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Thornton Brewer

Story about a boy on a quest with maybe magical powers

Hi, I remember reading one, maybe two books, in what I think was a book series about a young boy who perhaps has special magical gifts and lives in a land not on Earth. He is raised by a single mom, discovers his talents and has to go on a journey. If I remember correctly he has two friends who go with him and they are completely different -- different species or something. I think one of his friends is some sort of aquatic species with green skin and gills.

The part I remember most about the book is a scene where the three friends are walking across a huge desert to reach a fortified city with high copper walls that bake in the sun. The desert is very dangerous because there are giant sand creatures who live in pits in the sand. The girl falls into one of these pits and it ends up being a burning tunnel of some sort which both other boys follow her into.

Perhaps there is another scene about him gazing into a small pond or fountain of clear water like a mirror to see his "gifts" or "future" or some sort of power. Not sure though.

Thank you for you help!
Tags: cat: caves & tunnels, cat: crusades/quests/pilgramages, cat: deserts, cat: fish & reptiles & amphibians, cat: friendship, cat: magical beings, cat: transformation/modification, genre: adventure, genre: fantasy, genre: magic, sub genre: duology, sub genre: series
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