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Book with creepy toys and odd kids

I first started reading this book back in the mid- to late-90s. It was about a couple of teens who notice that children that recently went missing and reappear are acting strangely. Rather than playing with their favorite toys, they are playing with wooden, hand-carved toys that they brought back with them. Never got to finish it since my parents thought it inappropriate and too scary for me. The book is currently missing though I don't think they (my parents) ever threw it out. I have tried book search engines, but can't find it. Some one please help me.

Book on Airship Crash -- FOUND

The book I'm looking for is an older paperback because I read it back in the late 70's or early 80's.

I thought the title was 'The Ghost of Flight 101' or 'The Airman Who Would Not Die.' But nothing seems to show up.

It was about a ghost pilot(s) connected to the crash of an airship during the 20's -- it did not happen during WW I. The airship took off from England and finally crashed in France; several reports of the time mentioned the ship was unusually low as it flew over the houses. I think the ship's number was R-101 and there was a sister ship, R-100.

There was a very similar book printed at the same time, The Ghost of Flight 401, which was about the Eastern Airlines crash so I might be confusing the two to an extent but they were two entirely different books.

The cover was probably blue-white to make it look ghostly. There was probably the silhouette of an airship and a pilot too.

Hope someone can help! TIA!

FOUND! Link in the comments.

Possible Andre Norton but there are a lot of them.

This feels like a young adult Andre Norton like the Jargoon Pard or Sioux Spaceman.

I would have been reading a lot of Norton at the time, which was the late 70's, early 80's. Library, probably Osborne Park Library in Perth, Western Australia. Probably hardcover.

There's this guy. Travelling. Might have been separated from his family before or after he finds or is told that: He glows in the dark, or maybe only while he's sleeping. He takes up travelling with a caravan of travellers/merchants(?) and everything is fine until their leader discovers he glows in the dark when his arm accidentally falls outside the covers he's wrapped himself up in.

He's confronted about this, and I think the book was returned before I found out anything more.

Please Help

I am looking for a book I read about a woman whose car breaks down. She is helped by three guys on motorcycles. One of them is a firefighter. They are not part of a MC. She goes to work at the garage that her car is at because the owner's wife died and he needs someone to clean up the mess. It is later revealed that she was attacked by a group of bikers. I think it was set in Australia but I am not sure. If I remember there is a bird that is owned by the lady she rents a room from that is really funny. The lady she rents the room from is the firefighter's mother. He is interested in a relationship but knows something is bothering her so he goes slow. I hope this is enough to help. If I remember more I will add it later. Thanks.

Posted on behalf of kittiebitch

I am Looking for a book. I do not know the name or the author. It is Adult/Romance. Its about this girl and her friend that goes on vacation on a small island. While one night the girl goes for a swim and see this hot guy. She brushes it off and goes to this restaurant. The Guy that owns the restaurant ends up being the hot guy brothers. His name is Jess. Well they hit it off but he won't tell her what he does for a living expect that he travels a lot. Oh and he has a thing about turtles. In the middle of the book when she is going around town on the island she sees Jess talking to this blonde girl. She brushes it off though. Well her vacation ends but they are going to try to have a long distance relationship. In the second book she finds him at her job(shes a photographer) as a model. Also finds out the blond is his ex and that he has a kid and the blond (Chloe) is the mother. Chloe trys to get Jess back. She also finds out that Chloe and Jess are married. Well by the end of the book the photographer ends up pregnant, Chloe gives up hopes of getting Jess back. And Jess ends up being a great parent. Please Help me! I am going crazy trying to find this book!

Help, please.

I think I read this book in 1996 on a library here in Peru. Male American/English author. I guess it was written in the 60s or 70s. It is about a man who wants to kill his wife and designs a plan to do so, but his depressed wife commits suicide first. The man buries her in the backyard. Police investigates and charges the man with murder. The book provides three ways to explain woman's dead.

Can't remember name of the book

I read this book in high school and can't remember the name. I remember some and I hope you guys can help. It took place in either Alaska or Antarctica( someplace with snow). It is a base or research facility and it gets attacked by a Trex.

