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Book that I read back in the 90's

A book about a girl who finds a talisman in the beginning of the book while at the beach. She stayed for a bit to clean the house up and get it ready for winter. She gets into an argument with her aunt. She had both parents and a younger brother. She was close to her grandmother who died around Halloween. She was upset that her parents allowed her younger brother to go trick or treating. The protagonist also had an aunt and cousin that she could not get along with. The cousin went to France and came back making dresses. The cousin fell in love with a boy and decides to return. The protagonist celebrated a birthday and redecorated her room. Her dad came home with a gift. When she opened it she saw that it was a cat clock whose eyes glowed in the dark. She was upset with the gift and told her dad that she was trying to get rid of childish things. She had a guy friend who became her boyfriend. She broke up with him. At the end of the book she returns to the beach and finds the talisman in her sweater. She had forgotten about it in that year.
Tags: cat: brothers &/or sisters, cat: celebrations (religious & non relig, cat: clothes & shoes, cat: death (natural & unnatural), cat: family, cat: vacations & holidays, decade: 1990, genre: fiction, genre: romance (teen)
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