Book about boy


I can't remember much about the book but I know I read it in 2006 but it couldn't be new. I bought it at a canadian bookstore and it was on sale. I believe the cover was sort of blue, can't be too sure though. It was about a boy and something to do with his reflection on the water, I don't know if it was a lake or pond or something. I think the cover had something of this sort. It might have been a middle grade but not entirely sure. That's all I remember of the book, I don't even know what else it could have possibly been about. It was a hardcover book and kind of small, about 100 - 170 pages maybe, not so tall, about the size of a mass paperback, maybe a little bit taller but it was thin.
Sorry it's not much to go by. Hopefully someone will help me find it.
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