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Historical Novel

I read a book about 20 years ago that was set in the 13th/14th century. It was about 2 sisters, one was brunette and one was a blonde and they were polar opposites. The older blonde was always wanting to marry for money and she married a wealthy man who ended up raping the younger sister. The blonde sister had a child and then got the services of a 'medicine' woman who provided her with birth control and made sure she didn't have any more children. The younger sister left and dressed as a man and fought in the war, where she met her future husband who was a doctor. The older sister had a rough life, she tried to murder her husband and escaped. She married her cousin and when he was arrested she ended up in an insane asylum before she was saved by her sister. The younger sister and her husband both caught the plague and the husband died while the sister survived. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the book or the author and it is driving me mad. I know the details are pretty sketchy, but I could type for ages about bits and pieces of the book. If anyone has any ideas of what the book is, I would love to hear :-) Cheers

YA fantasy book with fold-out dragon cover

The most distinct thing I remember is that the entire (hard)cover of this book was a green dragon, but it was sort of a trifold, with part of its tail wrapping around to the front. And it was shiny, like scales!

It was of decent length for a YA book, written by a woman I think, and I believe it may have been part of a series or trilogy. The book was about a female dragon trainer in a world where dragons were much like horses (stables, breeding, agility competitions), and in one part, the protagonist/her dragon was the only one able to complete a specific obstacle (by doing a really sharp dive). Also I vaguely remember something about getting stuck in a cave in the rain?

I believe it came out in the early-mid 2000s! I might be confusing some plot points wth another story but the cover is what I remember the most. Thank you for any help.

YA Sci-fi/fantasy, coming of age ::BOOK FOUND::

I started reading this book years ago. I would have to say maybe in 1998 or so.

The cover of the book was of a young man in a hooded cloak, possibly with a staff and a bag. It was a messenger style bag. It was sort of green/grey/black colours with a bit of skin colour on it.

From what I can remember is that this boy/man had to travel to find his name. The name "Oriel" like the bird. There was a female companion who kept asking him why he had no name and he kept responding with "I have to go on a quest to find it." or to find himself and who he was.

Sadly, I can't say how it ended because I had to return it to the library. Now that I'm working at said library, I took a look but found that the YA books are mostly the newer dystopian/vampire/otherworldly sort of books.

Also, I have no idea why it was sci-fi/fantasy because as far as memory recalls, there was nothing sci-fi-ish about it. I think it was mashed in with fantasy but again, I don't recall magic being used.

Australian? book about an old man defining his mountain cabin from law enforcement

Hi everyone, I believe I read this book whilst studying in Australia (Adelaide) in 1990-1992. Maybe it was a book we studied as part of the curriculum. Unfortunately I don't remember. What I remember most is that an old man wants to continue living in his house which is set in an isolated position on top of a hill. Either the law or the council or building developers want him out and eventually there's a bloody confrontation.

Does anyone know what book this might be?

Offbeat short hardcover YA novel

I read a very strange book in about the autumn of 2001 and I'm idly thinking of finding a copy again to see if it was as weird as I thought it was. The only problem is that I don't remember what it was. I've been poking through the advanced search on Google Books but none of the combinations I've tried has found anything.

• It was definitely in the YA/middle-grade fiction section of a local library. I was living in Canada at the time, but I suspect the book was American.

• The plot was about a young man with a superhero alter-ego. The superhero is radioactive or something like that and can get power from eating some neon-coloured cookie things. We discover at some point that that the young man is secretly quite troubled and may even have committed an act of violence.

• It was a hardcover book, a little larger than trade size, but quite short - maybe even 100 pages or fewer. The reading-level seemed lower than usual given the dark subject matter, but I don't think it was overtly marketed as being aimed at reluctant readers. May have come from a small press.

• The cover, front and back, had a dark blue background with brightly-coloured, CGI-like graphics. I think one of the images was a tray of the superhero's neon-coloured cookie things.

• I'm pretty sure the author was female, with a last name towards the end of the alphabet. I had a vague sense that her first name was Virginia, but Google Books hasn't found anything that matches.

