[ADMIN] Membership Milestone & Posting Guidelines

Hi again, everyone!

At some point during the last 24 hours, this community's membership surpassed the 5000 mark. Welcome, new members!

A brief bit of community history: This community was created by pisica back in August 2006, and appeared in lj_spotlight for the first time in October 2006. I took over the day-to-day moderating duties in April 2007, though pisica is still here as well and continues to pitch in with admin duties when things are busy (like now). My hat is off to her for creating such a great community that has been helpful to so many readers. :D

Just a quick reminder of some helpful posting guidelines:

1. When posting your lost book request, please make sure your post is set as public, rather than friends-locked or filtered.

2. All posts are moderated here, so if your post doesn't appear immediately, don't be alarmed. We've been doing our best to stay on top of the moderation queue, approving posts in the order they were submitted.

3. If you have multiple requests, feel free to include them all in a single post. This will help cut down on backups in the moderation queue.

4. To help others more quickly ID your lost book, it is suggested that you include in your post the year (or approximate year, if you're not certain) when you first read it -- letting us know you read it in the fifth grade, or when you were twelve years old, isn't necessarily helpful since the community's readers probably don't know how old you are now. ;) Additionally, if the book was apparently old at the time you read it, please mention that as well, since approximate publication dates can help rule out incorrect titles that might otherwise fit the details you remember.

5. To that same end, it is also useful if you let us know where you read the book. The community's membership spans the globe, so including information on which country the book comes from may narrow things down more than you expect.

6. Once your book is identified, please do not delete the text of your original inquiry or obscure it with strike-throughs. We receive multiple inquiries about many titles, and your post may help others identify books they're also seeking.

7. If you posted a request at some point in the past but your book still hasn't been identified, and you wish to repost your request, please do not repost directly to the queue -- the community's repost guidelines can be found in this post, which is also linked in the community profile.

As a matter of fact, all the above guidelines are available in the community profile, along with useful links to communities of a similar nature that specialize in identifying non-book media, communities focused on general discussion of books, and sites outside LJ where you may purchase difficult-to-locate titles.

Last but certainly not least, you're strongly encouraged to dig into the community's past entries, as there are still unresolved requests lurking here and there, to which you may have the answer. :)

Best of luck to all of you with your searches, and thanks for participating!

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