Closing down What Was That Book

Hi everyone. Pisica here. I started this community in 2006 and I cannot believe what an amazing resource it's been over the years.

However, with the recent changes in Livejournal policy, I don't feel able to keep this community open.

Current or past mods (I'm not entirely sure who is still around) are encouraged to contact me so I can thank them personally. I'm not sure if I can keep the site up as an archived resource but I'll leave it up for a little while, at least.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to this community over the years, and I hope you all find the books you are searching for in future.

Best wishes
I'll be sorry to see it go. It's been responsible for far too many new books in the bookcase.
Closing Site
Sorry to see this go Pisica!

The community helped me once find a book that I'd been searching for 10 years; for that I'll be eternally grateful.

Just curious, what policy changes led to this?
Could the community move to Dreamwidth?

Thank you so much for all you've done, you and the other mods, over the years. You've helped me find some titles and I've discovered others to read through this community.
Like laridian, I wondered if the community could move to Dreamwidth. And if not a move, perhaps just an import of all the posts (for archival purposes, with new posting disabled) there so nothing is lost?

This was a wonderful community, and will be missed.

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Thanks for maintaining this great comm. all this time! And another vote for moving it to Dreamwidth from me.

Thanks for the past, and a future at Dreamwidth would be excellent...
Totally understandable and that's why I've shut down all of my LJs, too (working on this one still). Another vote for a move to Dreamwidth, even if the tagging isn't restored to old posts. At least the posts would still be around for people to look through.
You do know that there is already a whatwasthatbook on Dreamwidth, and that it's begun to show posting activity?

The mod is stormclouds (aka luckylove on LJ) ; you could talk to them about porting the LJ content (and your mod status) over there, and setting up tags--the Dreamwidth comm has none as yet. (Another good idea, if possible, would be to enable OpenID there--one of the thousand and three cool things about this comm is its accessibility from other social media platforms.)

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Thank you for creating the community and maintaining it. It has been a pleasure to be a book detective!
Thanks to you and the mods for all of your hard work over the years. I've had several mystery books found over the course of the comm's existence, and I'm sad to see it go. Hopefully, as others have said, it can continue on Dreamwidth.
Would you be opposed to handing the moderation over to a user who is not leaving LJ? This is consistently the most active community on my friends list, even now after the changes. It seems a shame to shut it down completely.
Rather than closing it, why not transfer ownership? Failing that, please consider importing it to Dreamwidth.
What a shame. You are not going to go over to Dreamwidth at all. (Sorry, the keyboard is not working so no question mark courtesy of my cat.)I am going to miss this community.
Really sorry to hear this. It's been a great resource and I've enjoyed helping out a few times too. Thanks for keeping it going for so long!