I Can't Remember the Title

I remember reading this book at my grandmother's house in the early 2000s, but I can't remember the title. I do remember asking my grandmother about it and she had said it had belonged to my father before.

I can't remember the exact plot of the book however. All I know is that the book itself was rather disjointed, like the author had cobbled together a bunch of scenes in an almost stream of consciousness type narrative. The beginning scene was a funeral, where the dead man was being carried in a casket. And as it approached the grave, I remember there being a line saying something along the lines of his parents rolling over in their graves as he moved closer. Other scenes include a woman dying in the fire of her house and receiving a scar in the process. Later in the book, she comes up again, seemingly alive, and the narrator sees the same scar on her body. I'm sorry I can't remember that much. I was pretty young when I read it and didn't understand a lot of it as the book dealt with a lot of mature themes, and in retrospect, I had been rather ambitious in trying to read it at the time.

Thank you!

I Just Can't...

There's three books that I'm looking for, each one was borrowed from the Syracuse, NE public library.

First: A young-adult book about fae. The main character gets a tattoo that ends up drawing their attention.

Second: A book about a couple hunters that eliminate monsters/creatures. I remember loving this book, but the main thing that I remember is the guy talking about being followed. The creature can't be seen until after you look back at it three times... that's when it attacks.

Third: Set in London (I think), victorian era. The female lead character hunts vampires, and even has special chopsticks to wear in her hair to social functions. She's part of a line of people that are trained to hunt.

'60's Children's book policeman and dog

I know this is a long shot but I am hoping someone can help. Way back in the mid to late '60's there was a children's book about a police dog and his person. They were maybe in the military and I am pretty sure the dog was a springer spaniel. Does anyone remember the name of the book or the dog?

Children's Book Set During WWII FOUND

I am trying to remember this book that I read back in the late 1980s though I am postive it was written much eariler, possibility not long after the war ended.

It was set during WWII, either in Poland or Germany or maybe France. It was about two children trying to find their father and all the hardships that they went through. It may have been based on a true account.

It was for children, ages 9 to 14. The book I had was a mass market paperbook, the cover red and white with bold black text. I found it at a library sale in Southern CA.

Not much to go on so any help is welcomed.

Book found: The Silver Sword known as Escape from Warsaw in the US. Trying to edit the tags.

(no subject)

I read this book in middle school but I don't remember the title of the book but I sort of still remember the plot. so here's what I remember:

This guy is living with his uncle ( not sure if it was his uncle) and he and his uncle get in a car crash and the uncle gets badly injured and before he dies he whispers this very specific word to the guy ( i don't remember what it was). So now every time the guy says this word he gets these powers, ( i don't remember if it was super strength or if it had something to do with death like he could decide who dies or if it had to do with something else). So this guy has a cast due to accident and he told his friends what his uncle had told him before he dies and one of his friends ( i remember specifically this was a girl) signs the word on his cast so now this kid has the word on his 24/7 and he gets the powers that are triggered by that word. And that's all I remember
Someone please help me find this book because Ive been trying to remember

Not The Outsiders you remember. ++ FOUND ++

Good morning.  Searching reveals many entries on S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, but I am looking for another book, published about the same time in mid-to-late sixties, with the same title.  The plot was that a group of girls called themselves The Outsiders and clung together to discuss their lack of popularity in school.  All other plot points have faded into the mists of time, unfortunately.  Any help appreciated.
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A childhood book read in the 1970s from the Fullerton, CA public library

A girl lived with her mom in a hot, small apartment in the city. She sends her to stay with cousins or an aunt, I think near the shore. She meets a girl and she tells her she is a princess. They have a wonderful adventure-filled summer together. The find some blackberry or apricot syrup in the cellar and they have some not realizing it's fruit wine or liqueur. At the end of the summer the girl's mother comes to get her. The family/cousins/aunt throws a party in the backyard. The girl wants her mom to meet the princess but when they go over to invite her the people who live there bring their fat, ugly daughter to the door. They act like the girl she played with all summer was either nonexistent or an imposter.

