violetsamms (violetsamms) wrote in whatwasthatbook,

Looking, Looking, Looking. . .

  Caution - This is going to be a hard one!
  I'm looking for a book which I believe I only read the preview for, between 2006 and 2008. It was likely a YA novel. What stuck with me was that people didn't drive their own vehicles, because everyone in this rather futuristic world thought it was too dangerous. I think most people had self-driving cars. The main character was, stereotypically, a teenage girl. I think she may have had an over-protective father, but I may be accidently mashing books together. There was also a teenage boy or young man, who was frowned upon because he had a manual car which he enjoyed driving excessively fast.
  I believe the cover of the book featured a cork sealed jar, with flowers inside.
  I know it's a long shot, but I'd appreciate any suggestions you have! Even if it doesn't match this description 100%, since it's very possible my memory has become warped. Thank you!
Tags: *lost the book/not found!, cat: cover description, cat: futuristic, cat: transport, decade: 2000, genre: romance (teen), genre: sci-fi, main genre: young adult
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