xfdryad (xfdryad) wrote in whatwasthatbook,

FOUND: Kid's Early Reader about Native Americans

I can't find my original post, but some years ago I asked if anyone knew about an early reader from the 1970s that was incredibly depressing. I finally found it in a box of books I brought from my mom's house, and boy, it's even more depressing than I remembered!

The story of a member of the Canarsee tribe, who 'sold' Manhattan to the Europeans, who randomly comes across the Europeans as a young boy. Consequent meetings do not go well and the Native Americans are constantly moved on as the Europeans expand. The final few pages of the book are just Small Wolf's family wearing their belongings, moving on again, and again, and again. Yay 1972...

Tags: *found the book!, author surname: b, cat: forest/wilderness, cat: native american indian, cat: racism, decade: 1970, main genre: children & kids
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