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About 3 books that i read.

So, i read a book about 3 or 4 years ago. In the story there was this girl who was going to become a priest, but before she became one some guy stopped here. He told her that her father and brother were killed during an ambush. He than said that she would have to become the leader of their clan. She travelled back with the guy to her land. This story is about clans. All clans have a stone, if this stone gets removed from the ground the clan loses. This book has 3 parts. The girl is developing during the story and at during the 2nd book she defeats the people who killed her father. She was sleeping with a guy who she get a son with. She married some other guy. She has some sort of spy who defends her and gets information for her. She eventually goes to the capital for something, but than the king dies. The heir is some girl and the main person tries to stop others from taking power. She lets her son marry the queen, but they are too young to rule, so the main person becomes the Regent-Queen. After she defeated her rivals, she moves over to their place and lives there. thanks for the help hope this is enough.
Tags: cat: brothers &/or sisters, cat: cleric & monastic, cat: death (natural & unnatural), cat: family, cat: nobility (kings & queens), cat: religions/churches & cults, sub genre: series, sub genre: trilogies
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