A very unusual read.....

I believe I have come to the right place. For years I have trying to find this strange little book that I initially found crammed into some dark corner of the school library.

It is a young adults fiction I believe. The story follows a young girl who can speak to animals by looking into their eyes. They warn her about this strange force that is coming to their world and I think people have begun to notice their pets are disappearing. The girl warns people and not long after strange things keep happening (buses are crushed, buildings are knocked down) and the girl rises to some sort of fame as they try and deal with the strange force. I can't think of a better way to describe them other than 'strange force' but I believe it was a massive herd of some type of invisible bull like creature. I know these creatures became agitated by things like electricity and in particular by TV.

Anyway the girl joins forces with a news reporter who wants to find some kind of resolution. At one point they manage to pacify the creatures by turnings off all TVs but it doesn't work as a long term solution. Eventually it is discovered where the animals are disappearing to and that is through time. They work out that the animals are not going backwards or forwards through time because that would lead to either a future where the creatures have taken over completely or to a time leading up to their appearance. Therefore it is decided they must be travelling sideways though time (I think at one point they televise the girls dog doing so) and that is what the human race decide to do.

The story then follows the girl in the new universe. All memory of the previous world is forgotten, she has lost her ability to communicate with animals and where they now live seems to be almost medieval, at the very least there is no electricity. She goes to feed some strange animals in the barn (ohhoho) and says these words 'Bless all the animals that bless us' which is something of a prayer they are required to say. The story ends with one of the creatures escaping and running off into the night.

If anyone knows the name of this book you will be my hero because it was so wonderfully odd.

Trying to find a book that i loved!!!

i read this book a few years ago but can not remember the name of it or the author. It was a young adult novel. the main boy was the son of movie stars and ends up falling for the daughter of one of the school teachers. her mom is the principle and she has i think 2 younger sisters. i remember they were gonna meet the guy for pizza and the girl was yelling at her sister for having cigarettes and t=he thought she was offering her sister the cigarettes.they go to a field trip for school and star gaze and end up fighting about rumors that happened while he was away for a basketball game. they go to his parents movie premier and then back to his house instead of the after party. if anyone can help if really appricate it.

Trying to find old book...

Hey guys...
I'm looking for a for a book. I read this about 8 or 9 years ago and it was pretty old back then.

Its about a girl and a legend of a haunted house. This girl handfasts with a boy she grew up with who was the outcast of the little town. Hes cast out I believe and she goes to live at the haunted house which turns out to be an old man she takes care of and reads to until he dies and takes over the house. Her hand fasted fellow comes back after living with the natives and going through some tragedies and marries her and has a family. I think he dies or something tragic happens at the end but I cant remember... Please someone help!

YA book series with magic/music

I have been plagued by this for years. There is a YA book series (I think it's a series) I read in the late 90's-early 00's in paperback. I believe it was about some girls who discovered some kind of magic. I remember that music was an element to the story. I think they were mystery.

In one of the books, I feel like they go to Australia. Somewhere there is a didgeridoo. (I kind of think the corner of that page had a picture of a didgeridoo.)

Over the tops of the chapter titles, I think there were little pictures, like music notes or maybe a lizard or something.

I wish I had more information! I just remember that I really loved them and they were very magical and exciting.

Fantasy Female Heroine

I'm looking for a book I read in elementary school, it was pretty long and on the cover I remember a girl with long curly red hair (kind of like Merida from Brave), but her back is to you and she's looking over her shoulder. There are also mountains in the background.
This book was set in medieval times with Kings and Knights. There were monsters as the main antagonists and the protagonist is a girl, maybe in the teens. Her father is the king or a very high ranking official and he dies during the book, near the end I believe, from a stab wound during a battle. I would really appreciate it if someone knows this book and would tell me the title because I would love to read it again. Thanks so much!

YA/Fantasy-ish book?

