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New community!

Thanks to soundofsunlight, there's now a WWTB-style community over at Dreamwidth:

Since you offered to point people to it, (that would be terrific!) I made

I really loved your group here, and I'd hate to see it end, so I hope people will come over and keep it going on DW.

Enjoy! :)

This community is now closed. Please do not PM me or leave a comment asking about a book you're trying to find, as I'm unable to help. If you go to that Dreamwidth community, hopefully someone can help you find your book.
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What Was That Book

Thanks for all the lovely comments and offers to help. I didn't realise the community was still so vibrant. My problem is with Livejournal itself, so I'm afraid offers to keep it open here aren't viable, but I appreciate them.

It turns out there's already a Dreamwidth version - - though I don't have any connection to that, and it doesn't seem to be very active, though there's some recent posting.

If anyone wants to start a new WWTB-type community over there, I'm happy to point people to it. Just leave a comment on this entry.

In the meantime, I'll leave these archives up for people to search.

(The sticky post in this community has a link to the new WWTB-style Dreamwidth community. If you are looking for a book, go there!)
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Closing down What Was That Book

Hi everyone. Pisica here. I started this community in 2006 and I cannot believe what an amazing resource it's been over the years.

However, with the recent changes in Livejournal policy, I don't feel able to keep this community open.

Current or past mods (I'm not entirely sure who is still around) are encouraged to contact me so I can thank them personally. I'm not sure if I can keep the site up as an archived resource but I'll leave it up for a little while, at least.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to this community over the years, and I hope you all find the books you are searching for in future.

Best wishes

Can't remember the title

Hey all, I'm trying to find a book I read some time ago, following a boy who was found by a city guard captain, chained in a hidden compartment at the back of a cargo boat. The boy showed extraordinary abilities, much like those of a vampire, with similar weaknesses. He was entered into training as an assassin, but was later removed from his position due to failing a test, after being sabotaged by his rival apprentice. I can't for the life of me remember anyone's names from the story, but I remember the boy it follows, being told to flay a girl as punishment for her crimes, he fights a prince on a rooftop, whom he was supposed to assassinate.

Book that I read back in the 90's

A book about a girl who finds a talisman in the beginning of the book while at the beach. She stayed for a bit to clean the house up and get it ready for winter. She gets into an argument with her aunt. She had both parents and a younger brother. She was close to her grandmother who died around Halloween. She was upset that her parents allowed her younger brother to go trick or treating. The protagonist also had an aunt and cousin that she could not get along with. The cousin went to France and came back making dresses. The cousin fell in love with a boy and decides to return. The protagonist celebrated a birthday and redecorated her room. Her dad came home with a gift. When she opened it she saw that it was a cat clock whose eyes glowed in the dark. She was upset with the gift and told her dad that she was trying to get rid of childish things. She had a guy friend who became her boyfriend. She broke up with him. At the end of the book she returns to the beach and finds the talisman in her sweater. She had forgotten about it in that year.

Help I can't remember the series or author!

So I'm trying to remember this series that has to do with a teenage girl who is ( i think) a servant girl at a small inn. One day she discovers that she has magic and somehow comes into possession of a dragon egg. But magic has been banned by the powers that be and dragons are thought to be gone. So she is forced to leave the inn before she brings trouble to the owner. However when she leaves this goofy boy ( probably about ten years old) decides to go with her. They eventually find a group that is against the evil sorcerers who rule the land that help train her magic.

She is also hunted by the evil sorcerers who want to recruit and use her magic for their own purposes.

I think that the title of each book has something to do with a season or time of year.

At one point sometime after the dragon is hatched she is sent off to another world to attend a sort of dragon day care for several years. This world has separate time and the dragon returns fully grown shortly after she had left.

I also remember that the boy find a really weird looking stick and boasts about it a lot. Later in the series it turns out to be a relic of powerful magic accessible through dancing.

I read this series about 10 years ago.
Any ideas?

Can't remember the title or author

I read this book back in the late nineties or maybe a little after, although it may have come out several years before that. The main character is a teen girl that is sent to a camp for delinquents after she attacks her teacher​for trying to molest her. The camp is actually run by a satanic organization that switches the bodys of their members with the bodys of the kids then the members previous body die with he teen still in it. They have one of the members get close to the main character to get her to have sex because it won't work if she's a virgin. He can't get her to but doesn't tell the organization, causing the switch to fail. She hides at a counselors cabin, a military woman that is actually having sex with the boy that was assigned​ to the main ​character. There are other storylines​during the book, one is with a man that just became the new director of the organization, I remember him reading the history of the camp where it used to be a failing farm and the owner was told to look under any rock and he would find a bag of money. I believe he also had his wife sharing her body with another woman and when they changed places their appearance changed, and one is with a woman that has strong telepathic powers and escaped them, working in a diner. A couple other things I remember, the members can own or be owned by other people, with a strong obsession with pleasing the owner beyond anything else forced on them. And members can increase someone's attraction to them(something the boy used on both the main character and the councilor). I have been trying to remember the book and it's driving me crazy, someone help?

Young Adult Fantasy Book

I am trying to find a book. Cannot remember the title or author, but I checked it out of the Newport News, VA public library when I was 11 or 12 years old (almost 40 years ago ... wow!). All I can remember is that its protagonists were a brother and sister. And the sister had silver hair - that was a big deal. And they traveled to another world and had a big adventure and then came back to the "real world." And the sister was sad about coming back. Good luck with this one! Thanks.

Looking for Children's Story

Hi everyone--

I posted this to AbeBooks' "BookFinder," to no avail so far. I'm looking for a scary story I read as a kid. I can only remembering the most oblique facts about the plot, but here goes:

The sister of the narrator (and/or viewpoint character), a young boy, has just died, but the narrator knows that, in fact, the Moon (yes, the Moon) came in and killed her. The boy goes to look for her but is terrified of the moonlight streaming in through the window. There's a scene about the Moon laughing, or something like that. There's also a scene in which the Moon's rays are compared to a knife, and a description of blood. (Yes, I know how vague all those comments are.) It terrified me when I was little--it had something of the feel of an evil fairy tale, if that makes any sense.

It is not Patricia Windsor's "Moon Kill," though that is similar.

Thank you all!


NEED to find this book

Have been looking for this book for years and its driving me crazy. Medieval fantasy.
A Y/A book, a main protagonist is a twelve year old girl living with her uncle or grandfather in a book store, the village they live in is swarmed by black birds or crows and when they get into the houses they die. The girl picks one up and it comes back to life. Then she is chased by a man with a pet bird which has white feathers on its brest. Can't find it anywhere, someone please tell me if they've read it, thanks!