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book about a girl buying and selling nuts

I read this book in the early 90's when I was in middle school. This girl wants to increase the price of some product and chose some kind of nut. I think it was walnuts, but it might have been something else. She buys and sells them from people all over town and eventually makes them pretty valuable. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the book.

Looking for a book that I read in elementary school

I don't remember much of the plot, only that the main character (a young or teenage boy) had a subtle lie detection ability. He would get an uneasy feeling when someone lied to him.
The only scene I remember is he's testing this ability with the border patrol (maybe?) and they stop a random car and the woman says she doesn't have anything illegal and the boy says she's lying, and they search the car up and down and finally find an apple and the woman starts crying.

Teen Book Search


I'm hoping for help with a book I'm looking for. The story is roughly...

A girl (a teenager) is living with her Aunt who announces that she is going to marry (I think this happens at the beginning of the summer holidays). The girl and the Aunt move in with the new husband who ends up being very strictly religious and already has at least two, possibly three, daughters. The house they all live in is large and locked up and the family is part of a secluded religious community.

The girl decides to escape from the house once she realises she won't get to leave at the end of the summer to go to school but will end up being home schooled. I distinctly remember that one of the other daughters goes with her and sees the stars at the end for the first time.

Any help with this would be great. Sadly I don't remember any names or where its set or published but I don't think it's set very long ago (I'd guess no earlier than the 80s).

Ali B.

Children's book (FOUND)

I'm looking for a book that I read as an elementary schooler (which would put the time of me reading it in the early to mid-nineties). I'm not sure when it was written, though. It was about a little girl that had a doll house, and by looking into the windows of the doll house she could see into another world — I'm pretty sure it was another little girl's world. At the end, I remember her having to do something to save the little girl on the other side by managing to interact with her through that window.

I honestly wish I could remember more about the book, but it's been a long while.

YA or Children's Fantasy/Horror - maybe 80s or 90s girl brings danger by playing music?

I think I read this book when I was in middle school, so around 2003-2005.
I don’t think it was a new book, if I remember correctly the cover looks
like something I would expect from the 80s or 90s, but I’m not sure. It was
either a children’s novel or a YA novel. I read it in the US. I think it was a fantasy novel. Maybe fantasy/horror. 

The main protagonist was a girl. I think she was on the cover, looking
frightened at something in the background (but her front is facing us) with
another girl or a boy behind her. She lives with her grandmother or maybe her mother. 

The society they lived in was very strict or controlled. Their way of
living was simple and the setting wasn’t in modern times, though I’m not
sure if it was supposed to resemble a time in the past or not. They seemed
to be afraid of something and I think that was the reason for all the

I remember that at one point the girl was admiring her mom/grandma’s hair,
I think because it was long and streaked with grey/ silver but she didn’t
say anything because she knew her mother/grandmother would not acknowledge
that she was beautiful. I don’t know if it was because of the rules or

The girl had a place she would go to be alone. A hole or a cave or
something. She had some kind of instrument there, pretty sure it was
against the rules. I think it may have been a violin, or something else
with strings. I believe the instrument, and her playing of it, had
something to do with the trouble that happened later in the book.

At some point—and this is where it gets confusing— there’s some kind of
weird transformation that starts happening. Or desire to do something? I
can’t remember if it was physical but some outside force was having an
affect on the girl and I think it was a result of breaking the rules. And
there was this other girl (or maybe it was a boy?) who told the girl that
if she feels it happening again to let her/him know.

Unfortunately that is where I stopped reading when I had it. 

It is NOT the Giver, Gathering Blue, or Uglies. These have all been
suggested multiple times before. At one point, someone mentioned a book,
The Maestro, that was about the Pied Piper, and while that wasn’t the book
I remember, I do think it’s possible that this book may have had something
to do with the Pied Piper, but maybe not. 

I hope this information is sufficient. 

YA novel. Title? Author?

Girl receives letters from deceased family member. Female. Either mother, grandmother, or aunt. The letters tell her to travel to different places all over the world. Greece, amsterdam, etc. Throughout the journey the girl has to break a lot of boundaries she never dreamed of. She begins to find herself and returns home with the conclusion that not all experiences are meant to be had. She experienced a journey through someone else's eyes and tried to make it her own but was pushed beyond limits she was ready for. Each letter or postcard sent her to a person her writer had met allowed her to stay in their home while,endure she discovered her surroundings. It was a really cool book that I'd like to add to my collection. 