Any ideas? Thanks!

book I've read in the past 3 years about two girls who end up dating the same bad guy

Hi, Ive been trying to find a book I read in the last few years, about two girls ( group of girl friends at school) who end up dating the same guy. First one is in a hospital (mental institution? ) after seemingly trying to drown herself in the schools pool, and believes her 'amazing boyfriend' is going to visit her, and she retells her memories(of him and how amazing he started and how horrible he got) of before she was in there. While she is in there, one of her friedns ends up dating the same guy, though he goes by a different name, she dates him after having an awkward meeting and he whispers beautiful when he sees her (you find out later that the other girl had mentioned her and how her current boyfriend had never called her beautiful) the girl breaks up with her current boyfriend (they end up being friends at the end) and ends up dating this guy, who turns out to be really bad news, drugs her and doesnt like going out and after finding out or seeing a text that gives her a hint on who he is, he gets a lot worse. etc etc As it turns out hes actually not at all who said he is and is actually like one of the well known but rarely scene drug dealers or something of the school.
there are also a couple of other friends who are mentioned a bit in the book that also have things going on with them but i cant remember much on them.

80s/90s young adult fantasy in the Pacific Northwest

I remember very clearly the Tor logo on the spine. It was about a teen girl who lives with an aunt or grandmother, or visits for the summer, in the Northwest near a redwood forest and lake. She time-travels, or maybe the forest in enchanted somehow, and she meets some Native Americans from some ancient time. There was an environmental message as she has to help the tribe win some great battle, where there is a threat to the forest and trees.

Forensic anthropologist's memoir

I read this book at least five years ago, and it was not particularly old. It was the memoirs of a forensic anthropologist. She described finding a skeleton with her father by a river early on, and being fascinated. She also described how even a single long blonde hair clinging to the back of a skull could be tremendously valuable. She also seemed annoyed by how people described missing people ("blue eyes, mole on left cheek") and told about the sorts of information that were valuable to her: history of surgeries, if they broke an arm when they were a child, etc. I know at least one of you wonderful people has read this too!

Edit: I miswrote her job as "forensic pathologist", but she's a forensic anthropologist--she only works with bones.

Odd book? About climbing a mountain?

I have been searching for the name of this book I read about ten years ago. Maybe someone can help? My description is very vague, sorry :( :( It was written in the 90's I assume and was about this young couple who were climbing a mountain. I remember there were a lot of metaphors about rams and having sex on the mountain lol. I thought it was named something like "The Peak" or "The Summit" but all the books that show up on google named this are not correct. Any help is appreciated!!!!

Edit: The cover was blue with a picture of a mountain (so predictable I know :D) 

timetravel teens late 90s early 2000s

(I completely posted wrong :[ sorry! lets try this the correct way!)

I have been racking my brain, and the internet, for almost a year now with no luck! I'm looking for a series about time traveling teens. Could even be possibly different worlds. I read these books late 90s early 2000s in Texas, USA. I remember seeing them on the shelves at walmart so they were fairly "popular".

From what I remember its a group of teens who travel back to some mexican city back when the aztecs or mayans (not sure) were around and I remember them walking up the steps of a pyramid to be sacrificed to some ancient god. I know another book in the series involves them traveling to some viking time period. One of the book covers is them chained to a brick wall. I wanna say a weird girl walked into a lake and thats how she went to a different world/time travelled. Its so vague sorry!

cults & kidnapping

I'm trying to remember a short YA novel I read probably 10-15 years ago about a young girl (Amy?) who's kidnapped by a cult. A guy goes to rescue her and he goes undercover by joining the cult, and I think he's working for a teenage hacker in a wheelchair. The cover art featured a white person with a shaved head. This may have been a local author (portland, Oregon).

Specific scenes I remember:

  • The driver who accidentally hit the kid with his car when kid ran out from between parked cars goes to visit him in the hospital and I think they end up maintaining a long-term friendship.