A modern(ish) Fairytale Fiction Novel [found]

The book is at least 15 years old, written by a male, and I think "...A fairytale...is in the title, although scouring Google or any of the popular book sites don't return any favorable results. The cover art was primarily green & black I think. From what I can remember:

-Set in current day.
-there is a snippet in the openning about how a scottish(?) Irishman(?), I think he's the handyman, see's the fairies and begins drinking again after 25 years of sobrity.
-Main characters include a brother and sister.
-the faires appear in our world in a forest glade (wooded backyard of the children) once every 100(?) 50(?) years for dancing and debauchery.
-the plot is the sister is taken by the evil fairy queen into the fairie's world, and the brother has 24(?) hours to rescue her before that portal closes for another 50-100 years.


Forgotten Book name


I'll keep it brief.

Found your community while doing my annual yearly search for forgotten titles, the book I'm looking for is about a boy in, I think highschool? Maybe primary school, and he was given three different colours of paper and decided to keep a journal in each of them.
On one colour he told everything he saw and felt just like a normal diary would read, the second colour was a fantasy sort of story he was writing that, I think, was sort of a fantasy role that allowed him to express his emotions about events, what his desires were etc.
and the third colour was something else entirely.

I can't remember the name or even the colours of the book for certain.

one of the colours I'm certain was white, the other two were either red, yellow, or blue, any combination of those 3.

I can't remember many of the details clearly, he lived with his single mother, someone, a girl in the book, stole the pages and read them without permission for one of his stories and showed them to her psychologist father, who I think was dating his mother at that time.

I think his father had recently died.

I can't recall anything more than that, and aside from the physical book itself actually having different coloured paper to mimic what the boy was writing on in the story, I can't remember anything.

I read it between the years 2000-2006.

I realise this is a difficult thing to find, but I can't be the only person to have read this.
I'll be eternally grateful to whoever does manage to find this for me...
Thank you in advance.

Long lost scifi book (I've really looked for it)

So there was this book I read probably seven to eight years ago and I have long forgotten the name and author and recently it has began haunting me for whatever reason.

The basic setting of the book was in a walled off multi-layer city with a utopian but in reality dystopian society. In the book the rich people (who lived on the top layer of this city) would buy these drugs to continue living from some corporation. Unfortunately I don't remember much of the plot's main characters nor the storyline. I'm not very sure but I do think there was some sort of competition going on involving the main characters and the schools (via some sort of drink to enhance the students, important part of the plot.)

Any help finding my long lost book would be greatly appreciated, it is seriously haunting me not knowing this book...

Solved! Answer: The Roar by Emma Clayton

Looking for title of a roman slave revolt novel

I first read it while babysitting in the 1970's (found on upper shelf of the father's basement bookshelf).
I think the author had a german surname (maybe started with a g or s but not sure).
Appeared to be based on Spartacus revolt but can't remember if it used Spartacus as a character name. (I don't think it did as google searches using various key words has not located it.)
Not very long and somewhat violent.
Any thoughts?
thank you

Book about a girl who falls in love with a ghost guy

There's a book where a girl travels to her aunts house in Scotland I think and she meets a guy who is actually dead, and she falls for him but in doing so, it awakens another ghost (possibly named Elizabeth?) who is the guy ghosts old lover, and the MC and guy ghost have to work together to put the girl ghost to rest. And at the end of the book, she goes back to the states to school and there's a new transfer student that looks exactly like him.

Please help!!!!

Rose White and Rose Red (NOT Snow White and Rose Red!!)

I swear I remember a children's book with absolutely gorgeous illustrations about two sisters named Rose White and Rose Red...I think they became rosebushes of their respective color outside their house/castle in the end but I'm not sure. I just remember the illustrations and how lovely and intricate I thought they were. I tried looking on amazon and google for the book but the only thing that comes up is Snow White and Rose Red, and I'm almost certain it wasn't that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

can't remember series title or author

The series is about a human girl with sharp shooting abilities that joins a governmental group of 4 super teens that hunts psychic criminals. They mwlt the brains of one of the criminals at a mallin one book and find out that her mother is a vampire in another. She pairs with the werewolf alpha of the group and in the 5th book he leaves her to return to his long lost family to be with his true mate.

Can't find it

Ok, so the story start with the clumsy death of an author. He falls out of his own window. He then goes through a modern version of Dante's Inferno. He goes through the different levels of hell but he meets the tormented soal of Billy the Kid. Does anyone know about this book?