Romance w/ a Blind Male Love Interest


So I'm searching for a book I read quite some time ago. From what I can recall, the female main character gets a job with some sort of cleaning service company and goes to work for a blind man who reportedly always has complaints about the workers the company sends. So they think he's mean and hard to please. But the lead does an excellent job and even leaves him really funny notes in braille that they put through a machine in order to hear them read aloud. I'm trying to remember more...
I think at one point he gets sick and she helps to take care of him somehow.

Oh I think it might've also been interracial with an AA female and white American male.
I don't remember the exact year but if I had to guess I'd say maybe between 2012 and 2014 was when I read it.

As for tone, I think it was more of a romantic comedy. Perhaps some erotic scenes but not many.

I can't remember what the hero did for a living. But I remember he didn't work at home. And he would order pizzas for the heroine on his way home so that they could eat together. (Although I'm not sure if that's helpful. Sorry.) Oh and he had a big seeing-eye dog but I can't remember what kind.

I can't remember much about his family. But I want to say he was an orphan who was taken in by a very rich man as a baby. That man left him his fortune when he passed away. I really hope I'm not mixing up my stories here though...
Oh, he also had a fantastic sense of smell. I remember he commented that he knew one of the previous maids hired stopped dusting and he could smell it. And he didn't realize he'd gotten a new maid but thought instead that the previous one had changed her perfume. He called the main character by the wrong name for weeks until they actually met.

[I know this is written sporadically. I posted different parts at different times on another site, hence the "****" breaks.]

Thank you for any help you can give!

Adult/Romance- I read it sometime this year or last year.

I am Looking for a book. I do not know the name or the author. It is Adult/Romance. Its about this girl and her friend that goes on vacation on a small island. While one night the girl goes for a swim and see this hot guy. She brushes it off and goes to this restaurant. The Guy that owns the restaurant ends up being the hot guy brothers. His name is Jess. Well they hit it off but he won't tell her what he does for a living expect that he travels a lot. Oh and he has a thing about turtles. In the middle of the book when she is going around town on the island she sees Jess talking to this blonde girl. She brushes it off though. Well her vacation ends but they are going to try to have a long distance relationship. In the second book she finds him at her job(shes a photographer) as a model. Also finds out the blond is his ex and that he has a kid and the blond (Chloe) is the mother. Chloe tries to get Jess back. She also finds out that Chloe and Jess are married. Well by the end of the book the photographer ends up pregnant, Chloe gives up hopes of getting Jess back. And Jess ends up being a great parent. Please Help me! I am going crazy trying to find this book!

Distopian YA Sci-fi.

I read it within the last couple years, but can't remember the name. It starts out with a girl waking up in a sealed box. She was several years older than she remembered, with near total amnesia. After breaking out of the box, she encounters other kids that are also older than they remember. All of the kids have symbols on their heads. As they explore, they discover signs of fighting long ago. It may be a series, but I am not positive of that.

Book about black cats being killed?

I can't remember the title or author as I read this book a long time ago, but I do know the plot. The book is from a male cat's perspective, and he's in love or has a crush on this white female cat. A group of humans start this big, growing campaign against black cats and people start to hunt them down and kill them. I can't remember a lot but I do think the black cats end up over throwing the anti-black cat group somehow. The anti-black-cat group's name also may have something to with angels, although I'm not sure.I know it was somewhat gory (I remember cats being dipped in tar) and that the cover may have yellow on it.

I hope this isn't too brief, I'd really like to read it again, thanks!

Young adult science fiction novel

The main character was a girl and I believe she lived in a village near the coast (or that's how I imagined it) in a post-apocalyptic-type world. I think they had access to remnants of modern technology but there was obviously some type of disaster because most of the world was covered in forests, and they spoke in a strange way. Also, I am not sure but I think that their village was mostly young people and there may have been some deadly disease that was killing some of their people.
The biggest thing I remember is that there were feathered people or bird people that had big cities in the forest regions. I also believe that these cities went to war against each other or something.
The cover of the book was an animal eye up close. Before I read the book I thought it was a dinosaur eye, but I don't think there were dinosaurs in the book.
Hopefully I'm not mixing up two different books.

