Book About A Boy & A Tree

The book is about a younger boy needing to take a tree to a city because the tree is the life source of the city. The current tree is dying, which is why the boy needs to take it there. As he takes it, he meets with other people, one being a girl. Everyone needs to travel through a forest, but they need to walk backwards. One guy is taking the tree through and he accidentally loses his way, needing to burn a leaf from the tree. If you burn part of the tree, it turns into this silver dust. If the dust gets into your eyes, you can see part of the future, but after you do, you go blind from it.

Fantasy YA/JF series?

Hi friends!

I'm looking for a book that I read probably in the early to mid-00s at my local library. It was in the Young Adult/Junior Fiction section and it was a fantasy series. I only read the first one and here's what I can remember about it. This young girl (I think her name started with an N? and she had long blonde hair?) wakes up in the middle of a forest and can't remember anything. There's a boy (His name might have started with a D? With brown hair?) who helps her out and pretends to be her friend but I think we find out later that he actually helped some dark wizard put her there. He ends up feeling guilty about it, though, and genuinely wants to be her friend because she's so nice and kind to everyone. Anyway, they're going on this journey to help her remember things and places and they meet up with others that I can't remember anything about other than they were the typical band of misfits from any fantasy books. I think one of them might have been an archer. I also remember the cover had the group on it and it had like this green or cool color tint to it or something because I remember being surprised that girl didn't have green skin like she did in the picture. I've been trying to remember this book for weeks and this is all I've got. Hopefully this sparks someone else's memory too!

Thanks for your help!

Broke girl becomes a model..... Help!!

i cant really remember to much and i never finished the book. i know that the main character is poor and she decides to spend her last $8 at starbucks some models go nd sit next to her and start talking about this famous photographer who is notorious for being an asshole and very picky. the model had gotten a business card with the details of an interview for that photographer, the model throws the card and the main character gets hit in the head with the card and she goes and does a test shoot with him and he gives her a job as an assistant while she gets her headshots taken. she meets a guy that's job is to take care of the models and make sure they have everything they need. its a romance novel and im pretty sure they end up together. i know that the photographer took erotic photos but that's really all the information i have please help ive been looking for it for ages

Books about boy who finds injured bird

I have been looking for this book for ages and cant find it. I read it around 4 years ago. Its kinda like the book The Giver, okay so what happens it that there is this boy who lives in a community where the government runs everything including how much water you get to drink daily because there isn't that much physically there and they also decide what your jobs are. They also live inside this boarder like in Divergent and have nothing but desert around for miles, also no one is allowed to go outside the boarder and if they are found outside they will be killed. The rulers of this community told everyone that they are the last people left and if it wasn't for them then they would be dead too, they also said that no animals exist and also possibly plants too. The boys father was said to be dead by the governors so the boy lives just with his mum who is sick. Then while the boy is at work he finds a bird, possible a carrier pigeon, with an injured wing and a note around his leg so he hides the bird and takes it home to look after it. He looks at the note and there is a message on it but I cant remember what it says. The boy then thinks that there is life outside the boarder so once the birds wing is healed he follows it outside of the boarder and manages to make it then finds many other communities and also meets the person who sent the bird. Also the guy who sent the bird sent it on purpose to try and get to that community.

Looking for this book name!!

The book is about a girl who in the beginning is at the mall or somewhere and a boy and a girl show up and freeze everyone and the girl realized that she was the only one unfrozen.The boy and girl remove a bomb that had been planted and realize the girl is not frozen. The girl is in the witness protection program since her father was kidnapped and murdered and the girl attends a very prestigious school. She has to check in with her handler at certain times. The boy and girl are part of a special group of people who are able to go back to the past and make sure events in history are unchanged by the bad group of people. The girls mother works at a detention center and is able to change her appearance. It is later shown that she is the leader of the bad group of people. The girls best friend also happens to belong to the same group and she finds out. Somehow the girl is kidnapped and is barely rescued at the end. The girl does participate in a coming of age fight where there are 3 level and they can use magic i think in some parts. The mother has 2 boys from the detention unit help her daughter to survive as well as the boy she is falling in love with.