I'm looking for a book that I read in middle school. I remember that the cover was mostly white with maybe a small rainbow-colored design? I think the author's last name may have been near the end of the alphabet, if my memory of my school's library set-up holds up.
It was about a community where everybody had a special power (flight, strength, healing, etc.) and nobody was allowed to sing. The main character was one of the few that didn't have a power at first. It turns out her power is manipulating the energy created when people sing and using it as a weapon and as a guide, and probably as anything else.
I also remember that when the children reached a certain age, they sang into special mouthpieces over a tunic-type piece of clothing (the only time they were allowed to sing) and the designs and colors on the clothing showed what their power was. The MC's clothing had nothing on it, which is how they discovered she "didn't have a power". She could also see peoples' auras I think and she discovered that the elders of the town were stealing peoples' energy or s/t, and she decided to run away, following a trail or color set by someone else that had also had her power and founded a community of other people who had run away from the main community.
Sorry if this description is confusing, I'm just kinda desperate :^/

Y/A or Children's book

Hey, so I read this book yeeears ago when I was about 10 or thereabouts, maybe younger, and I can remember the cover of the book mostly...there's a hot air balloon and below it a palace, and then tigers on a lawn and then trees like from a jungle..and there MIGHT be someone in the hot air balloon, but I'm not sure..and then I think the story line is about a young girl who falls in love with a prince who's mean but then turns to be nice, I'm really not sure, I'm only getting that information from a question I posted on Yahoo answers 5 years ago.

It's either a kid's book or a Y/A book, not sure. I've no idea of the author or publishing date either. I know it's basically no information, I just remember LOVING the book and always wanting to read it again. I'm 99% sure I read it at a friend of the family's house, who now lives in Australia :/

It would be great if I could find it and have my mind put to rest if anything, it's been plaguing me for so long now, so any help would be great, thank you!

Spamcatchers - Quick note for Sarianna and Lightgreendryad

Thanks for letting me know! I haven't been around much so the alerts were really helpful. I've deleted the spam comment Sarianna noted and said yes to banning him, and I'll try to have a look through the community soon so hopefully that's dealt with.

(Sarianna, I can't PM you as your settings won't allow it.)

If there are any spam comments anyone notices, feel free to link to them in a comment and I or a mod shall zap them. :)

book somewhat similar to jupitar ascending

I saw some of the trailer of Jupiter Ascending and I though, 'Oh they made a movie about that book I vaguely remember reading in high school' (which was 5+ years ago). Well I watched the movie and it's not the book which makes me wanna read the book so much.
What I remember: It was sci-fi with possibly some romance. There was a woman on Earth who worked at a zoo (little iffy about that but I know she worked with animals). Some guy comes and takes her to somewhere in space (can't remember if it was a spaceship or a planet). Turns out she is a princess (or some kind of royalty) and her half-sister (or some kind of relation) is like the queen or something like that I think. I can't quite remember why they brought the woman to them but i think it was because something was happening to the sister and they needed her so that they would have an heir to the kingdom (spacedom(jk)) or something like that. I think I also remember something about the queen (or w/e she is) almost dieing (attempted murder or accident i think) and saying something about the half-sister being queen but the queen doesn't die. It was also written sometime between 1990-2010. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Adventure Book with slight war elements with character names, title, series nameand author forgotten

Hello everyone,

I am searching for the title of a book, and at this point several days of searching through google and roaming the library has proven fruitless, so I'm gonna ask here and spew as much as I can remember hoping someone else does too. So this book is set in a fantasy world where everyone is associated with bugs (potentially they're all from clans of bugs). They also have attributes associated with the bugs. Moths like the dark and can fly, etc. The main character comes from a group associated with beetles. And she's one of the few that can fly or something. She's in love with a guy associated with moths.

She's also friends with a guy from an ant clan or something. He's an inventor. They went to an academy or something I think? Also the moth people live in the mountains on sheer cliffs and fly about their city. And I think they're also clairvoyant maybe? It's been a while. Pretty sure there was some form of clairvoyance.

Also there's this dark and scary forest with dead spirits or something?

Entering potential spoiler territory here:
The ant guy joins the enemy army and makes inventions for them, such as a repeating crossbow that can shoot super far (for their technology). I think there was also an air ship. And the beetle girl gets captured by slavers.

If this rings a bell with anybody, please let me know. Thank you.