  • He knocks on the door, the kid's mom answers, he asks for (nickname), mom corrects him and says the kid prefers his full name only. (possibly Theodore?)

  • He joins the cult and they shave his head, take his clothes, and give him sandals and cult-clothes (white? robes?).

Beast story.

There was this ebook. I only remember the beginning of the story. There was this girl and she and her friends dared each other to go to a beast's house. The main character got seen by the beast so she go scared and started running. She was wearing flip flops so she tripped and hit her head on a rock. The beast came for her and that's where my memory ends. It's a fairytale type of story. Can anyone please help me? It's driving me insane! Thank you.

Book or books about a young man who travels between worlds (or universes I can't remember.)

I apologize in advance for not knowing much about these books. I'm pretty sure it was a series. A young boy somehow discovers a cave that can take him to new places. From what I remember the cave shook and made a soft humming sound while it was transporting him from place to place. The only place I specifically remember it taking him was a planet with a big monkey like monster that he had to fight in a school. I read a few of these in 2001 or 2002. I hope one of you can help me :( I'd like to read these again. Paperback.

Disfigured Hero and Community of Injured Two YA titles

Hi! I'm on the hunt for two YA titles I read way back in junior high (1999-2003).

1. A fantasy title revolving around a teen/young adult female protagonist with some sort of disability regarding her eyes, either a lazy eye or a dead eye which allows her to look directly at the ruling class, which is forbidden. Her people mine stones which provide fire, along the lines of coal. People who are injured/disabled are cast out possibly killed? Via some set of circumstances she finds a community of injured people living in a hidden community in the mountains. I think maybe it ended with a giant battle and some fire magic? The cover centred on a girl dressed in A red cloak and dress surrounded by a sooty grey black mountainous landscape
FOUND! "Winter of Fire" by Sherryl Jordan

2. A story that followed a vain beautiful young woman who is married off to a warrior as thanks for protecting her people. He is quite hideous/disfigured. The man is kind to her but she is a giant birch the whole time. At some point she is hit in the face with ashes and coals and becomes mildly disfigured herself. Believe it takes place in an East Asian society , cannot remember if it was Chinese or Japanese :(

Thanks for your help!

american short story about an african-american grandmother raising blind grandson who knits

read this short story many years ago and multiple searches have not unearthered author or tile. even has stumped library of congress.

the tale takes place in the south and the grandmother cleans houses for a living. while caring for her blind grandson, she discovers he loves to knit. she offers to try to sell the sweaters he knits to the folks whose houses she cleans. he's thrilled to hear her employers love his sweaters. she's able to give him more wool so he can keep knitting. it's the only joy he has in their poverty-stricken existence. late one night after she's put him to bet, we discover the truth. his grandmother is painstakingly unraveling the same sweater over and over to provide him with wool and keep up his spirits.

any help very much appreciated. thanks!

I need a little help finding a book

I don't remember when I read the book and don't remember everything about it so bare with me a little bit. What I do remember is somethings about some of the characters.

The story is based at a hotel where people's fantasies can come true by the supernatural elements or people who work at the hotel. One of the main characters is a female woman who gives plants life or something like that and she meets and falls in love with a vampire. They both work at the hotel. In one of the chapters two of the women's plants start to fight because of whatever magic that is making them be alive and the one plant almost doesn't make it. I'm pretty sure that i was cactus plant or similar to that.

So hopefully someone out there can help with the title of this book that I soooo very want to read again.

Two books about aliens and kids

I'm looking for two books I read around 2000/2001 that I picked up out of the YA section at the library.

The first one begins with a group of high schoolers in their school's basement in New York. When they finally leave the basement they discover everyone is missing. The book/series ends with them ultimately joining a collective consciousness and then returning to their individual bodies. One of the high school girls connects with a man in Europe during the hive mind thing and they meet each other and fall in love.

The other book is about a boy and a girl on a dystopian, gritty planet ruled by alien invaders. I don't remember much of the plot, but the end stood out to me: the boy is good at math and the girl at music. The aliens search their brains for the more interesting one and the boy thinks about a bunch of equations and the girl of compositions, each trying to prevent the other from being taken.