Hi! My name is Aubrey and I am new to this community. I have been searching for a book for a few hours now and I can not find the name anywhere!

The book would be a young adult fiction and would have so so reviews. I really don't remember the plot of the book at all. However, I remember a little bit of it. It was about a girl in either middle school or high school (I think it was middle) and some girl who used to be in her class goes missing but no one else in her grade remembers the girl at all. It turns out the girl was a spirit of some sort of a family member and had actually died from falling off a bridge near the girls house. I also remember the girl's sister almost getting hit by a car in the book. The girl, her sister and her friend also went to the "missing" girls house which was empty and falling apart. It becomes a place they visit often. They have a good time while there. But eventually there is a fire at the house and the girl sees the missing girl again. Somewhere along the line the girl is able to figure out the story of the missing girl. I believe the missing girl was a sibling, cousin, or aunt. There was also a part of it involving someone hurting themselves on a rock or something.

I am sorry that there is not a lot of information but I really need to know the name of this book. Once I see the title I think I will remember it. Please answer A.S.A.P. Thank you!
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Girl with Magic Stone: FOUND

Hi! So I've been desperately trying to find a book, I'm pretty sure it was a young adult novel. The series revolved around a girl who can harness the powers so this stone that no one else can even touch, I'm pretty sure the stone's name begins with a S. There is someone trapped in the stone who was put there by these two guys she thought she loved hundreds of years ago cause they wanted to take her powers I think? This women talks to the girl and makes her see what the guys did to her and tries to turn the girl dark. I'm also pretty sure that everyone is pretty nervous about the girl using the stone as the more she uses it the darker she turns and she finds it hard to stop using it. I also remember that the girl kept the stone in a wrist brace she had that kept the stone tucked against her arm and meant people couldn't see it.
I'm pretty sure it's quite a popular book just can't for the life of me remember. I think I read it in the past couple of years.
Thanks for any help anyone can give!

The Most Vague Book: FOUND

Hi! So this is probably the most vague description ever as I really cannot remember much but I cannot get this series out of my head so I thought I would give it a try anyway.
So like I said I don't remember much but I know it was a book series and the main character is a girl and over the course of the series the girl discovers that she's actually like a demon; I have a feeling it's not actually a demon but something else like trolls but not trolls something else you would find in like paranormal books. Eventually she comes to be able to like control all the other creatures like her but I get the feeling that the creatures she controls aren't like shifters they are just the creatures. In the last book I think there is like a giant battle in like a big massive field and I'm thinking there is some sort of rift that someone is trying to break through and the girl has to like cross into the rift to try and save everyone whilst everyone else fights.
I know this is soo vague but I cannot get what little I remember out of my head so if you can think of anything at all it would be a great help. I generally read like young adult books and paranormal books so it would probably be something along those lines and I would've read it in the last three years maybe.
Again, thanks for any help.

Mining romance with main character's name is Crystal


I've been searching for a book I read about 20 years ago. It was a paperback book. The only thing I can remember is that the main character's name was Crystal and a man built her a house in a valley with glass windows. I believe it was during the mining/gold rush era, there may have been another man that she was supposed to marry but didn't want to and he had a saloon possibly? It's not Jude Deveraux's Twin of Ice or Twin of Fire.

a book about college student trying to get into a sorority in A Florida college

She had a black father and white mother and had two little sisters. Her dad was a physician. The university she chose is a notorious party school. She hooks up a with A guy who lives with his family rather than on campus. He sees the university as a way to better himself so he can change the world rather than a place to party hard first and study later. The lead is uncertain on what career path to take. The lead meets her maternal grandparents who are very racist and cut off all contact with her mother.One girl, she befriends drops out of college when she does get invited to the sorority her mom attended. I remember the book was the first in a series detailing the first few weeks of college and would make verbal cameos in the book that was not about them.
Never mind it is College life 101

Fantasy novel about women (lovers) with psychic abilities in pairs, but they split up

I read this book in the 1990's. It was high fantasy. There were women who had e.s.p. I don't remember if they had clairvoyance or dream interpretation or mind reading abilities or what specifically, but they worked best in pairs. The main character was pair-bonded to another woman, but for some reason, they split up, and she goes on a journey to another land, I think. That's all I remember. 