(Edit: Solved)

searching for werewolf novel i read in the 90's

hi, i'm looking for the title or author of a werewolf novel i read sometime in the 90's
in it a man receives a package containing a dessicated human hand with a massive ring on it's finger, while trying to get the ring off the hand he inhales the dust from the hand and is infected with lycanthropy.

several times in the book he attacks prostitutes, raping and eating them.
one of the prostitutes survives and also becomes a werewolf.

all through the book two [police detectives are investigating and come to the conclusion they are hunting a werewolf.

after they kill the man and the prostitute with silver bullets and they are buried the two are informed that the virus that caused the werewolf mutation will raise the two killed werewolves as vampires the end.

i remember it was a pretty thick paperback book at least 380 pages i believe and contained graphic sexual content and strong language

any help is much appreciated
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Need help finding this book - Pre 2004

I apologise in advance as I cannot remember any names of places or characters in the story, though I will do my best with other details.

Fantasy genre with some sexual content
Was released pre 2004 as i read it in secondary school

Was set in a kingdom that bordered onto a misty realm where Fae live. There's a King and Queen with 2 sons. The Queen had a sister who was driven mad after being raped by a "God". She falls pregnant and the child is sent away to a village to be watched over (I believe there was some sort of prophecy about him being evil) The queen vists him occasionally though he does'nt know why.

A mysterious soldier/swordsman arrives in the city and helps to defend it from winged monsters. I remember he gets close to someone but can't remember who.

The King has an heirloom which I believe was a box in which resided another "God". The King and his ancestors would open the box and be pulled inside so as to speak with the "God" but at 1 point in the story (while he's inside) his 2 children open the box and get pulled in getting them all stuck inside it. This leaves the Queen to keep control of the kingdom while trying to find the King, her kids and stop various other people from taking over.

I believe it was part of a series as well.

Would greatly appreciate any help you can provided with this as I've struggled to find this book again for years, thanks :)
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FOUND: Lost Horror Childrens/YA Book about Gummy Worms

FOUND!!: The Mysterious Matter of I.M. Fine by Diane Stanley


The book I've lost, I read when I was in 5th grade in 2003. When I read it, it seemed to have been written fairly recently, and it was obviously written for someone my age (children's/YA book).

This was a horror book that had a feel that was very similar to the Goosebumps books, but IS NOT one of the Goosebumps books.

Here's what else I remember:
-The cover had a blue-black haunted house on it, and two young teenagers(12-15yo?) in the bottom right hand corner: a boy with brown hair and a girl who looked almost exactly like Hillary Duff but was not Hillary Duff.
-The story is about a girl who moves around a lot with her family. The girl's little sister has a better time fitting in wherever they go (I remember one of the fads she picked up on was kitty-cat socks). The main girl learns that the fad at the new school are these gummy-shape snacks, including gummy bears and other shapes, but most importantly gummy worms. The girl becomes friends with an outcast boy, and they notice that the school's obsession with the gummy worms is getting out of hand. I believe the gummy worms come to life at some point. The rest of the story follows the boy and the girl figuring out the creepy reasons behind the gummy shapes and the mischief they've caused.
-At one point, the girl and guy have a conversation in the lunch room about strange baby names, and one of them mentions a baby who was named "Nylon".
-Again, this was not a Goosebumps book, but it was written very much like one of them.

Thank you so much!

FOUND: Juvenile fiction, sci-fi, slug aliens

Okay so there was this book I loved back in late elementary school (around 1998-2000-ish). I checked out from the library so many times. Now I want to find it again.

Problem is, I can’t remember the author or what it’s called. It’s a sci-fi chapter book about a girl and her… brother? Friend? And they get kidnapped or something by these slug-like aliens and they either have to fight or be eaten by something in like a coliseum-type public event but they escape first by throwing salt on the slug aliens.

I think the cover was pink. I remember the main character was in like, grade six? So about 11 or 12.

ETA: The book is I Spent My Summer Vacation Kidnapped into Space by Martyn Godfrey.

3 Lesbian Fiction Books

[FOUND] Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book- Prince Pretends He's Stupid?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a book that I read a good decade ago and for some reason thought of it today. Here is what I do remember:

The story is set in a more medieval setting (i.e. castles & swords, etc.) and the main character is a prince that has acted stupid for the entirety of his life to protect himself/be underestimated by his brother/father.

