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A celebrity teen story. From the perspective of the friend

The book is recounting of her friends early acting career. Her friend eventually became a renowned actress. Her mother is typical Asian tiger parent. Her sisters is in a sorority and nags her to become just like her. The protagonist want to be a producer or director. Her friend is naturally dark ash blonde. She wore headgear and elementary school and was picked on. The only reason the protagonist even approached her is because her mom made her. Later on said mother insists she distance herself from her Later she gets in argument with her mother which she does not apologize. Shortly after her mothers dies in a hit and run accident. The mother of said friend is parasitic stage mom. She gets so bad her daughter emancipates herself. Her friend first major role is a t.v show where she outshines a veteran film actress but becomes anorexic after meeting a teen actresses with breast implants and nearly dies in the end. Her friend later has an interest a teen actor who is in the closet.The narrator falls for a guy who is later revealed to be a pedophile.
Tags: cat: actors & acting, cat: friendship, main genre: young adult
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