jenie_cat (jenie_cat) wrote in whatwasthatbook,

Trying to recall two titles

Please help if you can, the amazing Google has failed me

Book 1:
Genre: fantasy/young adult
Book is set in a magical medieval setting. The main character is female and her father is a Lord. I think her mother had died and she has a spoiled half sister (I think the sister's mom died as well since she was spoiled by her aunt). The daughter was treated like a servant. There was a prophecy that his daughter would marry the king / emperor and it was assumed to be the sister. Before the wedding, both girls are sent to a convent-like cave, there is an explosion and the daughter is blinded. There was something about a trial in hot sand, the daughter got her sight back and she was the one the prophecy was about and not the spoiled sister.

I think there was a wild goblin creature that the father got the daughter that senses magic.

Book 2: SOLVED
Eve by Anna Carey
Genre: medieval dystopian/young adult
Setting is an all girls school where they graduate at 16. None of the girls have family but are told that they would rejoin society when they turn 16. All I really remember is that the main character sneaks out one night, swims across a lake to see the buildings on the other side. She sees a room full of women (and former classmates) strapped in beds and are in various stages of pregnancy.

Any help would be great!
Tags: cat: accidents & injuries, cat: brothers &/or sisters, cat: dystopian, cat: family, cat: nobility (kings & queens), cat: nobility (non-royal), cat: pregnancy & birth, cat: school (high school), cat: servants, genre: fantasy, main genre: young adult
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