I can't remember the title and I'm gonna go crazy!

Ok so it starts off with a girl arriving home from school to find strangers in her house talking to her parents and is told she needs to leave with the strangers. Turns out she's adopted and the adoptive parents no longer want anything to do with because she has supernatural powers. She tries to get away by escaping out her window but is stopped Close to bus by a teenaged who is there as security... turns out she's going to a school to teach her to use her powers and the headmistress is corrupt and she ends up in love with they guy who stopped her from getting away.. Pleas help

Hi, do you remembwr how old you were when toy read the book or what range of years you might have read it in?

I believe it was within the last 2 years?? If I remember there is a part wher they are being attacked at the school and they guy is only able to teloport himself and the heroin to her old house and have to
I don't think this is it, but just in case. This book is similar, anyway: Meridian by Amber Kizer, maybe?