Fantasy book where one of the main character/races fought only with bare hands & feet. +++FOUND+++

Cannot remember author, title or series name. From the 80's. It takes place in a fantasy world not related to Earth or it's history. Not about martial arts though this is essentially how this particular people fight. The are human but of a different race & culture. There pride is to fight with no weapons or maybe only a staff, can't remember for sure. Several races coming together to fight a great evil. One of the character names might be Korric or Korrick or Korrik, you get the idea. Lost the books to relocation decades ago & I want to reacquire them if possible. They were a great read.

Trying to find two Fantasy books

So I know more about one than the other. I have read both these books but was probably 10 + years ago and read many books inbetween.

Book 1. If I remember correctly its about an unnamed protagonist (or i cant remember his name) and he lives in our world however as a kid he enters a cave an appears in a magical world. Due to some magic I think its in a forest and the nymphs make him older. He then decides to become a knight. In this world knights get to duel each other. If they win they get to take all the losers armour and ransom them back to their families. Its full of cliches and magic as he eventually rides a dragon too.

Book 2. In this book we have a man who joins an army its a fantasy book. He first joins a certain squad in the army who using a specific manoeuvre attack first. Anyone in this squad who survives is instantly promoted. The protagonist does survive and is promoted. During his promotion he meets the princess. The princess was once known for her amazing beauty however she has episodes of rage and viciousness as part of a mental illness attacking people. During an episode years before she started a fire which burned her beautiful face. Eventually the protagonist marries the princess but at night she has an episode and tryes to kill him. He stops her and decides to find a cure. He goes looking for one and finds something that will grant a wish for her. He wishes for her to be cured of that that most bothers her assuming it would be her rage episodes. However during the wish shes thinking about her beauty and her face is cured but not her mental rage and the protagonist dosent know until he goes back home.

Looking for a romance novel

The story is about a boy who lives with his father. One day the boy finds out that his dad's lover is having an affair but doesn't know if he should keep it a secret or tell someone.
Later in the story the boy meets an older girl who's in college and the two begin to develop a special relationship. While that's happening the heroine of the story goes to camp with her friend. A guy at camp takes interest in the main girl and attempts to sleep with her but fails. So he goes after her friend and succeeds with her and ends up getting her pregnant(maybe?).

The last things I can remember about the book was that it was all white with a little red toy devil on the cover. And the title was a single word or so I'm 99% sure.

I cannot find the name of this book

Hi there, I'm new to this so I have no idea if I am doing this right so yeah...
I remember reading the sinopsis of a book which said that it was about this girl who gets stuck at her high school library with some other guy got the whole weekend. I can't remember any of their names. Maybe it was Max, in not sure. It be great if you could help me out😊, if not it's okay.
Thank you! ❤️

Young woman married off to an older man by her aunt and uncle


This is my first time posting to a group board so if I do something incorrect I apologize. I am looking for a book I read 20+ years ago. Here is what I remember, any help would be appreciated.

Summary: A young girl lives with her aunt, uncle, and two male cousins. She does not remember much of her parents as they died when she was fairly young. Her aunt and uncle treat her as if she was a servant and not a family member, making her sleep in the loft area. One day she finds out that she has been offered in marriage to an older man that she has never met before. While she and her new husband leave her aunt’s house her husband asks if she has any belongs to bring. She in turn points out the scarf/shawl that belonged to her mother but her aunt had taken as her own and would not let her touch. (I think it was either a calico or gingham shawl.) Unable to refuse her aunt gives her the item and the new couple is on their way. They go by horse drawn carriage to a stick built house that he had built for her. (He knew about the agreement where as she did not.) I remember that it was a big deal that the house was stick built. Weirdly, that very same day her new husband suffers a heart attack and dies. Now a widow, and in a new area the girl lives in the house alone until her family tries to move in. She promptly kicks them out and becomes a well-known person in the community. The last piece I remember is a spot of bad weather make it difficult to travel but she still made it into church and was praised for it. She ended up making several good friends and she may have been crushing on something that went to the same church, could have been the pastor.

Vampire book

So about a year ago I read this book about a girl. She is the main caracter and her mum died. So she visits her mum's grave often. One day her and her friends were on their way home from the grave when something chased them. Anwar after that strange things started happening in their small town. People were being attacked by strange beasts. And eventually the girl and the vampire met. I can't remember how. Anyway he saved her life from a bunch of guys. And he took her to his place, which wwas the highest point of the house he lived in and he showed her he was a vampire. He then told her that he doesn't know if it is him hurting the people in town cause he can't remember. If I am not mistaken everyone from his kind can take over someone's body on a certain time of year and then they can feel, because being vampires they can't feel anything. Anyway they only take over certain types of people, cause normal people would die. And those people they take over are the ones that are standing up against them. I really want to know the name of this book if anyone can help.