Help to find book about Charlotte/Charlie YA

I need help finding a book that I read a while ago, probably at least ten years ago. I borrowed it from my local library and loved it, but cannot remember the name for the life of me. It's a period setting, maybe later 1800's? The cover had a beautiful picture, half of a girl's face, half of a horse face, both reddish hair and blue eyes. The copy I read was hardcover, and it seemed a few years old.
The main character was named Charlotte, I think she lived in an orphanage, maybe her parents' home, but was getting too old be taken care of, and so was going to be handed over to the state or something. Before that happened, she climbed out her window and ran away. I remember clearly the description of her walking through ice cold water on her way. She disguised herself as a young teenage boy named Charlie, and eventually got a job in a barn. She described the painful process of binding her chest to look flat.
Somewhere along the way, she meets a specific horse, but I cant remember what the reasoning was, besides it being in the barn she was working for.
I feel like one of the other workers found out her identity, and maybe they fell in love?

Thanks for the help!

Desperately trying to find Childhood Novel

Any help is appreciated. I'm been having very odd memories resurface lately, one of which is a an old childhood book that I remember loving. The details are sparse; this memory has only resurfaced since today, but I'll tell you all what I remember. This has been driving me absolutely crazy over the past few hours.

It was about a boy, maybe like 13 or so, that is transported to this other realm that coexists with our own. He discovers new creatures and such, and even discovers that he has the power to slow down time, if I remember correctly. I think that he had a few friends in the realm that had powers too, but I forget what they were. At the very end of the series, the realm is overrun by this "Darkness" I think, and all the creature from the other realm are forced to go to Earth as refugees.

This is really all I remember, but again, any help is appreciated. I'm going nuts here.
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I can't remember the title and I'm gonna go crazy!

Ok so it starts off with a girl arriving home from school to find strangers in her house talking to her parents and is told she needs to leave with the strangers. Turns out she's adopted and the adoptive parents no longer want anything to do with because she has supernatural powers. She tries to get away by escaping out her window but is stopped Close to bus by a teenaged who is there as security... turns out she's going to a school to teach her to use her powers and the headmistress is corrupt and she ends up in love with they guy who stopped her from getting away.. Pleas help

lost book with a focus on language

This is probably such a long shot because I really don't remember much, but I'd like to read the book again. Anyway, so it's narrated in first person with someone who is VERY smart and continually not only uses unusual words/language, but focuses on it themselves as they narrate. (He describes things that are bad things he's done, I think, and likes to pretty it up with his language, maybe?) Pretty sure it's a guy, might be unreliable. I read it in college when I was a senior, so I think that is 2003? Pretty sure the book was fairly new when I read it (I think I borrowed it from the college library [Emerson College in Boston]). It was a novel. There are a couple other characters, a brother and sister, I think, and some sort of crime(?) or mishap. I also think the narrator was some kind of criminal himself, maybe? Oh, I hope this rings a bell with someone. I know it's super vague but I think about this book every once in a while and cry a little because I can't remember the title or author or anything more specific about it. I wish I could remember more. (I actually have this vague picture in my brain of a scene towards the end of the book that takes place in an attic, I think. And the brother/sister characters might be outside, being watched by the narrator. It's also possible the narrator was either dating, had dated, or was married to the sister character. And I think maybe some of the plot had to do with him being spurned by her, but I'm not sure.)

Thank you!