British children's book about a weird family?

I read this in the mid-2000s in the U.S., probably between 1999-2001, and it was a paperback. I'm pretty sure it was either British because at the end of the book the family celebrates something by drinking Lucozade and I remember thinking that I had no idea what Lucozade was and when I eventually did find out realized that the whole book was set in another country.
It centered around a strange family, Mom, Dad, Nanny and two or three kids. The daughter (?) is having trouble at school so they decide to throw her a birthday party to make this better. They host it in a park or garden or something like that, but the family's weirdness ruins the party somehow. There's a crazy aunt who travels all the time and writes postcards using lots of exclamation points and ellipses, and she excuses this by saying that the Queen does it too so if it's good enough for the queen then it's good enough for her. The grandmother lives in a mother-in-law apartment and has a doll's house and a cat that nobody likes. I think the cat talks and it might be named Ozzie, short for Ozymandias (though I might be mixing up stories here.)

The father is some kind of inventor and he spends most of the book trying to develop a new strain of lemon tree (?) The house burns down and they all escape and the grandmother manages to save her knitting basket and the last of the father's lemon experiments, which turn out to be successful in a weird way so the family is saved, and they celebrate with Lucozade. (I seem to recall something about the tree growing tins of something, but I'm not sure.)

It is not the Strega-Borgia family series Pure Dead Wicked. I believe there were two books about the same family but I can't find either.

Kid's book about boy who discovers archaeology after a tornado

This is probably for about the 3rd to 5th grade reading level. I probably read it somewhere around 1990, but don't quite remember. It is about a boy who is not so good at reading, but great with numbers (can instantly remember them). A tornado pulls up a tree in the backyard and they discover stuff in the ground and turn it into an archaeology site where the kids help with the dig.

Book i read in middle school about monsters and runaway kids

The book was about a guy who i think was a teenager or a young man in his early 20s, i only remember that he was young, who lived in a house with some monsters. He was trained to be a catetaker of monsters and only certain people could see monsters. And one day his master died or went missing or something. And then a 12 or 13 year old boy wandered into his house and could also see monsters amd then the older guy decided to take him in after they fight a bad guy who wanted to use the monsters for evil. The book was written by a guy who was a social worker and worked with runaway teens. I dont rember much else about the book but thank you to anyone who can help me

Help finding books

I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I am looking for two novels, same author, same female protagonist who is a police detective or officer. She lives in an orange grove near L.A. Her father was also police. In one of the books her love interest, also police, turns out to be the killer (of a beautiful young model/starlet). Read within the last ten years.

book where mother goes crazy

I read this book no more than three years ago.
This I am sure of - It focuses on a family, written from the point of view of the older daughter. The father is a scholar or scientist of some sort. The mother gradually begins to lose her mind, at one point committing a very disturbing act on a baby girl (won't go into detail unless asked, it is disturbing).
I do believe that in the end most of the family is murdered by the mother.
I have been trying to find this book for so long, any help is so appreciated!

Sci-Fi/Fantasy book encountered around 2009

The only thing I remember about the book is that the main protagonist collects figs for a colony or some type of city. I think the protagonists collects these figs from fig trees with his/her friends but I'm not entirely sure. These fig trees are in a forest I think and the main protagonist lives in a cottage, or something similar to one, that is away from the colony or city. These last two facts may or may not be true, I'm just trying to remember as much detail as possible. The characters might not have been human either; it's possible they were elves or something along that line.

YA somewhat apocalyptic novel I read in early 1990s

I am trying to remember a book I read in the early 1990s, but not sure how old it was, about a girl and her brother who go to visit their dad. There is a huge snowstorm and they go to the basement. Eventually they go outside and (this is where my memory is a little fuzzy) either everything or just electricity-type things have dissolved. And maybe their dad is missing, so it's just the two of them, few survivors?

They cut her hair because of fever

I probably read this novel in the late 80's, but it might be a classic. It is about a girl in her early teens living in the US a hundred years or more ago.