I want to read this book again

I read this book as a teenager. It was in the YA section of the library. I want to say it was between 1990 to 1994. Could have been earlier, like 1985 to 1990. The book was a bit older than that though, not brand new, but not a classic either. The plot was about a boy/young man who lived a second life in a whole different world/universe every time he fell asleep in one world/universe so he never got to sleep. This lack of sleep was ruining his life and making it difficult to function in both worlds. One world was modern and the other was medievalish i.e. not modern.

I also remember the cover of the novel. It was a picture of like a mountain - lake scene with a reflection. One side was modern with tall buildings and skyscrapers etc while the reflection was rural, old worldish.

It was such a good book, but I didn't understand it all due to being so young. Want to read it again and see if I can understand more.


Help me. I've been serching for months!!

I remember the main plot line. A new girl moves to town and befriends a shy girl. Soon she starts dating her new friend's popular brother. And they all go to a party and get drunk so they call their mom(shy girl's and her brother's mom) like she told them too. She doesn't punish them but she's disappointed. Later in the book they go to another party and get drunk once again. This time the girl(new girl) drives because shes the most sober and her boyfriend doesn't want his mom disappointed again. They hit a tree I think and the shy girl dies. So the new girl goes to jail and has the shy girl's brother's baby and he keeps her. Later they find out that the shy girl died before they hit the tree. Her heart stopped from overdose and the new girl goes to find her ex and her kid. She does but the shy girl's mom trys to keep her away and I think the boy lets her see her daughter but I'm not sure. I also think the shy girl's name might have been Mia or something like that but I'm really not sure. Please help I would really like to read it again.

children's fiction i cant remember the title!!

I read a book around 2012ish
It was about a boy who had different colored eyes and his mother told him it was because of an accident and he had to have surgery. But its actually because he is half human and half something with a C. (Chev I think? Or was that the main character's name?) He goes to an academy with other children with powers. I believe the main character had the ability to steal. I remember one girl who had the ability to disappear and reappear. Near the end these bad guys try to convince him to come to their side. They needed someone who was half human and half (C) to create power or something. The cover is of him on a dark day wearing a coat infront of a building.

YA novel.

Has anyone ever read a young adult novel of a young girl who falls asleep doing history homework (beginning) and dreams of being a daughter or guest of a royal Victorian family (middle) and dreams that the prince comes back to the present with her (end). I read this around the year 2000 and I think it was published around that time. I could've sworn it was called Once Upon a Time orHappily Ever after. I can't remember the author or title. Can't find it anywhere!

Female author, female protag, dark fantasy

I cannot remember the name of the series but the last time I read the books there were 6 in total, I think, with another in the works.

The first book begins with a young woman stumbling out of some rather awful woods, horrible creatures following her. She manages to make it down into a city of lost and forgotten Gods on the one night when all of them gather. As the series goes on, her twin brother is revealed. The fall of their house is explained, with a creeping madness that effects the elderly of the race mentioned. A half brother is later also revealed who seems to be crushing something fierce on the male twin who also happens to be leading their people.

Does anyone have any idea what the series was or who the author is?

A girl wakes up with no memory

I think it was after an explosion. The cover is either blue or red (or both there may be 2 books in a trilogy) and it looks like shattered glass. The girl shes sent to live with is later revealed to actually be her mom. They're doing experiments on her i think and trying to use her for something. She may have been genetically engineered and not born but that might not be right. Anybody have any idea what book im talking about? I read it years ago and ive been looking for it to read again since maybe 6 months after i read it. Thanks!!!!

FOUND! SciFi/Fantasy Novels

I've been trying to remember some books I read way back in High School in the mid 80's...

The first book is where there are twin boys and they find a special spot on the earth that has a little cottage. If they enter this spot, time slows down for them and everyone else speeds up. One of the boys decides he wants to be just a little older than his brother, but falls asleep by accident and when he awakes, many many years have gone by and his twin, now many years older, is furious with him because he "grew up" without his brother, but for the younger one, it's only been a few hours.