Help me people

Ok so I read (and can't remember the name of) a motorcycle romance novel .. I think it was via my amazon kindle account but i can't find it on there, anyway!

The book is part of a series, and the initial book is based on a member of the mc saving a woman in the forest from being killed by a serial killer, he then brings her back to the clubhouse, but she wakes up with amnesia! They end up falling in love while she has no memories, but her memory comes back and it turns out she's a cop tracking the serial killer! She quits being a cop but sticks with her mc biker dude and they go about saving women.

The second book describes how the mc now save women from dangerous situations, and the book tells the story of one member falling in love with a high priced escort/call girl called "Lilly"

Fantasy book with giant worms and dragons

Hi, I read in 1980, it was paperback at that time. Read it in California. Woman was orphaned somehow and had been found by giant worm like creatures called Fuzzies. She traveled by being wrapped in something protective and actually being inside the worm. They brought her across some body of water like an ocean to a place where there were other humans. The other human women despise her and she ends up hanging out with dragons that have a lair that you can only reach by diving down into a large pool of water.

FOUND: Fantasy/Metaphor for Coming of Age book

I am trying to remember an audiobook I listened to (not sure if I was able to finish). Listened around 2004, so book would not be after that year. It is Fantasy/Metaphor for Coming of Age book that takes place in the modern world -- where the main character is a Young Man (sorry - no name recalled here) lives with his mother and is sexually frustrated, but finds his way into a magical kingdom. After a few hours there he struggles to find his way back out and back to the real world. Later, while searching for the way back in he meets a young woman who has also apparently entered this world.

Key idea: The Young Man can find his way in, but is easily lost while trying to find the way out. The Young woman cannot find her way back in, but can easily find the way out. Anyway ... can not remember enough of the rest of the book to write plainly here, but I am pretty sure the two of them have to go face a monster together.

The book is kind of an analogy of sexual awakening, growing up, the needs that men and women have for eachother. Not really a young adult (YA) book so much as an older teen or adult book.

ANSWERED/FOUND: The Beginning Place, by Ursula K. Le Guin

Would love to find this fantasy book series

The book (as far as I can remember) begins with a traveling caravan transporting caged creatures and other goods, possibly illicit. One of the main characters, travelling with the caravan as a slave, is a young hunchback who has been beaten repeatedly over the years to the point that his hunchback is scarred badly.

The hunchback releases one of the creatures in the caravan and escapes and it is later revealed in another book in the series that the hunchback actually has wings under the scarred tissue, beautiful iridescent wings.

There is a hidden city in the desert that cant be seen unless taken there.

This is a series of some form, I remember getting the first book and the third book but unable to find the second and possibly forth. I kind of remember one of the books having a tower jutting up off a single rock spire with a bridge crossing toward it and characters standing at the start of the bridge, I think this was the third book.

In today's electronic age it's totaly possible to now find these books in electronic form if not in actual print, I am hoping to be able to re-read this in its entirety, thank you all who have read my post.

Kind regards Cyn <3

Young adult book about time travel

In the 1990s I read a book where a young teen girl would time-travel to different times/back into the bodies of other people to do stuff to prevent horrible things from happening. She time-travelled/became other people by way of a horse: it previously belonged to a lord but he treated it horribly and it died but its spirit lived on.
The book may have been written in the 1980s.
It was a series and the book I read wasn't the first. I remember at one stage she travels into the body of a girl preparing for a disco and she looked at the eye-shadow and it was lizard green with silver flecks.

ETA: This is Monica Dickens' "The Messenger" series.

Book about boy


I can't remember much about the book but I know I read it in 2006 but it couldn't be new. I bought it at a canadian bookstore and it was on sale. I believe the cover was sort of blue, can't be too sure though. It was about a boy and something to do with his reflection on the water, I don't know if it was a lake or pond or something. I think the cover had something of this sort. It might have been a middle grade but not entirely sure. That's all I remember of the book, I don't even know what else it could have possibly been about. It was a hardcover book and kind of small, about 100 - 170 pages maybe, not so tall, about the size of a mass paperback, maybe a little bit taller but it was thin.
Sorry it's not much to go by. Hopefully someone will help me find it.

