Girl who could heal really fast?

I read a book a while ago and I remember that it was really good but all I recall is that it was about a girl who could heal really fast and she was owned by this guy and he would cut designs into her like everyday. I think it was dystopian? People would like pay money to have designs cut into them- it was like a scarring thing or something.

Let me know if anyone knows what I'm talking about-maybe I made the whole thing up. Like I said, I read it a while ago so the memories are fuzzy.

Girl, Armadillo, Dust Bowl, Series

I'm looking for a middle grade series published in the early-mid 90's. It was about a little girl between ages 9-11 who was left with an abusive aunt/uncle/cousins during the Great Depression. She ran away and along the way rescued a baby armadillo. She was looking for her father, but I'm not sure if she found him or not. The armadillo was a key part of the plot. It was sold in Christian bookstores. I bought it in '94 or '95, so I'd guess the earliest it was published was '92. Any tips?

Book about young girl becoming first wife in a Harem

Probably 10 years ago, I remember reading a book about a young daughter who's parents send her to be the first wife to a man with a Harem. As he adds more women into his life, I remember her getting jealous even though she dreams of a life outside the Harem. I think there was some trouble getting pregnant? And I remember her trying to escape the harem with her childhood neighbor/love.

I'm going nuts trying to remember it! And no Google searches are working.

FOUND - Married couple finds money in kitchen cabinet

All I remember is that near the beginning, a married couple found a lot of cash - like tens or hundreds of thousands - in the top of their kitchen cabinet.  Possibly it wasn't their kitchen, but one in a recently-vacated unit in a small apartment building they owned. I don't remember what happened next but I'd love to reread this.

I MIGHT be confusing this with another book, but if not, it could be set in Chicago.

This also MIGHT be another book, but they may have walked to a Thai restaurant early on in the book.

I have an idea it was more of a suspense-type novel but am not really sure.

I read this sometime in the mid-2000s in California, but it could have been written earlier.  Thanks in advance for any help.

Young adult novel - girl has powers

I think I read this last year, but I'm a bit hazy on the details of it. I know it started with a girl who was magically kept in the walls of her house because something bad was going to happen. I think? And then years later some boys woke her up. She ended up living with her cousin and her aunt, I think. The society was suspicious of her for some reason and magic/powers were thought to be bad. I'm pretty sure there was either a swamp or a farm in it, too. Actually, I think there was a girl who lived on a farm and the main character and some others tried to get the girl out of the farm away from her father because they thought he was abusing her. Any ideas what book this might be?

Fantasy in modern England

Been looking for a looong time now. I read this book last century and promptly forgot about it. The library I got it from doesn't have it anymore and changed computer systems, so they can't tell me what books I used to read.

The story revolves around an ex-policewoman who was shot in the back and left paralyzed. She buys an old cottage near the woods in the English countryside and meets up with a old woman. The old woman turns out to be a witch and promises the policewoman that she can heal her with old magic. It turns out that the witch is trying to bring back the old wild god/elf/something and that the policewoman will be sacrificed to do so.

There is also a pig farmer, lots of pigs and some chap who becomes the policewoman's boyfriend.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Historical fiction with mute girl

The other post was successful so here's to hoping this one is as well. This nice old man who came to my aunt's pharmacy used to let me borrow his books since he knew I loved to read. Among those was this one I feel like there might be sequels. It was written before 2001. The main character was this girl who was mute after surviving her father murdering the family with an axe. She was in love with this boy who didn't in the beginning of the story and his dream was to sail off somewhere. He did love her in the end but may have left on a ship. It was set in a time where women wore long dresses and it was in the countryside near the sea I think. I picture windmills and tall yellow grass but I may be mistaken. This might be the book he said was written by a man who acted in soap operas. I keep thinking Reap the Wild Wind but that's a John Wayne movie I saw. It could have a similar title or I could be completely wrong. This book was not one to be found in the romance section but just fiction.

looking for a book

I read this book about 10 years ago and it was already a few years old, but I want to send a copy to my sister but I can't remember the name. it was an elementry/middle school fantasy. It took place in New York and this kid has a sick mom and he saves up money to buy a pet fish but ends up with a talking cat instead and the cat leads him to a fantasy world his mom was once the queen of and his uncle and his uncles friend are trying to capture/kill him and there is an evil sphinx and some sort of horned deer person thing helps him escape back home and him and his sister are the royalty of this world and his uncles friend is some sort of dog headed creature. and there is a dragon somewhere in the story. I don't remember much beyond that, if anyone could help me out, I would appreciate, I remember enjoying it and I want to recommend it to my baby sister.