Got this one thanks to Unferth's answer below... Silliam Sleator's Singularity

Another book I can barely remember details for, but it's driving me crazy that I can't find it. One has a couple boys who can travel through time, it's winter, and it's almost like they jump through "layers" that take them from one time to another. I think there's a man on a horse on the cover... or maybe a wolf... I know, very vague. I remember it's a really good book, but just can't seem to grasp the details.

Just happened to find this one by accident.... Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series

Looking for a novel from 1990's, about learning @ school 4 Magic

I'm new and also fairly lost and confused so I hope this
posts this time....

I should not get rid of a book until I've read it 3 times, minimum.
The book seems like it was a fantasy but bordered on "real magic"
and there were young adults as characters so the school may have
been a college type place. (I think a party house was mentioned :)

I read it between 1993 and 1999. It's not in my Amazon purchase
history from 2000 to 2014 and there's no record before that.
It was a soft cover book but not a "pocket book" and had a simple
cover of maybe a tree on light background. At the end of the book
it said to look for a sequel the next summer. I do not remember the
title which may or may not contain the word "Magic."

Sorry if this is too vague but I am hoping someone will remember it.
Pretty good book. I am not into fantasy really but this one caught
my attention.

young adult about the descendants of gods who are actually aliens

okay so i am trying to remember the name of this book i read a while ago and i am hoping someone here know what it is. it was about this boy who was born into a family that i think was the descendants of the norse gods. they arent actually god but from another planet/dimension and there are different factions that have weekend each other through fighting. i think loki broke their way of traveling back to the old dimension and in doing so weekend them all. the was the son of the leaders of his faction and everyone was expecting him to have great powers, but he didn’t and everyone picks on him. they are not allowed to leave their community, their live in rural america. but eventually it turns out he has the power to like make worm holes or some shit and can get back to the other dimension. and eventually he has to run away because they are going to kill him for some reason, i think it was because the power to go to the other world was banned as it would give one of the family an unfair advantage. the book also flashes back to the other dimension/planet i dont really remember what happens there except that there was someone else with the same powers as the boy who had gotten stuck in a tree traveling between worlds, and there was a poor family who came to camp in the place with the tree and is freaked out when he disappears. also someone in that world has an affair with queen who eventually betrays them , i kind of feel like it is with the guy from the tree. does anyone have any idea what book this is?

(no subject)

IM SO LOST! I read the blurb and first page of this book and have lost it. All I know is that there is a girl who can 'wield a sword' better than any man. Her father goes missing and everyone but her believes he is dead. She goes off to find him with her ex, or some person who rejected her love, because he is her father's apprentice. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS BOOK.

Looking for older book from high school library

I read this book from my high school library in the year of 1997 or '98. It was a slightly older book, don't recall the exact year it was printed. What I do remember of the story its about a boy, who as he goes through life he starts developing powers. One point in general I do remember is that while he's in a city there was a woman who was demanding he do something extravagant and demands he turn her into a beautiful young virgin. She continues to pester him till he finally does and succeeds in changing her. I then remember later in the story, he's in a cave and he's dying of thirst and hunger, but then his powers manifest completely and he then no longer requires food or drink and he's now like a god. The woman he changed before also changes I think and tries to track him down I think.

I'm not positive but I think the authors last name was towards the end of the alphabet, possibly after T's.

Fantasy main character is a young girl *Found*

*edit* found the book! It's "dragonfly" by Frederic Durbin

I read this book probably a year or two ago and can't for the life of me find it on searches or at my library. I only have choppy pieces in my memory but I hope it's enough.

A young girl (9-12 or so) lives with her father (I believe he is a mortician or something of the like). Her house starts making creepy noises and so her father calls in a friend from his past. I'm not sure what exactly happens but I get the feeling that the noises came from demon like creatures that were trying to escape the netherworld from their basement. The father gets taken so the girl and the dad's friend go on a rescue mission.

