Trying to find book title

Hi to all,

Got here via a Google search. I'm trying to figure out the name of a Sci-Fi novel I've read a couple of years ago but I cannot remember the title. Here is what I do recall:

a. Science fiction
b. Space travel
c. more than one planets
d. The planet in question has a superstorm on the sun facing side (it's gravity locked)
e. The main characters somehow ended up some considerable distance away and they journey towards that
f. There is a crew of people from earth abandoned there as caretaker hiding under the storm
g. I think on the dark side of the planet (opposite location of the superstorm) they find one of the first pioneers (solo-flying) who died after landing due to... problems (don't exactly remember).

h. The main clue is that somewhere on that planet (also I think on Earth) there is this chamber that two of them enter, like a tunnel. When they come out, 20 years have passed, and they are on an alien world, but they did not experience it.

i. It may have been more than one book.
j. At the end of the novel, a pair of them get into another of those transit tunnels but they head away from earth.

For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of.
Proxima by Stephen Baxter
Hi to all,

I've went through all of my ebook purchases and read the descriptions and I found it (after bashing my head for a week).

The book is Proxima by Stephen Baxter. Got Ultima yesterday, next book in the series, and I'm starting reading today.

Thank again