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The series im looking for is of the fantasy genre. The story starts off with the main character, a teenage girl, who has a stepfather, who sexually harasses her every night. Her best friend is a nerd, if im not wrong. One day she could not take it anymore and decides to run away from home with her best friend. They go to another town and meet a group of teenagers. They found a notice looking for job-seekers and have to pass a test. During the test, weird stuff happen and they found out that they had powers. The main character had some very special nature power and was called the Mother. Their powers were split into different classes basically. Then there was another group of people with powers but were considered to be more ruthless. One of them is a guy called the Father, which the main character was supposed to marry. After that, i cant really remember much but there was an angel who was one of the teenagers in disguise and when they went back to the main character's old house they found out that the stepfather was a devil. The series was incomplete.

Hope to find out the name of the series so i can read it again.

The War of the Fae Series
I believe you are talking about the War of the Fae Series by Elle Casey. The first book is The Changelings.

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