All About ?Nora?

I remember reading a books around 6 years ago, about a girl (I remember thinking her name was a bit intriguing, and not that common...all I can think of is Nora).
She was living with her dad, somewhere not in the city. It may have been a farm. Her mom had left them a few years back, and was living in the city with her new boyfriend.
Then her mom sent her a letter asking her to come stay with her.

But the most potent memory I have of the book is this one scene where she woke up early, went down to the ?river? on their farm and went skinny dipping.
But when she got out she realized she was bleeding. She panicked and asked her dad for help, and he tried to explain to her that it was her period, and then tried to explain sex by using a cake-baking metaphor.

I hope this helps XD never got to finish the book since I picked it up while waiting in a library.

Chinese Book, Bullied Girl

there's this book i read back in elementary school (2005-2011) where this chinese girl (6-10) was bullied by her "friends". the illustrations were those sketchy black and white drawings that scattered the pages. the only real colors were red for the cherry blossoms, and i believe she had a yellow raincoat, but don't quote me on that. there's one part i remember with the illustration as a classroom, and she was alone. it was quite sad. i just really wanna find it and read it again. thanks!!!

Book about boy who travels to India from Europe and finds a Jewel

I think it's a book from Scholastic. It was about a boy who lived somewhere in Europe, I think during the Renaissance or around the era of exploration into America. For some reason he travelled to India and there was a jewel involved, where at some point the jewel had to be put inside his skull by a shady physician and after that he perceived everything as if he could see differently because of the jewel in his head. That's all I remember, and I think in the end the jewel (in him) was brought to destination and removed--that was part of the ending.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I remember this book dearly but had forgotten it for years, now I would like to look for it and get it again, if possible.

I read thi

I believe I accidentally read the third or fourth book in this series so I'm not sure of how it all began. But it was about this girl who lived in a fantastical world. She was the princess and part of the plot was that she was born of three or four realms, including the human one. She had this pet dog that wasn't really a dog- it was like a shadow pet. She has to save the realm she's in from this evil wizard who wants to kidnap her so she goes on a journey. I also remember there being a lot of fire. I know it's not a lot to work to with but I would love it if anyone could help!

Paranormal romance name forgotten

So... I read this book a while ago and i want to reread it so bad! But i can't for the life of me remember the name!

Basically its about this young woman who goes to a club thats owned by a very desireable and mysterious man. While at the club he sees her on the way to the vip area that only invited and private guests are allowed to enter. She ends up later getting a job at the club and after a while is invited to work the vip room. Shortly after find out that its a center for high up supernatural creatures. Ends up starting a relationship with the club owner who is a demon or a vampire but pretty sure hes a demon.... Please helo me

Still can't find this book!

I read this book when I was a teenager, but i can't really remember what it's called or find it anywhere! I thought it was called Monday's Child, but I can't find the right one when the search pops up. So hopefully someone can help me. It's about a young girl who is very beautiful, but it is deceiving. She is so beautiful that everyone loves her, but sometimes, in a flash, a mirror or a photo, you see something different. She had fangs,and maybe looks like a demon(?). She had a pet rabbit that her adopted patents got her, but one night she opened the cage and tore the rabbit apart, eating it or drinking is blood. No one suspected it was her though. That's as far as I got cuz it freaked me out at the time, and i committed one of the most cardinal of sins. I burned the book. Does anyone recognise this story? I would love to get my hands on it again.

Forgot title of a book i read 8-10 years ago

As the title states, I can't remember the title of a book I read when i was a teenager. From what i can recall, the book was about a god of either sex or love. Only reason i remember that is because the author made it clear of the irony about him being a god of sex or love, but was unable to satisfy his wife. Thus his wife would cheat on him constantly. They had a daughter, but ends up being taken and he goes through great lengths to go find her.