YA Fantasy/Adventure Book, possibly early 2000s? EDIT: Found!

Looking for a book I read sometime between 2004 and 2006 in the United States (Storm Lake Iowa Middle School if that helps). It was about two boys, one of whom I think was named "Brian," who are invited to the Not-Brian's uncle's house in the woods to meet said uncle and Cousin Prudence (I think) and to "play." There, they start playing this game to determine the fate of an Elvish kingdom, and they think they're playing against an antagonist called Jack something, but in the end it turns out they're playing against each other and Brian has to win to save the elves and they keep travelling back in time and it also turns out the crazy uncle is an android and Prudence was the one who set it up because she won the last round of the game and when she played it it was the minotaur legend and this is round 19/20 or something like that. Also Brian is super shy and everyone keeps telling him he needs to get out on his own more so they're all really glad when Not-Brian is sick and Brian is forced to wander on his own for a bit.

Anyway, does anyone know the title of this book? I'd really like to find it again.

For Teens, with Native Americans?

Hi, I remember reading a book in elementary school, possibly junior high, so it was probably pretty famous. It was very possibly set in the Pacific Northwest. From what I recall, there's a boy living in a cabin in the woods with his dad, and he sees an "Indian" boy (around his same age) and HIS father when they're out hunting from time to time, but I don't think the two end up talking (at least not in the first few chapters - I'm not sure I ever finished reading the book!). I think at some point one of their fathers dies...? And I think the Indian kid gives the other kid a pair of moccasins.

I really hope that I'm correct enough on some of this info that you guys can help me out!

maybe fantasy romance

The book I'm looking for is what I think is a fantasy romance. It involves a healer who escaped one land after being attacked by the governor's son and being declared a fugitive. While wandering through a colder land, she is picked up by a group of soldiers and taken to their kingdom. She heals the leader's soldiers and falls in love with and marries the leader or king.

Regency Romance Anthology


I'm looking for a Regency romance anthology that I think may have contained the word "sweet" in the title, and was focused around sweet treats, baking, things like that. The cover featured a man and a woman on a picnic. The story I remember (and am trying to find) was about a man with two illegitimate children (I think named Sara and William, and I think his name was Richard) who had recently broken an engagement. Our heroine was chubby and the poor relation of the family. The way they resolved their difficulties and got married was he climbed into her room in the middle of the night and fed her pastries until someone found them in the morning.

Any thoughts?

eta: Found the anthology! Sweet Temptations. Unfortunately I misremembered what anthology the story was in, so I'm still looking for that story.

Boy, Girl, magic

Please help. Plot go like this. There was a accident and mysterious boy was able to save a girl but her mom, dad and little brother is dead. She is moving to her aunt home and she goes to new school. Boy who saved her is there too. But she dont know that she is alive thanks to him. They start to hanging around and fall in love. And then she found out he have some powers. He told her what happened, how she survived. After that boy learns her to use magic. Then they go between worlds(dead and living) and she sees her brother there. Thats all i remember. I know later is coming other girl and try to hurt that girl... someone knows name of book? Book is in series and this is first but i dont know who wrote them.

Seedy Pulp Horror About Two Brothers-- One of them is a monster.

This is driving me nuts.

This book was either a legit Zebra Horror paperback, or a knock-off. Probably a knock-off. It was from the late 80s to mid 90s, probably. It had one of those double covers-- on the top cover there was a picture of a cellar door with a furry beast hand grabbing the edge, and on the bottom cover the beast was jumping out at you.

The plot followed this one guy, mid 20s probably, whose older brother was a monster. He was sort of like a werewolf? I think the family kept him in a cellar. I just remember little details, like how the mother died of a blood clot in her brain, and the older brother killed the father and put him up as a scarecrow in the yard. They were in some sort of rural setting; they lived in a farm house or something like that. The major plot was about the older brother escaping the cellar and going on a murder rampage. Obviously, the younger brother has to stop him.

I got this book from a dusty old bookstore in Maine while on vacation in junior high, and I'm wondering if I lost it there. It feels like I fever-dreamed it up.