Any bells? Sorry, it's not much to go on! Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

edit: I think that the plot involves some sort of rebellion or civil war.

edit2: Found! 90% sure it's Patricia Briggs's duology Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood.
Thank you to everyone who's replied. You guys are all great. :)

Childrens book. Makeup artist dog, pet ant eater.

I was remembering a book I had when I was little (in the 90s). It had multiple stories in it, I want to say there were 3, but I can only recall two. I think the cover art was a scene with characters from all the stories together.

One of the stories involved a few kids and an ant eater. I recall one scene where the ant eater was following them, I think it was to school, by eating a trail of candy that they had left behind.

The other story I remember was about a dog, I think his name was Dale but I might be making that up. He liked doing costume makeup. I remember a scene where he scared some kids with glow-in-the-dark skeleton makeup, and I think he started doing makeup for movies.

Any ideas?

HELP!- YA Horror Anthology, late 90's?

This has been driving me insane for YEARS! Hopefully one of you lovely people can help me out, even with the super vague details I have!

I read this book several times in the late 90s/ early 2000s (no later than 2004) while I was a preteen. It was a kids/YA horror anthology, I believe written by a woman, and I believe the title was short, possibly only one word. I don't think it was illustrated.

The cover art was of some kids dancing around a campfire, possibly black and white.

There were a bunch of short stories, and I only remember very vague details:

- One story involved a kid, and they got a chess set from their dad? I remember they were left in a hotel and sat with the chess set alone.

- One story involved a brother and sister, and some aliens/monsters came for the sister. She locked herself in the bathroom but they broke in and force fed her some kind of slime...?

- Possibly one of the stories included finding the fountain of youth in a forest... That might have been from another book though.

ARGH. I wish I could remember more!!!

Regency romance - marriage of convinience to escape sadistic suitor

I am crossing my fingers that somebody can help me find the titel of this book :). It is driving me nuts.
I first read this book maybe 5 years ago. The heroine is being pursued by a lord with sadistic tendencies. Another lord discovers this and offers her marriage in order to protect her.
After the wedding the heroines old flame returns to London. He comes to see her and because he still loves her, he asks her new husband to let her leave. The new husband refuses.
Later they both go after the sadistic lord. And I think there was something about a fire, but i am not sure.

Thank you so much in advance for your help :) :)

FOUND: YA - Young girl in her teens discovers her towns ties to witchcraft

UPDATE: Found the book! Valley of Deer by Eileen Dunlop

Hi there -

I read this book about 10 years ago and have been thinking about it a lot lately but all my google searches have turned up bunk. I'm going nuts! Hoping someone can help:

Set in the 60s/70s(?), a young girl in her teens growing up in a small town which is set to be flooded on the East Coast US is learning about her towns ties with witchcraft from an older friend/mentor who is either blind or paralyzed - I can't remember which. The main characters interest in witchcraft peaks when she finds a witches ball on a chain in the woods which she suspects to be an actual relic from a time before. She is becoming obsessed with the idea of being a witch much to the annoyance of her disabled friend and at one point even tries to heal her which ultimately creates bad blood between the two. With the town being flooded and set for relocation, she's running out of time to discover everything she can about the towns lost history and her strong pull toward witchcraft.

Two things: I can guarantee it is not an Alice Hoffman book and was written before 1998.

Jeez I hope someone can help me out with this...Thank you!

Fiction book - Post nuclear apocalypse, 1st in series. 2000s onwards.

1st post here so go easy on me.

I read the kindle version on holiday last year and would like to get the rest of the books ( I think there were quite a few in the series).

Written in 2000s onwards.

About the story:

Nuclear war initiated by ex president who launches nukes on TV and shoots himself

Story follows a few different figures:

1. Member of weather staff at news channel who has the power to predict the weather.

2. Mexican warlord who is going from town to town murdering/pillaging

3. New good guy leader who has some sort of power of people. He is collecting survivors.

4. Ex marine hard-ass and his son looking for rescue - finds good guy and joins

5. Women who has witch powers trying to find her son ^ above.

6. Other ex marine, being contacted metally, by the witch above^ to help find her son.

Thanks in advance.

Two non-fiction books - household hints/craft

Book one:

  • paperback with rough pages (Like the kind of paper Babysitters Club is printed on.)