Fantasy book about magic and flowers

It was a book that took place in a fantasy setting, but in a renaissance era. Magic was an ancient myth, and science was beginning to peak its head into the world. For example one nation just acquired the cannon/gunpowder technology.

There was a lot of time spent on describing the lifestyles of the royal courts and aristocracy. The lord of one of the kingdoms kept a secret arboretum/greenhouse, that housed a special flower. It gave him a longer lifespan. But the more he took it, the more he needed to sustain himself. And the side effects were a decaying of his physical and mental wits. His last batch of flowers were mysteriously unable to reproduce, so he sent a mission to the tropical islands from where he first acquired them.
There are some European themes as well as Aztec/Mayan. In general it was a struggle of magic versus science.

I hope this is enough of a description. I believe it was a series, but I forget he name.

Need the name of this novel by an Indian author

All I remember is that the book was written by an Indian Author and all I remember is this scene where the main character is talking I think to his 2nd wife and he tells her how his first wife died and how his mother was responsible and how he knew about it and didn't do anything..something along those lines and the book was about characters living in Bombay or Delhi..

I think I read it when I was in college so most likely between 2001-2003, read it in the UK but could have been when I was at university so read anywhere between 2001-2006 in London.

The book was definitely written by an Indian author in English. Could possibly be an Indian American author as well but the book was definitely published in the early 2000s or late 90s

1990's mystery novel / young female detective / escape from snuff film

I'm trying to find a novel my wife & I read. My memory's fuzzy, bit I think we read it in the 1990's, and that it was relatively new then. The protagonist is a private eye, female, in her 20's. Her adoptive father is a police detective. She's (maybe?) red-headed.

She was a very compelling, lovable character. My wife & I both wanted to read more about her.

Now for the part I'd rather forget, but which makes it memorable enough to think maybe somebody else will be able help me identify the novel....

One of the plot lines is about a man who makes sex films victimizing kidnapped runaway children. The police have captured a copy of a snuff film that depicts the murder of a young boy; in the background, a young girl awaits her turn in a metal cage. When the bad guy goes to take her out of her cage, she bites a chunk right off of him - from an ear or an arm or something - and makes her escape while he's still reeling.

The police later catch the bad guy, and are able to prove he's the murderer in the film: not only does he look like the guy in the film, but he's also missing the same chunk of flesh.

I think that in the context of the story, we get to meet that young girl after she's grown up. My memory is so fuzzy that it's even possible that she grew up to be the protagonist of the novel.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

looking for a black and white illustrated book

So I'm not really sure what this book is even about or if there is any text. The illustrations were black and white, like graphite pencil drawings and they were realistic in style. I can describe the content of two of the illustrations. I remember looking at it between 2003-2008 at my elementary school.

One is of a few strangely shaped vases.

One is of some kind of store, maybe a restaurant or convenience store that is sort of buried and run down. Another page shows the inside and it is very messy and I think there is a skeleton inside?

There were possibly two main child characters and an old man character and he was showing them around this strange either future or alternate universe. Everything was kind of dystopian and it was almost as if the man was taking these children on a history tour after a nuclear event. It was surreal and I remember not understanding it very well, even though I was an excellent reader. I know this is pretty vague.

Looking for a fantasy assassin book

There was a book that I read about 4-5 years ago about a boy that was raised from birth to be the perfect killer and was tattooed with magic symbols to give him strength and power. His training also covered psychology, philosophy, and religion. Those last disciplines come into play when his trainer is killed before telling him what to do with his life and so he goes in search of a life. Eventually he has to confront the master assassin who commissioned his creation is told that he was just going to be his next vessel to continue on. He kills him with the aid of the hunter who was sent after him by the master assassin to track him down. I don't remember much of the rest of the book though there is one scene in which the family that the perfect killer is living with is attacked by thugs and one of the thugs grabs the daughter of the family. The only way the killer can kill the man is if she stays perfectly still, so he tells her that the knife is bird or something and stays still as to not spook the bird next to her as the killer kills the thug.

