Kellie Veltri (Kellie Veltri) wrote in whatwasthatbook,
Kellie Veltri
Kellie Veltri

I only have a vague memory of one scene

PLEASE HELP! I have been thinking about this scene from a book I read around 7-9 years ago for ages now and I cannot remember the book. In the scene, a little girl (a toddler) gets lost, and the protagonist, a boy, wanders off into the woods looking for her. He has a petrified "gum rock" belonging to the girl that he carries with him, and he eventually gets so cold that he can't feel his hands and carries it in his mouth. The boy searches long into the night, distressed about finding the girl and he hears sirens/a search party. Finally his family finds him and it turns out that the girl had only been missing for a moment and that it was him they were looking for all along. Any help would be appreciated!
Tags: cat: vague/incomplete description, decade: 2000, decade: 2010 onwards, genre: fiction
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