She meets her first love, but gets ill and they have to cut her hair because of a terrible fever. Worried about loosing the boy of her dreams to an opponent, she returns to ordinary life, but everything ends up well.

The story also includes sleigh rides.

A mix of Little Women and Anne of Green Gables.

Title help

I read this book a couple years ago and I'm fairly certain the title is something like "Me and them" or "Her, him, and me" and it's about this girl who moved to a new school and meets this guy and his sister who seem to have a weird relationship. The girl likes the guy but he can't be with her because of his sister. She hears weird rumors about a girl before her. I think the siblings might be twins, I'm not sure. The only scene I remember was the girl going over to their house and the sister acting weird but nice and maybe they had popcorn.
Sorry I can't remember much more.

Honestly I didn't even really like the book, but it bothers me that I can't remember the exact title or author and need to know. Thank you.

Utopian YA novel

This is the description my friend gave me-
I'm not sure, but I think it had a blue cover. Again, I'm not sure, so if everything fits but this then yea..
I remember that there was this girl and I think when they became teenagers or something they went to this mall place (or maybe they were just always there)  but the thing was that they were being watched. 24/7 (every teenager in this society)
I remember that there were cliques ish and each one of those groups/cliques had to advertise in whatever they specialized in (I think) and in one part in the book, one of the "mean/bad girls" was advertising lipstick/gloss. She was advertising how it was smudge free or something like that so she was demonstrating by kissing whoever went to her line. And of course a lot of people did bc she was pretty and stuff. I think the main character (girl) had someone she liked and he went on that line but im not sure about this either.
I read this in 2010-11 I think
That would put me in Middle School when I read it

Thank You

A book set I read in 8th Grade (FOUND THE BOOK!!)

When I was in 8th grade (1996-97), we had the accelerated reader program at my school in Texas. I found a set of books that I LOVED and couldn't get through one to the next fast enough! I had read 3 or 4 of them and when I was ready for the next book, my teacher told me that she was so sad to say she didn't have the rest of the set! Here is what I remember of the books:
The story is narrated by a 14 or 15 year old girl (I sort of remember her ethnicity being of some importance to the plot, not sure what it was though) who is trying to get herself and her siblings (cousins maybe?) to a different part of the country. They had a very limited amount of money (maybe around 7-10 dollars?) to travel and eat. I can't remember what had happened to their parents. They did a lot of their travel by foot, once they may have ridden in the back of a farmers truck. I distinctly remember various parts of the story where the main character was trying to decide how to spend their money, sometimes when she was in a store trying to decide the cheapest thing for the most filling food (a potato or something). Another time I think she was trying to decide if they had enough money to pay for a bus ticket. The story must have been set in the mid 1900's because of the bus part. And it couldn't have been set later than the 1970's or so because I don't think 7-10 dollars could get you very far at all after 1975... I also doubt a group of children would be hitchhiking in the back of a farm truck past 1960 or so. So it was probably set in the 1950's... I'm not at all sure about that though. It was SUCH a great adventure story! I would love to find out what the name of these books was so that I can re-read them, and also so that I can introduce them to my children!
I think there may have been a sort of purple colored cover on one of the books.

Thank you in advance!

YA book with fake guardian angel


So around 5 years ago I read this book that I seem to remember a lot of the plot but not the title or author.

There was this girl who heard a voice and followed it to a frozen river and almost died from the cold. When she awoke there was this male voice that only she could hear and he told her he was his guardian angel. He helped her gain confidence and cut her hair short. She starts to develop a relationship with an attractive boy at her school. Finally she starts to question the voice in her head when either he told her to do something bad or caused something bad to happen to people at her school. I can't remember which. And turns out he isn't a guardian angel and it was his voice she heard by the river because he was trying to lure her over there.

I think he turned out to be a soul of a guy who died and never fully left Earth so he was haunted and trapped. I could be remembering this last part wrong though.

Any help regarding the name of this book would be much appreciated.

Looking for a book my friend read when she was 16...