I'm not sure of a lot of the things that happened once in the other world but I do know that at one point she falls in love with a werewolf who is later murdered. This reminds her of her mission to find her father. I believe also that the leader used a hot air balloon of sorts as his base.
That's all I can remember. I'm sorry if it's not very cohesive. Let me know if you have questions I might be able to answer. I really hope I can find an answer it's been bugging me for way too long! :)

2000's Book; Adult(?)

I would first like to thank everyone in advance for their efforts.

This book was written by an eccentric male author; he, If I remember correctly, likes comics, collects toys, an hopes to have a pet elephant or giraffe one day.

The plot of the book involves a young teenage girl. She is a misfit at her school and has one friend from childhoo whom is popular with all the boys at her school. The young girl's father committed suicide by slicing his wrists, and her family is in turmoil. She meets a boy who himself had interrelational issues. His name is Benji I think. He eventually must move.

Unfortunately that is all I can remember. The title of the boom included something about 'perfect happiness' or 'sunshine'. Thank you all again.

Lost kids book, group of misfits?

I'm looking for a kids book that I remember from only a couple of years ago. It was probably published in 2009 or 2010, but might be a bit older. It's a relatively large, thin picture book, and the back cover is green. The front cover has a picture of the 10-ish main characters, and the title in big bold orange/red script.
I might be a little shaky on the overall plot, but here goes. The main character is an elementary school boy who isn't the best at school/traditional activities, but has a special talent that most people think isn't important. This mean old principal or teacher or random lady looks down on him for some reason. He bands together with a group of other kids like him; ones that have strange talents. Specifically, I remember a kid with fingernails that could serve as keys and other tools. They break into the lady's house for some reason or other, and one of the kids stumbles upon a fake wall. There's something behind it that probably reveals the lady to not be so mean, or even be one of them? I'm not sure. The theme was something to do with everybody having their own talents, and embracing who you are.
The only other information I can pull is that the lady called them a name, something like nincompoop (but not nincompoop). They called their group that, and that was the title of the book (The __________s)
Any help would be appreciated, it's really bugging me!

Old children's book

Found: It's Bogwoppit by Ursula Moray Williams. Thanks!

I'm looking for a book which I read once as a child and probably never thought of again, until recently when something reminded me of it. Now it's driving me crazy, because I can't remember what it is!

The book was a children's book which I read in in the 1990s, probably between 1995 and 1997. However, the copy I had was used and was almost certainly much older than that, so I cannot provide a reliable date other than an (extremely tentative) guess that it had been written in the 1960s or 1970s.

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YA novel: Love Triangle with Boy trapped in Ice at the end FOUND: Snowfall by K.M. Peyton

I read a book in highschool I got from the YA section. It had a love triangle where a girl was trying to pick between her friend (I think he had red hair) and a charismatic new boy. The new boy was about to propose to her but then he goes missing. Years later, they find him frozen. The girl had married her friend. I have no idea what the book was called. Please help!

YA Fantasy - Colonised (?) sea-dwellers, the name Aqua Ora

Found, thanks to waitingonsunday: Shaedow Master, by Justin D'Ath.I'm in Australia, so this may be or may not be by an Aussie author. I remember there were two groups of people, one that was human and possibly nobility, and they were certainly the superior group. I think they employed the second, inferior group as servants or something, with some sort of connection to the sea, possibly magical. The second group were shipbuilders or fishermen or something of the sort, and were either discriminated against or lower class. They spoke with a Cockney-esque accent, something like, "What 'ee doing?" instead of "What are you doing?" I seem to remember the protagonist or someone in her family insisting they be called by their right name (Delphins? Delphina?) when everyone else just called them skiffs.

The protagonist's mother or gramdmother was called Qualeena, which turned out to be short for Aqua Leena. The protag discovered she was related to the second group and (maybe) had magic or could talk to sea creatures or something as a result of that. One of the characters (maybe he was called Skiff?) rowed her to where the final conflict was, and I think she ended up kissing him on the boat. The second group kept calling the protag Aqua Ora, which was a big symbolic thing/plot point because of something to do with gold. Her name meant she could do something with gold, maybe call gold-giving creatures that were vital to their society?


supernatural/sci fi i read on aldiko about 5 years ago...

