Would love to find this fantasy book series

The book (as far as I can remember) begins with a traveling caravan transporting caged creatures and other goods, possibly illicit. One of the main characters, travelling with the caravan as a slave, is a young hunchback who has been beaten repeatedly over the years to the point that his hunchback is scarred badly.

The hunchback releases one of the creatures in the caravan and escapes and it is later revealed in another book in the series that the hunchback actually has wings under the scarred tissue, beautiful iridescent wings.

There is a hidden city in the desert that cant be seen unless taken there.

This is a series of some form, I remember getting the first book and the third book but unable to find the second and possibly forth. I kind of remember one of the books having a tower jutting up off a single rock spire with a bridge crossing toward it and characters standing at the start of the bridge, I think this was the third book.

In today's electronic age it's totaly possible to now find these books in electronic form if not in actual print, I am hoping to be able to re-read this in its entirety, thank you all who have read my post.

Kind regards Cyn <3
This reminds me of Delan the Mislaid by Laurie J. Marks. It's the first book in a trilogy. The other two books are called The Moonbane Mage and Ara's Field.
Try Andre Norton. More specifically, I think the books you are remembering, with the hunchback and the wings, are "Flight in Yiktor" (#3 in the series) and "Dare To Go A-Hunting" (#4). The first two books are "Moon of Three Rings" (#1) and "Exiles of the Stars" (#2). I don't remember the tower in specific, but that would be a pretty common bit of imagery for Norton.