FOUND: Classic sci-fi short story about a man and his robot tiger

"Automatic Tiger" by Kit Reed.

I'm trying to find a short story that I read over 30 years ago about a timid, introverted man who (somehow) acquires a lifelike robotic pet tiger (or lion, panther, etc.). He takes the tiger with him everywhere that he goes, and everyone is so impressed by it that his self-confidence gradually improves until he starts meeting people (and climbing the corporate ladder IIRC). Eventually he turns it off and puts it away (in a drawer?) and years go by until he comes across it again, now all worn out and moth-eaten. He takes it to the park, where it bounds around demonstrating that it's still the spry young tiger it used to be. It tries to leap over a pond, but doesn't have the strength and instead falls in and drowns. Thanks!
Oh wow! I'd read a few of Reed's other stories over the years--"The Food Farm" and "Cynosure" stick in my mind--but I'd never read this one. I'd forgotten how good her stories are!