Can't remember the name of the book

I can't remember the name of the book which i read last year. I only remember the story, so can anyone can help me with the title/author.
Here goes the story:

The story is about a girl who lives away from her mother. She used to talk to her mother via letters. She was always like a friend to any guy she meets. She wanted to have someone to love her.
On the other hand her mother hires a boy to fix her garden.
One day the girl's mother had a heart attack so the girl goes to see her mother. There the boy tells her his story how his girlfriend died on the day he proposes to her.
The boy accidently reads the letters the girl wrote to her mother, stating how she wanted to have someone who will see her more than just a friend, who will love her.
So the boy builds a gazebo for the girl, at the end he proposes the girl in the gazebo and she says yes.

Book about college, romance and football

Hello! :)
First of all, English is not my native language so I'm sorry for my mistakes.
I'm searching a book about a girl, she is a little shy and she is going to university, maybe Brown or Boston. At the uni there is a playboy type of guy who is playing football. They are starting to know each other but the boy is always pushing the girl away because he believes that girls are only wiht him because of the money he is making/will make with his career. There is a scene where the girl is with this guy and the guy's friends (teammates) and they are drinking and talking. The topic of this comes on (having relationships) and the guy tells in front of the girl that relationship is bad and you never know if the girl really into you or into your money. The girl runs out and after a while the guy goes after her, but they are only arguing and the girl tells him that she doesn't want to see him for a while (I'm not sure about this part). But after some time the guy realises that he loves this girl and he starts to fight for her.
Thats all I can remember. I read it a few years ago, maybe in late 2014- early 2015. I suppose the book was published around these years. (I read it in English.)
I hope someone will recognize it.
Thanks :)

Book about 3 children

I only remember a few scenes from this book that I read years ago.

The first scene I remember is a girl who lives in a town that cuts stone I believe, she has a premonition that something bad will happen so she shouts and tries to warn some workers, which causes the accident which may kill someone (can't remember).

She gets exiled and is taken by a stranger to some location. Along the way there is a sandstorm as they hide in their tent, and she gets a premonition about using a hollow bone to breathe in air without being caught out in the sandstorm.

She arrives at this location for others with her abilities, and meets a boy. A while later they go somewhere else and meet a girl who had been living alone in a forest deemed dangerous by the local people.

Sorry, that's all I remember! I've been interested in this book for years.

Looking for a book

A couple years ago I read a book and loved it but can't remember the title. Here is what I remember: it is set in the past in the USA (not 100% sure about the country). The MC is a woman who discovers she has psychic powers, dedpite not believing in the supernatural before that. A young woman/girl is missing and the MC is somehow able to help find her with her powers. She is aided by a man, who works as a medium, who doesn't actually have powers but is just really good at figuring out what people are like. The two meet through the MC's mother-in-law-she goes to the medium to talk to her late husband's spirit. The medium is a fraud but he actually knows that some people do indeed have powers and helps the MC understand hers. Also, the MC's husband died a few years ago and it turns out there is more to the story. His lover is also in the story and she is sleeping with a guy and later with the guy's father, a rich man. We see her a lot but I don't remember why she is so important, just that she knows something about the death of the main character's husband.

Suicide of Old Man in Book

There was a book I recall reading a while back; however, for the life of me, I cannot remember which book it is or what events proceeded those I am about to describe. Details I remember:

The beginning of the novel was set in an apartment of an elderly gentleman...I think he was around 60 years of age and he was in the midst of or had just committed suicide. He had his dog with him, who was leashed to something (I think????). He confessed that he was committing suicide because he did not want to grow old.

If this tremendously vague accont (apologies) rings any bells, please, please, please let me know! Not being able to find this novel has seriously been bugging me for the longest time.

Horror fiction with man drowning in lake at start of story

It's definitely in the horror genre. I remember the story starts with a man drowning in a lake/pond/river, and some details about him watching the bubbles of his last breaths floating up to the surface as he dies.
The main character seems to be a reporter/editor of a small town local newspaper, but I'm not certain. The memory is very vague, and I only read the very first part of the book. I suspect the synopsis is the dead coming back to life, but again I'm not sure about that either.
It most likely was published between 2000 and 2004, and I got it as a free ebook, which I hope is another helpful clue.

