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Brook Forrester
Brook Forrester

Unknown book and author

(Using my phone forgive me for mistypes and what not typing in a hurry) Well I cant remember the book or the author I remember the story line though it was a 1-4 maube 5 book collection not entirely sure about that I know there were at least 4 basically it qas about a world where you were born with a gem or crystal f some sort black being the strongest and the main male character was born with it and then father was rejected by the mother to give him permission to see and keep him (something like that) and the world was ruled by queens who also bore the gems/crystals and the who would usually rule sections with men and women who were somewhat drawn to the queen and served them there was an evil queen of which a new queen was prophisized would come and kill the evil queen i think it was water and washed away the evil ones including the queen and the people like her the new queen was a child (or atleast she was in th first book I didnt read past the first one) the title had something to do with dark gem dark crystal or something along those lines (its not those I tried them) but its something along those lines also I got it from a library originally im sorry im not very helpful and my bad typing and what not autocorrect is broken.
Tags: cat: dreams & visions, cat: good vs. evil, cat: jewels & jewelry, cat: nobility (kings & queens), genre: fantasy, sub genre: quartets, sub genre: series
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