Help!!! Can't find novel anywhere!!

This novel would be under the Post-apocalyptic (no zombies)/ post-nuclear novel
I read it a few years back maybe 5-7 years ago it seemed like a fairly new book at the time I read it in the United states.

The protagonist is a girl, I think a teen, who lives in a society where a nuclear event occurred in the past there is no mentions of why it happened as per my knowledge. I think she lives with her mother or a female guardian. After the war occurred a force field was put up separating the earth. The people there are not allowed to go to the other side of the force field. From what I remember the girl lives very close to the force field and begins to wonder what is on the other side, but knows it is too dangerous to cross to the other side or she believes no one survived the nuclear event. Towards the end of the novel a boy her age comes through the force field to find help. He convinces the girl to help him by going to the other side with him. The novel ends with her on the other side of the force field with him.


It is called The Line by Teri Hall. Thank you for helping me find it.

Ship captain, sad children & a 3-decade mystery

Hi all -- Thanks in advance for your help! I'm 35 now, and when I was about 5 yrs old, my mother would read me a lot of children's books from her grandmother's (my great-grandmother's) library.

On book I remember so vividly, but no one else has ever heard of it.

There are three children -- a baby, a boy and a girl. They live with their mom and dad in a town on the sea.

One day, one of the children comes home from school to find her mother dead at the bottom of the stairs (old timey children's books could be harsher, couldn't they?) She had been carrying laundry and had tripped on a loose stair. The baby was by itself alone and helpless in the kitchen.

The father goes into a deep depression because he'd been meaning to fix that stair and he just kept putting it off.

The two older children are left to fend for the baby and themselves.

So, somewhere running around the town, they meet an old sea captain. He's grumpy at first, but eventually they all become friends and have adventures together. Somewhere along the way, the father is awoken from his depression because he realizes what matters most--the children--and he is grateful to the sea captain and everyone lives happily ever after.

Help?!?!?! Otherwise I will just have to rewrite the book myself, I guess?!?!

Young adult Gothic fantasy?

(Book found) Update: Thank you so much. After reading the summary it looks like it was The Darkangel commented below. Whatwasthatbook and its followers has done in less than a day what I couldn't for years. Again many thanks~

Borrowed a book in the 90's and it's been driving me crazy for a few years that I can't remember the title. I know i grabbed it from the young adult section. The setting wasnt modern. Few details I can remember the main character is a girl who gets taken to a castle that can't be escaped from because of I think monsters outside the walls. She is put with other girls harem style and the lord or whatever is I think childlike and is like a demon. I know they had to eat dinner together. There was threat of her being killed by the master and some girls may have been killed before. It seemed very Beauty and the Beast but darker. It turns out it was a curse and she breaks it so he's not demon like anymore. I'm not sure if some of the other girls were human in the end. There may or may not have been a picture of a guy with wings on the cover. So sorry there isnt more to tell. Its been around 20 years and I've read too many books.

H. P. Lovecraft like story I remeber from being a kid.

Ok, this is a weird one, and I apologize for the vagueness. When I was younger I loved those 'scary stories to tell in the dark' series of books. I could have sworn this came out of that, but after poring over the books I cant find the story. It may be from some other short story anthology. I only ever heard it as an audio book, so it must have been picked out by my parents at some point. Anyway, heres what i remember:

A girl, maybe someones daughter or wife, is taken by strange creatures living outside the village in toxic land. Two or more of the men set out to rescue her. The creatures are described kind of like alien 'greys', small with larger heads and odd skin. The guys are able to recover the girl, but only after killing some of the creatures, skinning them and hiding inside like a suit. At the end of the story the author treats it like an actual place and event, listing the equipment you would want if you were going to venture into the toxic lands, particularity a self contained breathing apparatus for the bad air. I wish I could remember more, my cryptic googling has turned up nothing.