Fantasy Book

So it was about 2 kids. A young boy who likes dwarves and an older girl who is just dragged along. I remember the beginning the get sent to they're uncles(?) who live across a big foggy lake. And when they do so they find a little village that looks like it belongs in the medieval times and a large mansion on top of a hill.

If it helps I remember theres a dragon with a collar. The boy gets it off and it turns into an elf princess?

book with wooden animals maybe in an ark? that came to life? at night probably???

please help this is the worst

ok so i guess i read this when i was like 6 so like 2004 but idk when it actually came out and i CANNOT find it.

right so i don't actually know if it had pictures or i just made pictures in my head, but i remember it being a pretty small book and the animals were like, wooden, with hinged legs n arms and stuff, and there were two of each, I REMEMBER THE LIONS, they were like a couple and maybe they caused trouble?? i also don't remember if it was multiple stories or just one???

there was an ark and idk if they were like always in the ark and maybe the ark was just a PART of it but there were other toys too that weren't just the ark and that was just one of the many toys actually yeah i think that's right because i think there were like some little wooden men and they wouldn't be on an ark because they're not noah's family

also why is this website like half in french i'm confused please help

i genuinely want to find this book i'm so distressed rn god damn it

SciFi book - kids squatting in a house with curtains over the window & a Latina street racer?

I barely remember this book but it popped into my head and is driving me crazy. I read it in the early 2000s I think, so definitely a young adult fiction novel. I think it was a sci-fi esque book. All I remember is a group of teenagers squatting in some abandoned home where it was dangerous to open the curtains or they'd get attacked, and it started with some Hispanic girl involved in street racing. Help please!!

Kids discover walled African village in modern city

I read a book in 4th grade, so about 2001, that had some kids exploring their modern day city and they discovered a walled African village in the middle of it. They went in and found that the people were still practicing the sacrifice of baby girls. This has been crossing my mind for years and I have yet to come up with a title. Any ideas??

Fantasy book roughly 1990's or earlier, girl with a dragon, possibly with magic powers or elves

I read this book about 2006-ish. I got it from my local library, i remember that the cover was "outdated" art (to a young me) and I remembered thinking it was made in the 1990's but more probably towards the 80's or earlier. I believe the cover had the outline of a girl in darkness/forest possibly with a dragon. It was not a popular book/author/series, it was a rarely checked out book at the bottom of the shelf. I read it once so the details are very fuzzy but the plot was about a girl (possibly princess) with powers and a dragon, maybe a fairies or elves as well. She has to go on a quest to find something (maybe the last dragon egg?)She comes to age or of power within the forest. It was a single book and not in a series. I have already checked my library and have not been able to find it. It was meant for highschool students and lower, more towards a 7th-8th grade level. I would appreciate any help thank you!

Si-fi Romance?


I'm looking for a book about a shapesifting girl in a task force against aliens/extra terrestrial beings to keep them in check or something.

Basically she her current look is of her bestfriend? (definitely not hers) and she encounters the hero that somehow recognizes her as his.

If I'm not wrong there are details like how in her world water is scarce but the hero has an abundance of water.

Everything is really foggy! I hope you guys can help!


Can't find title of sci-fi novel read in HS.

(posted on behalf of primeval003)

My sister and I both read a youg adult sci-fi novel in the early 90s featuring children being held in an extraterrestrial zoo or menagerie. They were the last remaining remnants of the various "races" like caucasian, asian, etc. Everyone in the world had become a homogenized blending of all human phenotypes being uniformly brown skinned, brown eyed, brown haired... for the life of us we can't remember the title.

YA Action and Adventure series about a boy who is on the run.

I'm looking for an american book series. I read it in around 2009-2010 but the actual publication of the first book in the series might have been a year or 2 before that. I never finished the series so I'll sort out what happens in each book that I did manage to read to the best of my ability.

Book 1
A boy learns martial arts from his uncle because his uncle owned a dojo (i think the Dojo was located in a mall shopping center) But his uncle disappears one day and no one knows where. So one day he sees his classmate with some people at the park and there is a black car.

