hpayton18 (hpayton18) wrote in whatwasthatbook,

Name that book

Okay, so I have been trying to figure out the name of this book that I read years ago as a kid. It's a horror book, has many different stories in the book itself. One that I can remember is about this girl who was on vacation at her parents beach house, and the guy next door told her he couldn't leave his room because the nails on his window are for protection. She gets them off, they start hanging out, later on it's revealed that the nails were to keep evil in and the guy was a demon. They were together romantically, and if I'm remembering right, she became pregnant. I cannot remember what the other stories in the book were about.
Tags: cat: demons & devils, cat: pregnancy & birth, cat: vacations & holidays, decade: 2000, decade: 2010 onwards, genre: fiction, genre: horror/gothic horror, genre: romance (fantasy/sci-fi), main genre: young adult, sub genre: short stories
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