Plz halp =)

Girl with extensive imaginary world, needs counseling

Saw the book in a library around 07. It was about a girl, probably a teen, who has an extensive imaginary world that she developed after some sort of trauma. It was so severe that she needed extensive counseling to become 'normal' again.
I believe the book was YA Fiction, though I cant remember for sure.

Looking for Three different books: Ghost Boy, Devil's Steps, and Burnt Books

1. The main protagonist is a girl, and she has a ghost friend named Shia, I think. They are both on a journey of some sort in search of a wizard's tower? The wizard is supposed to teach the girl magic, I think. Shia guides her as they go looking for her magic teacher and he helps her with a series of tasks. The wizard turns out to be evil, and Shia has to pass on to the other side in order to defeat him? They fall in love and it’s tragic. I think at some point there are fire balls being thrown around?

2. A book about missing children in this town that has a series of stone steps in the middle of a forest clearing. and I remember there’s like a little rhyme, and you can’t step on the seventh or thirteenth one or someone will go missing. It's about a couple children trying to get their friends back, I think.

3. A book post and pre-apocalypse, I think. The most memorable section to me was of a girl sitting with a guy who is offering her shelter, and he has a huge collection of books; books were burned by the government. I remember there being black and white checkers on the cover.

Hope these sound familiar to some of you! Thanks so much for taking the time to help out :)

Maybe a sleeping beauty variation

Found! Thank y'all so much. I'll be heading to the library soon :)

We just put on Maleficent and were watching it as a family when a piece of a story was brought to mind and now it's driving me mad! The only thing I can remember is that the main character was put in charge of a baby girl and had to flee the kingdom. The baby had to be nursed by farm animals they met along the way. And something about being able to communicate with animals? Argh I know it was good, and I want to find it again.

Princess Who Doesn't Want To Be

Fantasy book.  Ilegitimate princess, ran away many years ago, makes her living as a healer.  Hunter from her father's Kingdom shows up, she beds him not knowing, finds out in the light of morning. - hunters are legendary for never stopping.  He won't hurt her, but he refuses to leave her until he can convince her to go back to her home country.  She just wants to keep learning to be a better healer.  Everywhere they go, he reveals who she is, she keeps picking up followers.  One of the healers she wanted to meet is way off in the boonies raising and healing dragons.  They meet this one, an accident happens, and the princess manages to command the dragons to not hurt them.  This use of "The Royal Power" makes all of the entourange swear fealty to her - against her wishes - so she says "Fine, you'll get to see what living like royalty is really like.  We'll go back and you'll find out what a snake pit is it" (not exact quote).  They go back to her home,w here she finds out she's a lot closer to the throne in succession than she thought - or even likes - from her foppish brother.  The book is obviously set up for a sequel, but I don't know that it had one.

I'd have sworn the title was something along the lines of "The Reluctant Princess" - but I can't find that in and among a maze of twisty historical romances that all look and sound alike.

SCORE!!!!!!!! It's found!

80s young adult high school vampires

I remeber reading a book about vampires in a high school. One of the sports teams were vampires and I think they even had a special stadium built for them. There was a scene where they found a dead student in a locker. I think toward the end a boy and a girl were im a car, and she had been bitten. Any ideas?

Young love/unrequited crush

I am trying to find a book I have read in the last year or so. I remember that it starts off with a teenage guy going to his lawyer's house to meet regarding some charge or another. Once at the house he meets the lawyer's youngest daughter. They spend some time in the kitchen studying before the lawyer's older daughter comes home. Teenage boy becomes "part of the family". Cue hopeless crush drama from the younger daughter as the guy and her sister have an on again/off again romance. Younger daughter and guy become close/best friends over the years. Older daughter and guy become engaged, but things don't work out. I know the guy is super smart and decides to become a lawyer trying to emulate the father. Not much to go on, but this is driving me crazy. Thank you for any help.

Leprechaun girl who can't use magic; exiled

A leprechaun girl is exiled from the other leprechauns, and is switched with a human baby. She is seen as a strange child with an unusual ability to play the bagpipes.

