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Looking for two book title/authors

First book:
This one was published a long time ago since 5 years ago the book was already old/in bad shape.
The story involves:

-a detective who take a major role in the book
-a serial killer who kills her victims in a way that releated to the three wise monkey (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) eyes gouged etc.
-there is atleast 3 victim ..maybe more
-the killer is maybe a woman (crippled or atleast have some difficulty with walking)

The book is NOT the See no evil written by Jack Callum

The other book:
The book title possible have the word "tower" in it (not the Stephen King: Dark tower)
The story involves:
And old castle like house where use to live a man as a child with his wealthy family.
The book tells his story from his childhood and how weird kid he was doing cruel things.
The worst thing he did is when he killed his little brother in the cradle.
The story goes like 30 years later.
There is a figure (possible a cop or private detective) who visits this house.
There is salt poured in lines at the windows and doors. The house inteior is wieird too and the story is like a detective story where the detective is after an evil - possible satanist man who is involved in some supernatural stuff. I know this isnt much but I cant recall more still it bugs my mind since years :/
Tags: cat: brothers &/or sisters, cat: castles, cat: death (natural & unnatural), cat: demons & devils, cat: disabilities, cat: good vs. evil, cat: house & home, cat: serial killers & murderers, cat: women, genre: detective novels, genre: mystery & suspense, main genre: adult fiction
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