Harry Jessington (brosely) wrote in whatwasthatbook,

sci fi....

may have posted about this one before a few years ago...

it was in a reader's digest, i'm almost positive. was about a space probe that went to jupiter (i think) where it entered the atmosphere and descended below to find a water planet. it entered the water and scientists were amazed to find organic matter in the water. as it went further (there was also a camara), they saw pictures of an obviously intelligent species living there. sadly, as it went further, they discovered that the creatures, which looked like whales, had been completely wiped out by a comet striking the planet (spelled badly: shoemacher levy-9). it was an awesome discovery but also horrible due to the tragedy?

i must have read this in '95? but i'm fairly certain it was published far before that as they were my dad's and had been around for awhile.

any clues? an amazing story....

edited to add that the comet that hit jupiter was Shoemaker-Levy 9 in '94. and since i read it at my dad's house, it had to be between then and '97.
Tags: *lost the book/not found!, cat: aliens, decade: 1990, genre: sci-fi, genre: space travel
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