  • Came out sometime between 1970 something and 1989.

  • most of the cover is a corkboard with pushpins and stickynotes on it. Behind the corkboard is an orange wall.

  • It was a book of household tips/pre-internet lifehacks published by a, I believe, magazine.

  • One of the tips was to wrap a baby shower gift in flannel with a pattern so that the new parent to be could make their child a outfit with it.

Book two:

  • A book of knitting, crochet, embroidery and sewing.

  • hardcover.

  • I have no idea what the dustcover looked like, but the book itself was black.

  • It came out between 1972 and 1975.

  • It had patterns from the Golden Hands books but it, itself was not branded as Golden Hands.

  • One of the patterns was for butterfly designs made via picking up floats from knitting.

  • Another was an entire section on Irish Crochet.

*fOuNd* Dragon Blood Makes Girl Omnilingual

I am looking for a book I read in the 90s. The protagonist is a girl and at one part in the book a dragon plucks off his scale and lets her drink his blood and this allows her to understand and speak any language. She exits the cave/lair and talks to a creature who uses a grunting language and the creature is surprised that she can now understand him. Please help! Thank you.

Fantasy book - Elf Mage learning different magic systems - 70's - 80's

Hey all,

I'm looking for a book I read in the 80's or 90's, definitely not in th 00's. I can't remember the main plot but here's a few things I do remember:

- there was elf Mage who went around learning different types of magic. I think one ended up been dragon magic. In once instance of him learning a magic system he was locked in a tower and had to float up through the roof to the next level.

- The Mage ends up been the villain of the book and I think he's an advisor to a king

- there's something about dragons

- there's a hero guy and something about him joining the Kings army and becoming a kickass warrior. Maybe something about him

Hopefully you can help point me towards the book, I've googled, hit Amazon and some of the big book databases without luck.

Thanks all.

Need help to find a book

I don't know the name of the book or the author. All I can remember are some of the short stories that are inside of it,

-A brother and sister pair go to visit a very old relative and he gives the girl a black box with no seams, he puts pressure on parts of the box and it opens to reveal a button in the center that would end the world. He dies, the kids are messing around and the brother pushes, the story ends in the middle of a sentence.

-A boy who is playing a soccer match with foreboding black clouds surrounding the field. the opposing team cheats and leaves scorch marks in the ground, while the other teams plays fairly. He's told by one of the kids that he is the deciding factor. He is then given a whistle and when he blows it it sounds like a ram's horn, low and earthy.

-A boy who lives with his grandmother on a beach and works in her glass figurine shop. He goes down to the beach and gets a bucket of strange sand. He creates a glass figurine of a monster and sets it on a shelf to be sold. He wakes up in the morning to find that every one of the figurines are broken, except the monster. Some man buys the figurine, and ends up dying from it. The figurine comes back. Then another man buys it but it was in the shape of a beautiful glass chandelier. The chandelier kills him and the glass monster comes back to the boy. It ends with the monster turning into a crystal bathtub, and the boys step mother coming for a visit and using it.

These are only some of the stories that I can remember, all he others are bits and pieces.

Texas Truck Driver Narc

Years and years ago I used to frequent a bookstore that would sell brown paper bags of books as a "grab bag". Stapled shut and you just bought one and hoped for the best. In one of these bags was a book that I swear I still have on my bookshelf, however, while packing for a move recently I was proven wrong. I want my husband to read it since I know he'd love it, unfortunately all my Googling has turned up nothing.

Here's what I remember:
-the cover was red and featured a man in a cowboy hat leaning up against the front of an 18-wheeler.
-It starts with him as a child, running away from his drunk father and picking up with a gnarled truck driver who taught him the ways of the trucking and ranching world.
-Throughout the book he somehow gets involved with the DEA or ATF and starts turning in other truckers who traffic narcotics.
-He calls himself Tex.
-He trucks mainly in Mexico and Texas but all over the southwest as well.
-In one chapter he meets a Border Patrol agent's boyfriend who tells him that she (the BP agent) will gladly turn a blind eye to whatever he (Tex) is hauling in exchange for some money. So he sets them up and gets them arrested.
-The chapter that stuck with me the most was one in which he goes into Mexico with the DEA agent he is closely working with to try to get a whole town that manufactures narcotics shut down only to find that the people who are manufacturing the drugs are the police in the community so they simply turn away and do nothing.
-In the end he gets out of trucking and opens a bar.

