy is an engineer I think. His brother is possibly gay.

The main guy also had a brother and a mother whom he was very close with.

I read it in 2013 but I don't know when it was published. I got a copy of it's PDF in a forum that's now closed.

I appreciate any help.

I can't remember neither the author nor the book's name. I believe there may be more than one book.

The book was about a boy/man who was able to transform into animals. The main character does not know how to a control his power at first. Other people have other types of powers. He doesn't know his father at first, but he gets to know that his father is a "psychopath" who eats other people's hearts to gain their power. He meets his father and learns how to control his powers. Then main character gears up for a war and asks his father to help. His father joins the war as he is a powerful man, but hated. His father basically does a lot of the killing, but eventually dies. Before he dies, he tells his son to eat his heart to gain his powers. I do not remember if he does or not, but I do know that they won the war. I am sorry I could not include better details, as I do not remember much of it. Please help.

Can't remember Name or Author of Book, Help :)

Hello! I read this book a few years ago and would like to read it again, but I don't remember its name, author, or the name of the characters in the book. I tried to find it through Google, but no luck.
It is about this young girl and her father who live in this town by the beach and every summer this Woman and her young son visit the town. The dad does work at this woman's house over the summer (I believe it is landscaping). The girl and boy become friends and start spending time with each other. The mother never liked the girl though and her son was tiny and very skinny. This happens for a few summers before the boy stops coming.
In high school he shows up one summer at her job (I think it's a pizza place or maybe seafood). He is working with a boys camp. They hang out a couple times. He takes her to this fancy event with his family and wealthy friends. His mother doesn't like her. The girl doesn't come from the same kind of money as he does. They end up sleeping together that night out in the woods near the beach. (It was her first time, but not his). Her dad ended up being in the hospital from a hit and run. The boy left without saying goodbye.
Years late she is taking care of her disabled father and she has the best restaurant in town. He is living in the city and is a well known wealthy man.
He shows up one night with friends at her restaurant. I forget how they meet up, but basically in the end they find out that it was his mom who hit her father (the mom has passed away at this point). He left without saying goodbye because his mom said that if he did (and never talked to her again) then she would pay for the medical bills of the girl's father. The two work things out and get together and happy ending.

The book with the moth dogs and the fairy

I read this book a decade ago when I was 7/8ish, so the details are a little scarce.

The book was an illustrated story, it was about A4 size and it was a fantasy book.
It was about a couple who lived in a big house.
The girlfriend was a fairy (I think) and her boyfriend proposed to her with a flower ring made from a daisy

They owned a dog that had black and yellow moth/butterfly wings. The dog was either a bulldog or a pug
The dog tried to fly over this chasm but couldn't and his wings break

The front said Love and the back said evil/ol
You could turn the evil/ol side upside down and read it from there to get the demon side of the story

Please help me. It's driving me insane

Far Past Time Travel

I read a book a year or two ago and cannot remember the name. In advance let me just say that any help is appreciated and thank you
The book started with the main character waking up in a cave and finding a bunch of others waking up as well. There are groups of people both of different races but also times. There was a groups from the lost city of atlantis, ancient rome, dystopian future, and i believe members of the yakuza. things get chaotic and the main character shoots (with a bow and arrow) one or two guys before finding people to translate for him to get the others to stop fighting. They find that there are weapon and food chaches hidden in the walls of the cave.
Other notable points in the book are they blow whistles whenever they leave the cave to train the dinosaurs to leave the area or else they will get killed. The main character also find the egg of a small dinosaur and hatches it and keeps it as a pet. Some of the Atlanteans try to take control of the group and fail but from that we learn that the Atlanteans have woken up in the cave before. And lastly towards the end the main character while exploring with a hang glider he built he finds a ufo and talks to the aliens that organized everyone waking up in the cave. I believe this was in a series but this is the only one i read.

an early book on how to have a maidservant

So I remember reading this book at least a decade ago that was basically an instructional book for the new middle class woman (late Victorian, early industrial age I think). It was about having a maidservant - how you choose your charwoman, instruct her, what you have her do every day, what stuff you help her with, how you set the table, etc. It was written for women who had not had servants before and didn't know what to do with them. I don't remember what it was called, or the author.
I do remember that it was fairly short - not more than a few hundred pages - so it's definitely not Beeton's book of household management.

Any thoughts?
Thanks for your help!

