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unknown title and author, genre is fantasy

Possessed by Kate Cann

Ok so i remember there being a girl as the main character and somehow she ends up living in a guesthouse or the cottage for employees or something, on the grounds of an old historical mansion that had historical (and magical i belive) items inside on display and the house had tours that they set up, and the girl ends up becoming the maid or groundskeeper or something of that nature. She meets this group of other teenagers about her age (also i believe its summertime could be wrong thoygh) and theres a boy and two girls if i remember correctly. And they are obsessed with the house and each other, and i think one of the girls names was maria and she was dating the boy or they had broken up but still hung out. So they end up stealing one of the things from the house and its the gloves that are embroidered with flowers but they somehow look like grotesque faces. I think the house also had a terribkle history. And somehow these items were magical or were conduits or something of that nature, the main character also meets another boy, and hes part of some fire dancers or performers or something, and they hate the house and there is the whole prophecy about it and the girl and a being they call the green lady of something like that. and i vividly remember one scene in the book or in the sequekl (cant remember which) where the wind blows the tree branches in the forest to make what looks like a giant woman pointing to something (the main character i think) while the main character is hiding out watching the fire dancers chill around a fire, they see the trees and the girl and call after her, and she freaks out and runs away and hides up in a tree or inside a tree, and the fire dancers are all searching for her for a while before giving up and then she eventually finds the boy fire dancer and he tells her why they were looking for her (cause they saw the giant lady made of tree). It might be set in ireland but i cant remember, if it is set in ireland, then i beliebe the fire performers/dancers were called the beltane fire dancers or something like that.

This has been killing me for days, if anyone knows anything i would be extremely grateful.
Tags: *found the book!, author surname: c, cat: cities & towns, cat: folklore, cat: friendship, cat: magical beings, cat: magical objects & powers, cat: mountains & canyons, genre: fantasy
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