it was published on the aldiko platform unprofessionally (so it was like user content i believe) and it was a free ebook

has anyone ever read the book (it was released in episodes) about the man who wakes up inside an abandoned bus one day and he goes outside and the world is pitch black so he has to wait for his eyes to adjust to the dark and then he finds a safe with like 30 soda cans in it and he drinks them sparingly bc theyre like 40 years old but he cant find food and theres a rly large man after him with an axe like for a hand??? and he finds a compass connected to a ghost named rudy and rudy was killed by the man and it was a serial novel i think so it was released in episodes

eventually he goes thru a giant chasm filled with huge mushrooms and he harvests them for food and carries them back to his camp in a rusty shopping cart and i swear im not making this up i read it

also the giant man stitched corpses together to make like zombies to go after the man

rudy's cottage is in a beautiful meadow and at the top of the meadow (on a high cliff) is a white tunnel+door that the main character tries to open

i dont think i ever finished it but it was over 30 episodes long

Book on roleplaying games, larping, and magic.

I'm trying to find a book I read when I was a kid but I cannot remember the name, only the plot. It was about a group of teenagers who get involved in a LARP/scavenger hunt in a haunted mansion and as they recover strange artifacts they find they each gain different powers. It ends with the ghosts of dead wizards trying to possess them at the end. Anyone remember this book?
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FOUND - Choosable adventure book

I am looking for the title of a book I read in the early-mid 80s, in the US. It was a choosable adventure book, but not one of the official 'Choose Your Own Adventure' ones. The main character was a girl, and it was a fantasy story. The girl's father was a jeweller and gold smith, and he was kidnapped as they travelled. The kidnappers stole their stock of jewelry, as well, but left behind a bag of uninteresting stones. The stones turned out to have magic properties, and when the bag they were in was opened, the stones would float and form a circle around the girl's head. In one storyline, she gives one of the stones to a dragon holding her hostage, in exchange for her freedom. Unbeknownst to the gluttonous dragon, the stone has appetite suppressant qualities. There is a man who joins her in the search. He professes his love for her, but she is not sure about him.

That's pretty much all I can remember about it. Sorry I can't provide any more info.

Magic/Fantasy Book

I read the first book in a series a while back, and now I can't remember anything to figure out what the next book is. It is driving me crazy.

The book was about people who can do magic (can't remember if they were called magicians, mages, warlocks, etc). The thing that sets it apart is that the magic is fueled by that person's life force- doing magic makes you die sooner. Some people learned that they could take that power for a random other person's life force, and up until the series starts, these people have all been men.

Now a girl learns how to do it (with the help of a mentor). They never know who the person is that they are stealing the life from. In this case, it is the prince of the kingdom.

If you've read the book, that should be enough to set it apart from other books. It has to be a relatively well known book since I was able to find it.

I'd like to read this again....

I read this book many years ago. I do not recall the author. It's fiction. Here are the bits and pieces I recall.

- I believe the book begins focusing on a young boy who is quite intelligent, but he also excelled in other ways. After a bit he decides to hide his intelligence, though I don't recall his motive. Perhaps he did it to 'fit in' or not draw attention.

- I recall one scene where he and his Dad were racing each other in the pool. The boy purposely holds back so that his Father would win the swim race.

- I recall nothing else until sometime later in the novel (I sure hope I'm not mixing novels here) there are other children who are gifted in various ways. I recall one child was kept and controlled in a lab. He was able to 'remotely view' distant places. This child could also influence the thoughts of others. The scientists kept careful control over him with drugs.

- Another scene I vaguely recall much later in the book: Someone is running to escape (perhaps from the organization that keeps and controls these gifted children). While on the run, they try to stay outdoors as much as possible since the "pursuers" have a harder time "remotely viewing" out-of-doors.

I don't recall much else at the moment. Thank you.

Can't remember the title/author of a Book from my childhood.

I'm looking for the title and author of a children's novel I read in primary school about ten years ago. (The book probably comes from the 90s, but I honestly don't know for sure)

The novel is set on a dry fantasy world where there is only one giant river. The world is divided by the settled communities of mud men and nomadic sand people. (I think that is what they were called)

However, the Great River is running low, and so the rich in the protagonists village (our protagonist is a poor girl) drink from a water pump, while the poor have to try and gather some from the river bed. However, the water is running out, and soon there will be none left.