Pre-1997 Childrens Book

I'm trying to identify a book I read with my parents that I found in my Elementary Schools library. From what I can recall about the book, at the time it was not a series of book, and only a stand alone book. When I searched many years ago (when I knew the title), the author had only published one or two books, not connected to this book. The book had animals in a forest. I believe the animals talked. There was a scene in the book where the animal(s) were dancing in the Forest. I recall it being a somewhat lengthy book (for a child to read on their own), so the age bracket for the book could would be older (Middle school age?) kids. When I read the book I believe it was a larger hardback book, and I believe the cover was white. (this could be incorrect, as it has been 20 years) The latest I could have read the book would have been in 1997, which means it would have been published before this year.

I know its likely not a common book as I have tried searching multiple times. Its not the Redwall series (I have read those too!)


Age: Kids/Middleschool
Date published: pre-1997
About: Talking Animals
Classification: Fiction
-Not a Series, Stand alone book
-At the time not many titles published by author.

Book Girl with magic

Hello, i can't remember name of book.it was fantasy book. I remember the main character was a girl. there are two worlds and in the other one she is some kind of knight i think she is knight of light.In real word she is student in school in castle(in this castle is gate between two words) and some of her teachers are also knights of light and some of them fight for dark and one of capitols was about she is in cabin in mountains and there is ski resort. She sees some man in car and then she sees him again but she is not sure. When she is skiing with brother the man try to follow and catch her but avalanche come. This is what one chaper was about. I think there are more books maybe 3 so i dont know which part was in which.the man writes them propably.
I will appreciate a lot the name of at least one of these books.

Paranormal with cliffhanger time travel ending

I recently found myself wondering what happened next in a book I read some time back.

I remember bits of the book, but the ending stands out. The main (female) character is setting out to deliver something (message?) from one group to another which will avert a major conflict and save the lives of people she cares about.

On the way she steps through a portal set up by a demon (?) and ends up years in the future. End story...

If anyone recognizes this ending I'd love to find the book & its sequel :-)


Name of Short book about a Deadly video game read in 1995-2002

Trying to find a short book i read years ago but my memory is sketchy.

It is possibly a YA book.

What i remember of the story is this person invites people to test a new game that is supposed to make them feel it for real. They take turns in playing and all die in the game but say they felt no real affects. Later on they all start dieing in the same way as in the game asthough compelled to. One part i remember is one of them froze to death in the game and he found himself walking up to and climbing in a big chest freezer locking himself in and freezing to death.

Iirc the designer of the game did it intentionaly in the end for revenge against them.

Does anyone know of such a book?

The creator of the game claims it to be so realistic it is like you feel the effects as you play. I remember emphasis drawn to that when he got each one of them to test it equipping hardware like a helmet and stuff asking if they felt anything after playing. I think one ended up drowning, i vaguely remember one in game had to climb a mountain and either fell (breaking there neck) or that may be where they froze to death. I rememebr it being short as i read it in an hour while sat in the lib.

(no subject)

There are two books I've been trying to remember for about a year now both books I read maybe two years ago give or take a bit.

First one is YA about a girl I'm pretty sure is popular in high school she goes to this party and starts to talk to this guy who is the school loner or someone who everyone finds creepy I think anyway people tell her not to talk to him etc.etc. but she thinks he is misunderstood until he knocks her out or drugs her or something and she wakes up bound and gagged in a closet. She realizes loner guy kidnapped her she initially is all freaked out I think he might not exactly understand why he kidnapped her in the first place it's not to hurt her might want them to get to no each other the way he justifies it is strange, he is a little weird but you get to like that about him.
He lives with his mother and when they start to fall for each other he lets her out but not leave the house when his mother leaves for work. Later the guys friends catch him making out on the bed with the MC and stop him find out they all have vowed to wait for marriage or something they all end up going to a park taking the girl with them after arguments of her running off and telling people about the guy kidnapping her, reassurances are made that she will and would not. Something happens with the girls best friend later on something that puts the bestfriend or the guy in trouble or harms way so one of the guys friends drives him and the girl to go stop said bestfriend but they get into an accident the boy dies girl survives.
Everyone finds out etc etc she wants to go to boys funeral parents think she has Stockholm Syndrome she finds his black t-shirt or hoodie in the bin she takes it out mother sees her cant remember anything else except there is one scene early on when the boys mother comes home early the girl doesn't hide quick enough and everyone freaks thinking the girl will tell but she pretends to be a friend visiting and stays over for dinner before pretending to leave and climbing back through his window I think.