[So i'm not too sure but either he sees his classmate gets murdered in the park. or he sees his classmate at the park with some black car and the next day they find out that he was murdered.]

either way he gets accused of the murder through circumstantial evidence that the bad guys planted. But something more sinister is going on and when he's being taken away he escapes and is on the run. He tries to find out why he's being accused when he did nothing. There is a sort of romance going on between him and this girl but its not a main point in the story.

At some point he goes back to his uncles dojo to try to find some answers to whats going on.

Book 2 or 3
He gets caught and is brought to a place sort of like a compound where hes tied up and whoever is behind all of this plans to kill him. By using his martial arts training he manages to escape and he gets into a car and is able to dive off enough to escape the compound. The car gives out but he runs into the mountains that are surrounding the compound. There are people chasing him and looking for him from the compound and he escapes into a cave like hole where he digs his way to the other side and escapes.

Book 4
[On the cover there is an airplane flying low between buildings in what looks like new york city]
He finds out that these people are planning and attack on some city and he is able to stop the attack by running through the sewers, and he ends up flying a plane in a city. I'm not sure which city it is but i know that he's flying the plane.

YA retelling of the Snow Queen, possibly a son of the Snow Queen type story. Edit: Found

I can't remember too much about this book, I never fully finished it, only read the beginning and now I can't seem to find it. I was once reading parts of it on Amazon with their look inside feature since I couldn't buy it or find it at the library, but now I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I can't remember much about it.

From what I remember there is a snow covered land with a village on the icy water, with ships in the water where some lived (though I could be mixing that up with another), a ship comes in and brings them bad news.
The villagers there have to bring food and supplies up to a tower up in the mountains to a caretaker. There was only one way in and out of the tower and the pass could be blocked with snow.
I believe the caretaker was taking care of a boy with icy features, white hair and such, who is locked in the tower and I believe he was connected with the Snow Queen, like their souls are connected through a mirror, and I think some in the villagers believe he is her son.
I think a girl from the village is helping to take supplies to them and sees the boy, I think she might accidentally break a mirror when she was there unleashing something, so the girl and boy have to leave and go find something, or fix the mirror to save the boy and/or stop the Queen from reviving(I think)
I remember a vague scene of them running through woods and have to rest by a river, a man is helping guide them. I think there were pursuers, not sure what though.

I am pretty sure it is a retelling of the Snow Queen cause it has the same features, but it isn't the Snow Queen (I have asked this question before somewhere else and they just said Snow Queen), it came out more recently, maybe around 2007-2010, that's when I read parts of it anyways.

Edit: Found the book courtesy of kallah - Catherine Fisher's Snow-Walker

Victorian Novella about an Australian wife to an English man

Greetings, oh place of many books,

I read this online ages ago, but it's nowhere in my history or anything I can look up. It reads like something that was originally published in parts in a newspaper around the time it was set (or only slightly after).

Setting: London, somewhere between about 1860 and 1890

Basic story - young man arrives home from Australia, and brings with him his new wife. She was born in Australia, on a station (think "ranch"), and he's introducing her to his family. His mother is very snooty, thinks the wife's manners are rough and unpolished and her clothing worse. His brother spends the whole time picking on her and making her feel very unwelcome. The worst point comes when they're out at the races or in a park, and she spots someone she knows from Australia and calls to them with the standard (but not very ladylike) COO-EE!

Then she overhears something, or her brother-in-law leaves her a note, and she decides the only thing to do is to go back to Australia, as her husband will be better without her. Needless to say, he does love her, follows her back to Australia and finds her living in a stockman's shed on her father's property.

When I read it, it was on Gutenberg or something like that, and I'm not sure but I *think* it was illustrated (black and white drawings). I've searched as much as I can, but to no avail. I can't remember their names or the author, although I have a feeling it was written by someone who was an established writer.

Book about light and a town

Hello everyone, I'm new here I just found this place and I was hoping someone can help me. I'm in 3rd year of college and since like 2 years ago I had these flashback and I remembered this book I never finished and is really making me anxious, I've read hundreds of books to be honest but I couldn't finish this one. I borrowed it from my school library when I was in 8th grade it was a misterious book it was a boy talking about how this town didn't have light, no light what-so-ever and I don't remember the tittle or the author and these 2 years I've been looking for this book. I think in the story the little boy was poor and probably hiding from something or someone, I'm certain that it was about this town that had no light.