She is cast out from the human village because she was trying to use magic but it went wrong. She tried to break back into the leprechaun community with the help of a boy she met.He was enchanted by the leprechaun magic but she told him not to eat the food or he will never be able to leave. She put a cream in his eye to make him see past the glamour. They found the changeling baby she was switched with and returned it to the mother.

I know that I read this story 11-12 years ago, and have been looking for it for the past 9 years. I read it at a middle school library in Florida, USA. I looked through their online database, but couldn't find it. Help?


Fantasy short story, Matrix style, humans live in dream world as rulers of their own countries

SOLVED: Brandon Sanderson's novella Perfect State. Fantasy short story from an anthology. Man is living in world, where all humans live a dream life as rulers of their own countries. This man is bored of his life, ruling over non-human subjects. His advisor sends him on a "date" in another realm, with a beautiful woman in a red dress. They go on an adventure / chase, due to a conflict he has with another human, who is the ruler of a neighboring territory.

FOUND! Old Book [actually PLAY] Downer Ending-One Brother Off at War, Dad and Other Brother at Home

Required reading in high school a good many years ago. Alas, retention is not 100%, but here's what I think I remember:

A dad has two sons. (Guess there was a mom, but I don't remember.) The older son was a pilot in a war. The younger son was back home with the dad, hoping his brother would come home or at least contact them. (Every time they get a letter, he hopes it's from his brother.) I want to say the dad worked at a factory where they made airplane parts, and the dad was talking about how they were cutting corners at the factory to make a profit or something.

At the end of the story (here be spoilers!) ...

The older brother sends one final letter. He talks about how many men he's lost because of plane crashes, I believe due to substandard parts on the planes. He declares that one of these days, he's going to fly out for a mission and "never return" (crash his plane intentionally?) The dad, distraught (because of the role he/his company played, if nothing else), grabs his shotgun and shoots himself.

Haven't read it in ages, honestly not in a huge hurry to re-read it, but something reminded me of it the other day and it's bugging me that I can't remember it.

Any ideas? Thanks!

EDIT: It was All My Sons by Arthur Miller. Thanks to anita_margarita for her help!

Makes sense, too. We read The Crucible and may have talked about (though I know we didn't read) Death of a Salesman.

British Police Series - Former Officer Wanders the Countryside

I am trying to find the author/protagonist of a British (maybe Scottish...) novel series in which the main character is an police man on leave after the death of his wife and he wanders the countryside. Not even sure of the years the series was written, but at least the 70's and perhaps newer.

Female Protagonist, YA Novel

I did quite a bit of searching and I wasn't able to find this book. I read it within the last 2 years through Amazon Kindle Unlimited (english only as far as I know). I remember bits and pieces, so some of this might be out of order.

The main protagonist was taken from her family (or sold) to a group that trains "potential" females into soldiers (all female training compound expect 1 male trainer). These girls are imbued with a nano chip (I believe) that allows them to utilize their senses betters as well as provide enhanced strength/speed/etc. over "normal" people. There are no "supernatural" entities or references that I can remember.

Anyway, when the protagonist and her group are old enough/finished training, they get assigned, and her lover (another girl she's been training with since the beginning) becomes a trainer of the compound. When the compound is attacked, all the females on the training ground are captured, and the protagonist searches/rescues them, finding out that their "chip" can be reprogrammed making them into "zombies" (they lose all recognition and only obey orders) and soon die after the reprogramming due to a flaw (this may be wrong, or slightly incorrect - I just remember the process can't "really" be reversed before they expire).

The book cover (when I read the book) had two females on it; tall, black hair (pony tail) with a sword, and a shorter, dirty blond girl with a pistol. I believe they were back to back, but again, I've read probably 500+ books since then.

YA Novel, Female Protagonist

For the life of me I can't remember the name or the author of this book but here's what I do remember:
-Female protagonist has wings and a power I think has to do with fire. Like when she gets embarrassed she gets really hot and can set things to flame.
-Escapes clan with mother and sister because the clan wants to clip her wings for being unruly.
-Their kind is hunted by humans and she nearly gets caught, hides somewhere in water and is found by a man but he lets her go
-Ends up going to a human high school where she sees the man who lets her go and she ends up like falling for him or something
-In the first book she reveals herself to the humans by diving off a cliff someone was pushed off of
That's really all I can remember. There's more than one book to this series and I just really wish I could remember so I can buy them all. Thanks for the help!

