Shapeshifting YA Book Found

I read this book around 2012 or 2013. I've searched for hours online and I haven't found anything about it, so may be I just dreamed it. Who knows. I also think this was the first book in a series, but I might be wrong.

In the book, all the vampires have some sort of power. There’s only a few they can have, and I know that one of them is telepathy/mind control. The rarest is shapeshifting, and there hasn’t been a shapeshifting vampire in a super long time.

Anyways, the story is told through a first person perspective, and the main character is part of a family of pretty powerful vampires, each with powerful abilities. He, however, hasn’t shown any super powerful abilities, so he thinks he may never develop any abilities. He has a friend whose name I think begins with an L, and I’m not sure why, but she disappeared. He has flashbacks about her every so often throughout the novel.

There are two scenes I remember well. The first is when the female character and the male character are giving each other ear piercings. There's a vivid description of the needle passing through the flames, and the male character being a bit hesitant about it, but he ended up doing it after a bit of pressure from the female character. She bends the needle she used in his ear into a hoop and leaves it there to heal. The other scene is a dream sequence in which a cat - which is supposed to be representative of the female character - walks on the male character’s chest and presses down really hard.

Throughout the entire book, there are mysterious crimes and murders happening which are hinted to be the fault of the female character. There’s another brief moment where you see (or the main character dreams) that the cat is carried away from a crime scene in a box.

It turns out that the cat is actually the main character, and that he’s the shapeshifting vampire that’s been committing these crimes, but he has no memory of it because the other vampires have been mind controlling him into not remembering it.


Basically this girl is in high school. And a new boy shows up at school. Eventually he takes her to the school dance. It turns out he was her protector and she has magic powers and is going to be taken to her kingdom where she will rule as queen. The protector and the girl are very attracted to each other but they can never be together due to the fact the royal blood line is only for powerful people.
There were about 3 books in this series. S

Its a fansty based book (obviously) i read this 2014.

Please leave a comment if you need more details!

Young adult book about a parallel/alternate world to Earth


The book(s) I'm trying to remember was about a young man (typical nerdy shy guy) and his friend (good looking, athletic) going to University (I think It was set in the UK) and the young man somehow finds his way to an alternate world still in a medieval time period (or earlier, I don't remember knights, they seemed more like a viking society).

One of the parts I distinctly remember is that he returns and tells his friend about it and the friend eventually sneaks off and goes there by himself. When the young man eventually figures it out and goes there himself to find the friend is already an established warrior (time seems quicker in the alternate world) and the young man slowly has to learn how to fight etc.

I read these book(s) in the early/mid 90's.


Been trying to remember these two for a long time!

Hi guys!

So I've been trying to find these two particular books for so long that I'm starting to think that I dreamed them.

So the first one is about a woman who is a reporter. She is writing a story about the mayor of the city who got a young girl pregnant then tried to force her to have an abortion. There is a love interest that I'm 90% sure was a vampire, but he could have been a werewolf. There is a gay sex scene between two vampires though, for sure. The love interest has a large house/castle that he brings the reporter and the pregnant girl to for safekeeping. So that's the first one.

The second one, I remember less about. There is a woman that moves into a house or is going through the house of someone who has passed away. She finds a journal about a woman that might have been abused and she meets a man, and I don't remember much about the journal story. The main woman also meets a man, and there is a sex scene outside against a tree in her garden. But the book is split between "real life" and I the "journal life." So that's what I remember for that one.

Help with either of these would be great! Thank you!

A girl's best friend dies and her sister thinks the guy is innocent

The main character was this woman and when she was little her best friend, who was really pretty and pale and had black hair (if I remember correctly) was killed, and everyone thinks it was this one guy that killed her friend. But the main character's little sister believes he is innocent. There is a third point of view which is a serial killer, who I remember getting the same looking girl each time. He would "love them" and one of them died because she couldn't breathe, as there was duck tape on her mouth to tight. The serial killer went to her funeral but no one knew.

The book seemed like it was from the 80s or 90s, and had a red cover.

I hope someone can help me find it!

Vague Memory of Fantasy Series with Asian theme

What I recall was Asian royalty living with space and privilege while cities were super crowded and couldn't be left. I think some part of the story revolved around discovery of what was beyond the city. This was a very long time ago, maybe more than 40 years that I read at least one of the series and its all very vague. An odd symbol on the front of the book and I want to say the author last name began with a W, but I can't be sure.

Short story with parents quietly holding hands, facing things together

Dear reader friends, please help me find a short story.

I assume I read it in Harper's or the New Yorker but I'm not sure, and it was at least two years ago but could be much longer ago than that. Possibly as long ago as 2008-ish. It's also possible it was in Tin House or En Route or something like that.

The story is told by a male narrator who at some point reflects on his parents' relationship and how he saw them as a united front who faced things together. There is a scene where they are sitting in what I think was a doctor's waiting room and they are quietly holding hands.

If anyone has any idea what this story is, please tell me - I've been trying to pin it down for ages and I want to revisit it.

Thank you!!

Cannot think of the title or author of this novel

About 10 years back I read this novel about an overweight kid that fell asleep on the locker room bench and somehow was transported to another world where he learned how to fly using the wind currents. That's all I remember. Also there was some kind of black water or darkness that was surrounding his body in the real world while he was also in this fantasy world. It's been driving me crazy for the past 2 years because I could never find it no matter how much I searched. Also, it was hardback and had a tan, like sand tan cover. Hopefully someone can help me. Fingers crossed!

A book series I read a few years back (FOUND) it is book 2 in the swindle series by Gordon Korman

The book I am looking for in this series atm though is about an animal lover who owns a chimp, someone stole the chimp from her backyard and gave it to a boat zoo (at least if i remember correctly it was a boat zoo) she finds her chimp when she goes on a field trip to the zoo and she states that that is her chimp but the guy insists that it is theirs and show her the contract for like 6 months ago. Her friends then help her bust out the chimp and the other animals cause he is treating them horribly. If you can tell me the name of the series i would be grateful.

Solved - After Hamelin Pied piper spinoff?

Something I read in young adult fiction in early 2000s. It's a fantasy novel with a similar theme to pied piper - but much more dark and warped. The maincharacter becomes entranced by the piper and follows them into another dimension (I think) somewhere where they no longer have access to their family. There is also an evil queen or someone who is trying to usurp the throne.

I've googled this so many times and never found any information and today I googled it and found it right away