New community!

Thanks to soundofsunlight, there's now a WWTB-style community over at Dreamwidth:

Since you offered to point people to it, (that would be terrific!) I made

I really loved your group here, and I'd hate to see it end, so I hope people will come over and keep it going on DW.

Enjoy! :)

This community is now closed. Please do not PM me or leave a comment asking about a book you're trying to find, as I'm unable to help. If you go to that Dreamwidth community, hopefully someone can help you find your book.
Cant remember series name
The book was about a demon possessing the little brother's mind and the older sister and her friend which is a guy has to get rid of it. The demon's weakness is the cold and she has to enter the dream to stop it. Their mom has left them but the family doesn't know why. It's a series there's maybe 2 or 3 more books I can't remember please help