Kelly Hartman (Kelly Hartman) wrote in whatwasthatbook,
Kelly Hartman
Kelly Hartman

Fantasy novel, female, trading fair, ship, viking-esque

I think this is all one book but I may be mashing some together.
The story started with a girl(possibly teen) and her family on a coastal village. I'm thinking they were like vikings. Red and blonde.
The father sails with Daughter to a trading fair, in my mind it's on an island but it could be another coastal town.

She is kind of a trouble maker, gets into fights. She may have stolen a dagger from a table after a fight. I believe the dagger is very important to the story.
I think she has magic?

There's a fighting ring or a horse ring, not sure why I'm mixing those possibilities into the same scene...

I think the girl is fearless, climbs bluffs, jumps off ledges, makes her dad mad.

And of course there is a boy the dad doesn't approve of. I think...

Thank you!
Tags: cat: teenagers, cat: vikings, genre: fantasy, genre: magic, genre: romance (fantasy/sci-fi), genre: romance (teen)
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