I know that is all very confusing, but I don't remember the names of the people or the author. If you can help me find this book series I would be extrememly happy

two feminist shorts, possibly from the 80s

I'm looking for two feminist short stories. The second, if I remember correctly, played off of the first.

The first is set in a Muslim society. Women are kept mainly in seclusion. They can get out to join society if they become excellent poets, but if one does take the poetry test and fails then she is walled off inside the house and fed through a small window. A girl is studying poetry and takes the test. When she passes, she returns to her family home one last time and tells her aunt, who has been walled off, what she's done.

In the second, there are time travellers and one of them takes the girl from the first story out of her society to become a time traveller. The gist of it is that the time travelling society is as sexist as any other but in its own way.


Trying to find a book about a boy who leaves his grandparents home to go to school (his father was mauled to death by a bear amd left him behind a necklace with this stone on it) he meets a man along the way i think his name was blaze? And he becomes a father figure to the boy and teaches him how to fight. The boy ends up getting kicked out of the school (merchant school) and ends up joining the army where his father figure is in charge. He works with the princess and saves her life findinf out hr has magic along the way. The boy also had special skills like he could shoot an arrow through another arrow and he was good with a sword.

Book about swordsman with one arm

Hi guys! I've been looking for a book I read about 9 years ago, so I don't remember its name or even the characters' names. So far, no luck.

I do remember:

-It was about a group of three people looking for something magic (maybe an orb or something like that).
-The protagonist dressed all in black and was a swordsman who only had one arm (SPOILER: it was restored with magic by the end of the book).
-His two companions were a blonde girl who kinda liked the protagonist and a redhead mercenary.

I'm sure this book belongs to a saga because the ending was kind of open. And I want to read it again.
Please let me know if it sounds familiar for someone. Have a nice day and read a lot!

PD: I'm new on LJ so I hope I'm doing this right. See you!

A series a short stories I think I read in school

So I think it's a series of short stories because I remember a bunch of different plots with the same Ghost theme.

The first one is about a girl who something happens to her and she starts talking to this boy on a computure or a mobile phone. This goes on until she's find someone out he drowned in a lake and then when she tries to find the lake she falls in because there is green algae or something. She sees his body and nearly dies but gets rescued then a week later a team exscuvates the boys body and thanks the girl.

The second ones the same sort of thing where a girl sees a ghost and talks to him and finds out that he is on a cliff side dead. She tells the police and goes looking for him but falls down the cliff next to the boys body. She gets up brushes herself off then goes home to discover she died.

This is really frustrating because I keep having a reaccuring dream and I think it is a mixture between the short stories. I really wanna find it. Extra info that may not be relevant I think the cover was a computure/ phone screen that had the name of the book in text form on the screen.

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My friend is looking for a book he can't remember the title or the author, he believes that the title had fire in it and the cover had a helicopter on it. He said it was about twins who lost their mother in a car accident and had to go move with their dad and he had like people coming after him or something??? I'm not really sure?? Can anyone help?????

Patron remembers the cover...

Hi all, this is my first post in this group. I have a patron at my library looking for a book, all he can tell me about the plot is that a father and daughter go to Ireland and it somehow involves Irish/Celtic mythology. He described the book cover as a light blue background, with a redheaded woman with her back to the audience floating in the center.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

[FOUND] Group of girls go on an adventure to a fantasy world? Cover had a dragon boat

(Update Feb. 6 2017) Thanks to the help of an old friend with a better memory than me, this book has been identified! It's called Wellspring of Magic by Jan Fields and is the first book in the Creative Girls Club series. Hope this helps anybody in the future who's looking for it.


Hi! (I made an account just to find this book because it's bugging the heck out of me.)