Girl, Reincarnated, Maze

I’m looking for a book about a girl who was taken from her family as a child because a group (cult?) of people think that she is the reincarnation of their leader, or someone else important. She grows up in an isolated place, a castle or a monastery, I think.

There is some kind of a maze or dungeon that only she is allowed to go into. At some point she has to decide how someone is to be executed. She won't kill them personally, so I believe the person is tied up and dropped into the maze/dungeon, where she has to watch them slowly starve.

In the end, she finds a way to escape, possibly in a way that involves climbing down a rocky cliff.

Time wise, I think I had read it by 2000. I think that it came from a middle school library, but I could be wrong there.

Found! Ursula K. LeGuin: The Tombs of Atuan Thanks for the quick replies

RESOLVED: YA Dystopian Book w/ Male Protagonist

I've been searching for a particular YA dystopian book for years now. This is what I remember of it:
-male protagonist
-dystopian and possible post-apocalyptic theme
-The city in which the character lived was in a structured "bubble" or "shield" since the rest of the world was inhabitable.
-Character's father's job did maintenance work on the "shield," and mysteriously died.
-Character was on the run because he was looking into his father's death.
-City was running out of resources or air quality or something which was protected information that the character knew and had the potential to leak to the citizens.
-COVER ART: blue theme with the main, male character's face on it (like he was turning his head to look behind him) with the background of a city street.
-I think the author is male


I'll still post this, just in case it helps someone else :)

Horror Story (BOOK FOUND)

I'm looking for a book about the following:

A couple kids (older brother and younger sister) move into new (older) house (farmhouse like, I think it was painted white)
I think parents were supposed to be renovating it
House was near a lake or pond
7 year old girl had drowned in it
girl befriends ghost of 7 year old girl
Live girl is almost drowned by dead girl (I think almost ? It's been a while)
The cover I remember had the dead girl in a white dress, with farmhouse in background
Title had the girl's name
I think it starts with M, (Like maggie, megan, etc)?
Probably written in the early 2000's, may be wrong though.
I read it in 2010-2011.
Would really appreciate the help!

YA book from the 90's

Looking for a YA book I read in the early 90's. Plot: Boy never calls his parents Mom and Dad, instead uses their first names. Boy and parents build a zen water garden in the backyard (possibly for the boys neighbor as a way to make him feel better) Boy's friend from next door involved in a tragic accident/death from illness?, spurs him to start calling his parents Mom and Dad again.

Fantasy book, pre-teen, 4 kids who can each control a natural element

Okay, so this is a 4 book series that I read in about 1999, I think they were fairly newly published.

Each book is focused on one of the main characters, 2 boys and 2 girls who each have the power to control a natural element. I can't remember how they end up together but from memory that are at some kind of school.

So each book is focused on one particular character and the element that they control.

I can't really remember much more than than, any help would be appreciated - no knowing is incredibly annoying!

ginger boy during medieval time?

im looking for a book that i read when i was like 10 or something, it was kinda a silly chapter book for elementary school kids maybe middle school i don't know. the main character was named something weird if i recall correctly. he was ginger and scrawny. it was set during the middle ages, the main character was a knight in training or something, it was a series of a bunch of them. thanks for the help! sorry its so vague

I can't remember historical fiction book I read a long time ago, HELP!

When I was in elementary school I read a series of books, three maybe four books, that I cannot remember the title of or the author. It was a long time ago, so this description is as best as I remember it. The first book was about a young girl who lived with her father and a man came to live with them for awhile and they became close. After he left they wrote letters to each other and I believe he proposed an engagement to her in one of the letters which prompted her to settle on the island that he claimed to be going to. She goes on a ship to travel there, then once she arrives he's not there and she ends up working at the hotel they're working on while waiting for him. In the next books she ends up becoming close with a native american boy and bonding with who I believe was the hotel owner. I've been searching forever for the title or author but I've come up with nothing, please help!

forgotten author/title

read about 3 yrs ago - it may have been an advanced reader any rate, a YA book basic plot: young man meets grandfather in a rainy alley (London, iirc) who shows him how to time-travel. He takes his girlfriend to show her, and she ends up in about 17th C Prague I believe where she opens the first coffee shop with man who gave her a ride on his cart and who ends up baking for her shop... anybody know what this is?

