kaia_hatori (kaia_hatori) wrote in whatwasthatbook,

book about sentient animals being used in animal testing

i can't remember if the animals talked in English and people could understand or if they could just talk to one another, but i remember there was a scene i think near the end where one of the main characters (pretty sure it was a cat) was looking for her mother in an animal testing lab. she either sees her mother die or finds out she's dead, i think, but the point was that she and the group that was with her were there to try to rescue animals from the lab. i think i read this in the late 90's or early 2000's.
Tags: cat: cats & dogs, cat: death (natural & unnatural), cat: family, cat: mad scientists & inventors, cat: medics & hospitals, cat: the sciences, decade: 1990, decade: 2000, genre: sci-fi
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