In the mid-2000s, I had this book that was about this group of girls who all live in the same neighborhood (?) and are all friends...I think two of them were sisters...they're all different ethnicities and have very specific hobbies (I think one was an artist). Pretty fuzzy on the plot but it involved them going to a fantasy world and meeting a weird fairy (?) guy.

One thing I remember pretty vividly is the cover. The girls were on this dragon boat going down a river. The art style was pretty distinct because they were just posed 3D models.

Another thing about this book is that it was tied into some kind of mail-in book club geared toward tween girls. You had to mail in a letter to become a part of the club and be sent more books in the series. (I never joined.)

Unfortunately I gave this book away several years ago to a younger girl who I thought would appreciate it more!! Now it's popped into my head and I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. Google results have been very unhelpful, but I hope there's someone on here who can help, y'all are miracle workers :)

Thanks in advance!

A teen book about a over weight girl who thrives under a out of the ordinary teacher

The protagonists is A shy withdrawn girl with no confidence in herself and personally describe her body as being blimplike She is also fat and thinks her only friend simply pities her and is forced to hang out with. Only later she learns that her friends genuinely cares about her. She refuses to participate in gym class out of embarrassment over her boy. When her class gets a new teacher the girl finds herself but the neighborhood hates her unconventionalness. Her father is a stubborn traditionalist and despises her new teacher. Her mother gets inspired and by the end of the story enrolls in night college classes. The community wants the teacher gone and despite the protagonist's efforts, she is fired. The girl gains a boyfriend and loses a good deal of weight but is still on the plump side
That's it thanks.

Looking For Two Romance Books

I am looking for two romance books I read about two years ago. I will start with the one I know more about.

The first is an MC book and if I remember correctly the heroine was the President's daughter and the hero was the Vice President's youngest son maybe the middle son. He had an older brother maybe two older brother. They were the same age and as they grew up together they fell in love. But, behind his back his brother and dad had plans to take the President of the club down and make the daughter the wife/old lady of the brother. To do this the father made his youngest son final step up after years of abuse at his hand and kill the President while his daughter was in the house. Something happens and she suffers amnesia. Flash forward years and he is a member of another MC, maybe the president, and they meet back up. They get back together and his father finds out. They live like a town over from each other. As she starts to get her memory back the hero's father and brother kidnaps her and puts her in a room that is an exact replica of her childhood room. While in that room they force her to remember that night her father was killed and that the hero was the killer. Meantime the hero is planning to rescue her and final once and for all end his dad's and brother(s) lives and that of the whole club. When he come to her rescue she is tied to a pool table and has witness a murder of a girl. Not sure if it was a club girl or what the girl was. They are about to gang rape her as, if I remember correctly, she refuses to go along with being with the hero's brother so they plan on ruining her. The hero of course arrives in time and saves her and blows up the club. If I remember correctly when everything finally comes out it was his father that actually killed her father because he knows his son will not go through with it. They struggle with the gun, she somehow got knock out, and the father gains control of the gun and kills her father.

The second book was about a nurse in a nursing home that the hero's dad is in and also works in a strip club. They had meet once before when she was like eight and he was like seventeen. They meet in the courthouse and he drew her picture. He is there with his parole officer of something like that. He is of mixed heritage his dad is black and his mom is white. His mom died when he was young and his dad was abusive with him as he reminded him to much of his mom. He goes into or forced by the court to go in the military and while on leave to decide if he is going to re-up or get out he goes to see his father. While deciding he talks the heroine to read to his father while in the nursing home. He father some how gets kicked out of the nursing home and comes to live with him. He talks the heroine to come to his home and continue to read to his father. They slowly fall in love. Something happens the father is killed in his house during a fire which it turns out that's how his mom died also. He does something with his drawing that involves people mailing him stories and/or pictures. Unfortunately that is all I can remember so, I don't know if that will help much.

Thanks for any help you may have to help me remember these books.