junelynne (junelynne) wrote in whatwasthatbook,

Looking for two books

1. The first book I'm looking for I read in the mid-seventies (I think). It was set on an island in Northern NY state. A teenager (I think it was a girl, but can't remember) went to stay at house her family owned on this island. There may have been something about her parents having trouble of some sort. Her grandparents went, also. There was something 'off' or 'mysterious' about the island. I think one of the grandparents was ill/dying and the island was like a 'fountain of youth' and this person was healthy as long as they stayed on the island.

2. The next book was about a little boy during the holocaust era. Every time I see the movie/book "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" I think it's the same book, but since I also read this in the mid 70's, it's not. All I can remember is this little boy was alone and I think traveling around woods and fields and villages in Germany or Poland or someplace like that.
Tags: cat: family, cat: islands, cat: sickness & diseases, cat: vacations & holidays, cat: war/revolution/rebellion, decade: 1970, genre: fantasy, genre: fiction, genre: historical
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