Help military romance

I'm looking for a book I read forever ago but can't remember the name or author. Hoping someone will know.
Here's what I remember about the book. He's an air force pilot, he's having trouble with his sight. He goes to his friends funeral and falls in love with the daughter. Of course there's ups & downs but they end up happily ever after. It was part of a anthology, in pretty sure it was Christmas time. It was probably written between 1990-2008. It's not much but any help would be great. Thanks.

vague vampire (maybe werewolf??) ya romance book series

I read these in like maybe junior year of high school (2006), it was definitely before the Twilight craze picked up, it involved a girl going to a new school, her father had remarried and she had a new step sister (who she went to school with). She meets this mysterious dark boy who she ends up falling for blah blah stuff goes on and then her stepsister goes missing at a carnival.

The main character (the girl) is like goth and everything basically bad keeps happening to her, she falls for the vamp guy and then at the end of the book (or maybe beginning of the second book) they get into a car crash and they die and then she falls for his brother??

It's very dramatic and probably Not Great but it's eating my brain trying to remember it.

Ok vague Ghost love story

Hi,Was walking through the shop the other day, read a blurb on a book and put it back.Now i wanna read it lol!

It's a ghost love story, i think she see's them in her house or Attic? falls in love with a ghost and then his ex- who is also a ghost, causes problems i guess?

I'm assuming is fairly recent, all though it was on sale.. if anyone knows anything let me know!

Thanks x

It's very vague but I need to find this book

I began reading this book on my way home from Florida, long story short. I had to reset my phone and my kindle app lost everything.

Its about a girl whom --from what i remember-- is running away from foster care. Shes basically illeagle now and trying to lay low till she turns 18. Shes working as a janitor at what seems to be a train station. She has a friend who is hispanic and whom i think may be illeagle as well for other reasons. How ever he invites her over for dinner because she loves his moms cooking and they love her company but shes trying to save money so she can go go college, so she tells him that she cant join because she picked up extra shifts. And i think this during a holiday i believe. Maybe thanks giving or christmas. All i remembered is that there was snow. And she may be in the chicago, Il or somwhere in Michigan.

A shot in the dark......RESOLVED elizalavelle rocks!!!!

I work in a middle school library and have a student trying to find a book that they describe as follows:

Cover has grass on the bottom and two people on it. The boy is holding fireworks (sparkler?)

Synopsis said something about a boy trying to impress his crush (with fireworks?) but instead causes a fire and attracts someone else.

The student found the book searching for books similar to John Green books (romance?).

I have googled the heck out of these ideas/thoughts/keywords and came up with nada :(

Help please :)

Blue Children's book that rhymed

I read this book when I was a kid in the early 2000s. It had a blue cover with a girl blowing a pink bubble with bubble gum. It had no real plot, really. It was just about optimism. The first page was about waking up and there was a big sun. The whole page was yellow, I believe. The last page had a giant 1 and a character sitting on it and the last lines were somewhere along the lines of "the one and only you" There were all types of different colored pages, some about love, and some about feeling down. It was quite short, everything rhymed. I've been searching for what seems like years but no luck :( Any help is greatly appreciated.

SciFi about boy learning archaeology(maybe botany?) in space/another planet.