Hey, this is the description my friend gave me:

2 friends and a 3rd girl (maybe a friend or cousin) head to French (I think) old farmhouse for the summer. One of the girls was quite reserved - the add on 3rd girl (may have been called Sarah) but she started doing up the farmhouse a bit, got them a car to use etc. One of the other girls was more interested in meeting people and organizing parties at the farmhouse.

She was born in 1985 so was 16 in 2001. Any leads or ideas would be great!! Thanks

2 Older Children's/YA Books -- Horses and Dinosaurs

Looking for two different children's/YA books. Both would have been printed before 1970 and were probably sold through the SBS book club.

1. This was about a young girl who enters a contest to win a horse. It's sponsored by a cereal company or something because her mother has to help with the entry. The family lives in the city and has 3 or 4 girls in it. The girl ends up winning the horse but she decides to take the money instead because her parents wanted to adopt a baby (or something like that.) For some reason I was reminded of the Amy and Laura books by Marilyn Sachs but that doesn't seem right because it was a bigger family.

2. The second book was about a family who goes somewhere in Mexico or Central or South America because the father gets some kind of job there. One day they go exploring in a cave and discover a hidden valley that is filled with living dinosaurs. The title had Hidden or Forgotten Valley in the title but I could be wrong about that. (It's not "The Shy Stegosaurus" book either. *That* book I rediscovered going through stuff last fall, and it's not it.)
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Book series with magic and machines

I am looking for a book series, possibly young adult. I first read it at my local library during middle school, so it has to be published before 2007. Here are some bits I remember. The female protagonist is kidnapped or escorted by a group of criminals to somewhere. At one point, they stop at a village. She is mistaken for a sacrifice, covered in feathers, and they attempt to throw her off a cliff. The leader of the criminals saves her. At the end of the book, she becomes a princess/lady of high status (but I think she's in a bad situation) and the leader once again saves her. There are 2 or 3 more books in the series. There is magic and machines. Here are some scenes from later books. She is imprisoned in a tower/island with a man, later revealed to be the leader's brother. Her mother pretended to die, and then used a machine to dig out of her grave. She follows a machine look-alike of the leader, while being followed by the real leader. I really want to reread this series, and any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

SciFi/Fantasy about a kingdom, a murder, and a diving bell...

Oh, jeez. This is so vague. I read it sometime between 2011 and 2013, but it was already fairly old (five, ten years?) by then.

The protagonist is a young man. He's somehow connected to a kingdom, a prince maybe, and he is pinned for the murder of someone important within the kingdom and sent to this notorious prison. While there, he dives in a bell to collect stuff (I can't remember what) off the bottom of the ocean. That's the prisoner's work, I think. Maybe he was assigned that job. At some specific point in the book he sees a figure swimming outside the diving bell and someone swims underneath and they fight. He escapes eventually, I think by building a machine?

It's a YA novel. That's all I've got. Thanks(:

Children's Book about a Dog

It was a junior level (like Misty of Chincoteague level) children's book. I read the book sometime in the late 90s. It was about a dog that had its ears and tail docked (or maybe just the ears or tail...). The book also had a scene where someone came across a barn filled with animals (I remember a cow and a calf), that were tied up or in stalls and most were dead due to starvation/dehydration.

Book from early 2000s about a cursed pond?

Hey guys! I'm sorry in advance, the details I remember seem pretty vague. I'm looking for a book I read in middle school (around 2000) I'm pretty sure it was newish at the time.

Here's what I remember : the main character is a little girl who lives in China(?) and her dad works a fish market(?) And there's something about a pond (maybe it's cursed or something) and one of the girl's classmates drowns in the pond. I feel like there's some kind of story about a big fish that is said to be in the pond. Oh my gosh, I know this sounds vague as crap but I've been thinking about this book recently and would love to re-read it. If anyone has any leads, they'd be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

SciFi Romance(?) Novel. Edit: Added another book. m/m historical tragic romance.

Hello, all! I read this book when staying up all night at a friend's house, so my memories might be a little disjointed.