Can't remember book title

So I read this book in about 2014 and I can't remember the title. The book was about a girl (I don't remember her name) and she she turned either 13, 15, or 16 she started to see the future like when she looked through her class window she saw her teacher writing pop quiz on the board, then she found out she was seeing the future. A little later into the book a group of teens took her into the woods somewhere and told her about the powers the had. They then told her her blood turned silver. They wanted her to follow her deeper into the woods but she ran off and was abducted by aliens and sent her mind to talk to one of the teens. Anyways that's all I can remember if you know the title please tell me, not knowing has been killing me

Historical Romance with Plus-sized Hero

I'm looking for a historical romance novel (I want to say it was set in the Regency) that I read sometime in the last two years in the US, though I think the paperback copy I read was published in the 90s. The title might have had the word "winter" in it or that might have been another book by the same author.

The book starts our with a young heroine (16 or 17 maybe) who is married to a rather dreadful person and one of the first things that I remember happening in the book is she is running through the woods away from a party?some friends? of her husband and meets the hero who is reading and helps her get away across the lake in a boat. I think there is a dog as well. She thinks the hero is very kind. He turns out to be a nobleman of some kind. She also notices that he is a little heavy - there's something in there about her noticing he was rather heavy for his height, or something like that. He says something to the crowd that helps save her from them and from the wrath of her husband.

Then the book flashes forward a couple of years in time and the young woman's husband is dead. The hero comes across her somehow, and she doesn't recognize him because he has lost a lot of weight. (It is revealed at some point that the hero began overeating while at school.) We learn later that he was imprisoned somewhere and kept on starvation rations or something like that. He might also have scars at this point. And he escaped but I think one of his friends died in captivity.

There is also some tension because the heroine had fallen in love with the hero early on and because she doesn't recognize him now feels conflicted about feeling attracted to him.

Fantasy book, spanish author I think, thanks for help

The main character is a boy with strange tattoos on his body, like letters, which move, He has a big "A" on his face, with upper point resembling a dragon head, the same tattoo is the art on the front page.
He lives with is father (maybe) in a library, and has strange dreams on a fantastic world.
New neighbours move in, a mother and her daughter, and love grows between the two.
The boy is attacked at school and the dragon tattoo on his head bites the attacker.
It's the first of a trilogy (i think)

I don't remember anything else, thanks is advance for your help

Looking for a short story

I'd read a short story in translation where a theatre actress / singer recounts an incident.
She had fallen in love with a young admirer, who later reveals himself to be her son.
The story could be French, Russian or even British.
Does anyone know the name of the author & the story ?
Thanks in advance.

It would be really helpful if someone could identify this manga or mahwa or manhua, thanks & cheers


Hi I will try to provide as much information as I can remember and please help me figure out which manga or mahwa or manhua it was.

In the first episode, a boy tries to save an alien princess from an assasination attempt in a train or a metro station set in a futuristic world, but is severely hurt as is the princess when they have been shot by some canon or laser canon.

Cut to few years later the boy is a cheerful person going to join a high school so is the princess, in the same school. There the princess is again attacked by the assassins who belong to a different kingdom, she is an alien princess from the moon. The boy intervenes again and this times he saves her from mecha assasins by revealing he has transformed into a cyborg made by some rare moon materials by a mysterious someone.

The princess then reveals due to the last assasination attempt which turned the boy into cyborg she also had to be modified and thus her whole bodily function is maintained in a house, she has a house for her body.

There exists warriors protecting the princess who are concerned and I am not sure but they might be called "paladin knights" or "paladin", who are elite fighters.

The opposing kingdom as a goodwill and trying to prove they have no hand in these assasination attempts send students to the school to study together in order to facilitate a peace process. The students in reality are assassins and the leader is one who has a dual personality, one who is meek and the other who is sadist and psychotic.

It would help a lot if someone could list the name of this manga/manhwa/manhua. I don't remember the year I have read it.

trying to find a couple books

Hey there. so I have two books I'm trying to find. one is a manga, the other a science fiction/science fantasy book.

Here's the first one:

I read this manga back somewhere between 2000 and 2003. (and for the record, based off what I remember it's not Clover, Wish, or Chobbits). Here's what I remember: young guy having difficulty with his mothers death. An angel/spirit/some sort of heavenly being enters into his life and they both fall for each other, however due to_________ (that line is because I don't remember), they're unable to be a couple or stay together. Eventually he heals and she leaves with promise of an eventual reunion one day.... from what I remember as well it was between 3 and 5 books. Sorry for how vague this is.

Here's the second one:

I read this one between 1998 and 2003. Magic and sorcery type book. Guy is curse with a head of a lion and like pizza ( a lot). gets transported/teleported/some thing'd to either an alternate universe or world where he's seen as a hero and saves that world. also introduces pizza to that world.

might behave been a series or a trilogy