I was always under the impression that this book was a ghost written autobiography (with perhaps, slight embellishment) but all the Google and Amazon in the world isn't helping. Does anyone remember this book?

Also, mods, I am at a complete loss how to tag this accurately so I did the best I could. Thanks!

(no subject)

Hello friendships! So I've been searching for this book for about 2 years now, and it's a YA supernatural romance. It was about a girl who's new to a city or town that is superstitious. There is either voodoo or hoodoo involved, like I think that the family that basically runs the joint practices either or. The aforementioned family also has a son that, of course (this is YA), the protagonist falls in love with, even though their love is *~*fOrBiDdEn*~*. I think the title is "Broken", or something of the sort, and the cover had a gate? Any information would be very much appreciated. Thank you! x

A fantasy prequel short story

A fantasy prequel short story about a "elf" that comes to a farm/lodging house and meets a human woman and they fall in love but not soulmate love more like FWB.

I read it like 3-5 years ago an (ex)friend had it on her computer, I am quite sure it was a prequel to a longer fantasy series. The book had a adult feel to it and it had some sex just not explicit.

I think they were sort of "soul-friends" as close as you can be without being soulmates.
The book ended with that the elf(not sure that it was called elf) and woman had a child together but the woman never told him of the child because of a war and that the elf had found his "soulmate".

The woman was also married(to a human) but he var a drunk/hit her or something so she had thrown him out or maybe he just wasn't home at the time. I am also somewhat sure that the child was female.

I think that the next book was about the (now grown) child, and maybe how she met her "soulmate"

Edit: I remember more, I think the whole story was sort of a how did that happened, for I think the last scene was of the daughter and how she meet a VIP in the forest and that they were soulmates/truemates(or WTF the book called it) or destined to travel together. And she was secretly half-elven or something, something.......

Horror/fiction from over 30 years ago...

In about 1988 I found this horror/fiction book, on the cover was the skeleton of a young girl, with eye balls red hair up in pig tails, she had what I believe was a red dress with a white apron. I want to say she was holding something but I cannot remember what. What I can remember about the story, this girl some how got stuck in the tree roots of this large tree on the edge of the river behind the farmhouse she lived in. Some time later a new family moves into the farmhouse and the child of this family starts to see her. I'm not sure about much more of the story. Please help!! Its driving me crazy!!

Book from 1990's - Collection of short children's stories

I'm looking for a book I owned as a child and therefore would have been in publication at some point in the 1990's, quite possibly the latter half. It revolved predominantly around a professor and his unusual adventures. I can only remember two of the stories in the collection but it may have included one or two more. The first tale revolved around the creation of a zoo or sanctuary for unusual/fantastical animals. One of the creatures was a mooncalf and another was a rodent-like creature that fed off electricity. The other tale I remember involved a secret society of people who could only tell lies. The story started out with the professor discovering that his favourite armchair had been stolen. The professor traced it back to a member of this society and in order to win it back he was challenged to a lying competition. The professor told an elaborate story that involved the use of wordplay, for example at one point in his tale him and his companion were discussing the amount of food they still had between them and the professor states they still had some dates (fruit) then lists a series of calender dates. The professor's opponent tells a tale that turns out to be true and is therefore disqualified and the professor wins and reclaims his armchair.

Gothic Novel Feat. Woman Surrounded By Evil Servants

Something of the story is that the woman (girl, really) is newly married, and her husband leaves her soon after. She's stuck alone in the house, with these servants who act very strangely, and it turns out that they are slowly poisoning her. She's nearly dead when he returns, and the one servant goes to smother her with a pillow only the other can't go through with it and tells, at which point her husband rescues her.