Hand-carved wooden animals as apology for crippled brother

Read a book, probably classified as a children's book, sometime during 1995-1998.

Probably set in Switzerland, certainly set in the Alps, pre-electric.

A boy causes an accident which results in the injury/crippling of a younger boy, and carves a set of wooden animals, and an ark? as a gift/apology.

LF: Contemporary Romance from around 2005

I am looking for a romance novel I read about a decade ago...
The heroine of the book is a comic book/gaming store owner in a small US town, who also happens to be a retired thief/hacker. She is taking care of/raising her much younger brother. She gets blackmailed/coerced into breaking into the home office of a reclusive computer programming genius whose mansion/estate is just outside the town.

Cannot remember this book!!

Hi all, I am tryying to track down a book I read about 15 years ago about a couple who had just moved to a new home, the husband works alot and his pregnant wife stayed home (i think her name was Paige) the wife comes across a 'wild' young girl living in the forest behind their home. Eventually she gains her trust and this girl comes to live with them. Then after a bit, the girl begins to act strange/creepy and becomes obsessed with the unborn baby and resentful of Paige i think.. Eventually she loses it and tries to kill Paige or husband.. Cant remember exactly. They then do some research and find out the girl had run away after murdering her family... I remember it ends with the girl being locked up but managing to send Paige one last note and a gift for the baby, a toy (wooden??) of some sort and says its for 'My Boy' I thought that might be the name of the book but havent come across it while searching yet.. Please help if you have any ideas, its driving me nuts!

Fantasy novel, only really remember a few details, somewhat vague

It was a fantasy novel and I only remember a few vague details. For instance, in the first few chapters, the protagonist is breaking someone out of a prison and makes use of a spell/magical object called a brainstorm or similar. In the villages featured in the book, there are surveillance towers with a loop at the top which has a strange defence mechanism which causes harm to those who touch it, such as one person, whose hand melted away to reveal bone. There is a creature which is featured which has 6 or more legs and flies using a system similar to helicopter rotors. And finally, the last few chapters take place in a separate dimension which acts as a shortcut or hidden route between two places. The protagonists have to consume a potion to avoid being driven mad by the alternate dimension, but the antagonists henchmen are not as prepared.

Any help on identifying this book would be greatly appreciated as I cannot remember anything else about it.

I read this about 5 years ago

I seem to recall the cover of the book being black with an ornate detailed gold pendant.

Girl has to walk on her hands for a part in a play (with ghosts)

Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me find a book I read 15ish years ago. The protagonist was a young teen girl, and for reasons I can't recall she had gone to stay/live somewhere near the sea in England. She met an amateur drama/theatre group, and for her part she had to be able to walk on her hands. I remember there was a scene near the end where she walked on her hands along the beach. Also near the end of the book it was revealed that the drama group were all ghosts, possibly who had died in the second world war, but I may be mixing it up with a different book. I know it's a little vague, but I'm hoping someone will recognise it.

Book about aliens

Hello, I'm trying to find a book for my husband. He doesn't remember the title or who it's by. He only remembers it's about an alien race that disappears and the main character is a private eye whose parents where ambassadors to the race. It's set in the future and there are artifacts from the race on display in like a museum. And the last thing he remembers is that the aliens called showers freshers, he said he read it in about 2002 and it may have been part of a series. If anyone could help me out with the title of this I would appreciate it cause I want to surprise him at Christmas😁 thank you for help.

Recent (I think) Book About College-Age Girl, Date Rape, Boy Next Door

**Possible trigger warnings.**

My first post here, but this is driving me nuts. A few months ago I read a book where the main character had slept over at a (male) friend's house and woke up to realize Bad Things Had Happened. She leaves the house and calls her mom, who picks her up; the boy is the boy-next-door-type, a family friend, someone she grew up with. The book wrestles with the concept of consent, as well as what really happened. I am pretty sure she was college-age and not a teenager, but I could be wrong. I am fairly certain it was a new or semi-new release.

