The Most Vague Book: FOUND

Hi! So this is probably the most vague description ever as I really cannot remember much but I cannot get this series out of my head so I thought I would give it a try anyway.
So like I said I don't remember much but I know it was a book series and the main character is a girl and over the course of the series the girl discovers that she's actually like a demon; I have a feeling it's not actually a demon but something else like trolls but not trolls something else you would find in like paranormal books. Eventually she comes to be able to like control all the other creatures like her but I get the feeling that the creatures she controls aren't like shifters they are just the creatures. In the last book I think there is like a giant battle in like a big massive field and I'm thinking there is some sort of rift that someone is trying to break through and the girl has to like cross into the rift to try and save everyone whilst everyone else fights.
I know this is soo vague but I cannot get what little I remember out of my head so if you can think of anything at all it would be a great help. I generally read like young adult books and paranormal books so it would probably be something along those lines and I would've read it in the last three years maybe.
Again, thanks for any help.
That's it exactly!! Thank you soo much, been trying to figure this out forever!