Everything changes when a young sand boy comes and turns a formerly dry pool into a pool of water. However, it is magical and so those who use it for good are fine,but those who are greedy get turned into animals. Our protagonist almost turns into a cat because of it. The town turns against the boy and the girl and so they head off to the Source of the River to try and stop the river from drying out.

I remember two distinct events on their trip, the first being when the sand boy goes into a cave and suffers from temptation by an evil being. This is near a formerly fertile lake (now swamp) where the sand people used to live.

The second event is further upstream at a giant dam which is rendered useless due to lack of water. They meet a relative of the girl's who allows them to use his hoverbike, and they are chased by the police who fear the powers of the sand boy.

Finally at the end of the book, they reach the Source of the River which is a giant Garbage Dump for the Capital City of the Nation (named "the City"). The boy fights with the evil spirit, and giving his life up for the world, defeats the evil spirit and cleanses the source from all the garbage. The river rushes down the valley and everyone is saved.

As you can see this could quite possibly be a Christian allegory, especially as the Preface says that the book was written in response to the author's son asking her "Why does God not do something" regarding the current state of the world.

The cover had a young black girl's face on the front, with the white sand boy looking frail over her shoulder. I unfortunately cannot remember any more than that.

The book has escaped my searching for it these last ten years, and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone knows anything that fits the description.

Thank you for reading this,


I cannot remember the name of this book

Hey peeps
I was reading a book a few months ago and I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. It was a pretty recent publication, I think, but I don't remember the publisher or author.
It was a about a girl who moved to LA (??) from Melbourne (Aus), to live with her aunt after her mum died. She became friends with the semi-famous girl next door. She also managed to accidentally break the leg of the lead actor while on the set of a movie that her aunt was involved in for some reason. She ended up becoming his PA while he was on crutches, but didn't tell him that she was the one who ran him over. The details are sketchy, but I definitely recall that at the end she wrote a screenplay dedicated to her friend, the guy forgave her for keeping 'the thing' from him, and they both went back to Australia for a spell.
Her aunt was a movie star, and also happened to be her biological mum.

Not the greatest summary, but that's all I can remember of it. Please, any help in re-finding this book would be amazing.

Children's / YA Sci Fi Book

I remember reading this book in the mid 80's. It was about a group of children who somehow ended on their own on a spaceship in unexplored space.

One of the main elements I can remember is that they had a cat with them, which they eventually used to control their weapon systems - they set up a dangling toy which mirrored the enemy ship position, and when the cat pounced, the weapons would fire - somehtign about human reflexes being too slow.

For this reason, I seem to think the ship (if not the book) was named Cat's Paw, or somehting like that - however, googling that just gives me a star trek episode!

Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

Chicklit set in NYC about a single mother who works in the fashion industry


The book is about a single mother with an eccentric daughter (~5 yrs) named Starr. They have some ugly cat that Starr adopted. They live in a working class borough of NYC - like Queens or Bronx or Brooklyn. She lives with Grandparents but during the book her Grandma dies. That event uncovers a whole side story about her Grandfather's first love and their tenants (they live in a brownstone or something like that). I believe her family is Italian. Their neighbours are Irish, and one of the sons is her best friend from childhood. At one point, the youngest son (still in high school) kisses the main character but it turns out he's gay and trying to figure out his sexuality. He thinks the main character must be a lesbian as she's been alone for so long. Her best friend and his younger brother have a minor fight when he sees him kiss her. Her childhood best friend is married to her other best friend that she met in high school. All three became best friends, and the other girl had some kind of tragic past (abusiveish father?) and her childhood best friend (Irish boy next door... sorry I can't remember any character names which I know is making this description confusing) takes care of her and eventually they enter into a relationship. When the book starts, they are having marital problems. It comes out that the main character and her childhood best friend had sex once when he was temporarily broken up with their other best friend, when she was his girlfriend. The main character confesses this to her female best friend during a fight. The irish best friend really loves Starr and is a potential father. The other potential father is an older man that the main character used to live with in NYC. She was never allowed to pick up his phone but once did, and a child was on the line. Turns out he was married and had a kid back in London. She moved out, and afterwards found out about her pregnancy. In a toy store, she meets a man that says her daughter looks very familiar. Turns out he's the half brother of her ex. he's very nice, they start dating and he wants her to move to London with him so he can be a father to Starr and right his brother's wrongs. Main character decides to find out who the father is turns out it's her ex. She still ends up with her best friend though.

