Historical romance about a lord turned Highwayman

his is a historical romance novel, with a heroine as well as a hero.
About a Highwayman that dose what he can to save his home and the village under his care. and A women that becomes the governess to his ward.

Prologue (what i can remember)
The grandfather was taken to the town guard and hung for treason - his family was then stripped of there money. leaving the young lord only his title and land.
He was rasied by his mother on the Estate after his fathers death.

When he was of age he saw the village in his care suffering from lack of food, so he, along with the village people, take up highway robbery. He fell in love and wed a young lady ,( I belive the mother did not agree to the match)
So they moved out of the estate and lived in the hunting cabin on the edge of the grounds, where she bore him a son. He would go out on nights with the village men to rob only from the monarcy to support his family.
He was beginning to feel someone in his group was conspiring against them, so after a big haul one night he gave the loot to his wife to hide, and told her to tell no one. The next night he was out robbing when the magistrate caught up to them. The Highwayman was shot and injured. He rode home to his wife, not knowing the magistrate was still hot on his trail. Hearing her husband come in she rushed to him, than heard the hoof beats in the distance. Knowing what she must do, she put on his highwayman outfit, got on his horse and led them away from her husband and young son.
the magistare caught up to her in a field far away from home, but thinking she was the highwayman he shot her, and only after realized it was the women he loved. With her death the secret of the hidden loot died with her. There was nothing left to trace it back to her family.
The father died in the cabin, leaving the young son orphaned. He was taken back up to his grandmother in the estate. and there she raised him..
I belive the villagers kept up the highwaymen business until the young lord came of age.
The plot
Starts out in a town (London?). A young lady had just run away from home. Her Uncle and aunt had been mistreating her and threatening her, trying to force her to wed her cousin (a fat, pompous man she detested and was repulsed by). She knew the physical abuse would only continue until she was killed by both her aunt and uncle and her cousin if she did not get away...
She read in the paper of a young lord looking for a governess for his ward. and she fit the bill. so she ran away from home and made her way to the estate, where she was hired.
The staff did not like her much at first, and the head housekeeper told her "If you've come to get him to fall in love with you for his money, best ye know now it will not happen, and best leave." But she stayed and she did her job, and of course she slowly fell in love with him.
The young lord was troubled, haunted by the past. He knew the magistrate was closing in. If only he could find the long lost treaure. The curse of the lady in gray had already started.. A family curse of a ghost that comes only to the men in the family when there was trouble afoot. It's an old myth that had been in the family for generations, but now he only wished she would out right come to him, speak to him, tell him the answer, but she did not...
He took on a young ward; not his own child, but of one of the vilagers' sons. The boy's father had been killed on one of their outings, and begged him to look out for the boy, and so he did. He took the boy in as his own and raised him, but now it was coming time to hire a governess to teach the boy.
But the lord didn't have a lot of money to pay for a top-level governess, so he had trouble getting anyone to take the job, until one day a young lady knocks on the door. After talking with her, he decided to hire her. Well, she's the only one that applyed. Even with the small pay the young lady seemed happy to have a roof over her head. Yet she was a mystery to him. She was well educated and seemd to be from a high standing in life - why was she wanting to take on a governess postion?
He continues being a highwayman, without telling the governess (he *does* have to pay her after all). He continues doing what his mother and father were doing to support his grandmother, his ward, and the village in his care.
At some point the young governess starts to see a lady in gray in her bed chambers and out her window in the yard. After a while she gets the ghost to speak to her, and the ghost helps her not only save the lord but win his love, and save the village.
The lord's second in command (of the highwaymen) turns on him and is slowly feeding information to the magistrate in hopes of getting the lord caught and killed. I belve he wants all the loot for himself. The governess starts getting too close to the lord and the 2IC does not like this. He attempts to kill the governess in an endless swamp surrounding the lords' lands.
The magistrate was in love with the lord's mother, but was also the one who killed her by accident, thinking she was the father. After that he has sworn to catch the highwaymen and bring them to justice. He never stoped loving her. or looking for the highwaymen, but there never was any proof, and he even raids the estate to see if he can find any loot to link the lord to the highway roberies.
the grandmother comes and goes throughout the story, but i don't rember much of her.
I think there may have been a fire some where in the story as well but not 100 percent sure on that
There's a lot more to the story, but I hope this is enough that someone may recognise it and be able to give me the name and author.
( I'm dislexic so it can get hard to understand my writign at times)
You know, if that story didn't already exist, I'd be wanting to write it!

A couple of things that would help: How long ago did you read it? (for instance if you remember reading it when you were 14 and you're 25 now, obviously it's 11 years ago), and where were you, country-wise (some books are bigger in the US than the UK, and vice versa).

Also, did it seem like a new book when you read it, or something old (and roughly how old. Don't laugh. I've seen things from 2008 referred to as "old" whereas I myself come from a time waaaay before that).

You've provided a lovely amount of information. The other place that might be worth checking is the "Help a Bitch Out" section of Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Someone may have already asked for it there, or someone may have identified it.