Nikkita Maxwell (Nikkita Maxwell) wrote in whatwasthatbook,
Nikkita Maxwell
Nikkita Maxwell

Magical Instrument Flute Or something I dont it was some sort of instrument...

This book was about this girl who was from a powerful magical family and her family was whipped out so she was the only one left. The story takes place with her being like 15 or something and she is a slave of this really powerful master who has like 30 slaves or something. She has this necklace (i think I read this like 3 years ago don't judge) and it shows the sign of her family. She is found by another powerful guy who realizes who she is and sneaks her out. I remember them walking through a forest and nearly dying cause of all the monsters in there. Its set in medieval times and if i remember correctly her magic comes from her ability to make music.

Plez halp i never finished reading it
Tags: cat: forest/wilderness, cat: jewels & jewelry, cat: monsters, cat: music & instruments, cat: slavery, cat: teenagers, genre: fantasy, genre: historical, genre: magic
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