A side story is her sister, who was always kind of snobby and better than their circumstances growing up (sort of like the Grandma) comes back home (can't remember if she had a kid or not) when her marriage to a wealthy man falls apart. The two sisters become closer and understanding of each other throughout the book.

The main character works in fashion, but I don't know what exactly. I remember that she admired her boss. but always wondered how she was with her gross/skeezy husband. On the side she makes the bridesmaid dresses for a wedding, which brings her closer to the tenants which helps unearth the whole grandparents side story. at the end, her best friend's mother (the realtor) gets a her a store to open up her own shop.

I read this book a few years ago, it seemed to be contemporary (set in the 2000s). I read it in Canada.

Fell free to ask me any questions for further clarification, I realise this was kind of a confusing description.

EDIT: Someone on goodreads has been able to ID it for me :D It's hanging by a thread by Karen Templeton!

Really vague book description.

Hi, all. I have a book description from a friend, and it's really vague, but you guys have often done miracles with less so I thought I'd give it a shot.

She thinks she read this in 1980. It's about a little girl, a gypsy cart, and some kind of nutshell. There were detailed illustrations in pen or pencil. And that's all she has.

No idea of the title or author, but it's been bugging me for YEARS!

I read this book when I was fairly young, maybe around 9-11 years ago, I loved it and fancy a nostalgia kick but no matter how hard I try I just can't remember all that much about it.

It begins (I think) with a young boy whose parents fell horribly ill (I believe with scarlet fever) and couldn't look after him so he had to stay with some relative or other (possibly an aunt) I seem to have this memory of the boy's name being Charlie/Charles Dickens (and no, I'm not confusing it with the author's name - I already tried that, but to no avail) from there on my memory is sketchy at best, I believe that things with the relative were bad and he somehow ended up on his own, travelling. The only other thing I remember is something about an outhouse of an inn and a travelling show/band - these two things are somehow connected - and from that's where my mind draws a total blank.

I know that I haven't given you very much to go on, but any idea at all would be much appreciated, thank you :) x

book with dinosaurs and kids

mid 1960's book from a book mobile.
kids find way into or back to dinosaurs, either back in time or inside the hollow earth....
don't remember

only that kids catch fish in lake and they cover it in mud, bake it over an open fire and when they remove the hard mud, it descales and debones the fish somehow so they can eat it.

thats all I remember.

Lost children's fantasy picture book

My grandma used to read me a picture book. It was about ten years ago. I believe it was a rather new book at that time. Kind of the same story line as alice in wonderland, but less fantasy than that story. Thinking about it now, it didn't seem very appropriate for children. I can't remember very many details, but I do remember the toddler is sitting out on the lawn with her mother, and I think the sun makes her sick, or weak. Then she either falls asleep, and dreams of this fantasy land, or its even possible she dies, and its a form of Heaven. It wasn't clear at the end of the book if she was still alive. The only detail I remember of the fantasy land is that she walked through a cave. The illustrations were very realistic. If you have any idea what this book is, I would very much appreciate your help!

(no subject)

The book I am looking for is about a young woman (about 16-22) who goes to clean and help care for the children for Orthodox Jewish family. I am pretty sure she is Christian or Agnostic. She experiences a lot of culture shock going into a very traditional home. I believe the book takes place in New York and the young woman is Polish. One detail that stands out is that one of the children passes away or the mother has a stillborn baby.

Thank you for any help.

This Novel Was Probably Published in the Late 1960's/Early 1970's

It was about a family who lived on or near a large body of water, maybe a lake. Or possibly they lived on an island.

I remember the focus being mainly on the children. There were at least three kids, likely more.

I think the main plot point was that an adult (not a family member) was injured by a blow to the head. I think one of the children may have hit him with a rock. Almost certainly one of them witnessed it - the smallest one said something about "the boat man" getting hurt, so he must have arrived by boat.