Children's book that was a handbook for witches

I read this book around 1991-92. It was an 8" x 13" hardback with glossy and fully illustrated pages. The book was not telling a story but was telling what makes a witch. Things I remember are that it said a witch's favorite weather is rain and gloom and something about loving brambles. There was also a spell to make it rain with a witch wearing yellow rain boots. I also think there was a picture of a witch's house and what it was supposed to look like.
I do know the book is NOT 'A Witch's Handbook' by Malcolm Bird
I posted a similar query several years ago on LibraryThing with no luck (search 'children's book about a witch's life' and you should find the full entry)
I'm getting very desperate and I really hope someone out there knows the book I'm searching for.
Thank you for your help :)
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Woman returns to hometown faces past tragity (death of child) gets back with ex (father of children)

I first read this book in late 2006 or early 2007 and I don't think it was new then. It's about a married couple who has the young children and somehow one of them dies. It seems to me it was an accident in the house or yard. The couple divorces. Later when the children are grown the couple reunites. The husband owns or runs a bookstore or coffee shop.

The main character was a king and I think his best friend's name was Trap?

It's actually a series. YA, I think. And unfortunately, I remember hardly anything about it. I must have read it when I was just starting high school, so about...oh god, seven years ago or thereabouts? I remember that it was in the "Inspirational" section of the fictional books in my little hometown library. (Which basically just meant that it was fiction with maybe some Christian themes thrown in; like, "Yeah there's a god that people pray to and they're pretty okay.")

It was fantasy, in a medieval setting, and I remember that the main character was a king, his best friend's name was something like Trap (I think), Trap married a girl whose name started with a C, and the main character and his best friend were, at one point in the series, kidnapped and thrown into a gladiatorial arena to fight for their lives.

Honestly, that's all I remember, and some of it could be wrong since it was so long ago. It might not be much, but I really hope someone can help me find this series. It disappeared from my library I think the year after I read it.

Also I hope I've done this right. This is my first time here. Please be gentle with me...

EDIT: FOUND! The series is called Legends of the Guardian-King by Karen Hancock and the first book is The Light of Eidon.

YA book set in Hawaii, revolves around death of protagonist's mother

In seventh grade I read a book about a young Hawaiian girl coping with the suicide of her mother.
- The girl used to not understand why her mother spent so much time preparing a traditional coconut cake/pie. The book ends with her making the cake/pie herself and finally understanding its significance.
- She had two aunts. One was a traditional healer and a cook.
- Her brother coped by turning everything into a joke.
- The mother was extremely religious. When she was found dead after her overdose of antidepressants, she was on the floor folded over in prayer.
- The younger brother developed a self-injury problem. He ended up in the hospital after carving "I HAT-" into his arm.
- Most of the protagonist's friends are native Hawaiians. She befriends an annoying girl from the mainland whose father is stationed at a military in Hawaii. The friend's mother is pregnant and the girl teases her friend by saying jungle spirits will steal the baby away.

This is driving me insane. Thanks in advance!

Novel about missing girl at a carnival and subsequent ransom note scheme?

I'm trying to remember a book that I read once, possibly YA - I think its a book and not a movie or a dream or something.
The central character is a young guy, and he goes with a bunch of friends to a carnival, he might work there or might just be visiting. He sees something suspicious, and I think he might be drugged, can't exactly remember - then when he wakes up, one of the girls he was with has gone missing. I also vaguely remember that girl being some kind of royalty or something, because (spoiler alert here) I think it turns out that she was a co-conspirator in the 'kidnapping' - ah in fact it might have been a hostage situation with a ransom note, and she wanted to get the money and then sort of 'release' herself.
Two more possible details, though they might be inaccurate/taken from other books: first I think she might actually die, by accident; and second, I remember the main character going to the home of a friend at the end and finding that he has killed himself by hanging - maybe he was involved in the scheme/accidental death of the girl and felt guilty about it.