I read it in, I believe, 2010-2011, though it could have been published anywhere from '98 to then. I'm from southeastern Georgia, United States, so I'm pretty sure it's an American publication. It's part of a series, and I've read it before but I can never remember the author's name or the series name and I've been hunting for it for a couple years now to re-read because it was... a rather odd, eyebrow-raising read.

Placing the book description under a cut due to only really remembering the graphic parts. TW for non-con reference.
Read more...Collapse )

Normally I wouldn't post such an awkward summary of a book, looking for it, but google has been absolutely no help. :c

EDIT: Another book I would like to find was one I checked out from the library when I was 15-16, so eight or so years ago. I have no idea the original publication date of the book. However, it was about a king (or some form of high up nobility) who falls in love with his gardener or groundskeeper. They keep the relationship secret for years and I want to say the groundskeeper/gardener saves the nobleman/king's life while they're on a ship. I don't remember the book having a particularly happy ending. It was a little larger than the average novel size in dimensions and probably about 2" thick.

A Childrens Novel with Dragons

I remember this book that my teacher read to me, early 2000's. It was about this girl who was kidnapped by a dragon and she would negotiate with them, say something like "if you keep me here then a knight will come kill you and I'd have to marry him, and we wouldnt want that". All these dragons would harbour treasure, but each dragon would only collect a certain thing they deemed worthy, so one would collect shoes and another would collect needles.

I hope that that's enough to go on!

Element Books?

Ok so when I was younger I read a series of books based on the four elements. The main characters were all kids (I think there were four). Pretty sure it was 3 boys & one girl... I know there were at least two boys. I think the first one was about water & the third was fire. The cover of the first was a drawing of a glass bottle partially buried on the beach with all of the kids looking at it (99% sure about that) and the fire one had the kids on a cliff with red and gold wings.
Also I think one of the girls was turned into a mermaid in the first book.
I have been wondering about these for SO LONG, and thanks for your help!

YA Fantasy Series


I read this book about four years ago and I remember very little of it.
It centers around a teenage girl who somehow manages to find a spirit and a fairly sentient sword. They are both meant to battle demons and end up teaming up with a bunch of kitsune to do so.
Like I said, it has been quite a while since I read this book.
I do remember that the cover was pink and black.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance

YA book.

Ok I read a book back in the mid 00s. I was in High a School so it had to have been between 2001-05 which I know is a few years and unfortunately I don't remember too much.

I remember it was about a young girl who becomes a model and at one stage cuts her hair short. She starts to become really thin and obsessed with becoming thinner. She does a shoot on the beach at one point. I know that's not much to go on but I'm desperate.

Children's picture book

I can't remember the title of a picture book I read to my child 10-15 years ago. It was about a little girl who picks out overly fancy clothes for her mother to wear to work one day--fancy dress, a crown. The mother hesitates, but wears them and has the best day ever, feeling good about herself. Anyone familiar with it? Thank you.

young adult novel in verse from the 90s or early 00s?

A novel in verse for young adults that came out in the late 90s or early 00s. I believe the author was Swedish or Finnish, and that the book was translated into English, but I can't remember for sure. It was about sisters, one of whom I think was named Cilla or Celia or something similar. I can't remember if one of the sisters had died or if their mother was dead, but I think there was death-related trauma to overcome, lol.

What I remember really clearly is that there was a scene where one sister was thinking about having sex with a boy but decided not to, and there was description of his penis being soft. The things you recall, huh?

All I Remember Is the Last Line

I've been rewatching Farscape, one of my favorite shows ever, and there's a scene in S3 that I've always thought of as very Wagnerian and Gotterdammerung specifically. For some reason this time - unlike the many other times I've seen it - it sparked a memory in me of a book/short story whose last line is "Gotterdammerung." I'm guessing it's scifi, and I'm sure it's old, anywhere from probably around 20 years ago to as many as 40-45. (Yes, I'm old, and also, I was reading pretty inappropriate stuff from a young age.) Does this ring a bell with anyone, or am I doomed to wonder forever?