I think the family had at least one boat. There was something about it being one of the kids' responsibility to tie it up, and he/she didn't (or couldn't remember whether h/s did), and when they were in bed another family memeber was asking him/her about it, and the responsible kid was pretending to be asleep, and began to put him/herself to sleep by breathing like h/s was asleep.

At one point the family was having dinner and one (or two) of the kids joined late and said "cut me a slice of bread", which I think meant to bring them up to speed on what the others were talking about.

Someone made the mental observation while drinking water that water was pleasant to drink, even though it had no flavor.

That's really all I remember. I'd like to try to find this book to re-read. My mother had it and I'm basing the publication date on the time frame that I think I read it. For some reason it's stuck in my mind for all these years.


I was looking for this book...

Hi, so I'm looking for a book I read awhile back, and it was about a woman who was made infertile because of damage to her womb (she was mutilated as retribution for something her father did/didn't do). She wants revenge, so she joins a group of magic women/witches/(some other name) and changes the spell so that she becomes a man. She, well now he, goes to the people who mutilated her and then learns how to fight. Then, there's a journey, she has a relation with another woman as a man, who was I believe sexually abused by her brothers. She goes to the underworld, and faced Satan, who is I think actually Adam, and she answers his three riddles, and is awarded the Fruit of Knowledge, but she sins again by taking a bite. Later on, she plants the seed from the Forbidden fruit and a tree grows out of it. There's a battle, which I don't remember the details of and then the woman she/he had slept with is pregnant. A child is born, but the spell that changes her into a man only lasts for a year, so the child dissolves/dissipates after she returns to her true form. This is all I can remember from the book. Hopefully it helps? This is all I could remember, I had read it about 8 years ago.

I can't remember title of fantasy book from a long time ago.

I read the book about 6-7 years ago, and it was a fantasy young adult novel I believe. I remember that it was a really good read and that the series wasn't
finished at the time. I want to find it again and hopefully read the whole story through. I only remember some things and I'm not even sure if they are from the story or not, but I'm gonna try to keep trying to remember details from the story.

Here's something I remembered about the story:
1) The main character is a teen boy
2) I believe there is a war going on at the time.
3) He wanted to become a soldier but he couldn't and had to stay home.
4) I think his older brother becomes a soldier.
5) For some reason he begins sword training, and I think maybe bow training as well.
6) I believe he also owned some sort of bird which he trained with as well.
7) He may have had some magic power, but I'm not sure.
8) I think he had someone to train him.
9) For some reason I seem to remember there being some creature that he has to fight, and I think it's ability was to turn things to stone.
10) I also think the creature attacked his town, but know I'm just taking guesses

Thing I remember about the setting:
1) Took place in a medieval-like time.
2) There is a village that the main character lives in.
3)I think he trained in some sort of clearing in a forest.

That's all I can remember for now, some stuff came back to me as I was typing that, but not enough to figure out the title of the book.

Cross post from reddit

Somebody over on reddit posted about this book, and I remembered a few more details, but not the title. I thought, hey, the more the merrier and am hoping some of you can help out!


The main character's name is Matt, and he is a twin. He and his siblings are from a Christian family and all named after the gospels, meaning the girl in the family has the unfortunate name of Johna or Johnna or possibly Jonna.

Matt is in upper elementary school or middle school, and the town is in a mild uproar because the new science teacher is a Nobel winning scientist who has done some genetic engineering, which the conservatives of their town (including Matt's church) don't like. Matt gets interested in his teacher's talk about evolution, and this triggers a mild crisis of faith for him. It ultimately is revealed that his teacher has a fatal illness (the OP says cancer), and came back to the town to die. We find this out after Matt formed a personal connection with the teacher.

In one scene, the teacher discusses the average size of all the organisms on earth, and after the whole class votes shows them a small dot on the blackboard, reminding them that the smaller it is, the more of them there are. Near the end of the book, Matt's uncle has a new bright idea to get more butts in church, talking about how Santa is an anagram for Satan. I believe this book may have been part of a short series.

I think I read this book at the Borders at the WTC, which of course would give it a publication date prior to 9/11/2001.