A book about a time traveling boy

Please help find this book... I read this book a few years ago and I don't remember the published year, the author or anything about this book.
> the main character is a boy(I cant remember his name) who has an older sister who doesn't care about him, a mother, and a father. Their family is the cold-kind family who rarely spend time together, and he doesn't appreciate his family
> the boy found a photograph/drawing(i think it was charcoal drawing) of something/someone and it took him to the past
> in the past, he met a farmer family with 5/6 children and they accepted him in their home
> the family is very different than his family and they treated him like he is one of their children. They always have meal together, he was asked to help around the house(all the children are given tasks suitable for their ages), the children play and become friends with him.
> after living in this house for a while, he misses his family and want to go home and fix his family relationship.
> he found out that he went to the past because of that photograph/drawing(let's say it's the thing)
> (I'm not sure about this part, but I think...) he was told by one of the children that it was made by an old, a bit crazy, and grumpy painter(?). They visit the painter, and the boy told him his story. The painter got crazy and he tried to take the thing from the boy. They all made a fuss, then the boy do something to the thing and he suddenly back to his time. He feels sad because his coming home is so sudden and he didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the family in the past.
> the time in his present is not moving or only move a few hour. As soon as he's back, he runs to his mother and hugs her and also his sister. Then his father comes home and they have dinner together.
> later he curiously check the yellow page for the family in the past and found someone with the same name like one of the children(i remember her name is Elizabeth, and in the past she was called Ellie)

This is my first post, please forgive me if I made some mistakes with the tags and if my English is bad(it's not my mother tongue)... (>_<)

YA - Half sized book

This has been driving me nuts for a while - I don't remember a lot about it:
- 1 book in what I think was a series each told from the friend's POV
- the book was about half the height of a normal paperback
- cover was green and had a tire swing? (could be totally wrong)
- the narrator had a best friend who was a ballet dancer. best friend liked a guy who liked the narrator and the narrator turned him down to save the friendship. angst!
- I remember a scene where the girl talked about the friend sitting down on a chair pushing her legs into turnout and feeling weird that the 3rd friend was there.
- I want to say it was published early aughts but can't be sure
sorry so vague - thanks for any help!

YA book from the 1970s

This book was a mystery, a girl finds a house with paintings of women in old-fashioned garb, they end up being birds or something kooky like that. Cannot remember the name of the book, but would like to re-read it. Thanks!

A Boy Trying to Find His Way Home

Hi book gurus, can you please help me identify a young adult book that I read at least (possibly more than) 5 years ago? I believe it was written by a female author, here is what I remember and think I remember:

-The boy might have woken up and found his family mysteriously gone, or he might have just found himself in a totally new place, I can't remember the exact circumstances but know that he somehow ends up far from home and has to find his way back home

-It is not dystopic, there are no zombies, vampires, it is not post-apocalyptic. What I do seem to remember is the town where he ends up might have an "old-timey feel" or maybe one of the characters that helps him or gives him a ride part of the way has an old-timey truck?

-I think there was an illustrated map somewhere in the book, possibly other small illustrations along the way, maybe some train tracks

-I think for the most part the boy encounters relatively friendly "helpers" who let him earn some money to try to get back home;

-I have a strong memory of the boy thinking to himself at one point as he's puzzling out how to get home that he could really use a shower, because it refreshes the mind and you feel you can do anything after you've had a shower

I'm sorry this is such a vague and unhelpful list, my strongest memory is really liking the book and finding that the character had a unique way of thinking, the author a unique way of writing. I am in Canada if that helps narrow things down, but I don't know if the author was Canadian.

Thank you, thank you for any help!

YA Book

I've been trying to remember what this book is called, I don't have an author or anything. If I recall, the book starts out about a boy (think it's a boy at least) who goes to school in a ship. While traveling through his town to get home there are many little pictures on the sides of the book about signs of shops in the town etc. His mother (or family member he's living with) owns a bakery downstairs in the home they live in. The boy begins receiving letters from an uncle or some sort in this flying machine and then eventually goes off and has a bunch of adventures with this flying machine. Pretty vague, but that's all I can remember of the book.
Read the book in middle school around 2006-2008-ish. Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Possibly Dorothy Sayers, possibly not


I thought this was in Strong Poison, but (having skimmed briefly), apparently not. (But I could have missed it.)

I *think* it's in one of the 30s-40s mysteries, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, the judge and one of the lawyers (I think -- anyway, two people in the legal professions), at the end of the book (I think it's the end of the book...), go off on a hunting weekend, the unstated implication being that they're Together and having a weekend away. (Since it was of an era when such things weren't expanded on, it's the kind of thing my 79-year-old father would probably deny was implying they were Together.)

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Edit: Found. Was an SF book, not actually a mystery after all. (Well, a mystery novel. The thing itself was a mystery to me.)