I remember the parents were very supportive, there were detectives both supportive and doubtful, and I think there was something about texts exchanged that proved something? I think? That's all I've got.

I've tried to track it down without luck. Typically finding a book I'd recently read would be easy, but I had to reset my Kindle a few months ago and have only my massive Calibre library to refer to, which is not organized at all.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?

Thanks so much - hopefully I'm doing this right.

book about foster boy who runs away

When I was in grade 9 iread a book about a little boy who was jumping through foster homes until he finally ran away. After being on his own for awhile he finds an old Indian man who lives with a mute, and they take care of him. Eventually authorities find the boy and take him away from the men, although he doesn't want to leave. In the end either the boy or the old man end up committing suicide by hanging, maybe both I don't remember. I only have a vague memory so I hope someone can help me! It was an awesome book and I have been searching for it for quite some time

Lost book (sent to me in a PM): assassin, children's arms

A couple of years ago i read a book that told the story of 2 detectives that had to investigate a murder...some murders. The assassin was a serial killer and i remember that the detectives were a man and a woman and were working together for the first time. In one of the scenes they found five child's arms in a forest. I don't remember the whole story, but in the end the male detective working on the case turns out to be a killer himself. He had killed his wife and child several years ago, but from the shock he went crazy and thought that they were still alive (he kept their bodies in his house).

Nonfiction humerous travel guide--Found!!

I saw this book (I want to say) years ago, and then saw it in a used bookstore this past week. It's about a man (I think he's by himself, though he might be with a friend) who hikes through the Appalachian mountains or trails or something. Anyway, it's written in a humorous vein, and the title has only two or three words. They start with the same letter (b or d, I think) and it's a bright cover with a bear on the cover.

Thanks for any help!

Thanks, ms_geekette! The book is A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.

fantasy male main caracter seer fae

I read this book in i believe late 2008. its about a boy i dont remember why he is traveling but he is. He somehow travels to a fay/fae/fairy world with the night fairy/fae/princess/queen/goddess. he fell under her spell, kinda and spent a lot of time with her. it was always the same time in her world, twilight, unless they moved. heading one direction it darker/later and heading the other made it earlier/lighter. there was a seeer in the fae world but it was forbidden to talk to it. the seer was able to see everything and any contact with it would allow it to put its own plans to motion. the seer lived in a tree surounded by butterflies. it liked eating the butterflies. the seer said the different colored butterflies tased differently. it talked to the boy who got scared and went back to the princess. the princess lets him know its forbidden and that he needs to leave. the other fae will try to kill him. she makes him a cloak by heading to darkness and weaving it out of night. he comes back to his world what feels like ages later its really only a little while.. thats all i remember for now but i might remember more later. if i do i will update.

So I'm trying to find a book to reread, but I can't remember what it's called:

I'm a little fuzzy on the plot details because I read it so long ago, but what I do remember is that, growing up, this girl keeps getting constantly told that she can never allow herself to cry. It's never explained to her why she can't, but she is repeatedly told that she has to be strong and never cry. And then one time when she is little she is completely crying so hard, which causes a storm, and an accident happens and I think someone close to her dies.
After that I'm a little fuzzy on the details, except, at the end of the book, she finally cries and then water seems to take over where she is.

If someone has any idea how to help me figure out which book I'm thinking of, or if you know the title/author, any help would be appreciated!

Late 90's Scary Kids Stories?

I am looking desperately for a book I read in around 2009-2011 when I was in around year 5 (aged 10). I can't remember much regarding the story line, but I know that a ginger cat in the story drank some alcohol and ended up urinating on the villain of the story (I know, a bit strange).The villain was a man that owned a shop I believe. The main character of the story was a young child. The illustrations on the cover were very similar to the front covers of the Goosebumps series, however I do not believe it is a Goosebumps book. The cover was a zoomed in illustration of a frightened child with blonde hair and blue eyes. I do not remember the author nor the title of the book itself. Due to the similarities of the cover with the Goosebumps books, I am assuming the book was from the late 90's. Sorry this description is very vague, but I hope someone might be able to tell me if they know of any book similar to what I have described.