Ok so, I am 16 and I read this book in maybe.. 4th or 5th grade? Maybe 6th but I doubt it. My memory is horrible so that very well could be completely false. Anyways, the book is set in the distant future I believe. It's about a teen boy and his friend(s) and I don't know if he's an archaeologist or not because I can't remember, but anyways the earth was becoming too populated so they had to split it in take some of the people away. Some would stay the other would leave. He was chosen to leave but his friend had to stay so he was bummed out about that. I think they go into a big spaceship? And he has to do certain jobs or chores and take classes of his choice on the ship, and I think he chose or was assigned to take archaeology or like botany. I remember there being some sort of conflict with him and another student(?) and a plant they were studying was in a glass enclosure and they broke it. Another part I remember was him flying out onto the other planet (I think?) in a personal airship, to do his archaeology/botany stuff I guess but they found a building half underground. They went inside and this is the part I remember the most for whatever reason. They are going through a dark corridor in the building and they can't see so they are walking along the wall until they find some sort of light source and when they do they realize they are in a room with a bunch of buttons, almost as if it were a spaceship (It may have been I don't remember). That is all I remember and barely. It could be multiple books I've talked about but I'm highly certain it's just one lol. I don't know the author or anything but I think something with "star" was in the title. Something like the lost star or missing star but I couldn't find it using those so it probably is wrong. I underlined some of the details that might be most helpful finding it. If anyone could name this book I will love you forever cause I've been looking for it for years .-.

A Short Story: An Asian American Interracial Love

I read this story my Freshman Year of college (Fall 2008). I loved it but have not been able to find it and I'm going a bit crazy looking for it. The school was Northern Virginia Community College. It was in a textbook for Comp and Lit (100 level). The textbook also had a poem that was written as if it was car trouble but it had strong sexual undertones.

Essentially, the story involves an Asian-American Woman who is dating a White-American man, who is studying to be a Buddhist monk. She essentially wants to assimilate, while he wants her culture/heritage. The story chronicles their relationship as they deal with identity, assimilation, stereotypes, cultural appreciation, etc. Sex/abstinence becomes a pivotal issue in their relationship, as the white male's Buddhist studies convinces him to remain abstinent. I believe he does stereotype her at some point in this debate (Asian women being stereotyped as reserved). The relationship comes to an apex when her father chastises him for his "inauthentic" Buddhism. This leads to a massive fight, sex, and their inevitable break up that leaves both characters left to figure out who they truly are.

I was advised to look at Frank Chin's work but have not found anything there. Any help?

Resolved: Fantasy Children's Series That Involves a Portal in to a Magical Realm

Hi there,

I recently remembered this series I absolutely loved as a child and can not for the life of me remember what this series is called. I probably read it when I was around nine years old, and got into it after going through all of the Magic Tree House books that were published at the time. The series involves a group of friends (maybe two boys and a girl?) who discover a portal to a magical realm in one of their basements. Once in the realm, they go on various adventures. I think there is a consistent antagonist, who I believe I remember to be male, throughout the series that they are trying to defeat. Once they arrive back "home" through the portal, only a small amount of time has elapsed, like two or three minutes.

I have looked through many lists of "Children's Fantasy Books" and have been unable to find the series. It is killing me that I can't remember! Any help would be great.


Edit: Thank you all so much for your feedback! It was The Secrets of Droon! I can now finally rest peacefully.

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" there's this book that I read almost 10years ago and it's about a boy (teenagaer) who has a crush on this girl and when he finally gathers enough courage to confront her about it,she rejects him...frustrated he decides to kill he starts spying and following her everywhere..see what time does she leaves the hous..what hours does she come the places she goes to through the day..and starts calculating the right day/time/moment/weapon to commit his murder...please tell me u can find it"

short story about the government trying to suppress rock and roll

I am trying to track down a short story I read a few decades ago. It's presented as a conversation between two secret government agents who are tasked with getting rid of Rock and Roll in the 195s before it gets out of hand. They comment about setting up the airplane crash that killed Buddy Holly and arranging for Elvis to be inducted into the army. It ends with them dismissing as ridiculous the idea that the Beatles would have any impact on the US. Anyone know this one?

YA book, new boy, manipulative older group, bullying and angst 'becoming or being eli?'

boy comes to new school joins gang of older boys who do rebellious and controlling things, like power plays. He befriends this kid who is often bullied (they first meet at a swimming pool at school when the bullied boy thinks he's going to beat him up) there's also a girl he likes but the manipulative older boys tell him to try and have sex with her and she is upset and breaks up with him. I think it's called something like 'becoming elijah' or 'being eli', something about becoming and then his name which i think starts with E PLease tell me if you recognize the book. thanks