Sorry if I'm not doing this right it's the first time posting on here and honestly it's my first time posting anyhting anywhere period.

Second book is a series about a group a teens or young adults who live on an island and are witches the MC is female head of their coven, there might be another coven I'm a little hazy on details but there is a guy no one trusts who is mysterious and there are ritualistic murders going on with symbolic carvings in the victims chest I think it gives the killer stronger powers or something like that. Everyone but the MC thinks the mystery guy is the killer but all they really no is it is a witch/mage doing it. they do rituals and shit involving stuff like the five elements on the beach in secret, I can't remember if they have specific gifts or if they all can do the same stuff. I do know magic is hereditary passed on by their parents but said parents don't practice anymore for some reason something happened to all the parents when they were younger so they don't know their children are doing magic.
Some of them found some of their parents grimoires I think that's how they started out and new specifics about what they could do. I'm not sure if this is from the same book but if there is another coven that coven leader is male and both covens meet up for some reason and I think the MC and said leader are supposed to hook up? but I'm pretty sure the girl has some sort of connection to mystery guy who I cannot remember even a minute detail about. I remember one scene not well though they are all gathered on the beach for some kind of special ceremony the MC is dressed in a white dress with some band thing on her bicep and I think the other coven is there.
That's all I remember if that is even all the same book it's basically like a gritty version of the secret circle. Not sure if this makes much sense but any suggestions of anything at all that sounds similar would be great thank you.

book where the main character finds her best friend shot dead

I was reminded of this book today and promptly forgot what it was called.

Its not a detective story - more of a historical fiction/memoir/remembrance type book - very similar to Tully.

set in america. rural type area. the main character and her friend lived near each other but not too close. the character had to follow a path through woods/vegetation to get to her friends house.

The main plot point I remember is that the main character - then a young woman aged 16-20 ish - finds her best friends family dead. They had been murdered by the father with a shotgun and then he had shot himself. Her best friend was dead at the kitchen table. The main character is very upset and in remembrance to her best friend whom she had fallen in love with, she carves his initials on a piece of pink stone, could be rose quartz. The stone may have had some significance with the area the book was set in/meant something to the main character.

I think the main character may have played basketball and her dead friend MAY have been called Connor but I could be mixing this up with another book.

This book was probably written after 2000 and I would have first read it probably around 2008 or 2009.

Let's Go for Three! Looking for Yet Another Book From Highschool (2006-2010):FOUND

Two books have been identified! I feel like I am on a roll here! Pretty sure these two stories were in the same book, or even two parts of the same story:

1. A girl is cursed from birth so that anyone who hears her voice will die. She is unable to make a sound until she is old enough to understand the gravity of her curse. When she is a teenager, a suitor that doesn't quite believe in the curse goads her into whispering in his ear if she really loves him. Before the first word is out of her mouth, he dies. In reaction, she screams out and kills everyone at the ball.

2 A woman (possibly even the girl from the first story) is able to go into hell and use her singing voice to charm the Devil into letting her trade souls. She rescues orphans in an orphanage after an earthquake days after the earthquake occurred and the children had been assumed (correctly) dead. In exchange, other "less worthy", such as criminals, die.

BTW, I have added info to a post I made back on August 8, 2016; "YA Fantasy Anthology read between 2006-2010". This post and the older post could possibly be about the same book; I'm not really sure.
http://whatwasthatbook.livejournal.com//?poster=jinora_grace http://whatwasthatbook.livejournal.com/3260417.html

FOUND: Both part of the same story "Spicy Little Curses Such as These" from Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor; not connected to the stories in my other post.

Book with a big plot twist?

It's The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie by Jaclyn Moriarty.