Thanks for your help.
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Looking for a thriller I read in the early 2000s, partly set in Alaska

I'm trying to track down a thriller/suspense novel I read in the early 2000s (no earlier than 2000 and probably no later than 2005.) It was a mass market paperback I bought at Waldenbooks in Los Angeles. Probably not a NY Times bestseller but something from their new fiction section.

I may be mixing up details or remembering incorrectly but this is what I recall:

The main character is a male college student (Northeast or maybe Midwest) who is estranged from his family. I think his father is dying or has died and the student is contacted about the estate. Or maybe someone is trying to find money the father owes them and thinks the main character can find it or has money himself. I can't remember too many details but I know part of the action takes place in Alaska when the main character goes to visit his uncle who lives in a remote cabin. I think the uncle is murdered by the people looking for the money and the main character has to escape with the uncle's dogsled team. The other main character is the roommate of this guy who turns out to have been tracking and reporting the student's moves to the bad guys.

I'm 99% sure the author is male. It's not Joseph Finder or Harlan Coben or Linwood Barclay though the style would be similar to those authors. It was not part of a mystery series and wasn't in the mystery section of the store. I've tried searching for mystery books partly set in Alaska but the Alaska section of the book I'm thinking of is really just part of the action - maybe a quarter of the book? Any help is appreciated!

book cover: human head with bats flying out of it

I am looking for a book and I have no idea who wrote, it what it is called or what it was about. I just remember my siblings and I reading it and being afraid. It was a paperback and had a mans head on the cover with bats flying out of the top or the ears. I remember reading it and it made no sense but still scared all of us when were kids/tweens and I would love to fine the title of it. TIA!

trying to find a post apocalyptic book title/author

I'm trying to find the title or author for a family member. She read the novel in the 70's but is uncertain when it might have been published. The novel is set in France in a vineyard that has cave systems wherein a smallish group of people survived a nuclear holocaust. The story is about the survivors as a community where women are the most precious commodity and the community is trying to maintain genetic diversity by making sure that each woman has more than one child by different fathers. They try to maintain this community and have to defend against marauders. That's the best I can do for title/plot. Can anyone help?

can't remember the book

Hi I would like to have a copy of a book I once had, lent out and never got back. It was about a young mum who took time off her job so she could spend some time with her young son Ned, before he started school. She sold her sports car and got a camper van. The two of them set off, staying in caravan parks or on private land until they met this old man who I think was a miserable old boy until Ned brightened up his life. Please can you help? Do you know the title or the author? Thank you


My boss recently mentioned a book that he read when he was young that he'd like to find again.  It was about a young boy who had a pet seal or dolphin and was set in Puget Sound (near Seattle).  The book was probably written in the 1960s or 1950s.  The only other detail he told me was that he had never been to Puget Sound when he read it, but that when he did eventually go there, the image the book had created in his mind of the place was exactly like the reality.  Any ideas?

this has been driving me mad for the past 2 weeks!!

Please help :(, I'm looking for a book that I read several months ago. It is YA and fantasy. A girls mum died and she and her younger brother live with her dad, cheating/abusive step-mother and step-sister. They change schools almost every year and start a new one at the start of the book. The family are rich and have a chauffeur who drives them to school in a limousine. The step-mother turns out to be a siren who has to have sex several times a week in order to live. At the new school, the girl befriends a girl and her brother, who's older brother is a student teacher at the school. She turns out to be the soul mate of the teacher and plans to move into their house, along with the younger brother. If I remember correctly then the two brothers and sisters are vampires. I distinctly remember the family going to a restaurant and meeting up with a group of vampires, where to step-mother tries to sell the girl to them. I also remember that when the teacher and the girl first meet, the step-sister is in the same class and is introducing herself, the girl comes in late and the teacher is awestruck at her. Dispite the step-sister using her siren ability on the teacher, he doesn't show any signs that he is interested in anyone bar the girl. The chauffeur is the soul mate of the teachers sister and they first meet when he has come to pick up the girl at the demand of the step-mother, they are caught making out at the front door after immediately recognising each other as their soul mate.