The Doctor (pisica) wrote in whatwasthatbook,
The Doctor

What Was That Book

Thanks for all the lovely comments and offers to help. I didn't realise the community was still so vibrant. My problem is with Livejournal itself, so I'm afraid offers to keep it open here aren't viable, but I appreciate them.

It turns out there's already a Dreamwidth version - - though I don't have any connection to that, and it doesn't seem to be very active, though there's some recent posting.

If anyone wants to start a new WWTB-type community over there, I'm happy to point people to it. Just leave a comment on this entry.

In the meantime, I'll leave these archives up for people to search.

(The sticky post in this community has a link to the new WWTB-style Dreamwidth community. If you are looking for a book, go there!)
Tags: admin: sticky post
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