Jack Compton (Jack Compton) wrote in whatwasthatbook,
Jack Compton
Jack Compton

A Book....

So, I Cant Find The Name Of This Book, It's About A Boy I Think 15? Who Has A Key Necklace, His Father Has A Present For Him On His 16th, At The Beginning He's On The Phone With His Best Friend, His Father Has The Old Family Car In The Basement Where His Wife Died, Trying To Bring Her Back To Life, A Demon? In The FrontRoom/Lounge Opens A Portal To The Undead Realm Where His Mother Is, A Woman With Wings And A Sword Appears And I Cant Remember The Rest... The Last Thing I Remember Is Some Of The Undead Can Rip Their Own Faces Off And Throw It Onto Other People To Control Them...

Please Help...
Tags: cat: death (natural & unnatural), cat: demons & devils, cat: family, cat: friendship, cat: jewels & jewelry, cat: teenagers, cat: zombies, genre: fantasy
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