ginmar (ginmar) wrote in whatwasthatbook,

Very recent apocalyptic book

This is set sometime after some apocalyptic event.

A teenaged girl is being pursued by a man she thinks raised her after her parents were killed in a car crash. (She wandered into the forest, found his cabin, and hid under the table.)

Now he's pursuing her into the forest, but she skills he taught her, including throwing knives. She has a blade she throws at him, which makes him enraged.

In the backstory, there's mention of a small, ragged town nearby.

This is quite recent, I think, perhaps 2016.
Tags: *found the book!, author surname: l, cat: accidents & injuries, cat: death (natural & unnatural), cat: family, cat: fugitives, decade: 2010 onwards, genre: post apocalypse/nuclear, genre: survival, main genre: adult fiction
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