I'd like to read this again....

I read this book many years ago. I do not recall the author. It's fiction. Here are the bits and pieces I recall.

- I believe the book begins focusing on a young boy who is quite intelligent, but he also excelled in other ways. After a bit he decides to hide his intelligence, though I don't recall his motive. Perhaps he did it to 'fit in' or not draw attention.

- I recall one scene where he and his Dad were racing each other in the pool. The boy purposely holds back so that his Father would win the swim race.

- I recall nothing else until sometime later in the novel (I sure hope I'm not mixing novels here) there are other children who are gifted in various ways. I recall one child was kept and controlled in a lab. He was able to 'remotely view' distant places. This child could also influence the thoughts of others. The scientists kept careful control over him with drugs.

- Another scene I vaguely recall much later in the book: Someone is running to escape (perhaps from the organization that keeps and controls these gifted children). While on the run, they try to stay outdoors as much as possible since the "pursuers" have a harder time "remotely viewing" out-of-doors.

I don't recall much else at the moment. Thank you.
Welcome to the Ark .. is not the book. Thank you. Perhaps some other ideas will come through. I've wanted to re-read this book for some time. Thank you again for your input!