I'm trying to find this book I read ages ago. It was about a high school girl. I think it took place in England or Australia or something because it said Year 10 or whatever rather than 10th grade. (That's just an example I can't remember the actual grade.) I remember the girl was really smart, a really good student, a bit of an overachiever. I forget the plot but she may have started some kind of project about people at the school? I think there was also something about babysitting. But throughout the book she starts acting less and less like herself and she neglects her work and her grades drop and she is super tired and distracted and then at the end you find out she's being slowly poisoned the whole time? It's a super big plot twist. I cannot remember the title or the author unfortunately.

Can't figure novel out - demons lucifer girl deal ghost garden eerie

Trying to find a book that is only vague images now. About a girl I believe she comes of age for some reason and ends up either meeting lucifer or Lilith and there is this garden like he garden of Eden but for the dead and I think lucifer lives there and wants this girl to come with him. He friend not very close gets attacked and dies but she makes a deal with the guy I think lucifer in order for the girl to survive. I swear the cover photo has a girl and there is a hedge or gate or something and she is wearing flowy almost Grecian like clothing and quite an eerie book slightly darker side. Teen fiction romance novel supernatural

Maine, Nor'Easters, and "Fir" In the Title

For an acquaintance:

-It takes place in Maine or somewhere on the East Coast of the US where they have nor'easters.
-It may have "fir" in the title.
-The main character is female.
-She went to a school in Maine, but she may have been a teacher or a student there.
-She visits someone, maybe a brother, with disabilities.
-My acquaintance read this at least 28 years ago.

Book about a magical painting

Well, my description is very small as it was close to 15 years ago since I read it. It was at Watcom Middle School in Bellingham, Washington. The book was from the 70's I believe. I don't know the title or author or what the cover looks like. It was about three (?) kids, two or one may have been a teen who were siblings. Either at their grandparents or aunt/uncle's house. They find this painting of a beach and are somehow able to enter it. They have picnics and such. They think the beach is empty of other people and then find out it isn't. That's pretty much all I remember. I've been recollecting books I read when I was young.

Knights of the Round Table Activity/Adventure Book - Find All the Knights in the Book

It was an activity/adventure book about I think the Knights of the Round Table. Each knight would wear a different coloured tabbard, and the layout of the book was that each two page layout you would have to find one of the knights hidden within the picture. On the next layout the found knight would be there and at the end they would all appear together. It was illustrated with proper artwork, like comic book art. Read it maybe in 2006/2007, in the U.K. if that helps.

Some examples of the layout was one where they were being ran out of a village of pig herders, there were hundreds of pigs and you had to find the Knight who had been turned into a pig, you knew it was him because he didnt have a mark on him or his mark was different.

One page had them in a forest and there were three of them, they were being harassed by crows and the knight in that page was cursed so he was made into a tree and you could see his face in the bark.

If anyone knows this book, please please help me out.

Sophia Legge

Fantasy book with "Key" in title FOUND: The Spellkey

I read the book between 2006-2010, but I'm pretty sure the book was older. Set in medieval times, a girl is labeled a witch and kept chained up in a tiny village. A boy rescues her and gives her the name Catling/Caitlin (or maybe it was people called her Catling, so he changed it to Caitlin so that she would have a "real" name). They go on some journey in search of a key. Somewhere along the way it is revealed that the girl was actually labeled as a witch to keep her protected/hidden in that village from an evil witch or warlock. The girl was also the product of incestuous rape, and her father/grandfather that raised her was abusive. There was a magic stone involved. Turns out that the journey IS the titular key. I seem to recall some sort of twist in that the evil warlock or witch that they were afraid of the whole book was actually on their side or repented, or something like that. Or maybe there was a witch (not Caitlin) and a warlock involved that had one time been friends or lovers before the falling out, and the main conflict at the climax was between those two?

I don't remember the title

The book was about a group of kids with powers, but the powers were perverted by shards of this mirror world, and the kids think that the powers are a curse. The run away to try and fix themselves. One kid had the power of lust and could use it to influence people. Another kid would shrink and get sickly,almost none of them had true control over their powers

Lost Book Title

Hi, this book was a teen favorite for me, and I can't seem to find it anywhere! Maybe the title is wrong, but if you guys can help me, please. I remember there were four main characters, Rebecca the heroine , Cara the rich girl, Helen the bow and arrow girl, and the bad boy who turned out to be the hero. They get sent to an island where they they are hunted down. This book was from ZFave book club which seems to have disappeared. It was a Nightmare Series book, and I feel like I am going crazy. The title is similar to The Killing Game.